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Icon of British rock coming to the Little Fox
By Paul Freeman, The Palo Alto Daily News
30 September, 2009
For nearly half a century, British rocker Denny
Laine has had a significant impact on pop music.
All you need is Cov from obscurity to
By Duncan Gibbons, Coventry Telegraph
30 September, 2009
Nearly 40 years after they split, The Beatles are on
the verge of their biggest money-spinning year ever.
How Jazz May Have Influenced The Beatles
By Simon Jay Harper, All About Jazz
30 September, 2009
A publication from the French general knowledge
"Tu Sais..." book series ("You Know..."), entitled
"Tu Sais... Jazz," contains a final chapter on rock
bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
Also: Jazz Honors The Beatles
Paul McCartneys Historic Citi Field Stand
Coming to CD/DVD
By Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone
30 September, 2009
Earlier this summer, Paul McCartney christened Citi
Field, the new home of the New York Mets, with a
sold-out three-night stand in Flushing, Queens.
Also: Paul McCartney to release New York Citi Field
live CD/DVD; Macca signs deal with major label
Online exclusive
Fort Worth Weekly
30 September, 2009
Back in the 1960s and 70s most people under 30 would
have given their left nostril to be Chris O'Dell.
Paul McCartneys childhood Liverpool home is
a Monopoly square
Liverpool Daily Post
29 September, 2009
The childhood home of Sir Paul McCartney is a must-see
destination for Beatles fans from all over the globe, and
now theres a chance to snap it up in the latest version
of Monopoly, that is.
Also: John Lennons LA home to be listed
'Lucy in the Sky' dies
Ireland Online
28 September, 2009
The woman who inspired the classic Beatles song 'Lucy In
The Sky With Diamonds', has died aged 46, a charity said
Also: Julian Lennon Expresses Grief At The Reports Of
Lucy Voddens Death
Ono! Company files lawsuit over John Lennon,
Yoko Ono film
By Laurel J. Sweet, Boston Herald
28 September, 2009
A Lawrence company that wont Let It Be is demanding a
federal judge award it $6.3 million for ceding control of a
documentary on John Lennon to Yoko Ono - film the late
Beatles widow never meant to share with his fans.
Also: Local attorney faces disciplinary hearing over John
Lennon tapes
Paul McCartney's schoolboy essay discovered
By Richard Brooks, The Times
27 September, 2009
His fellow Beatle John Lennon may famously have returned
his MBE, but Sir Paul McCartney was a staunch monarchist
even in his childhood, a newly discovered schoolboy essay
has shown.
Also: Beatle's essay found 50 years on (inc. video); The
Cabaret Chronicles: Tony DeSare (with a Paul McCartney
sighting!) and Nicolas King! (thanks Yardena); Paul
McCartney reveals monarchist leanings in schoolboy essay
found 50 years on (thanks Yardena)
Yoko Ono, rebel woman
By John Doran, The National
27 September, 2009
Yoko Ono must have felt that there was something special
about the album that shed just finished, given that she
revived the Plastic Ono Band name for it.
An original Beatlemaniac gives the new Beatles
'Remasters' a listen
By Misha Berson, The Seattle Times
27 September, 2009
The recent release of "The Beatles: The Remasters"
prompts a longtime fan to return to their early genius.
Also: Beatles Concert Tickets Highlight RocknRoll Auction
Oct.4 2009
The Day Danielle and Her Mom Met Paul McCartney
New York Magazine
25 September, 2009
We know as New Yorkers we are supposed to be cool when
interacting with celebrities.
Beatle widow wins razor fence row
25 September, 2009
A razor wire fence around the Oxfordshire home of Beatle
George Harrison's widow can be replaced, despite objections
from neighbours.
Also: Yoko Oh Yes! Ms Ono Speaks About Peace, Pop And
Computer Games
'Beatles: Rock Band', behind the scenes (inc. video)
By Mike Snider, USA Today
24 September, 2009
Now that The Beatles: Rock Band has been out for two weeks,
the developers at Harmonix are letting us peek a bit more
behind the magic curtain of creativity.
Also: Re-Meet the Beatles - Five Decades of the Fab Four;
Love, love we do
Legendary contract between the Beatles and Brian
Epstein goes on display
By Vicky Anderson, Liverpool Daily Post
24 September, 2009
What is seen as the "definitive" contract between The Beatles
and manager Brian Epstein goes on display to the public in
Press release
PR Web
24 September, 2009
Florida City Says Happy Birthday, John Lennon: Give Peace
a Chance Exhibit Debuts Oct 5 - 11 For Week-Long Birthday
Beatles Mono Box Set Update
Tracks (thanks Richard)
Due to overwhelming demand Apple/EMI have decided to
manufacture a second run of the Beatles mono box sets.
