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Millions For Beatles' No.1
MTV Asia
31 October, 2000
Record bosses have splashed out a whopping $24 million to launch The Beatles's new album
of number one hits.
Sir David interviews reborn on Internet
By Robert Thompson, National Post
31 October, 2000
Sir David Frost interviewed Richard Nixon after his resignation as U.S. president, Bill Clinton
before he was president and the four Beatles. Now he is bringing those interviews to the Internet
through a deal with a London-based technology company.
Lennon's art for his son is the latest in babywear
By Oliver Poole, Electronic Telegraph
29 October, 2000
Pictures drawn by John Lennon for his son Sean will decorate a range of children's clothes and
other items to be sold in Britain next year.
CD of all Beatles' number one hits sets sales record
By Rajeev Syal and Susan Bisset, Electronic Telegraph
29 October, 2000
The first Beatles album to include all of the band's British and American number one hits has
staggered music analysts by taking more than £10 million in advance sales.
Saints and sinners
By Kathryn Flett, The Observer
29 October, 2000
Are you jealous of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills or just mad about Pete Postlethwaite?
My Heather's not the sort to hunt down rich men
By Martin Charlesworth And Anthony Mitchell, Daily Express
29 October, 2000
He has maintained a dignified silence as his daughter's relationship with Sir Paul McCartney
The Rev who was Beatle bodyguard
By Gary Grattan, The Belfast Telegraph
28 October, 2000
With the 20th anniversary of John Lennon's murder just a few weeks away, a retired Co Antrim
minister has been talking about the time he worked as a bodyguard to the Beatles.
Beatles '1' Cover Unveiled
28 October, 2000
The sleeve artwork for the new Beatles album has just been revealed. The album '1' -a
collection of all the Fab Four's Number One hits- is to be released through EMI in the UK on
Monday November 13.
Co. Recalls Musical Crib Mobiles
Associated Press
27 October, 2000
A New York City company is recalling about 47,000 crib mobiles because they can detach from
their supports, fall into cribs and injure babies.
Long-lost tape features Lennon's attack on McCartney
27 October, 2000
An audio tape which lay forgotten in an attic for 26 years gives a fascinating insight into the
strained relationship between John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
Explore fantasy of Lennon's later work
By Ben Wener, The Orange County Register
27 October, 2000
It's a hypothetical someone surely has considered once a month since Dec. 8, 1980: What
would we have heard from John Lennon and Yoko Ono had Mark David Chapman never
entered their lives?
Artist Whose Work Made Beatles No. 1 Turns Talents To Dylan
By Karen Price, The Western Mail
27 October, 2000
The man who designed the world’s most famous music album cover is illustrating Dylan
Thomas’s Under Milk Wood.
‘Bogus Band’ Shot To Fame
The Western Mail
27 October, 2000
SGT Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the biggest-selling album of all time in Britain.
Trekkies' Ears Will Perk Up For Spock Auction
By Bill Hoffmann, New York Post
25 October, 2000
Handwritten and typed lyrics for the album "Plastic Ono Band" by John Lennon, written six
months before his first solo record was released, are also on the block.
'De-clawed': George speaks out
24 October, 2000
George Michael has issued a press statement after the considerable stir caused by the
weekend's Sunday Times article in which he explained his reason for buying John Lennon's
Steinway piano and slammed the current state of pop.
Garbage Star's Lennon Dream
MTV Asia
24 October, 2000
Garbage star Shirley Manson is obsessed with a bizarre dream -- that she's married to tragic
rock star John Lennon.
Filming Finishes on NBC's Lennon Biopic
By Kate O' Hare,
24 October, 2000
It's late afternoon on Friday, Oct. 20, and writer/producer Michael O'Hara is on a cell phone
from Liverpool, on the final day of principal photography in the British city on "In His Life: The
John Lennon Story."
We Beat them to it
24 October, 2000
The remaining Beatles have announced the plans for their new album - just as AAA told
you two months ago.
