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Sean Lennon weary of the ballad of John and Yoko
BY Tom Moon, Detroit Free Press
31 May, 1998
Sean Lennon knows it's early to be complaining. It's only a few months
into the promotional whirl for his debut album "Into the Sun" (Grand
Royal/Capitol), which hit stores earlier this month, but he's getting a
wee bit tired of the questions about his family.
Sir George, with a little help from his friends
By Alistair Armstrong, The Press
30 May, 1998
The celebrated producer who helped shape the sound of the Beatles
has wound up his studio career with an album of their music
performed by friends and heroes.
Two sides of Lennon reflected in his sons
The Irish Times
30 May, 1998
Perhaps, as Sean Lennon asserted, it was nothing more than a
spooky coincidence that his album was released on the same day
last week as that of big brother Julian. Or maybe, as Julian has
hinted, there was something more sinister afoot.
Musical triumph
By Robert Hilburn, Los Angeles Times
29 May, 1998
The debut album by Sean Lennon, the son of John Lennon and
Yoko Ono, hit stores in mid-May, and reviews have been roundly
Sean Lennon proves he's more than just a name
By Richard L. Eldredge, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
28 May, 1998
With his gene pool (he's the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono),
curiosity over 22-year-old Sean Lennon's debut was inevitable.
The kid doesn't disappoint.
Sean Lennon still misses his `macho' old man
San Jose Mercury News
27 May, 1998
Sean Lennon, 22-year-old son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono,
said in an interview cited by the Times that he missed his old
man even though he considered him a ``macho pig.''
John Lennon As TV Personality Remembered
27 May, 1998
There's a lot of Lennon-consciousness in the air right now, as
both of the late John Lennon's sons released new albums last
week, and now the telegenic side of their famous father is being
remembered as well.
Rock Ranch
By Chris Limberis, Tucson Weekly
26 May, 1998
The McCartneys of Redington Road led a fairly gracious life in
The first son
By Elizabeth Grice, The Age
24 May, 1998
By an unhelpful coincidence, the two sons of John Lennon were
releasing solo albums last Monday. In headline terms, this can
mean only one thing: the half brothers are engaged in "open
warfare" to determine which of them has inherited the creative
talent of their late father.
At Cannes, glitterati conjure funds and fun
By Carrie Rickey, National Philadelphia Inquirer
24 May, 1998
Elton John was at the piano and Ringo Starr on drums, as Sharon
Stone boogied to an impromptu rendition of "Great Balls of Fire."
Monty Python wins back rights to 'Life of Brian'
Nando Times
22 May, 1998
The Monty Python comedy team has won back the rights to"Life of
Brian," one of Britain's most successful movies, after a judge ruled
that a Canadian company had violated the terms of sale.
U2 Covers Beatles, John Lennon At Belfast Benefit
21 May, 1998
U2 Gave a surprise performance on Tuesday in Belfast, Northern
Ireland, at a free concert promoting this weekend's elections for
Northern Ireland's first democratic government.
Linda McCartney memorial service planned for June 8
21 May, 1998
A memorial service for Linda McCartney is to be staged in a London
church on June 8 while animal welfare groups will hold a candlelit
vigil in Trafalgar Square.
Beatles' fan lands dream job as custodian of
Paul McCartney's boyhood home
Nando Times
20 May, 1998
John Halliday is about to start the perfect job for a Beatles' fan --
living in a former Beatle's house, in the Beatles' home city, talking
with other Fab Four fans about the Beatles.
Sons of the Pioneers
By Barry Walters , The Village Voice
20 May, 1998
As the son of perhaps the most famous couple in rock and roll,
Sean Lennon's public identity is tied to his lineage, his childhood,
and his loss.
The Kids Are All Right (But Dads Were Better)
By Mark Jenkins, Washington Post
20 May, 1998
Lots of kids go into the family business, and as such businesses go,
rock stardom has advantages over carpentry or accounting.
A Peek At Hanson Helping A Beatle
19 May, 1998
If you found the idea of Hanson teaming with Beatles drummer Ringo
Starr too strange to be believed, we now have the tape to prove it.
Backbenchers act like political animals
BBC News
19 May, 1998
Labour and Liberal Democrat backbenchers joined Stella
McCartney to demand the government stamp out Britain's fur trade.
McCartney continues anti-fur tradition
By Jeannie Williams, USA Today
18 May, 1998
Stella McCartney, daughter of Paul and the late Linda, has narrated
an anti-fur video shot on an Illinois fur farm and is mailing it to
designers and editors as Fur Week kicks off this week in New York.
Julian Lennon denies family rift over album launch
18 May, 1998
Julian Lennon denied knowledge of a much-hyped sibling rivalry
between him and John Lennon's second son Sean as both pop
stars released new albums on Monday.
Karma Boy
By Robert Hilburn, Los Angeles Times
18 May, 1998
The debut album by Sean Lennon, the son of John Lennon and
Yoko Ono, doesn't reach the stores until Tuesday, but reviews are
already arriving . . . and they are roundly positive.
Son Shines
By David E. Thigpen, Time
18 May, 1998
He was just a schoolboy, but representing his late father John
Lennon at the Beatles' induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame a decade ago, Sean Lennon bluntly reminded an audience,
which included George Harrison and Ringo Starr, that his famous
genes shouldn't be confused with real achievement.
The Lost Beatle Remembers
By Pete Best, The Daily Telegraph
17 May, 1998
Pete Best, the original drummer for the group, recalls their life of
booze, women and brawling in the clubs.
