Here are links to the October 1997 Beatles-related articles available online:
Pavarotti Set to Duet with Paul McCartney
By Tom Stone, World Entertainment News Network
31 Oct, 1997
As Luciano Pavarotti prepares for his latest British concert, new-found
friend Paul McCartney is racking his brains to come up with a tune to
sing with the opera superstar.
McCartney Leads Parade Of Music Vid Titles
By Julie Taraska, Billboard
31 Oct, 1997
November could be an unusually strong month for music video sales.
Billboard Bulletin reports that three new home video titles featuring top
acts are due to hit stores during the month.
McCartney takes on new musical lease of life
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
30 Oct, 1997
At 55, the creative juices are really flowing for Sir Paul McCartney.
Singing For Diana
People Online Daily
29 Oct, 1997
Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Luciano Pavarotti are among 35
singers signed to do a charity double album called "Diana, Princess of Wales
-- Tribute," to be released Dec. 1.
Talk Shows Sweep Up Big Guests
By Cynthia Littleton, Reuters
28 Oct, 1997
Oprah Winfrey has bagged a former Beatle. Paul McCartney is set to do an
hour with the reigning queen of talk to promote his new EMI Classics release,
"Standing Stone.
Bowie Named Britain's Richest Rock Star
28 Oct, 1997
David Bowie is listed as Britain's richest rock star in a new survey that puts
his fortune at $917 million, surpassing the personal wealth of Paul McCartney.
All You Need Is Ruffles
By Belinda Luscombe, Time
27 Oct, 1997
It's a good time to be a McCartney. First, Stella McCartney's debut show for
the French fashion house Chloe drew kind reviews, and not just from Mom
and Dad, who led the standing ovation when Stella came out to take her bows.
Pavarotti, McCartney would love to work together
27 Oct, 1997
Italian opera star Luciano Pavarotti and former Beatle Paul McCartney said
on Monday they would love to sing together.
Beatles' raunchy romps
New York Post
27 Oct, 1997
WHEN The Beatles were young, they were in love with such American icons
as Joan Baez and Jayne Mansfield. According to Larry Kane, a journalist who
traveled with them on their 1964 tour, they were kids at heart who loved food
fights and playing Monopoly.
Oasis Singer Challenges Stones, Beatles
Addicted To Noise
27 Oct, 1997
Liam Gallagher is ready to "beat the living daylight..." out of those two blokes
pictured at left and center. Group pledges all profits from Paris show to Princess
Di charity.
Europe's Designing Women
By Melissa Sones, New York Post
20 Oct, 1997
CHALK it up to the fact that the two hottest debuts of the spring/summer European
season were by women - Stella McCartney and Donatella Versace - but never before
has there been so much talk about sexism in fashion.
McCartney Tops British Charts With Classical Symphony
20 0ct, 1997
Former Beatle Paul McCartney has topped the classical charts on both sides of the Atlantic
with the first symphonic work he has composed on his own.
Brown Meggs; Former Chief of Capitol Records
By Burt Folkart, Los Angeles Times
17 Oct, 1997
Brown Meggs, the onetime chief executive of Capitol Records who signed the
Beatles to their first American recording contract and who pioneered classical
recordings at reduced prices, has died.
McCartney signs autographs at London record shop
By Susan Cornwell, Reuters
16 Oct, 1997
To the screams of teenagers and fans reliving their youth, Paul McCartney
returned on Thursday to the shop where he got by with a little help from
friends who clinched the first Beatles record deal 35 years ago.
McCartney brings 'Beatlemania' to the '90s
CNN (Inc. video clip)
16 Oct, 1997
Teen-agers screamed, police held back the crowd, and Paul McCartney signed
autographs Thursday as fans, mostly too young to remember the real thing,
replayed a bit of Beatlemania.
McCartney's Return Favor
16 Oct, 1997
Paul McCartney returned today to the shop where he got by with a little help
from friends who clinched the first Beatles record deal 35 years ago.
Stella Gets Her Groove Going
By Mimi Avins, Los Angeles Times
Oct 16, 1997
On a cold and rainy morning here, a star was born. The strains of the Beatles'
anthem, "All You Need Is Love," blasted through the gilded halls of the Opera
Garnier as the first Chloe collection created by 25-year-old Stella McCartney
debuted to a large and appreciative audience--including the designer's parents,
Paul and Linda McCartney, as well as Ringo Starr and his wife, Barbara Bach.
A Stella Performance: McCartney's Daughter Shines
By Robin Givhan, Washington Post
Oct 16, 1997
Perhaps it's something they put in the water. But yet another young British
designer has taken over the creative reins of an established French fashion
house and proved that she, in this case, is up to the task.
McCartney Readying New Classical Album
By Julie Taraska, Billboard
Oct 15, 1997
Paul McCartney plans the release next year of an album of short classical
music pieces he composed in preparation for his symphonic poem "Standing
Stone"--which?was to be given its world debut last night by the London
Symphony Orchestra?at the Royal Albert Hall.
All you need is ... 300 musicians - Ex-Beatle debuts mammoth symphony
CNN (Inc. video clips)
Oct 15, 1997
It was a hard day's night, but Paul McCartney's debut symphony won overwhelming
praise from fans who had crowded into Royal Albert Hall for the much-hyped
McCartney's classical moment brings bravos from joyous crowd
By Jill Serjeant, Reuters, Boston Globe Online
Oct 15, 1997
London's Royal Albert Hall echoed to screams of delight and cries of ''We love
you Paul'' reminiscent of the Beatles' heyday in the 1960s as the London
Symphony Orchestra and choir played the last notes of McCartney's symphonic
poem, ''Standing Stone.''