McCartney came up with Harrelson's zombie ruse
22 September, 2009
Sir Paul McCartney turned spin doctor for pal Woody
Harrelson when the actor hit the headlines for attacking
paparazzi in New York in April (09) - the Beatles star was the
one who suggested the actor told reporters he thought the
snapper was a zombie.
Beatles tourism gets boost from Calgarian
By Lisa Monforton, Calgary Herald
22 September, 2009
Beatles fans everywhere were stoked last week when the
long-awaited release of The Beatles' 12 digitally remastered
studio albums and the video game version of Rock Band hit
the stores.
Also: From Penny Lane to Strawberry Fields; Beatles sell
2.25 million albums in 5 days; Meet the Piggies
Proof the Beatles are bigger than Jesus!
21 September, 2009
Forty-three years after John Lennon compared the Beatles
to Jesus, stats emerge suggesting that he might have been
onto something
McCartney invited to speak at EU parliament
hearing (thanks Yardena)
21 September, 2009
Parliament has invited Sir Paul McCartney to speak at a
hearing ahead of December's UN summit on climate change.
Yoko Ono's virtual peace
21 September, 2009
John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono has praised a new
Beatles video game because it merges music and art to
create amazing ''healing vibrations''.
Also: Yoko Ono is on a mission -- still; Yoko Ono
Interviewed: "My Expression is in Between the Sky and
My Head"
Beatles were the original soundtrack of a generation
By Jay Berman, Daily Breeze
20 September, 2009
There is little of a positive nature about growing old.
Tale of the babe of Aquarius
By Susannah Cahalan, New York Post
20 September, 2009
Meet the grooviest groupie of the '60s.
With The Beatles (in Shropshire)
Shropshire Star
18 September, 2009
With their old albums digitally cleaned-up and re-released,
the Beatles are back and bigger then ever. But one corner
of Shropshire has never forgotten seeing the original band
Also: World listening in to Petes Beatles show; Suit over
Beatle pix; Rock of Ages: 1963 The Beatles She Loves
You (thanks Yardena)
Norwich man gets to drive the Beatles' John
Lennon's car
The Advertiser 24
18 September, 2009
'Baby you can drive my car' is a famous lyric from a
Beatles song, but it has proved a prophetic statement
for one Norfolk businessman, who is now the proud
owner of a limo which once belonged to John Lennon.
Yoko Ono: still walking on thin ice
By Sheryl Garratt, Telegraph
18 September, 2009
After 40 years of being unfairly accused of breaking up
the Beatles and harshly mocked for her avant garde art
and pop music, Yoko Ono is finally being recognised as
a true pioneer.
Also: Exclusive: Interview with Yoko Ono
Miley Cyrus Played Guitar With Paul
Just Jared Jr.
18 September, 2009
Miley Cyrus watches as Sheryl Crow plays the
melody of the song on stage at VH1s Divas held at
Brooklyn Academy of Music in NYC on Thursday
night (September 17).
Magical History Tour
By William Underhill, Newsweek
17 September, 2009
For the middle-aged pilgrim, the trail is well marked.
Caldwell resident has big Beatles connection
By Joseph Racioppi, Caldwell Progress
17 September, 2009
The Beatles, back in the news with the release of
The Beatles: Rock Band video game, had a
tremendous impact on popular music/culture and
Caldwell resident Andy White, 79, was the drummer
on two of the Beatles first singles.
Magazine signed by John Lennon sells for
The Associated Press
17 September, 2009
A 1966 magazine signed by John Lennon containing
his remark that the Beatles were more popular than
Jesus has sold for $12,713.
The Beatles are fab for business
By Randy Lewis, Los Angeles Times
16 September, 2009
When Beatlemania was first at its height, John
Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and
Ringo Starr often said they had no idea whether
their popularity would last for another six months
or even as much as a year or two.
Also: Behind the Counter : Come Together:
Creating Buzz With the Beatles; 'The Beatles Rock
Band is a cultural revolution' (thanks Yardena);
Beatles: Rock Band Deluxe Pack Selling Quick
(thanks Yardena)
Yoko Onos £260,000 gift to Liverpool John
Moores students
By Ben Turner, Liverpool Daily Post
16 September, 2009
Disadvantaged students will have a chance to study
at a city university, thanks to a new John Lennon
awards scheme funded by his wife.
