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PRNewswire (1 August)
The Straits Times (1 August)
Stella's Next (thanks to Diane Lacasse)
30 July, 2002
The McCartney family is due for another wedding.
Also: Stella engaged? (thanks, again, to Diane Lacasse); Macca's girl set to wed; Stella To
Follow Dad Down The Aisle; Stella McCartney And Boyfriend Aladhair Willis To Wed
(thanks, once more, to Diane Lacasse); 'Stella is to marry Teessider'
Paul McCartney, Liz Taylor Win Kennedy Honors
30 July, 2002
Former Beatle Paul McCartney and actress Elizabeth Taylor were among five artists named
on Tuesday as winners of the 25th annual Kennedy Center Honors award in recognition of
their contributions to the nation's cultural life.
Also: Taylor, McCartney Get Kennedy Honors (thanks to Diane Lacasse)
Lennon 'loved' the Queen (2nd story)
30 July, 2002
John Lennon was "a huge fan" of the Queen, his widow Yoko Ono has claimed.
Also: Lennon was in love with the Queen: Yoko
Concert update
The Boston Globe
30 July, 2002
Paul McCartney has added a second show at the FleetCenter, Sept. 30.
Beatles Guitar Fetches Thousands
The Dundee Courier
30 July, 2002
A guitar with gold-plated mounts once strummed by the famous fingers of Paul McCartney
has sold for £2900 in Montrose to an avid local collector.
Beatles may fill Jacko's wallet
Herald Sun
30 July, 2002
Michael Jackson is $370 million in debt and may have to sell his stake in the Beatles'
song rights to repay creditors.
Hitchhiking on 'Abbey Road'
By Dave McKenna, Washington Post
29 July, 2002
Decades ago, the traveling stage production "Beatlemania" proved to promoters that
four nobodies playing Fab Four songs can fill a hall.
Across the universe
The Globe And Mail
29 July, 2002
In March, Liverpool renamed its airport after the late Beatle John Lennon.
$250 per ticket? Paul fans shell out
By Bill Lindelof, The Sacramento Bee
28 July, 2002
The prime seats for McCartney go fast -- and not just to the Beatles-era crowd.
The 'Fifth Beatle' talks to Virgin Megastores...
By Mark Wood, Virgin Megastores
Sir George Martin talks about his new classical collection and his years as one of the most
important man in the music industry.
Sightings (middle section)
By Richard Johnson with Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson,
27 July, 2002
Ringo Starr getting the gift shop at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas opened up
in the wee hours so he could buy a faux-leopard fur cowboy hat . . .
George pals pay tribute (2nd story)
The Sun
27 July, 2002
George Harrison's wife Olivia hosted a secret memorial service for him at their
Henley-on-Thames mansion, I can reveal.
Fringe binger
By Aidan Smith, The Scotsman
27 July, 2002
Those summers of fond memory weren’t always hot. Roger McGough well remembers the
snell winds that gusted through Edinburgh’s closes in August 1962, a harsh welcome to this
son of a docker and a sausage-factory worker who fancied himself as a bit of a poet.
Billboard Bits: McCartney, Willie Nelson, The Muppets
By Christopher Walsh, Billboard
26 July, 2002
Although specific details aren't yet confirmed, a live album and DVD chronicling Paul
McCartney's recent Driving USA tour are in the works for a November release.
Sub can stay
By Jenny Watson, Liverpool Echo
26 July, 2002
Outraged Dutch Beatles fans have won a reprieve for their favourite bar's Yellow Submarine
Also: Yellow Snubmarine!
Queen meets Yoko at John Lennon airport ceremony
25 July, 2002
The Queen has met the widow of John Lennon as she officially opened a £32 million
passenger terminal at the airport named in his honour.
Also: Day Tripper; Queen on Beatles tour; 'Day Tripper' Queen Elizabeth Pays Call on Beatles;
Magical mystery tour for Queen; Ballad of Liz and Yoko; Royal picture offer; One not amused
by Beatle art;
Pics: Yoko - 1, 2, 3 /Paul - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Many other photos - 1, 2 (thanks to Diane Lacasse)
Ono's life without Lennon
By Helen Bushby, BBC
25 July, 2002
The Queen will meet Yoko Ono at John Lennon Airport on Thursday as part of her Golden
Jubilee tour of the country.
