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Princess Diana tribute album on sale Monday
30 Nov, 1997
A tribute album to the late Princess Diana, expected to top the charts
this Christmas, will be officially released in Britain Monday.
Stuart Sutcliffe: A Long and Winding Road From Liverpool
to Hamburg to Landover
By Ferdinand Protzman, Washington Post
30 Nov, 1997
After the band's last set of the night, Stuart Sutcliffe would pack up his
bass, say goodbye to his Liverpool band mates -- John, Paul, George
and Pete -- and race dawn through Hamburg's empty streets to the
house where he lived with his fiancee and her mother.
Paul McCartney's Standing Stone
By Douglas Wolk, Boston Phoenix
26 Nov, 1997
Ordinarily a composer's name does not appear in the titles of his works.
For that matter, the ability to read music is usually considered a
prerequisite to writing a major orchestral/choral piece.
McCartney in the Driver's Seat for RADD Holiday Campaign
25 Nov, 1997
Paul McCartney's in the driver's seat at RADD -- Recording Artists,
Actors, and Athletes Against Drunk Driving, the voice of the
entertainment industry on the subject of road safety.
McCartney To Help Out High School Musicians
24 Nov, 1997
Music students at Staten Island's Curtis High School will have a very
special guest singer with them when they appear next June 13 at
New York's Lincoln Center: Paul McCartney.
You Say It's Your Birthday: Pete Best
By Michael Goldberg, Addicted To Noise
24 Nov, 1997
Today is the 57th birthday of the one-time Beatles drummer Pete
Best. Best played with the legendary rockers during their fabled
tenure in Hamburg, Germany and was at one time considered the
group's sex symbol, a tag not usually associated with rock
Paul's latest gig
San Jose Mercury News
22 nov, 1997
Paul McCartney did Carnegie Hall. Now he may have landed a gig
at Lincoln Center, as front man for a high school's classical guitar
Beatle and "Stone" Play Carnegie Hall
By Shirley Fleming, New York Post
20 Nov, 1997
There was bedlam in Carnegie Hall last night. Flash bulbs popped,
females screamed, a voice cried out, "I love you, Paul."
Oprah to Janet: Meet Me in Manhattan
By Josef Adalian, New York Post
19 Nov, 1997
Of her three New York guests, Winfrey seems most excited about
McCartney, who's making his first appearance on "Oprah."
WHYY-FM to Broadcast Live American Premiere of Paul
McCartney's `Standing Stone' Wednesday, November 19,
at 9 P.M.
13 Nov, 1997
WHYY 91FM will broadcast live the American concert premiere of
Paul McCartney's "Standing Stone," the former Beatle's second
large-scale classical work, Wednesday, November 19, at 9 p.m.
Sir Paul's humble home
Philadelphia Daily News
13 Nov, 1997
The Liverpool rowhouse where Paul McCartney spent his formative
years has been purchased by Britain's National Trust. It opens for
tours next summer.
EMI-Capitol Entertainment Properties and Channel One Network Take
a Lesson on Nov. 18 From Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Entertainment Wire
12 Nov, 1997
"It was 30 years ago today" (well, June 1 to be precise) that the Beatles
released their ground-breaking "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."
Hip-0 Records' 'Meet The Covers! A Tribute to The Beatles' Uncovers
The Many Sides Of The Fab Four
12 Nov, 1997
Beatlemania is back and bigger than ever. Hip-0 Records is happy to
add to the excitement with the November 4 release of "Meet the Covers!
A Tribute to The Beatles" (HIPD-40064).
The Gospel According to Paul
By Mark Hertsgaard, Salon Magazine
12 Nov, 1997
His authorized biography makes a convincing case that Paul
McCartney, derided as a pretty-boy lightweight, stood equal with
John Lennon in creating some of the most important and beloved
music of the 20th century.
The Beatles Invade America's Schools
11 Nov, 1997
In a unique arrangement, an award- winning television documentary charting
the making of the Beatles' seminal album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
Band" is to be screened to more than 8 million students across the country
this fall.
Rock'N'Roll Art Attack
By Carolyn Horwitz, Billboard
11 Nov, 1997
Southern Californians will get a chance to see the artwork of the
stars at "Art Rocks," running Nov. 20-Dec. 15 at the MIMEX Art
Gallery in Old Town Pasadena.
Come And Get It: A Tribute To Badfinger
By Brett Milano, The Boston Phoenix
10 Nov, 1997
This is less a tribute album than a cult hero's convention: participants
20/20, Dwight Twilley, Bill Lloyd, and the Loud Family are all beloved
by power-pop diehards.
FIRST LOOK: The News in Brief
By Joal Ryan, E! online
6 Nov, 1997
IMAGINE: Beatles scion Julian Lennon is reportedly talking about
laying down some tracks with Beatles tribute band, er, pop superdtars
Oasis. No word on who'll get to be Ringo.
Billy Preston Jailed After Cocaine Arrest
By Chris Nelson, Music News Of The World
6 Nov, 1997
Singer/keyboardist gets three years after violating probation.
Billy Preston gets 3 years for cocaine possession
USA Today
6 Nov, 1997
A weeping Billy Preston was sentenced to three years in prison for
violating probation he received for cocaine possession.
Yoko Ono Fan Defaces Painting
E! Online
5 Nov, 1997
With fans like this, who needs art critics?
Meet Jack Platt, self-professed "big" Yoko Ono fan and literalist of the
first degree. The 22-year-old Yoko aficionado flew from his Seattle
home to Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center to see an exhibit of
her paintings last month.
Best Songwriter - Paul McCartney
Q Magazine
There can be no arguing with this award - a glance down the list of
nominees shows just how far McCartney's inspiration has?spread and
how powerful that influence still is today. It's been a long journey
from a Hamburg bar room.
From India, Via Harlem and The World
By Mark Jenkins, Washington Post
5 Nov, 1997
Ravi Shankar is widely known as the Indian musician who in the '60s
befriended George Harrison and performed at Woodstock, but few
realize how well qualified he was for this role as an East-West musical
Beatles, Bee Gees Ride DVD Wave
By Paul Karon, Reuters
3 Nov, 1997
John, Paul, George and Ringo will be available in their purest digital
forms yet, with Nov. 14 release of three Beatles DVDs: "Help!," "A Hard
Day's Night" and "Magical Mystery Tour."
Help! He's Not Doing Fine
By Terry Teachout, Time
3 Nov, 1997
Even with a Little help from some friends, the former Beatle's latest
classical effort falls flat.
Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!
Q Magazine
Sir Paul McCartney has gallantly undertaken to answer whatever
questions you'd like to point in his direction in next month's edition of
Q and on the Q web site. That's any question at all - about anyone,
anywhere, anything.

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