Also: Interview: Yoko Ono
Artwork to celebrate Rhyl's connection with
the Beatles
By Matt Jones, Rhyl Journal
15 September, 2009
Rhyl's links with Liverpool and its most famous sons,
the Beatles, have been celebrated in a mosaic at the
town's train station.
Also: Sketches by Beatles legends John Lennon and
Paul McCartney go on display at Londons Scream
gallery (thanks Yardena)
Sir Paul McCartney deer sanctuary targeted
by huntsmen, activists claim
By Richard Edwards, Telegraph
15 September, 2009
Illegally hunting of deer on private land owned by Sir
Paul McCartney's has been captured on camera by
anti-hunt activists, it is claimed.
Also: NY1 For You: More McCartney Concertgoers
Call Foul (inc. video)
Eversheds works eight days a week for Beatles
By Matt Byrne, The Lawyer
14 September, 2009
Eversheds has advised Apple Corps, one of its
longest-standing clients, on two headline-grabbing
deals relating to legendary pop group The Beatles.
Also: The Beatles Rock Band Primer Guide
Why the Beatles still matter after 40 years
By Barry Miles, The Times
12 September, 2009
They began as a teen craze but turned into a cultural
force that changed the world.
Also: The Beatles and Gibson 7 Explosive Songs
(thanks Yardena); Fab Four are re-masters of the
universe (thanks Yardena); Connection between
Beatles, Cheap Trick is deep; Beatles Legend Paul
McCartney Fears He could end up Like Princess
Diana; The Beatles are back in the charts; Paul
McCartney - Scousers thought Beatles were German>
Alan White from Yes: What The Beatles mean
to me
By Joe Bosso,
11 September, 2009
It's not every day a Beatle calls you and changes your
life forever.
Fab Format: Fall in love with remastered
Beatles catalog
By Bryan Wawzenek, Northwest Herald
11 September, 2009
For those who believe in Yesterday, the entire
Beatles catalog arrives this week.
Also: Beatles Rock Band Will Thrill Beatlemaniacs
and Newbies Alike; 'The Beatles: Rock Band' is not
just for kids; Remastered Beatles are worth the effort;
Remastered 14-disc set lifts the Beatles catalog to
another level (thanks Yardena); Beatles Rock Band
game hits a chord as video game industry struggles;
Beatles game will make you twist and shout; Beatles
game rocks; Beatles in the 21st century (video);
Cason Point: Beatles game replays real memories;
Remastered Beatles catalog a must have
Yoko Ono Interview
11 September, 2009
Clash magazine editor, Simon Harper, recently
interviewed Yoko Ono for the latest issue featuring
Jay-Z on the cover.
Also: Yoko Ono Writes For Clash
The Beatles' 1964 Montreal invasion
By David Johnston, The Gazette
10 September, 2009
Fab Four's only Montreal gig was 45 years ago
Pandora: Get back: McCartney reunites with
PR guru
By Alice-Azania Jarvis. The Independent
10 September, 2009
Following his split from Heather Mills, Sir Paul
McCartney accomplished that celebrity rare feat:
coming out of a divorce smelling of roses.
Beatlemania back as albums, computer game go
on sale
9 September, 2009
Beatlemania is set to break out again on Wednesday
when The Beatles' digitally remastered albums and a
new computer game are released as the world's most
famous pop group finally embraces the digital age.
Also: The remastered Beatles: You've got to get this into
your life; The Beatles: Rock Band (re)makes history;
The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour; The Beatles: a band
locked in time; Sir Paul McCartney admits: 'We thought
The Beatles would last couple of years'; Q&A: Film
director Bob Smeaton on remastered Beatles albums;
Sir Paul McCartney talks about The Beatles: Rock Band
as it's launched; Remastered Beatles albums are better
than ever, says Yoko Ono; Come Together: Everybody
Reviews the Beatles; Beatles fans in frenzy over box set;
San Diego Beatles fans line up for "Rock Band" video
game release (video); The Beatles release remastered
catalogue and "Rock Band" game; Dino F. Ciliberti:
Beatlemania begins again; 'Beatles Rock Band' released
(inc. 3 videos); Dhani Harrison Explains Beatles Rock
Band Evolution, Rocks Out With Conan (inc. video);
Fab 4ever; Beatlemania returns with rollout of CD,
video game; Rocking again to The Beatles; Beatlemania
revisited with release of remastered catalog; 'The Beatles
Remastered.' Getting better all the time?; £1Billion
Beatles for sale (thanks Yardena); Review: The Beatles:
Rock Band
Five Direct Beatles Connections to Texas
By Chris Gray, Houston Press
9 September, 2009
Looks like Beatlemania 2.0 is in full swing.