Also: Is This Beatles Compilation Going To Be The Biggest Selling Album Of
All Time?, New Beatles album tipped for top, EMI plan Beatles Number 1

Unreleased Badfinger album coming out
Infobeat (E-'zine. Unavailable online)
23 October, 2000
Snapper Music of the United Kingdom will release Badfinger's "Head First" on Nov. 14. The
album is packed with the band's final recordings before founder Pete Ham committed suicide
in 1975. Drummer Mike Gibbins kept a copy of the acetate and tapes from the sessions of that
year which have been remastered to produce the 2-disc set. "Head First" will include the
original 10-track album and a bonus disc with demos and outtakes.
Beatles: No More Memoirs?
MTV Asia
23 October, 2000
The men behind The Beatles' new tribute projects are begging their heroes to sit down and
write their post-split memoirs, but fear they never will.
Beatle crushed by Antiques Roadshow
By Jason Deans, The Guardian
23 October, 2000
It was a choice between two antiques - a couple of 18th century miniatures on BBC1 and a
close-up of a music icon in a lingering kiss with his girlfriend on ITV.
Paul McCartney Surprises his Daughter Stella as She Accepts...
Associated Press
21 October, 2000
Paul McCartney surprises his daughter Stella as she accepts the award for designer of the
year at the VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards Friday, Oct. 20, 2000, in New York.
Also: Stella and Paul McCartney on Stage at Vh1 Vogue Fashion Awards, Stella
McCartney, Who Had Just Won the Designer of the Year..., another photo
Macca's Smacker
Online Mirror
21 October, 2000
I love Heather, sir Paul tells TV millions.
Sir Paul McCartney kisses girlfriend Heather Mills in a moving display of emotion to be seen
by millions of TV viewers tomorrow.
Touching the heart as Lennon touched the world
By John Soeder, The Plain Dealer
21 0ctober, 2000
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.
McCartney presents award to his daughter
21 October, 2000
Paul McCartney surprised his daughter Stella at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards in New
York when he presented her with the Designer of the Year award for her work at Chloe.
Also: Stella McCartney named VH1/Vogue's Designer of the Year
McCartney says it's love
21 October, 2000
Britain's worst-kept secret was out of the bag today when former Beatle Paul McCartney
announced on a television show that he was in love with a former model.
Also: 'I love Heather' Sir Paul admits on national TV
Chatting Up the Virtual Paul McCartney Former Beatle talks art, music
and sandwiches in Webcast
By Jesse Hamlin, San Francisco Chronicle
20 October, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney drew naked ladies as a lad in Liverpool, has been deeply influenced by
the art and attitude of his late friend Willem de Kooning and has never eaten a peanut butter
and tomato sandwich.
Linda McCartney photo exhibit opens in downtown Pontiac tonight
By Robert Musial, The Oakland Press
20 October, 2000
There is some speculation Paul McCartney will visit Galerie Blu/Uzelac Gallery during the
month his late wife's exhibit will be up
Michael: I'll Record on Lennon Piano
Associated Press
20 October, 2000
George Michael promised that as soon as he records a song on the piano John Lennon used
to compose "Imagine," he'll return the instrument to Liverpool's Beatles museum.
Also: Joanna And George Perform
Yoko and Sir Paul get visual
20 October, 2000
Yoko Ono and Sir Paul McCartney once had just John Lennon in common but now they share
a desire to exhibit their art.
Liverpool stages Sir Paul's first big art show
20 October, 2000
The first comprehensive exhibition of paintings by Sir Paul McCartney is being staged in
Rolling Stone releases Lennon audio on website
New Zealand Herald Online
20 October, 2000
Rolling Stone magazine is marking the 60th anniversary of John Lennon's birthday by releasing
never-before-heard audio excerpts from a 1970 interview with the former Beatle on its website.
Sam Donaldson Live! - John Lennon: His Life and Work
ABC (thanks to Bob Gilmartin)
19 October, 2000
Lennon: His Life and Work — on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The curator joins
today's Webcast. Beatles fans send in your questions now.
Baby, Get Back
By Robert Wilonsky, Dallas Observer
19 October, 2000
Doug Sulpy and Ray Schweighardt's book Get Back: The Unauthorized Chronicle of the Beatles'
Let it Be Disaster contains the sort of minutiae that gives a hard-on to the hard-core.
