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Scorned Ono gives $100K in Linda's name
30 June, 1998
Yoko Ono wasn't invited to the New York City memorial service for Beatle
Paul McCartney's wife Linda, but it seems she isn't holding a grudge.
International Collectors Society Found in Contempt of
Court for Selling Beatles Stamps
29 June, 1998
On Friday, a Federal Court in New Jersey found the International Collectors
Society (``ICS'') and its officers John Van Emden, Scott Tilson and Jeffrey
Franz in contempt of an earlier court order which had prohibited them from
selling certain foreign postage stamps, which featured pictures of The
Beatles, to the general public.
Legendary Producer Sir George Martin Caps Career With
`In My Life,' All-Star Album of Beatles Songs
29 June, 1998
One of the towering figures of popular music, producer George Martin
closes out his distinguished career with a farewell album, In My Life,
from MCA Records, featuring a variety of Beatles classics performed by
some of the world's leading musicians and actors.
Ex-Beatle Says He's Beating Cancer
Associated Press
28 June, 1998
Former Beatle George Harrison disclosed Sunday that he has been
battling throat cancer since last summer - and is winning.
Yoko, John & Mike: A trip back in time
By Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia
26 June, 1998
Philadelphia has had the good fortune to be at the center of the pop
culture universe on a few occasions. The week of Feb. 14-18, 1972,
was certainly one of them, as John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono
descended on the Mike Douglas studios at 1619 Walnut St., and
turned Mike's nationally broadcast talk and entertainment show into a
vehicle for their counterculture philosophy and politics.
Rock Beat: Ringo's Back
By David Bauder, Associated Press
25 June, 1998
Ringo Starr's name is enough to raise a smile.
There he is in your mind's eye, his Beatle haircut flapping as he
keeps the beat behind John, Paul and George. Jolly Ringo, curator of
the Octopus's Garden who always got by with a little help from his
Yoko Not Invited? Ono!
By Linda Massarella and Willie Neuman, New York Post
23 June, 1998
Yoko Ono was not on the guest list for last night's private Manhattan
memorial service for Linda McCartney - reopening the longtime rift
between John Lennon's widow and former Beatle Paul McCartney.
Linda McCartney: 'A True New Yorker'   (Inc. Real Audio clip)
By Chris Michaud (Reuters), CBS
23 June, 1998
Hundreds gathered at a memorial service in Manhattan to remember
the late Linda McCartney.
Paul McCartney leads New York memorial for Linda
Edmonton Journal
23 June, 1998
Tens of thousands of flowers decorated a church Monday night as
friends and family of Linda McCartney gathered to say goodbye to
the animal rights activist, photographer and wife of former Beatle
Paul McCartney.
Yoko snubbed in Linda McCartney memorial
Edmonton Journal
23 June, 1998
Linda McCartney was remembered with her husbandís songs My
Love and The Lovely Linda at a memorial service in a church filled
with 45,000 flowers.
"I love you" Paul McCartney tells dead wife
By Chris Michaud, Reuters
23 June, 1998
Friends and family of the late Linda McCartney ranging from Twiggy
to Neil Young gathered to pay tribute on Monday to the wife of former
Beatle Paul McCartney at a private memorial service at a Manhattan
Music Industry To Honour Beatles Producer
Yahoo! News
23 June, 1998
The man whose technical mastery and symphonic genius helped to
refine the sound of The Beatles is to be honoured by the music industry
later this year.
Ringo Starr stands tall with 'Vertical Man'
By Dean Goodman, Reuters
22 June, 1998
It's almost the next best thing to a Beatles reunion:
watching Ringo Starr and an enthusiastic band rehearsing songs in a
Hollywood studio.
Sean Lennon gives back to fans
By Karen Bliss, Jam! Music
20 June, 1998
Sean Lennon, son of John and Yoko, was overwhelmed by the number
of fans which flocked to get his autograph in Toronto earlier this month.
Beatles Fans Rally For Walk of Fame Star
Replacement (Hollywood)
By Bob Pool, Los Angeles Times
19 June, 1998
``Help!'' the fans sang out.
``We Can Work It Out,'' answered the chamber of commerce.
``Can't Buy Me Love,'' retorted a spokesman for the musicians.
McCartney likely to be a no-show
San Jose Mercury News
18 June, 1998
It's unlikely that Paul McCartney will attend the San Francisco
Symphony's performance of ``Standing Stone,'' his classical chart-
topper, on July 2 at Davies Symphony Hall.
Ringo Makes A Starr Trek
By David Hinckley, MostNewYork
18 June, 1998
Ringo Starr is back in town, but even though he's a busy man, one
thing he won't be doing this summer is an American tour to promote
his new "Vertical Man" CD.
Old school - Ringo Starr and Brian Wilson
By Brett Milano, The Boston Phoenix
18 June, 1998
By my rough calculation, one of the last times Brian Wilson and Ringo
Starr released new songs in close proximity was 32 summers ago,
when the Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and the Beatles' "Yellow
Submarine" both topped the Billboard charts.
Sean Lennon to team up with Beatles
By Mike Boone, Montreal Gazette
17 June, 1998
New York Post columnist Neil Travis says Sean Lennon will join the
three surviving Beatles to record a tribute-to-Linda McCartney album,
and that the proceeds from the no-doubt-amazing sale of the CD will
go to one of Linda's favourite animal-rights charities.
Boosting Lennon's art a 'karmic debt'
Edmonton Journal
16 June, 1998
Yoko Ono says sheís simply paying a karmic debt by promoting the
art work of John Lennon.