McCartney's Chloe Scores, McQueen's Givenchy Stings
By Lee Yanowitch , Reuters
Oct 15, 1997
The paparazzi and television cameras mobbing Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney at
his daughter's debut collection for the Chloe fashion house Wednesday were a
reminder of what the event was really about -- star-studded entertainment.
Classical theory? Let it be, says Sir Paul
By Nigel Reynolds, Electronic Telegraph
Oct 15, 1997
Sir Paul McCartney rubbed salt into the wounds of purists yesterday by proclaiming
that a classical music education could be a disadvantage in a successful career.
Mood music for the middle-aged
By John Allison, The Times
Oct 15, 1997
When this newspaper's critic William Mann once famously compared the Beatles to
Schubert he was, of course, referring to their respective output of songs. Each
produced some of the most enduring tunes of their time and set them to poignant
McCartney Orchestral Work Premieres
Associated Press, The Washington Post
Oct 14, 1997
An adoring audience whooped and cheered to show their appreciation at the world
premiere of Paul McCartney's orchestral work ``Standing Stone,'' calling the former
Beatle back on stage six times.
McCartney Gets Standing Ovation
Oct 14, 1997
Paul McCartney, the former Beatle who can neither read nor write music, won a
standing ovation in London Tuesday for the world premiere of his first solo classical
music symphony.
McCartney Symphony Gets London World Premiere
By Jill Serjeant , Reuters
Oct 14, 1997
Paul McCartney, the Beatles singer-songwriter who never learned to write or read
music, stages the world premiere Tuesday of his most ambitious foray into the
classical music world.
Pop Eye
By Steve Hochman, Los Angeles Times
Oct 12, 1997
The campaign to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the Beatles launched
last week by the environmental group Alliance for Survival might be a case of
misdirected, if well-meaning, effort.
Q&A with author Elaine Segal
Find out what?inspired "She Loves You". What kind of mind could have combined The
Beatles with?a dinner of noodle kugel at home with Dad? Get into author Elaine Segal's
head with a?Q&?A session about her new book, "She Loves You."
Oasis' Noel Sounds Off On Paul McCartney, Diana Mourners
Oct 10, 1997
The sudden antagonism between Oasis and the band that most influenced it, the Beatles,
The Beatles are Coming to Laurel Park Place
Oct 10, 1997
"The Beatles, Liverpool Days," a unique exhibit of rare photos from the early days of the
Beatles, comes to Laurel Park Place October 13-26, 1997.
McCartney daughter grabs Paris fashion limelight
By Lee Yanowitch, Reuter
Oct 10, 1997
A British designer will once again steal the spotlight at the Paris fashion shows opening
on Monday when Beatle offspring Stella McCartney unveils her debut collection for Chloe.
Beatle Paul says hates being called ``Sir''
Oct 09, 1997
Former Beatle Paul McCartney hates being called ``Sir'' and almost turned down the knighthood
bestowed on him in January by Britain's Queen Elizabeth.
Oasis' Liam Hurls "Nipple" At Beatles' Harrison
October 7, 1997 [7:55 EDT]
The battle of words between Oasis and one of their mentors, Beatle George Harrison,
has taken an odd new turn.
Free Love, Selling for Thousands of Dollars
Associated Press, The Washington Post
October 6, 1997
More than 300 items from 1967's Summer of Love were sold at an auction Saturday for
thousands of dollars, prices the freewheeling hippies of the '60s probably never imagined.
Summer of Love memorabilia sold
Associated Press, MSNBC
Items related to the Grateful Dead and the Beatles drew the most interest. Among the
counterculture memorabilia sold:
Summer of Lovely Profits
By Edward Wong, The Associated Press, ABC News
Classical McCartney: orchestra on the run
By Richard Dyer, Boston Globe Online
October 5, 1997
There's an amazing photograph in the booklet that accompanies the CD of Paul McCartney's
''Standing Stone,'' a new 78-minute work for chorus and orchestra.
Drug Test Clean, Oasis On Watershed Tour
By Lisa Robinson, New York Post
October 3,1997
Liam has become embroiled in a public brouhaha with former Beatles George Harrison and
Paul McCartney. Here's the mudslinging so far:
Beatle Tops U.S. Classical Charts
October 3, 1997
Paul McCartney has topped the U.S. classical charts with his newly released symphony
recording, "Standing Stone."
Sir Paul's Hooked on Classics
by Joal Ryan, E! Online News
October 2, 1997, 5:15 p.m. PT
Once upon a time, he was the "cute" Beatle who wrote silly love songs and ruled the music
charts. Today, he's a knighted subject of the Queen of England who composes serious works
and, yes, still rules the music charts.
Top 10 Renting Videos for the Week Ended September 28, 1997
Todays News
October 2, 1997
The Video Software Dealers Association announced its VSDA VidTrac(TM) results for home
video rental activity for the week ended September 28, 1997.
A Bass for the Blues
By Bill Locey, Los Angeles Times
October 2, 1997
"Then I was doing this album with Brian Epstein when he died," said Lomax. "That sort of left
me in limbo until George Harrison said, 'Do you want to make an album?' What could I say?
Photographer clicked with early Beatles
by Andy Seiler, USA Today
October 1, 1997
Jurgen Vollmer was just the teen-age fan of a teen-age band. He became a sought-after movie
and celebrity photographer; they became the Beatles.
The British Invasion Remembered
Over 30 years ago, John, Paul, Ringo and George came to America and forever changed the face
of pop music. Watch this rare, long unseen clip of the Fab Four in a Cleveland press conference
on September 15, 1964.

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