Abracadabra! Macca Lends His Magic To Dury Tribute Album
Music 365
19 October, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney is the latest star to contribute a track to the Ian Dury tribute album due for
release early next year.
A Hard Day's Night At Hotel
19 October, 2000
The sister of former Beatles guitarist, George Harrison, has opened a hotel dedicated to the star -
and called it 'A Hard Day's Night', after the Beatles song.
Rock Hall Debuts Lennon Exhibit
By John Affleck, Associated Press
19 October, 2000
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opened its most in-depth exhibit ever on one artist
Thursday, a tribute to John Lennon's life and work.
Also: image #1, image #2
Walter Shenson, Produced Beatles Films, Dead at 81
18 October, 2000
Walter Shenson, who produced the Beatles films ``A Hard Day's Night'' and ``Help!'' and 12 other
films, has died in Los Angeles of complications from a stroke. He was 81.
Also: Producer of Beatles films dies
Celebrity auctions: Fans put passion before profits
By Mark Davies, CNN
18 October, 2000
Want to own a piece of showbusiness or sporting history?
George Michael buys Lennon piano
18 October, 2000
The piano on which John Lennon wrote Imagine has been bought at auction for £1.45m ($2.1m)
by George Michael.
Ono’s first ever U.S. retrospective opens in NY
17 October, 2000
Say the name Yoko Ono and a crush of images crowd the mind – strange howling music, odd
bits of performance art in which Ono’s clothes are cut off piece by piece or a fly crawls over a
woman’s naked body.
Fifth 'Beatle' speaks at Harvard
By Joseph P. Flood, Harvard Crimson
16 October, 2000
Sir George Martin didn't think much of the Beatles when he first heard their demo tape, the man
now known as "The Fifth Beatle" told a packed Sanders Theatre crowd at Harvard University
Sunday night.
Sgt. Pepper Pork Pies, anyone?
By Rose DeWolf, Philadelphia Daily News
16 October, 2000
Philips, the Dutch consumer electronics giant, is selling TVs to the tune of the classic Beatles
song, "Getting Better."
Also: Beatle-abilia abounds, Marketing mania
Play about Lennon in works
Infobeat (E-zine. Unavailable online)
16 October, 2000
John Lennon is the subject of a new play in the works that producers plan to bring to
Broadway next year. The one-man "John Lennon: And In The End..." was written by Emmy
Award-winner Alexander Marshall. The search for an actor to portray the late Beatle will
reportedly be concentrated in New York and London. The semi-fictional play is scheduled to
open Oct. 9, 2001 - Lennon's 61st birthday.
Yoko Ono: Honored To Be Dragon Lady
Associated Press
16 October, 2000
Yoko Ono has been disparagingly called a dragon lady by John Lennon fans who blamed
her for the breakup of the Beatles.
Also: The Art of Yoko Ono
The Diary: Briefs
Sunday Mirror
15 October, 2000
Is Paul McCartney getting ready to take the plunge with his model girlfriend Heather Mills?
Beatles Anthology Tops Bestseller List
By Andrew Dansby, Rolling Stone
14 October, 2000
Anyone who thinks Beatlemania died with the birth of the Seventies is mistaken. The
Beatles Anthology hit stores a week ago to reams of press and scores of eager buyers,
enough to send the book to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.
Yoko Ono: Display rekindles memories of John
By Ken Kawashima, Asahi Evening News
13 October, 2000
Yoko Ono is still moved by the dozens of items she has seen for years.
Museum Wants Lennon's Piano to Stay in Liverpool
13 October, 2000
A museum in Liverpool launched an appeal on Friday to keep the piano John Lennon used
to compose ''Imagine'' in the late Beatle's native city.
Lennon Museum: Double fantasy comes together
By Ken Kawashima, Asahi Evening News
13 October, 2000
Diplomats showed up, hundreds waited for hours to get in and officials halted further ticket
Also: Japan museum retells ballad of John, Yoko
John Lennon: Yesterday Was Your Birthday
By C. Bottomley, VH1
12 October, 2000
If John Lennon were alive today … well, he'd probably be a guest on the next Santana album.