The Beatles and football draw refugees to Britain
By Ian Burrell, Independent
25 July, 2002
The Beatles, the Spice Girls and Manchester United are among the pull factors that attract
asylum-seekers to cross the world in search of a new life in Britain, a study has found.
Sir Paul's songwriting secret
By Roger Highfield, Daily Telegraph
24 July, 2002
Musical creativity may come from the brain and not the heart.
Beatle double in city Jubilee visit
By Nicky Tabarn, Liverpool Echo
24 July, 2002
It's a Beatles double for the Queen tomorrow, when she makes her official Jubilee visit to
Also: Queen gets mystery tour
Beatlemania revisited
By Samuel Lee, The Straits Times (Singapore)
24 July, 2002
Seventy-one unreleased pictures of the Beatles will be shown here next month
From Gold Discs To A Suit Worn By Lennon
The Courier
23 July, 2002
Among the Beatles, John Lennon memorabilia is the most collectable and the items for sale at
Taylor’s on Saturday include the morning suit John Lennon wore in A Hard Day’s Night.
Also: Beatles’ Stuff For Sale In Montrose
Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, & The Wondermints Set For Open Hearts. Clear
Mines Benefit
23 July, 2002
Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson (with the Wondermints) will perform at Adopt-a-Minefield's
2nd Annual Open Hearts.
British TV's 'Rumpole' Dead at 82
By Robert Barr, Associated Press (thanks to Diane Lacasse)
23 July, 2002
Leo McKern, the Australian actor who gained fame as a curmudgeonly barrister in ``Rumpole
of the Bailey,'' died Tuesday at the age of 82, his agent said.
Royal critic will view children's Jubilee paintings
Daily Post
23 July, 2002
Children across Merseyside are set to have their works of art viewed by a special visitor.
Now to be knows as Sam's Castle Leslie
Cindy Adams,
23 July, 2002
Hark. We speaketh now of Castle Leslie where that good and trusty knight Sir Beatle just wed
Heather his Lady fair, having picked it because they'd stayed there prior to the wedding and
loved it.
Mrs. McCartney Irritates Britons (last item)
United Press International
23 July, 2002
Heather Mills is popular with husband Paul McCartney but not the English public. Mills was voted
No. 97 in 3 am magazine's list of Britain's 100 most irritating people.
Stars are hit by share price disaster
News of the World (thanks to Diane Lacasse)
22 July, 2002
Sir Paul McCartney is believed to be the biggest showbiz loser, suffering a staggering £54 million
plunge in the value of his shares.
Beatlemania lacking in McCartney ticket line
By R. Joseph Gelarden, The Indianapolis Star
21 July, 2002
Fans planning to go to Oct. 5 performance recall Fab Four frenzy at 1964 Coliseum show.
House of McCartney restored
Worcester Evening News
20 July, 2002
Work has started on Stella McCartney's country retreat in Bishampton, now the plans have been
Fab Four brings Beatles to life
By Jerry Fink, Las Vegas Sun
19 July, 2002
If the devil's in the details, The Fab Four is one hell of a band.
Queen on a flying city visit
By Nicky Tabarn, Liverpool Echo
19 July, 2002
The Queen will visit Liverpool next week as part of the nationwide Jubilee tour.
Let it be Liverpool
Liverpool Echo
18 July, 2002
Sir Paul McCartney sent a powerful message to the Capital of Culture judges today: "Let it Be
ABC Specials: What You'll See in 2002-03
By Marc Berman,
18 July, 2002
To add spice to the regularly scheduled mix, ABC has announced a number of specials in 2002-03.
Sting, America: A Tribute To Heroes, Madonna, Michael Jackson, U2, & Others
Land Emmy Nominations
18 July, 2002
The 54th Annual Emmy Awards aren't just for actors, as Sting, Madonna, Britney Spears, Janet
Jackson, and other music acts were among the nominees announced Thursday (July 18) morning.
Specs and love and rock 'n' roll
By Laura Davis, Daily Post
17 July, 2002
John Lennon's orangetinted glasses which he wore while composing his Imagine album have
returned to Merseyside.
