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McCartney Fights for Animal Rights
31 July, 1998
Paul McCartney wants people to know he's keeping up the animal
rights work that he and his wife, Linda, began years ago.
Beatles classic 'A Hard Day's Night' returns
By Nick Madigan, Reuters
30 July, 1998
"A Hard Day's Night," the Beatles movie that encapsulated the mania
surrounding the band and is credited with inspiring the era of music
videos, will be re-released by Miramax Films next year, the 35th
anniversary of the film's launch.
Beatle Paul Joins the Monkeys
By Joal Ryan, E! Online
27 July, 1998
Little monkeys and their sensitive little monkey ears have found an
unlikely ally in a plugged-in rock star.
Lennon's Banned 'Bed-In' Art On Show
Press Association
27 July, 1997
Erotic artworks by John Lennon which formed part of an exhibition
closed by police are to be seen again in Britain for the first time in
more than a quarter of a century.
Sound Bites: Audio Reviews
By J.W. Lim, Associated Press
27 July, 1998
``Into the Sun'' (Grand Royal / Capitol) - Sean Lennon
``Vertical Man'' (Mercury) - Ringo Starr
Beatles base a national treasure
The Orange County Register
26 July, 1998
The house in Liverpool, England, where Paul McCartney and his
family lived in the 1950s and '60s, has been acquired by Britain's
National Trust and will open to the public Wednesday.
Lennon's lessons
By Mark Woodlief, The Orange County Register
24 July, 1998
As you might expect, demons haunt Sean Lennon. They mostly come
to him in dreams scary monsters or people who chase him but the
22-year-old son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono says he always
manages a puckish, playful escape.
Former Beatle stunned by 'fame' school talent
By Jackie Burdon, The Journal
24 July, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney believes his Liverpool "Fame" school graduates
can match the best stars he knows.
Ex-Beatle condemns deafness experiment as "grotesque'
By Keay Davidson, San Francisco Examiner
23 July, 1998
A local brouhaha over "animal rights" at UC-San Francisco threatens
to become an international cause celebre, now that one of the century's
top musicians - Paul McCartney - is giving the campus a piece of his
British cities abound with tours for Beatles fans
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
23 July, 1998
There are enough Beatles sites and tours in London and Liverpool
to keep you busy for days.
Beatle's humble abode now a national treasure
South China Morning Post
23 July, 1998
The unassuming Liverpool house that saw the birth of Beatlemania
40 years ago is now officially a British national treasure - and it
seemed just like yesterday.
Meet the Quarry Men of Liverpool, 41 Years Later
By Roger Catlin, Los Angeles Times
22 July, 1998
Members of John Lennon's pre-Beatles band have reunited
to record a CD and tour the U.S. for the first time.
Fresh Paint Rejuvenates Prague's Lennon Wall
Central Europe Online
22 July, 1998
The visage of former Beatles member and '60s icon John Lennon is
reappearing after a short hiatus, as an emblem of peace and freedom
in Prague's historic Lesser Town.
20 Forthlin Road may become Liverpool's Graceland
By Warren Hoge, New York Times
22 July, 1998
The patterned brown sofa and armchair with the white linen
antimacassars are where Paul McCartney and John Lennon,
bending over their guitars and scribbling in a school notebook, wrote
their first songs.
Beatle fans roll up for magical history tour
By Robert Mcneil, The Scotsman
22 July, 1998
Trustomania erupted in front of a little redbrick house in a
suburban Liverpool street yesterday as girls screamed and
journalists jostled for a glimpse of the action.
Paul McCartney's childhood home opens doors
By Jill Serjeant, Reuters
21 July, 1998
The unassuming Liverpool house that gave birth to Beatlemania 40
years ago was officially opened as a national treasure Tuesday -- and
it seemed like just yesterday.
Young McCartney Home Open to Public
By Jenny Heller, Associated Press
21 July, 1998
It looks like any other 1950s working class row house. But at No. 20
Forthlin Road, a young Paul McCartney played pranks, listened to
pop records - and wrote some of the Beatles songs that turned four
Liverpool boys into music legends.
Magical history tour
21 July, 1998
Pop music fans from across the world will descend on a humble
residential street in North-west England from next week.
She's reliving home
21 June, 1998
Rather than let it be, the National Trust has restored Paul McCartney's
childhood home in Liverpool, which will soon open to the public.
Music review: Lennon surprises fans at 400 Bar
By Britt Robson, Star Tribune
20 July, 1998
"This next song is for all those who didn't come here for the Beatles,"
said Sean Lennon near the end of his 55-minute set before a
wall-to-wall throng Saturday night at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis.
Optivision VSTOR(TM) 100 Series MPEG Video
Encoder Selected by Leading Digital Video Disk
(DVD) Producer for Beatles Movie Project
20 July, 1998
Optivision(TM), Inc., experts in the management of digital video
content distribution, today announced Optivision's VS-150 MPEG
system has been selected by Stimulus, a top producer of DVDs and
video-on-demand solutions.
Grieving McCartney pulls out of degree awards
17 July, 1998
Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has pulled out of a degree
ceremony in Liverpool next week because he is still grieving for his
late wife Linda
Turning Rock Into 'Stone'
By Chris Pasles, Los Angeles Times
17 July, 1998
When Paul McCartney wrote his first large-scale work for orchestra
and chorus, "Liverpool Oratorio," in 1991, the former Beatle took
some grief for relying on another composer, Carl Davis, in the writing.