Also: Paul McCartney Interview; The Beatles: Ranking
Their Movies; Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney on the
Beatles' Breakup (inc. video); When The Beatles came
to town
Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono Reflect on John
Lennon's Life and Death (inc. video)
Entertainment Tonight News
8 September, 2009
In part two of ET's Beatles exclusive, Yoko Ono, Paul
McCartney and Ringo Starr discuss the life and death
of John Lennon.
Also: McCartney's book about Lennon
Did Yoko Ono And Sky News Just Ruin Apples
Beatles Surprise?
By Jason Kincaid, TechCrunch
8 September, 2009
Its the announcement Steve Jobs has been waiting to
make for years: that one of his favorite bands, and
perhaps the greatest of all time, will finally be available
on the music store that he created.
Also: Paul McCartney: 'We'd like Beatles songs to be
downloads'; Music sources: Phantom Yoko Ono-iTunes
story untrue
ET's Beatles Exclusive! (inc. video)
Entertainment Tonight News
7 September, 2009
Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Olivia
Harrison -- together in the same place and interviewed by
ET's Mary Hart!
Also: 'The Beatles: Rock Band' entices fans of all ages to
come together for virtual jams in dream world complete
with marmalade skies (thanks Yardena); Here comes the
fun; Doug Elfman: Labor of 'Love' yields amazing Beatles
treasures; The Beatles: 20 things you did not know about
the Fab Four; Ringo's drumming draws praise (thanks
Yardena); The Beatles(TM): Rock Band(TM) & The
Beatles' Re-mastered Catalogue CDs Make Worldwide
Debut; The Beatles: Rock Band Review (Xbox 360);
Digital technology: The Beatles done better?; 'Rock Band'
wraps 'new piece of art' around The Beatles; Please Please
Me; To Channel the Fab Four, Listen in Mono; OnThe
Radio: Beatles increasingly yesterday's news, despite CDs,
'The Beatles: Rock Band' video game; The Beatles: Rock
Band video game review; Remastered Beatles CDs Are A
Revelation; Meet the (remastered) Beatles; The Rest of the
Story: 'The Beatles: Rock Band'
The Beatles: What they were like at the beginning
by the fans who were there (inc. video)
The Times
7 September, 2009
They were bottom on the bill to Roy Orbison in 1963;
Also: The Beatles: Stars pick their favourite records;
What children think of the Beatles (thanks Yardena); The
Beatles: Hysteria in the making; Most expensive Beatles
memorabilia ever! Saint Giles Street Gallery puts album up
for sale for $11M
Rock stars slam disconnection plan for pirates
By Asher Moses, Sydney Morning Herald
7 September, 2009
Some of the biggest names in the music business, including
Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney, have slammed the
record labels' plans to disconnect from the internet peopl
who are caught repeatedly downloading music illegally.
John Lennon: Paul McCartney was a knockout,
By Maurice Chittenden, The Times
6 September, 2009
Dear Paul, actually you were fab.
Also: Exclusive: John Lennon, the lost interviews (thanks
How the Beatles got ready to conquer the world -
By Simon Garfield, The Observer
6 September, 2009
With the release of music game The Beatles: Rock Band,
the world's biggest group are going to find a whole new
Also: The Beatles: Rock Band mostly fab; Get back: It's
Beatlemania all over again; Maniacs coming together to
critique the Beatles reissues; Beatlemania: Computer
Game Release (video); The Beatles for sale (yet again);
'The Beatles: Rock Band' -- Revolution 09/09/09; Beatles
Sound Better Than Ever on Long-Awaited Remastered
CDs; Fans eagerly await second Beatles invasion; Beatles
Rock Band: Harmonix creative director Josh Randall;
Review: 'Beatles: Rock Band' fun for jamming in groups;
Beatles fans, rejoice! Box sets are worth the wait;
Giles Martin on making The Beatles: Rock Band (video)
Who is the fabbest Beatle of them all?
By Bob Stanley, The Times
5 September, 2009
This is a serious message, it begins.