Wrong Spirit
17 July, 2002
Paul McCartney promises he'll pull a promo from his Web site for his Sept. 11-inspired single,
admitting it gives the appearance he was trying to cash in on fans' patriotism
Go, Granny, Go!
17 July, 2002
Yoko Ono is unstoppable at age 69.
McCartney annulla la tournee in Europa (Italian only)
(McCartney cancels European tour)
16 July, 2002
Paul McCartney's "Feelgood Factory" Gets Back In The U.S. (fixed URL)
Business Wire (Thanks to Jeff Boswell)
16 July, 2002
The show they are calling "The Feelgood Factory," Paul McCartney's 36-song set of the big
hits of his life, is getting Back In The U.S. this Fall for the second leg of the tour that has
rocked America.
Also: Paul McCartney, ``Back In The U.S.,'' at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall, Sept. 28;
Concert To Be Paul McCartney's 1st Atlantic City Show Since 1964; McCartney coming to
Ford Center in October; Paul McCartney to start U.S. tour in Milwaukee
FullAudio signs licensing deal with Koch
16 July, 2002
Online music company FullAudio Corp. on Tuesday said it reached a licensing deal with giant
independent record label KOCH Entertainment LLC.
Lennon glasses go on show
16 July, 2002
A pair of glasses worn by John Lennon when he wrote the Imagine album will be unveiled
in his home city on Tuesday.
Also: photos - 1, 2
Hear the 'Beatles' in Draper
By Doug Robinson, Deseret News
16 July, 2002
Alan LeBoeuf was a self-described "rock 'n' roller from Jersey" when Broadway called and
asked him to audition for a production of "Beatlemania."
Major DVD/VHS Release To Salute Landmark Beatles Anniversary -- The
Beatles' A Hard Day's Night
16 July, 2002
Fall 2002 marks the 40th anniversary of a key event in the story of The Beatles' phenomenal
success - the recording and release of their first record, "Love Me Do."
Also: Money Can't Buy Love, but It'll Get You a Beatles DVD
Celebrity souvenirs star at gallery
Lancashire Evening Telegraph
16 July, 2002
Unusual items including autographs by pop idols Robbie Williams and David Bowie and even a
cigarette packet signed by bad boy brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher are among the stock at a
Rossendale's new Celebrity Gallery.
Drumming around the clock for charity
Evening Advertiser
16 July, 2002
Percussionists Paul Ashman and Andy Wraight certainly know how to drum up support for charity.
Big names bring Beatles tribute to town
By Lianne George, National Post
15 July, 2002
In 1981, singer-songwriter Christopher Cross was at the height of his success.
Musical on 'man who gave The Beatles away'
By Philip Key, Daily Post
15 July, 2002
Just 20 years ago, Irish actor Ronan Wilmot arrived in Liverpool to appear in Jimmy
Mc-Govern's first stage play.
Ricky and the stars of Empire
Liverpool Echo
15 July, 2002
Ricky Tomlinson is taking to the stage to help raise money for the ECHO Sunrise Fund.
Entertainment Photos
15 July, 2002
Paul McCartney was the top concert earner in the first half of 2002 with ticket sales of $52.8
million, according to trade publication Pollstar.
Also: Pricey Pop Concerts Keep More Music Fans at Home; Sir Paul coins it in US; Concert
receipts increase with ticket prices – but attendance down
Rare Jasper Cropsey Painting Worth $150,000 and Rare Collection of 1964 Beatles
Memoriabila Worth $60,0000 Discovered At Hot Springs Stop of Chubb's Antiques
Business Wire
14 July, 2002
A unique 19th Century Jasper Cropsey painting of Lake George and valued to be worth $150,000,
and a collection of rare Beatles memorabilia from 1964 valued up to $60,000 were among the most
valuable and interesting items discovered at the Hot Springs stop of the 2002 Chubb's Antiques
Roadshow summer tour Saturday at the Hot Springs Convention Center.
Cleveland offers world-class attractions
By Jolie Williamson, Tribune-Review
14 July, 2002
In the dark blue exhibit room — created to look like the sky the night the Titanic sank in 1912 —
the main attraction is the "iceberg" at the far side.