Drummer turned life around after suicide attempt
By John Gaskell, The Daily Telegraph
17 May, 1998
Pete Best formed his own band after he was fired from the
Beatles, but by the time Sergeant Pepper was being hailed
as the best-ever pop album he was earning 18 pounds a week
wrapping bread in a bakery.
Dakota boy heads for the sun
By Glyn Brown , Electronic Telegraph
16 May, 1998
For the millionaire son of a rock legend, Sean Lennon is
remarkably unfazed about the launch of his own debut album.
The pianist who turned down the Beatles
By John Goddard, The Ottawa Citizen
16 May, 1998
A British court's decision to ban an early tape of the Beatles
playing drunkenly in a German nightclub has brought back a lot
of memories for Roy Young.
Dawn of a new Lennon
By Steve Morse, Boston Globe
15 May, 1998
Sean Lennon is an idealist, but he's not naive. As he readies the
release of his long-awaited debut album, the son of John Lennon
and Yoko Ono knows what the interviewers will ask.
These just out
15 May, 1998
By Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Daily News
Here's what's new in music stores Tuesday:
Son rising
By Matt Ashare, Boston phoenix
14 May, 1998
There are plenty of excellent reasons to approach Into the Sun
(Grand Royal/Capitol), the debut album by Sean Lennon, with
a certain degree of wariness or skepticism.
Into The Sun
By Steve Dougherty, People
14 May, 1998
As part of an all-star tribute to his late father several years ago,
Sean Lennon sang a version of "Dear Prudence" in a reedy,
haunted voice that sounded uncannily like that of his papa John's.
Beatles Era Lives Again In Fun Superstarr Turn
By Dan Aquilante, New York Post
14 May, 1998
Ringo Starr used to be part of a band called The Beatles - but that
was more than 25 years ago. At the man's first club appearance
since he and his Liverpool pals were lads, it was clear that he isn't
in a band anymore; he's in a rock 'n' roll party.
The Beatles Get The Drum N' Bass Treatment
14 May, 1998
The latest group to get the drum n bass work-over is the Beatles,
as New York-based engineer DJ Kazimir has just issued a very
'90s update of "Dear Prudence."
Hanson In Ringo Starr's Video Shoot
13 May, 1998
Ringo Starr's video for "La De Da," the first single from his much-
heralded new album "Vertical Man," will feature Hanson in a clever
sketch shot in New York's Times Square.
Starr Shines In Rare Club Gig
By Julie Taraska, Billboard
13 May, 1998
Ringo Starr performed in a rare club date last night at the Bottom
Line in New York.
Lennon sons to release albums on same day
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
9 May, 1998
The sons of John Lennon, at odds over the circumstances of their
father's death, are to release albums on the same day and let pop
fans decide who -- if anyone -- inherited the former Beatle's talent.
Sean Lennon Gets "Into The Sun"
8 May, 1998
Sean Lennon, who will play next month's Tibetan Freedom Concert
in Washington, DC, releases his debut solo album, "Into the Sun"
on May 19.
Ex-Beatles win fight to stop old recording release
By Braden Reddall, Reuters
8 May, 1998
The three surviving Beatles and John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono
won a legal battle on Friday to block the release of a recorded relic
of the band's early years.
Beatles want bootleg record banned
By Colin Randall, Electronic Telegraph
7 May, 1998
George Harrison asked a High Court judge yesterday to ban an
amateur recording of the Beatles made during the group's "wild
early days" playing the Star Club in Hamburg.
Beatles bootleg battle
BBC News
6 May, 1998
Former Beatle George Harrison has been giving evidence in a
courtroom battle over an amateur recording of the group made at
the beginning of their fame.
By Abigail Trafford, Washington Post
5 May, 1998
The songs are familiar: "My Love." "No More Lonely Nights." "The
Lovely Linda." Hit tunes written by Beatle star Paul McCartney for
his wife, Linda, who died last month of breast cancer at age 56.
"Any love song I write," Paul once said, "is written for Linda."
Fan gets out of hand
By Kristen Kromer, The Denver Post
4 May, 1998
Frenzied fans fantasize about finding facts about their idol's private
life. Given the chance, they may resort to desperate measures.
Even rat-burgling.
Paul McCartney May Appear
4 May, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney may soon make his first public appearance
since the death of his wife two weeks ago, reports New York's
Daily News.
I Heard The News Today, Oh Boy
By Michael Goldberg, Addicted To Noise
1 May, 1998
I have to say that when I heard that Linda McCartney was dead,
I didn't think of Linda McCartney. I thought of her husband's
band. Or rather, I thought of the band that, so long ago, her
husband was in.
A Long and Winding Road
By Erika Germer, Kiplinger Online
1 May, 1998
In Stanardsville, Va., 20 miles north of Charlottesville, you will
find 276 people, gas stations, a pizza parlor, a Dairy Queen, and
"the only registered Beatles museum in the entire United States."
Hit-and-Miss on Remakes of Beatles Tunes
Los Angeles Times
1 May, 1998
There are enough interpretations of Beatles songs to fill
hundreds of CDs, so you know any collection of 14 of
them has to be quite superficial.
Veggie day stirs beef in Rome schools
By Alessandra Stanley, New York Times
1 May, 1998
In school lunchrooms throughout the city Thursday, it was Linda
McCartney Day -- a meatless homage to former Beatle Paul
McCartney's wife, a vegetarian, who died last month.
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