Also: 45 years after Milwaukee appearance, Beatlemania
lives again; Still a thrill, 45 years later; How the Beatles
rocked the Eastern Bloc; The Beatles Story in Pictures
and Words; Remembering a hard day's night; Drab to
fab: how the Beatles changed fashion; Jane Bown with
the Beatles (thanks Yardena)
Get Back: Must-hear reissued Beatles tracks
By Bernard Perusse, Canwest News Service
4 September, 2009
Picking only 10 special moments in the 525 minutes of
Beatles music on the remastered albums is impossible.
Also: The long, winding, magical road to 'Beatles: Rock
Band'; 'Rock Band' adds to Fab 4's legacy; Meet the
Beatles (Again); I Am the Walrus; Fab Four game is
unBeatable (Thanks Yardena); The Beatles: The Beatles
in Mono; McCartney: 'We were innocents who couldn't
handle the Beatles business'; Concert planned in
Montclair for launch of new Beatles video game; Video
game brings Fab Four into the digital sphere (thanks
Yardena); 'The Beatles: Rock Band' Designer Talks
Creating Digital Fab Four; How 'horrendous failure'
led to Rock Band; Still relevant after decades, the
Beatles set to rock 9/9/09; The Beatles - Please Please
Me, review; The Beatles - Abbey Road, Pop CD of the
week review; 10 Ways to Invest in Modern Beatlemania
(thanks Yardena); Remastered Beatles albums are way
overdue; The Beatles: Getting back to where they once
belonged; Get Back: The Beatles masterpieces
remastered; A Beatles video game? We try The Beatles:
Rock Band; Beatles Playing For Keeps With "Rock
Band" Game; All together now: A breakdown of the
Beatles remastered albums; Gamers, fans come together
over The Beatles: Rock Band; The Beatles: still cutting
across generations and genres
Paul Morley's Showing Off ...Klaus Voorman
(inc. video)
By Paul Morley, Guardian
4 September, 2009
The 71-year-old artist, producer, musician and long time
Beatle pal/colleague/helper/insider Klaus Voorman finds
himself inside the Guardian and Observer's offices near
Kings Cross in London one early evening when there is
coincidentally an early demonstration for a select few
competition winners of the new Beatles Rock Band game.
Also: Long and Winding Road ; Big Read Story of Artist
Who Witnessed Birth of the Beatles
All you need is ... a second Lennon blue plaque
By Jamie Welham, London Evening Standard
4 September, 2009
John Lennon is set to be honoured with a blue plaque
outside the London house that was the setting for a
notorious nude photo shoot with Yoko Ono for an album
Top fingerstyle guitarist a breath of fresh air
(thanks Yardena)
By Rich Freedman, Vallejo Times-Herald
3 September, 2009
Laurence Juber has enough credits to fill a guitar case.
Ballad of John and no-no
By Jamie Schram, New York Post
3 September, 2009
A John Lennon fan who scrawled "LOVE" on his hero's
Central Park memorial probably didn't imagine he'd be
Also: Likely Lads neighbour objects to razor wire
Beatle Promoter Aids Boro Charity
By Lori Gross, Queens Tribune
3 September, 2009
The man responsible for the British Invasion of the
Beatles wants to put on an epic concert at Citi Field.
McCartney knows the truth
(translated to English from Spanish)
El Diario Montañés
3 September, 2009
Source: McCartney sabe la verdad
Long and Winding Road, Newly Repaved
By Allan Kozinn, The New York Times
2 September, 2009
The newly remastered CDs of the Beatles original
albums and singles, which EMI and Apple Corps, the
Beatles company, are releasing on Wednesday, have
less of a gee-whiz factor than The Beatles: Rock Band,
which hits stores on the same day.
Also: "Beatles: Rock Band": The First Review!; Every
wondered what the Beatles top selling songs were?; All
Together Now: Play the Game, Mom; The magical history
tour; The Beatles are back! Computer wizardry reunites
Fab Four and music fans (inc. video); Must we really buy
The Beatles reissues and Rock Band?; Remastered Beatles
albums: Yeah, yeah, yeah
Signed picture stolen from George Harrison
exhibition in Liverpool
By Kevin Core, Liverpool Echo
2 September, 2009
An exhibition of George Harrison memorabilia will close
early after a rare signed picture of the Beatle was stolen.
Also: John Lennon More Popular Than Jesus Magazine
on Auction Block
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