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VW hopes Beatles agree to hype new Beetle
The Detroit News
30 Jan, 1998
Volkswagen wants the three surviving Beatles to help launch
its new Beetle.
Lost Beatle's Magical History Tour
By Roger Tredre, The Sun Herald
30 Jan, 1998
Newly discovered lyrics from the early days of the Beatles are
to be offered to Noel Gallagher of Oasis for recording.
All you need is pot, says McCartney
By Tarquin Cooper, The Independent
25 Jan, 1998
Cannabis, not LSD, was the creative force behind the Beatles'
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club Band album, Sir Paul
McCartney revealed last night, writes Tarquin Cooper.
Artists pay homage to Carl Perkins
By S. Ostrow, BMS News
24 Jan, 1998
Carl Perkins was laid to rest yesterday is his hometown of
Jackson, Tennessee.   The memorial service was held at the
R.E. Womack Memorial Chapel on the Lambuth University
Sergeant Pepper voted top album in UK survey
24 Jan, 1998
The Beatles' ``Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band''
was on Saturday voted the most popular album of all time in a
British survey.
Record Biz Rep Wins War Against Net Music Sites
By Michael Goldberg, Addicted To Noise
21 Jan, 1998
Court rules that unauthorized posting of songs by the Beatles
and others on the Internet is a copyright infringement.
Rockabilly King Dies
19 Jan, 1998
Carl Perkins, the rock ‘n’ roll pioneer whose song “Blue Suede
Shoes” and lightning-quick guitar-playing influenced Elvis
Presley, the Beatles and a slew of other performers, died today.
He was 65.
Doing The Punjabi Stomp
By Mark Holan, Scene Online
15 Jan, 1998
One would assume that Singh had been influenced by George
Harrison, the father of raga rock. As the Beatle who played the
sitar on classic tracks like "Norwegian Wood" and "Within You
Without You," Harrison is the man responsible for exposing a
whole generation of rock fans around the world to the beauty
and timelessness of Indian music and Indian instruments like
the sitar, tabla and tamboura.
By Jeannie Williams, USA Today
15 Jan, 1998
A poignant moment came when Sean Lennon, 22, asked
Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner to show him some of dad
John Lennon's things in the show.
Collection Planned For Lennon's Hits
By Julie Taraska, Billboard
14 Jan, 1998
EMI-Capitol Entertainment Properties has set a Feb. 24 release
for "Lennon Legend: The Very Best Of John Lennon," a 20-track
set of all of Lennon's U.K. and U.S. solo chart hits.
Genius Behind Beatles Calls It A Day
By Richard Jinman, Sydney Morning Herald
14 Jan, 1998
After almost 50 years on pop's long and winding road, Beatles
producer Sir George Martin is turning his back on the recording
Elton John To Join Pet Shop Boys' Tennant For Noel
Coward Tribute
12 Jan, 1998
A Noel Coward tribute for charity organized by Neil Tennant of the
Pet Shop Boys kicks off this week in London.
Los Angeles Times
11 Jan, 1998
The five episodes of Mike Douglas' daytime talk show incongruously
co-hosted by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in February 1972 are
being packaged into a five-tape home video set by Rhino Video,
with an accompanying book, due in stores April 21.
Gallagher's travails
By Jane Stevenson, Jam!
11 Jan, 1998
"Well, Paul McCartney was supposed to have said something in a
French magazine about us. It's like, 'So what?' " says Gallagher.
Must it be Lennon or McCartney?
By Neil McCormick, Electronic Telegraph
10 Jan, 1998
Despite a lot of petty side-taking, the greatest songwriting
partnership in history was precisely that: a partnership.
'60s artists, Babyface, Paula Cole compete for Grammys
6 Jan, 1998
Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney, two veterans of 1960s rock who
made comebacks with strong recordings last year, were nominated
for Grammy Awards on Tuesday for Album of the Year.
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