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Lenny Kravitz Announces U.S. Dates, Sean Lennon
To Open
Live Daily
31 August, 1998
Lenny Kravitz will set up shop on the road for the remainder of 1998,
beginning with a stretch of U.S. dates that will feature Ozomatli
opening for the first week and Sean Lennon picking up the remainder
of the tour, wrapping up at Washington, DC's 9:30 Club on October 26th.
Erotic art by Lennon leaves little to the imagination
By Nick Pryer, This Is London
28 August, 1998
Seven erotic lithographs by former Beatle John Lennon are to be
shown in London for the first time since they were confiscated as
obscene more than a quarter of a century ago.
Producing Ringo was friend's 'Sistine Chapel'
By Paul Freeman, CNN
28 August, 1998
On his latest album, "Vertical Man" (Mercury), Ringo Starr once again
gets by with a little help from his friends. There's an all-star lineup of
guest musicians, but the key ally is Mark Hudson, who produced and
co-wrote this engaging material.
Lennon's German lovechild
28 August, 1998
The former Beatle John Lennon fathered an illegitimate German daughter,
it has been claimed.
Doubts Over 'Lennon's Daughter' Claim
Press Association
28 August, 1998
A German-born Liverpool art student's claim that she is the
illegitimate daughter of John Lennon have been met with scepticism.
Lennon 'Fathered Daughter In Germany'
Press Association
28 August, 1998
Beatle John Lennon fathered an illegitimate German daughter,
according to a radio report
Walking tours takes fans over Beatles' old ground
27 August, 1998
Like a pop music Pied Piper, Richard Porter leads Beatles fans on
his own version of the Magical Mystery Tour.
Name your Fab Four tops and flops
26 August, 1998
It is nearly 30 years since the Fab Four went their separate ways.
But for many people the Beatles remain the definitive pop group.
Hard day's nights ahead for Beatles fans
26 August, 1998
Fans of the Fab Four from around the world have been arriving in
Liverpool for the annual International Beatles Week.
Ringo Starr becomes first Beatle to play in Moscow
By Adam Tanner , Reuters
25 August, 1998
Drummer Ringo Starr became the first former Beatle to perform in
Russia on Tuesday evening just two weeks after ex-rivals The
Rolling Stones gave their debut performance.
John Lennon's lost half-sister revealed?
24 August, 1998
A British woman claimed in a British newspaper Monday she was the
long-lost half-sister of ex-Beatle John Lennon, but said she never met
one of the world's most famous pop stars.
I'm Lennon's Long-Lost Sister Claims Hospital Clerk
Press Association
24 August, 1998
A 53-year-old woman claims she is John Lennon's long-lost half-sister.
Lennon's murderer won't bid for album
Boston Globe
22 August, 1998
The convicted killer of ex-Beatle John Lennon will not seek to profit
from an album signed by Lennon hours before he was killed.
Arts Review
By Tony Clayton-Lea, The Irish Times
22 August, 1998
You want cheese? You got it. This wasn't gorgonzola, but Gorgonzilla:
the BIG cheese. Ringo Starr and some of his famous chums, Peter
Framp ton, Jack Bruce, Gary Brooker, Simon Kirke and Mark Rivera
(who he?), joined together last night to plunder their respective
back catalogues.
Lennon Killer Nixes Claim on Album
Associated Press
22 August, 1998
The deranged fan who killed John Lennon doesn't want a cent for the
Lennon album he got the rock star to autograph shortly before the
Ringo Rocks - With A Little Help
Press Association
22 August, 1998
Ex-Beatle Ringo Starr, with the help of his multi-talented friends the All
Starrs, rock'n'rolled back the clock to delight his generations of fans.
Linda's last film premieres to packed house
20 August, 1998
The last film made by Linda McCartney was shown for the first time last
night at a premiere held in her memory.
McCartney's clothes mix and match in Chloe collection
By Elsa Klensch , CNN
19 August, 1998
Pieces that pair easily mark designer Stella McCartney's first fall/winter
collection for Chloe.
McCartney film premieres with Horse Whisperer
19 August, 1998
The last film made by Linda McCartney will screen for the first time at
the Edinburgh Festival on Wednesday night, four months after she lost
her battle with breast cancer.
Britain still loves the Beatles
By Tim Cooper, This Is London
14 August, 1998
The Beatles were today revealed as Britain's favourite music makers
of all time. In the most comprehensive poll ever conducted to discover
the British public's musical tastes, more than five per cent of the nation
named the Fab Four as their No 1 recording artists.
PCC upholds Sir Paul's privacy
14 August, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney has welcomed a ruling by the Press Complaints
Commission which upheld complaints against a
magazine for invading his privacy a month after the death of
his wife Linda.
McCartney Privacy Complaint Upheld
Associated Press
14 August, 1998
A celebrity magazine that photographed Paul McCartney and his
family mourning in a Paris cathedral invaded their privacy and
intruded upon their grief, a British press commission has ruled.
Ringo: Boy George was the one
13 August, 1998
Former Beatle Ringo Starr says he once thought Boy George would
make as big a cultural impact as the Fab Four.
Paul McCartney accuses Prince Philip of hypocrisy
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
13 August, 1998
Former Beatle Paul McCartney has accused Queen Elizabeth's
husband, Prince Philip, of hypocrisy for shooting pheasants and
being president of the World Wide Fund for Nature.
Vertical reality
By Kevin Courtney, The Irish Times
8 August, 1998
Hold me up, somebody - the Vertical Man himself is on the line, and
he's greeting me with a cheery "Hullo!", in that unmistakable
Liverpudlian accent of his.
John Lennon: An Autograph to Die For
By Marcus Errico, E! online
6 August, 1998
Even for the fabbest Beatlemaniac, this is a bit, well, sick.
Up for sale in upstate New York is an autographed copy of John
Lennon's Double Fantasy. Sounds ordinary enough, but here comes
the macabre part: Lennon signed this record sleeve for Mark David
Chapman just moments before Chapman gunned down the rocker on
December 8, 1980.
Beatles notebook set fetch $195,000 at auction
6 August, 1998
A notebook in which Paul McCartney drafted Beatles lyrics for "Hey
Jude" and "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is set to
fetch nearly $200,000 at an auction next week, auction house
Sotheby's said Thursday.
Beatles Lyrics Notebook Up For Sale
Associated Press
6 August, 1998
A notebook containing draft Beatles lyrics for ``Hey Jude'' and
``Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'' and doodles by John
Lennon will be auctioned on Sept. 15.
McCartney vows to 'keep animal rights torch alight'
5 August, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney has vowed to "keep the torch burning" on animal
rights and vegetarianism following the death of his wife, Linda.
McCartney to take up wife Linda's animal rights cause
By Erik Kirschbaum, Reuters
5 August, 1998
Former Beatle Paul McCartney was quoted on Wednesday as
saying that he would pick up the torch for animal rights from his late
wife, Linda.
The man who put the beat in the Beatles
By Tony Henry, Guardian
2 August, 1998
To John, Paul and George he was both hero and mentor. The black
Liverpudlian made them get a drummer, took them to Hamburg and
set them on the road to stardom. So why has nobody heard of Lord
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