Graffiti 'happening' to honor Lennon
17 July, 1998
Under communism, graffiti was forbidden in Prague, and the urban
art form is still frowned upon, but a group has lobbied for a small
exception: John Lennon.
Penny Lane forever
BBC News
17 July, 1998
Liverpool's Penny Lane, made famous by the Beatles in the 1960s,
has been saved from the developers.
Beach Boys, Beatles to Unite - - At Last
People Daily
16 July, 1998
Reclusive Beach Boy Brian Wilson, 56, is toying with the idea of
working on a project with Beatle Paul McCartney, 56 (his birthday is
two days before Wilson's).
Linda McCartney film to get world premiere
15 July, 1998
A short film made by Linda McCartney just before she died of breast
cancer in April is to be given its world premiere at next month's
Edinburgh Film Festival.
Sean Lennon: Influences range from Brazil to Beatles
By Steve Morse, Boston Globe
15 July, 1998
Sean Lennon is an idealist, but he's not naive. As he launches his
first concert tour to promote his long-awaited debut album, the son of
John Lennon and Yoko Ono knows what the interviewers will ask.
"Everyone wants to know about my mom and my dad -- and the
influence of the Beatles," he says.
Harrison's Blue Hawaii
People daily
14 July, 1998
George Harrison's dispute with two Maui neighbors all those years
ago isn't worthy of a defamation lawsuit against the former Beatle,
Hawaii's Supreme Court decided.
``VERTICAL MAN.'' Ringo Starr (Mercury).
By Tony Bassett, The Toledo Blade
12 July, 1998
Light-hearted and laid back, the former Beatle's first album in eight
years sports some catchy new tunes, a few covers, and a lot of
Pizzarelli debuts Beatles tribute at Montreal jazz fest
By Leila Dunbar, Reuters
12 July, 1998
While the Spice Girls were playing to screaming pre-teens at a local
arena, across town, American John Pizzarelli, Jr. on Friday premiered
his big band tribute to a Liverpool foursome that inspired similar
fanaticism 35 years ago -- the Beatles.
Forming a duo with a childhood idol
By Dave Ferman, Star-Telegram
11 July, 1998
More than 30 years ago, when he was turning 8 or 9, Scott Moss got a
Peter and Gordon LP for his birthday.
Life is grand for 'Vertical Man' Ringo Starr
By Dennis Michael, CNN
9 July, 1998
With a little help from his friends, Ringo Starr feels he can do anything.
For instance, when Starr decided to put together another album, he
called friends old and new to help.
The Son Also Rises
By Dawn Eden, Salom Magazine
8 July, 1998
After a lifetime of disappointments, Julian Lennon is finally doing it his
George Harrison: I Thought I Was Going To Die!
National Enquirer
8 July, 1998
Before George Harrison made his recent announcement that he'd
beaten cancer, the heroic ex- Beatle spent months in agonizing fear,
terrified his time was up.
A Pre-Fab Four Reunion
By Dan Aquilante, New York Post
8 July, 1998
With more than 40 years between gigs, the Quarrymen (the band that
would become The Beatles) woke like rock 'n' roll Rip Van Winkles for
a club performance at the cozy Bottom Line on Monday.
I Didn't Sell Out - Yoko Following John's lead, she sez
By Michael Riedel, mostNEWYORK
7 July, 1998
Yoko Ono isn't cashing in by selling her late husband's art because
John Lennon always intended the works to be sold, her spokesman
said yesterday.
Julian Lennon's Beef Is With Yoko, Not Sean
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
5 July, 1998
Julian Lennon, whose father John left his mother Cynthia when he
was a child of just four, felt Yoko Ono was besmirching the memory
of the Beatle gunned down outside his New York apartment in 1980
by a crazed fan.
Ill Will In Lennon Lineage
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
5 July, 1998
Julian Lennon on Sunday accused Yoko Ono of cheapening John
Lennon's legacy with too much blatant commercialism.
McCartney's `Stone' Stands Up Symphony performs his
often beautiful, touching crossover work
Octavio Roca, San Francisco Chronicle
4 July, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney stands second to none among our century's greatest
Pseudo-Brits invade museum
By Marna Walthall, The Dallas Morning News
3 July, 1998
The Beatles are in Washington for the month of July. That's right - John,
Ringo, Paul and George are playing twice every Thursday at the National
Portrait Gallery in a program called "The Beatles' Second Invasion."
Digging Up Beatles' Past -  John Lennon's Quarrymen still
rocks & set to play
By David Hinckley, mostNEWYORK
2 July, 1998
Of all the rock 'n' roll ghosts you'd expect to see floating over to America
from the mists of Liverpool, your first guess would probably not be The
Quarrymen, the teenage skiffle band formed in March of 1957 by John
Beatle Ancestors Rock Again
2 July, 1998
Monday marks an auspicious occasion in Beatle history: 41 years ago on
that very date, John Lennon first met Paul McCartney at a church where
Lennon's skiffle band, the Quarrymen, was playing.
John Lennon's 'pre-Fab Five' makes U.S. debut
By Matthew Lewis, Reuters
2 July, 1998
Almost 41 years to the dayafter John Lennon first met Paul McCartney and
invited him to join his fledgling band, the group's surviving members
reunited to play their first concert in the United States.
John Lennon's ``other'' band makes first U.S. tour
1 July, 1998
Forty-one years after Paul McCartney joined John Lennon's Liverpool
skiffle band the Quarrymen, the not-so-famous members of the group are
back together and ready to play again.
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