Paul McCartney Takes to Internet to Talk Art
12 October, 2000
Paul McCartney is to take to the Internet to talk about art and his paintings.
Also: Reuters Photo, McCartney Exhibit Comes to Internet
Sex spiced with Stella style
By Lisa Armstrong, The Times
11 October, 2000
Down the catwalk they came, those plunging Lycra swimsuits with their cheeky airbrushed
pineapple prints that sprouted between the models' legs, perfectly conceived to display the
finest in Brazilian liposuction and breast augmentation.
Also:Reuters, #2, McCartney Flogs a Dead Horse for
Chloe, McCartney Shows Off Horse Designs
Russian town is Lennon-grad
11 October, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney has sent a message of thanks to the people of a Beatles-loving Russian
town who are naming a street after John Lennon.
Ono solo
By Amei Wallach, The Scotsman
11 October, 2000
John Lennon once called Yoko Ono the world’s “most famous unknown artist”. But this autumn,
at last, she gets the full museum-retrospective treatment plus the kind of scholarly catalogue
essential to recasting an artistic reputation.
First colour Jupiter pics dedicated to Lennon
10 October, 2000
The first colour pictures of the planet Jupiter have been dedicated to John Lennon in the week
of his 60th birthday.
Macca and Heather clinging in the rain
By Anjali Kwatra, Daily Express (Thanks to Miriam Novotna)
10 October, 2000
When in Rome, do as the Romans do . . . Paul McCartney and his girlfriend Heather Mills
followed the lead of countless Latin lovers by openly embracing and kissing while on a visit
to the Italian capital.
Gee — this book weighs a whole lot
By Jim Washburn, MSNBC (thanks to Bob Gilmartin)
9 October, 2000
For all its heft, ‘The Beatles Anthology’ is far-from-complete telling of their story
Also: Ringo Starr was so frightened he positioned his cymbals to deflect potential
Few Revelations in Beatles 'Anthology' Book
By Brian Hiatt, Sonicnet
9 October, 2000
With its 370 pages, 350,000 words, $60 price tag and enough heft to endanger any coffee table
it's placed upon, the Beatles' new "autobiography" could be appropriately greeted with the strains
of "The Word," "Carry That Weight" or "You Never Give Me Your Money" — take your pick.
Paul McCartney presents cartoon film
9 October, 2000
Former Beatle Paul McCartney, legendary songwriter and accomplished painter, branched
out this weekend to present Italian-Argentinian director Oscar Grillo's animated film "Shadow
Cycle", based on a musical idea of his late wife Linda.
Chilling new release to coincide with birthday
9 October, 2000
John Lennon revealed a portent of his own fate in a song he penned just days before his
murder, the ECHO can reveal.
Lennon's Albums Re-Released to Mark 60th Birthday
9 October, 2000
Two solo albums by John Lennon were released on Monday to mark what would have been
the late Beatle's 60th birthday.
Museum marks Lennon birthday
9 October, 2000
The world's first museum dedicated to the life of John Lennon is opening to the public in
Japan on what would have been the former Beatle's 60th birthday.
Also: Thousands turn out at new John Lennon museum outside Tokyo, Reuters Photo,
Reuters Photo #2
Imagine John Lennon At 60
The Mirror
9 October, 2000
John Lennon would have celebrated his 60th birthday today.
John Lennon was born 60 years ago today
9 October, 2000
Events which happened on this day include:
1701 Yale College in the United States received its charter.
Albums re-issued on 60th Lennon anniversary
8 October, 2000
Record label bosses will mark what would have been John Lennon's 60th birthday on Monday
by re-releasing two of his best known albums - including the track he completed the night he
was killed.
Why we still want a piece of Lennon
By Charles Shaar, Electronic Telegraph
7 October, 2000
More than any other figure of his generation, John Lennon continues to exert a huge influence
on popular culture. On the eve of what would have been his 60th birthday, Charles Shaar
Murray analyses his appeal
The Beatles: And in the end...
The New Zealand Herald
7 October, 2000
Beatles producer George Martin says he wasn't surprised when it all ended. "Nobody knew that
Abbey Road was going to be the last album - but everyone felt it was.
