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Peter Rexford: Gibraltar totally justified in its Lennon-Ono stamps
By Peter M. Rexford, The Arizona Daily Star
30 May, 1999
As long as the Postal Service is going to continue printing an endless stream of stamps
on virtually any subject, here's an idea I think is worth serious consideration.
New releases from Lennon
By Suzie MacKenzie, This is London
28 May, 1999
Life has come full circle, Cynthia Lennon says. Just over 40 years ago, before her life
was hijacked by what she calls "the legend", she was a teenager in Liverpool studying
to become an artist.
Julian Lennon Takes Papa John To Task
By Michael Peck, TV Guide
28 May, 1999
There's no sugar-coating it for musician Julian Lennon when it comes to his father
and stepmother, it doesn't sound like he'll be giving peace a chance anytime soon.
Sir George Martin Goes Classical
By Bradley Bambarger, Billboard
27 May, 1999
Famed producer Sir George Martin has entered the classical realm with a series of
contemporary music recordings on the Canadian Atma label.
Room with a view
Jam! Music
27 May, 1999
It was 30 years ago that John Lennon and Yoko Ono put Room 1742 of the Queen
Elizabeth Hotel on the map and went on to record musical history.
Blue Plaque Scheme Honours Rock Legend Lennon
Press Association
26 May, 1999
John Lennon is to be honoured with one of the first Blue Plaques to be unveiled outside
Sony Signatures and John Lennon's Bag One Arts Announces New
Illustrated Book Available Through Random House in Time for
Father's Day '99
26 May, 1999
Bag One Arts and Sony Signatures, its merchandise licensing representative, announced
today the publication of the highly anticipated Random House children's book entitled
``REAL LOVE: Drawings for Sean''. A delightful collection of imaginative animal drawings
created by John Lennon for and with his young son Sean, the book expresses Lennon's joy
in fatherhood and his love for Sean.
Liverpool Will Go Yellow For Summer 'Beatlennium'
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
25 May, 1999
Liverpool is going yellow this summer for a giant ``Beatlennium'' to celebrate the city's most
famous sons.
Lennon Dedicates Album to Stepdad
Associated Press
24 May, 1999
Julian Lennon says his first album in seven years, ``Photograph Smile,'' is dedicated to his
late stepfather, Roberto Bassanini.
Buzz Over Lost Beatles Treasure Gets Submarined
By Steve Hochman, Los Angeles Times
23 May, 1999
To paraphrase the old adage, hell has no fury like a Beatlemaniac scorned.
Lost Harrison track hits Wall
By Susanne Ault, Reuters/Variety
23 May, 1999
A never-before-heard 1967 George Harrison track, ``In the First Place,'' has just been dusted
off for commercial release -- something sure to be music to Beatles fans' ears.
Comic Actor Norman Rossington Dies
Associated Press
21 May, 1999
Comic actor Norman Rossington, a veteran of dozens of movies and British television shows,
died Friday at age 70, his agent said.
Obituaries in the News
Associated Press
21 May, 1999
Comic actor Norman Rossington, a veteran of dozens of movies and British television shows,
died Friday of cancer. He was 70.
McCartney To Record Oldies Set
18 May, 1999
Paul McCartney's next album will offer up two new songs and 17 rock oldies.
Composer To Honor Linda McCartney
Associated Press
18 May, 1999
Eight British composers have organized a classical music tribute to honor Linda McCartney,
the late wife of former Beatle Paul McCartney.
Classical tribute to Linda McCartney
17 May, 1999
A classical music tribute to Linda McCartney written by eight British composers, including
her husband Sir Paul, will be premiered in July.
British composers pay tribute to Linda McCartney
17 May, 1999
Eight of Britain's leading classical composers are to pay tribute to the late Linda McCartney
next month with a concert of newly penned works, organizers said Monday.
John Lennon Drawings To Be Published
Arrow93 FM
16 May, 1999
A collection of drawings that John Lennon made for his son Sean is being published by
Random House.
Overrated? The Beatles? Fright King's Off His Rocker!
By David Hinckley, New York Daily News Online
13 May, 1999
The June issue of American Heritage magazine asks experts and famous people to name
the most overrated and underrated persons, events or entities in various historical
categories invention, ballpark, Civil War general, etc.
Wyclef To Host Contest Winners, Launch Sessions For Charity Single
13 May, 1999
In related John Lennon news, Buddha Records is preparing to reissue Harry Nilsson's
1974 album, "Pussy Cats," which Lennon produced. and the John Lennon Songwriting Contest Announce
Internet Partnership
Business Wire
13 May, 1999, the official website for the Woodstock '99 music festival, and the
prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest have teamed up to present
groundbreaking music events on the Internet.
Beatles to Release Long-Lost Single
Wall of Sound
10 May, 1999
The Beatles will release a long-lost song, which was recently unearthed from a 1968
recording session for the film Yellow Submarine.
Unreleased Beatle Song Due This Year
Associated Press
10 May, 1999
A previously unreleased single by the Beatles will be put out later this year, along with
refurbished versions of the ``Yellow Submarine'' soundtrack and movie.
Beatles To Sign Off With Millennium Single
9 May, 1999
A final Beatles single will be released this year after the three surviving members of the
group unearthed a song lost during studio sessions in 1968, the top-selling Sun tabloid
reported Monday.
McCartney Confirms Work On Latest Album
Arrow93 Grapevine
7 May, 1999
Paul McCartney has confirmed that he is working on a album of rock classics.
The John Lennon Songwriting Contest Announces "Message to the World"
a Song for "War Child" / The Children of Kosovo
Business Wire
7 May, 1999
The John Lennon Songwriting Contest announces it will lend its hand to help the children
of Kosovo.
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