News in brief
The Observer
14 July, 2002
Abbey Road doors for sale
A pair of firedoors from the Beatles' Abbey Road recording studios in London are set to fetch
up to £12, 000 at Bonhams next week. According to rumour, the 1930s glass doors were
regularly opened by a white-clad female figure, the 'Abbey Road Ghost'. The swing doors were
removed in 1988.
Jacko May Claim 'Threats' by Mottola
By Roger Friedman, Fox News
12 July, 2002
The Michael Jackson-Tommy Mottola standoff is heading into new territory. A serious source
close to Jackson told me yesterday: "There is correspondence between Michael and Tommy
that will show why Michael has done what he's done.
Top 10 Most Expensive Music Memorabilia
By Dennis O'Connell,
When the legends of music first embraced their craft, never in their wildest dreams did they
think that they would leave such a mark on generations to come.
Mrs. McCartney Shares Fashion Tips
11 July, 2002
Spokes-model and global activist Heather Mills recently married Sir Paul McCartney, but she
still has time to help women dress sharp while keeping to a budget.
Image Entertainment Gives Peace Another Chance With John & Yoko's Year
Of Peace Documentary On DVD And VHS
11 July, 2002
"Go back to bed," John Lennon advised the Canadian public and much of the rest of the world,
from between the sheets and amid the pillows where he and his new bride, Yoko Ono, were
Tribute band offers up a nostalgic trip
By Sarah Chuby, Traverse City Record-Eagle
11 July, 2002
Within the last year, Paul McCartney has remarried and George Harrison is no longer with us, but
"1964 The Tribute" has remained the same.
Backbeat Beatles: Summer Pops
By Emma Gunby, Liverpool Echo
11 July, 2002
It is not every day that you find yourself sitting in a big top in the Albert Dock listening to
high-brow classical musicians bashing out I Am The Walrus alongside a Beatles' tribute band.
British Invasion set for Stage West
By Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun
10 July, 2002
For the past two weeks, Anne Allan has been creating her version of a magical mystery tour.
School for stars
By John Crace, Guardian (Thanks to Diane Lacasse)
9 July, 2002
The cabby at Lime Street station looks blank when I ask to be taken to the Institute for
Performing Arts. A few seconds later he asks hopefully: "Do you mean the Paul McCartney
Centre?" Well, no, actually, but you can understand the confusion.
Tim Freedman welcomes the ghost of George Harrison to the Whitlams album
By Paul Cashmere, Undercover Music News
9 July, 2002
Tim Freedman of The Whitlams acknowledges the ghost of George Harrison is present on his
new album "Torch The Moon".
George Harrison's Widow To Sell Their U.K. Mension
Hello! (Thanks to Diane Lacasse)
9 July, 2002
George Harrison’s widow Olivia is to sell Friar Park, the 120-room mansion in Oxfordshire
where, in December 1999, she fought off a knife-wielding intruder who tried to kill her husband.
Trip to Ireland's Castle Leslie Available for Bidding on eBay
PRNewswire (Thanks to Diane Lacasse)
9 July, 2002
Online Opportunity to Vacation at Ireland's Castle Leslie, Recent Site of Beatle Paul McCartney's
Universal Music to Offer Album Downloads on EMusic
By Ben Berkow, Reuters
9 July, 2002
The music arm of struggling media conglomerate Vivendi Universal on Tuesday said it would work
with the company's digital music operation to offer subscription music downloads.
Stars join fight against factory farming
8 July, 2002
Sir Paul McCartney, Joanna Lumley and Martin Shaw are appearing in a new video to mark
national vegetarian week.
Also: Sir Paul Heads Vegetarian Campaign
Terry Brejla: Getting Around
By Terry Brejla, Santa Cruz Sentinel
7 July, 2002
Art of Yoko Ono
The long-awaited show "Yes Yoko Ono" is on view at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art
through Sept. 8.
Sports Photos
7 July, 2002
Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather watch the men's singles final between
Australia's Lleyton Hewitt and Argentina's David Nalbandian at the Wimbledon tennis
championships, July 7, 2002. Hewitt won 6-1 6-3 6-2.