Heart surgeon wins BBC People's Award
7 October, 2000
Pioneering heart surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub won BBC1's People's Award 2000 at a glittering
ceremony at London's Royal Albert Hall.
People's Awards reach finale
6 October, 2000
Some of Britain's most outstanding individuals are to be honoured as the BBC People's Awards
reaches its climax on Friday.
Going Back In Time With Lennon And McCartney In Perfect Harmony
6 October, 2000
Only the cigarette smoke was fake as it rose from a breeze machine to cloud the old dance hall in
the sullen mood of the teddy boy era.
Liverpool Wants A Lennon Street, Japan Gets A John Museum
Music 365
6 October, 2000
John Lennon may soon have a street named after him in his hometown of Liverpool, if fans of the
late former Beatle have their way.
Imagine No Possessions
6 October, 2000
A plea has gone out for a benefactor to step in and save the piano that John Lennon wrote 'Imagine'
on from being lost to British pop history.
Beatlemania greets new anthology
5 October, 2000
Beatles fans are flocking into stores to get their hands on the story of the band told in their own
words for the first time.
New rock exhibition lets fans dress as their idols
5 October, 2000
A new exhibition of over one hundred costumes worn by the likes of The Beatles, Prince, The
Spice Girls and Michael Jackson has opened at the Barbican in London.
Are Oasis Bigger Than The Beatles?
5 October, 2000
Having sparred with Blur at the height of Britpop, and in more recent days taken on the flock
of boy and girl bands, Oasis are now facing up to a head-to-head challenge with their idols
The Beatles.
Associated Press Photo
5 October, 2000
Over 1,000 Beatles fans, including Annie Sauitt, front left, and Lucrecia Fontes, second left,
both of San Francisco, sing the Beatles song, "All You Need Is Love" during the
"Beatles-Sing-A-Long" celebration in downtown San Francisco, Thursday, Oct. 5, 2000.
Also: 1, 2
Reporters and Photographers Tour a Reproduction of the... (photo)
Associated Press
5 October, 2000
Reporters and photographers tour a reproduction of the Cavern, a popular music venue in
Liverpool where The Beatles first gained their reputation, during a media preview of John
Lennon Museum in Yono, north of Tokyo, Thursday, Oct. 5, 2000.
Also: Reporters and Photographers Gather Around the Gallotone...
The Fab Four, word for word
By Ed Masley, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
5 October, 2000
Now that the Beatles have had their say, you may be interested in looking back on what some
other books have had to say about them through the years.
Another Beatles hit -- their anthology
By Ed Masley, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
5 October, 2000
I did not know that Ringo Starr refused to sing "Would you stand up and throw tomatoes at me"
for fear that fans would do it, thereby forcing Paul McCartney's hand to go back in and change the
line to "Would you stand up and walk out on me."
The Fab Four: Here, there and everywhere
By Edna Gundersen, USA Today
5 October, 2000
* Beatles One, a 27-track CD of hits that reached No. 1 here or in Britain, arrives Nov. 14.
Associated Press Photo
5 October, 2000
Standing in front of a large screen showing John Lennon in a mixer room, Yoko Ono, center,
laughs during a newss conference following the media preview of the John Lennon Museum
in Yono, north of Tokyo, Thursday, Oct. 5, 2000.
Tokyo Hosts Lennon Memorabilia Show
Associated Press
5 October, 2000
Guitars, photos, clothing and other memorabilia fill a museum honoring John Lennon that will
open Monday on what would have been the ex-Beatle's 60th birthday.
Also: Yoko Ono Opens John Lennon Museum in Japan
Beatles book draws fans
5 October, 2000
Beatles' fans across the world have rushed out to buy copies of the Fab Four's autobiography.
Fans Snap Up 'Beatles Anthology'
Associated Press
5 October, 2000
Beatles fans stood in line at some British bookshops to get the first copies of ``The Beatles
Anthology'' which went on sale in Britain on Thursday.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles! -- in their own words
By Todd Leopold, CNN
5 October, 2000
It weighs more than six pounds. It contains more than 1,300 images and 340,000 words. And
it's all by, or authorized by, the Beatles.