Award, TV Show Pay Homage To Beatles' Manager
By Julie Taraska, Billboard
16 June, 1998
The late Brian Epstein, who managed the Beatles from 1962-67, will
be commemorated with a new music industry award and a TV special.
Beatles producer challenges music industry on drugs
By Jill Serjeant , Reuters
16 June, 1998
Veteran record producer Sir George Martin, the man known as the Fifth
Beatle, on Tuesday challenged record companies to boycott artists who
take drugs.
Sound Bites: Album Review Package
By Gary Graff, Reuters
15 June, 1998
On his first studio album in six years, the former Beatles drummer gets
more than a little help from his friends -- in this case a formidable list
that includes his Fab mates Paul McCartney and George Harrison, plus
Alanis Morissette, Tom Petty, Brian Wilson, Ozzy Osbourne, Joe Walsh
and Scott Weiland.
Cancer Center To Use McCartney Name
Associated Press
13 June, 1998
Paul McCartney has given his consent for plans to name a new cancer
center after his late wife, Linda.
Oasis Plan B-Sides Album, Gallaghers Plan More Real
Estate Deals
12 June, 1998
In other Oasis news, ever the Beatles groupie, Liam, along with wife
Patsy Kensit is reportedly looking at purchasing the home that
housed Paul McCartney during the Beatles mid-sixties heyday.
He Said 'No,' Not 'Never'
By Lisa Robinson, New York Post
12 June, 1998
After 30 years apart, the demand is still so intense for the surviving
Beatles to get back together that when Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo
Starr and George Harrison assembled in the same London church
this week for Linda McCartney's memorial service - with not a hint
of a performance - it was declared a "reunion."
What if the Four had never made it to Fab
By Ed Condran, The Record
12 June, 1998
No matter how hard you try, it's not easy imagining a world without
the Beatles.
U.S. service to be held for Linda McCartney
Edmonton Journal
9 June, 1998
Another public memorial service will be held for Linda McCartney
later this month in New York, Paul McCartney said Tuesday. The
June 22 ceremony will be at the cityís Riverside Church.
Coming together for Linda
9 June, 1998
The three surviving Beatles reunited in sad circumstances on
Monday when they paid tribute to Sir Paul McCartney's wife Linda,
who died in April from breast cancer
Paul McCartney remembers late wife at memorial service
Jam! Music
8 June, 1998
Paul McCartney penned the Beatles hit "Let it Be" in homage to his
mother, who died of breast cancer when he was just 14.
Ex-Beatles come together to mourn
By Charles Sabine, NBC News
8 June, 1998
The three surviving members of the Beatles were reunited Monday
night in a tribute to Linda McCartney, wife of the legendary groupís
Paul McCartney.
Linda McCartney: Linda's spirit lives on, says Paul
PA NewsCentre
8 June, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney told how his late wife Linda's "spirit lives on"
through the couple's "beautiful kids", as the three surviving Beatles
gathered to pay tribute to her memory.
McCartney Holds Service for Wife
By Sue Leeman, Associated Press
8 June, 1998
Paul McCartney penned the Beatles hit ``Let it Be'' in homage to
his mother, who died of breast cancer when he was just 14.
On Monday, McCartney gathered family and friends to remember
his wife Linda, who died of the same disease in April. Again, he
sought solace in the haunting ballad.
Beatles Come Together For Linda
8 June, 1998
Paul McCartney, flanked by family, friends, fellow Beatles and two
Shetland ponies, Monday paid an emotional farewell to his wife
Linda after her death from breast cancer.
Beatles Came Together for Linda
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
8 June, 1998
It was the first time in three decades that Ringo Starr and George
Harrison had come together with McCartney in public.
Surviving Beatles come together for Linda
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
8 June, 1998
The surviving Beatles came together Monday to pay an emotional
farewell to the late Linda McCartney, who only spent one night
apart from Paul in 30 years of marriage.
McCartney to Hold Service for Wife
Washington Post
7 June, 1998
To the strains of ``Let It Be,'' Paul McCartney will on Monday say a
public farewell to his wife, Linda, at a memorial service at
St.Martin-in-the-Fields, a historic London church overlooking
Trafalgar Square.
McCartney, Harrison, Starr To Perform
6 June, 1998
Surviving Beatles Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo
Starr will perform together today at a memorial service for Linda
Unknown Linda McCartney Photos Go On Show
Press Association
5 June, 1998
A collection of previously unseen photographs by the late Linda
McCartney, chosen by her shortly before her death, is going on
show in New York.
Sean Lennon Bows Into Spotlight
By Betsy Powell, Toronto Star
3 June, 1998
It's not easy to forget Sean Lennon's famous lineage, even with his
peroxide hair.
Leah Garchik's Personals
By Leah Garchik, San Francisco Chronicle
2 June, 1998
Yoko Ono describes her relationship with Linda McCartney in the
latest issue of Rolling Stone.
Sean Lennon's Magical Mystery Tour
By Carlo McCormick, Papermag
1 June, 1998
A child of conceptual art, radical politics, infectious pop and
ephemeral poetics, Sean Lennon is not merely the talented
offspring of legendary parents John and Yoko: he is an intuitive
combination of all the contradictions and confusions that make up
our collective inheritance in 1998, in that place of urban myth called
New York City.
Into the son
By Kieran Grant, Toronto Sun
1 June, 1998
If Sean Lennon has inherited anything from his father, it's his
tendency to be misquoted.
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