Also: More photos - 1, 2, 3
Today's Birthdays
The Sunday Telegraph
7 July, 2002
Drummer Ringo Starr, seen here, top right, with fellow Beatles Paul McCartney, John Lennon
and George Harrison, was born Richard Starkey in Liverpool, England, on this day in 1940.
Some first-class Fourth celebrations; blowing kisses to Madonna
By Carol Beggy & Stephanie Stoughton, Boston Globe
6 July, 2002
WE ALWAYS LIKED PAUL THE BEST    So you host the largest private event your country -
oh, heck, the whole island - will see this year and have paparazzi crawling through the shrubs to
catch just a frame of former Beatle Paul McCartney and his new bride, Heather Mills, and all
you can say is, ''They are lovely people, really.''
Zip It, Paul!
5 July, 2002
Screechy songstress Yoko Ono wants Paul McCartney to "shut up" blaming her as the
opportunist who broke up The Beatles.
How to be a star
5 July, 2002
Stop dreaming and start achieving with our tips from the top - including former Beatle Sir Paul
Counting Crows New Album Influenced By Paul McCartney
By Gary Graff, Launch Music
5 July, 2002
A former Beatle had a marked influence on the new Counting Crows album Hard Candy, which
comes out Tuesday (July 9).
What O.C. needs now is Jackie DeShannon
By Barry Koltnow, The Orange County Register
5 July, 2002
It's good to be king. In the 1960s, it was even better to be a Beatle.
Yoko: The woman and her art -- a retrospective at SFMOMA
By David Barton, The Sacramento Bee
5 July, 2002
Yoko Ono's conceptual art was wowing international art connoisseurs when her future husband,
John Lennon, was still playing in an obscure cover band in Hamburg's red-light district.
Best in the West
By Chris Macias, The Sacramento Bee
4 July, 2002
What brings almost-famous Pete Best, the original drummer for the Beatles, to a club in Colusa
McCartney and his wife attend an awards ceremony in London
Associated Press (thanks to the Diane Lacasse and the Macca-L gang, via Cathy Munro)
4 July, 2002
Sir Paul McCartney and new wife, Heather, made their first public appearance on Thursday
since their recent marriage to attend an awards ceremony honoring outstanding young artists
and athletes.
Also: Babies off topic for the McCartneys; McCartney dodges honeymoon questions
Harrison Attacker Ordered Released
By Jill Lawless, Associated Press
4 July, 2002
A paranoid schizophrenic who stabbed George Harrison on what he thought was a "mission from
God" was conditionally released from a secure hospital Thursday.
Also: Man Who Stabbed Ex-Beatle Harrison Discharged
Lulu: Together
By Russell Baillie, The New Zealand Herald
4 July, 2002
As with Tom Jones, here comes the career revival duets album for 53-year-old Scottish pop
scorcher Marie McDonald McLaughlin just chock full of those hot young artists — Paul
McCartney, Joe Cocker, Elton John, Sting and Cliff Richard.
Betting on future pop knights
3 July, 2002
Ringo Starr is most likely to follow Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Mick Jagger as the next pop
knight, a leading bookie says.
Lady Macca's veggie caper
The Sun
3 July, 2002
Newleywed Sir Paul McCartney shows off his beaming new Lady wife to the world — after the two
returned from their honeymoon.
Also: Macca's back home for a takeaway
Elvis, Beatles brought pandemonium to city
3 July, 2002
Elvis Presley appeared in Houston six times, each performance being less well-received than the one
before -- by the Chronicle, if not his fans.
The Beatles, a similar phenomenon, made it to Houston in August 1965, but never returned. As they
left Texas, John Lennon cracked, "We've only been to Dallas and here. And we almost got killed
both places."
Knoc-Turn'Al Invites Paul McCartney To Go Crowd-Surfing
2 July, 2002
Knoc-Turn'Al can boast something not many, if any, rappers can. He sampled a Beatle.
Pete Best: The Beatle who almost was
By Wayne Bledsoe, KnoxNews
2 July, 2002
History may look on Pete Best as one of the unluckiest men alive.
‘Sir Paul has just written manure for years’
By Allan Hall, The Scotsman
2 July, 2002
Noel Gallagher of Oasis has branded most of Sir Paul McCartney’s recent work "manure" in
a savage attack on the elder statesman of British rock.
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