Lennon museum opening marks week of Beatlemania
By Tim Large, Daily Yomiuri
5 October, 2000
He was many things to many people: working class hero, prophet of peace, songwriter
Best Of The Beatles
By Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle
4 October, 2000
`Anthology' pulls together rare photos and in-depth interviews with band members
McCartney Exhibit Shows Magical Era
By Bruce Schreiner, Associated Press
4 October, 2000
From a career launched by accident, Linda McCartney zoomed in to capture the unfiltered
emotions of the prime movers of a rock 'n' roll revolution.
Definitive Beatles Book Arrives
By Gary Graff, Wall of Sound
4 Ocotber, 2000
It was a magical mystery tour. A long and winding road. A hard day's night. A long, strange
trip … whoops, wrong band.
Dear Sir or Madam Will You Read My Book?
4 October, 2000
The Beatles Tell Their Own Story - Tomorrow
Japan's Beatles Fans Get First View of Anthology
By Olivier Fabre, Reuters
4 October, 2000
Hundreds of Japanese Beatles' fans became the first worldwide on Thursday to get their hands
on the first book ever written by and about the Fab Four.
Beatles' 'Anthology' Out Thursday
4 October, 2000
The big news in music Thursday (October 5) will be on bookshelves, not record racks. After years
of delays, the 368-page autobiographical tome The Beatles Anthology will finally be out, and its
340,000 words and 1,300 images can be considered the most authoritative account ever of the
career of the "Fab Four."
No end to Beatles' long and winding road
4 October, 2000
The first of an expected 20 million copies of "The Beatles Anthology", a collective oral
autobiography of the most famous rock group the world has known, go on sale around the world
San Fran Celebrates Beatles Day
Assocoiated Press
4 October, 2000
Hundreds, if not thousands, of San Franciscans are expected to gather Thursday to sing the
Beatles' 1967 hit ``All You Need Is Love'' in Union Square.
Lennon's 'Imagine' Piano Heads to Auction
By Lyndsay Griffiths, Reuters
3 October, 2000
As John Lennon's killer makes his bid for freedom from a New York jail, London auctioneers
announced plans Tuesday to sell the piano on which the music icon composed ``Imagine.''
Beatles release own account of band's history
3 October, 2000
The Beatles are set to unveil a new book Thursday, the first account by band members of their
rise to fame and the top of the world's music charts during the 1960s.
Epstein 'wanted Beatles fortune'
3 October, 2000
The Beatles were asked to sign a contract by manager Brian Epstein which would have earned
them just £100,000 each over their entire career, the band's autobiography says.
Parole Denied for Lennon Killer Chapman
3 October, 2000
The killer of former Beatle John Lennon was denied parole on Tuesday 20 years after gunning
down the music legend, officials said.
Reuters Photo
3 October, 2000
Mark David Chapman, imprisoned for the last 20 years for the murder of former Beatle John
Lennon, was denied an application for parole on October 3, 2000, the New York State Board of
Parole said.
Oasis' Familiar To Millions To Include 'Helter Skelter'
By Kevin Raub, ,Allstar
2 October, 2000
Oasis' upcoming live album, Familiar to Millions (allstar, Sept. 21), will include a live recording
of the Beatles' "Helter Skelter," recorded in the U.S.A. during the band's Standing on the Shoulder
of Giants world tour.
A drama out of a crisis
By Paul Hoggart, The Times
2 October, 2000
...Meanwhile Channel 4 weighed in with history of a more immediate kind in its John Lennon
Night, anticipating the 60th anniversary of the Beatle's birth.
Rockers Get Rhythm for Sun Records Tribute
1 October, 2000
Musical legends including Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, the Who and Elton John will put on their
blue suede shoes for a 50th anniversary film and soundtrack tribute to pioneering rock 'n' roll
label Sun Records.
In Brief
By Steve Hochman, Los Angeles Times
1 October, 2000
** 1/2 Various artists, "Liverpool Sound Collage," Hydra/Capitol.
Fab Four Were A Boys-Oonly Brotherhood
By Andy Geller, New York Post
1 October, 2000
The Beatles sent teenyboppers into fits of frenzy with just a flick of their mop-top haircuts, but girls
were really the last thing on the Fab Four's minds.
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