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John Lennon Anthology
Wide Prairie

John Lennon Anthology
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Here are links to the latest Beatles-related articles available online:
A musical journey to Lennon's post-Beatles life
By RipI Rense, San Jose Mercury News
31 October, 1998
John Lennon's tender elegy to love and aging, ``Grow Old With Me,''
has finally found completion -- courtesy of his old partner, Beatles
producer/arranger Sir George Martin -- on the sprawling ``John
Lennon Anthology'' boxed set (Capitol, in stores Tuesday).
Tears and laughter
By Chrissie Hynde, USA Weekend
30 October, 1998
This week, singing backup on a new CD, Paul McCartney lends voice
to his late wife's songs. In an exclusive interview for USA WEEKEND,
he talks for the first time about how Linda died - and how she lived.
When they weren't fab
By David Bennun, The Guardian
30 October, 1998
As the Beatles, John, Paul, George and Ringo were so good they
could be forgiven for all their subsequent self-indulgences as solo
artists. But now, with the release of yet more songs from the Lennon
archive, it's time, says David Bennun, to let it be
McCartney releases CD of Linda's music
By Helen Branswell, Jam! Music
29 October, 1998
The late Linda McCartney's singing talents were subjected to some
serious ridicule during her days with husband Paul's band, Wings.
George Martin Discusses Linda McCartney's Solo Album
By Gary Graff, Wall Of Sound
28 October, 1998
The late Linda McCartney's solo album, Wild Prairie, arrived in stores
yesterday in a relatively low-key fashion.
McCartney in fight against deer poachers
By Daniel Waddell, Electronic Telegraph
28 October, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney has given a police force £5,000 for specialist night
vision equipment to help them in their fight against organised gangs of
deer poachers.
McCartney helps police fight deer poachers
28 October, 1998
Former Beatle Paul McCartney has given police 5,000 pounds ($8,500)
to buy night vision equipment to track down deer poachers.
Paul McCartney Grants First U.S. Interview
Business Wire
27 October, 1998
In his first U.S. interview, Paul McCartney reveals the story of the
private courage, tears and anger that lay behind the making of his late
wife Linda's solo album, 'Wide Prairie,' released by Capitol Records
Prime Minister and ex-Beatles lead praise for Sir
George Martin
Dot Music
26 October, 1998
Prime Minister Tony Blair and the three surviving Beatles led the
tributes at last Fridayís Music Industry Trust dinner in honour of Beatles
producer, Sir George Martin.
McCartney in cancer appeal, Linda's album launched
26 October, 1998
Former Beatle Paul McCartney appealed to women on Monday to
beware of breast cancer as an album of songs by his wife Linda was
released six months after her death.
Paul Releases Linda's Album
26 October, 1998
Paul McCartney released an album by his late wife, Linda, Monday
and used the occasion to campaign against breast cancer.
Insist on cancer checks, says Sir Paul
26 October, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney has urged women who fear they have breast
cancer to insist on getting checked.
My love for Linda
Sunday Times (South Africa)
25 October, 1998
When Paul McCartney received a knighthood in March last year, his
wife Linda ordered stationery made up with his new title.
John, Yoko and the music
By Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun
25 October, 1998
Ono digs through archives to pull together John Lennon anthology
Sir Paul rumours afloat
By Chris Taylor, Sunday Mail
25 October, 1998
The Gold Coast boating fraternity is rife with rumours that Sir Paul
McCartney is holed up on a luxury motor yacht in the Southport
Just like starting over
Electronic Telegraph
24 October, 1998
John Lennon and Yoko Ono enjoyed a famously tumultuous love affair.
Here, on the eve of release of 100 rare Lennon tracks, she writes
exclusively about their time together and reveals the real reason behind
their trial separation in the mid-Seventies and John's 'lost weekend'
Tributes Flood In For Top Producer George Martin
Press Association
24 October, 1998
The Prime Minister and the former Beatles have joined music industry
chiefs and celebrities to pay tribute to the career of the legendary
producer Sir George Martin.
Renowned Scientists Applaud Sir Paul McCartney
for Recognizing Value of Animal Research
23 October, 1998
Some of the nation's leading scientists and researchers today thanked
Sir Paul McCartney in an open letter today for recognizing the important
role animal research plays in advancing medical discovery for serious
Paul's dilemma over animal testing
23 October, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney has given his first broadcast interview since the
death of his wife Linda in April.
McCartney told 'animal testing is vital'
23 October, 1998
Leading doctors and scientists have sent an open letter to Sir Paul
McCartney defending the testing of new medicines on animals.
We must test drugs on animals, says Sir Paul
By Jessica Callan, Electronic Telegraph
23 October, 1998
 Sir Paul McCartney's attitude towards animal testing changed after
his late wife was treated for breast cancer with drugs tested on
animals, he discloses today.
With strings attached, Beatlemania provides mellow
good time
By Punch Shaw, Star Telegram
23 October, 1998
Being for the benefit of all us Beatle-ites, there was quite a show last
night in Bass Performance Hall.
Paul McCartney: Staying the Course
By Joal Ryan, E! Online
22.October, 1998
Paul McCartney is not going soft on vivisection.
That's the word from the camp of the ex-Beatle today as it blasts wire
service reports that painted him as softening his animal-rights activism.
Music, by George
By Al Brumley, The Dallas Morning News
22 October, 1998
Robin Williams, Jim Carrey and others come together on Beatles
producer's 'In My Life'.
Paul: Pot helped Linda McCartney
Detroit Free Press
22 October, 1998
Paul McCartney says he got grief counseling to deal with the April
death of his wife, Linda.
Now He Longs For Yesterday
By Corky Siemaszko , Daily News
21 October, 1998
Paul McCartney reflects on shadow hanging over him since death
of Linda
It's been an easy day's night
The Scotsman
20 October, 1998
Many actors have two voices. There's a normal one, and then there's
a posh one, for Shakespeare. Veteran actor Victor Spinetti, currently
appearing in See How They Run at the King's Theatre in Edinburgh,
has hundreds.
Why Julian is more than just 'the son of'
The Australian
20 October, 1998
He may be the son of one of the world's biggest music legends, but
there's more to Julian Lennon than just a surname.
Paul reveals a lasting record of lovely Linda
By Alison Gray, The Scotsman
20 October, 1998
A series of ten photographs of Linda McCartney have been released
as her husband, Sir Paul McCartney, prepares to launch her
posthumous solo album.
Music Majors Study The Beatles
20 October, 1998
Music majors at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill can now
study the Beatles, Billie Holiday and Bob Marley.
I'll play that again
By Dylan Jones, Sunday Times
18 October, 1998
The first thing you notice as you enter Yoko Ono's seventh-floor
apartment in the Dakota, the huge gothic block on New York's Central
Park West, is John Lennon's white baby grand, the celestial piano on
which he wrote Imagine and many of his other classic songs from the
early 1970s.
Lennon's Caustic Wit Targets Paul, George and Bob
18 October, 1998
An upcoming four-disc collection of previously unreleased John
Lennon material features the former Beatle poking fun at Bob Dylan,
Paul McCartney and George Harrison.
Paul McCartney never told Linda she was dying
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
18 October, 1998
Paul McCartney has revealed that he knew his wife Linda had just
days to live -- but he decided not to tell her that breast cancer had
finally overwhelmed her.
I didn't tell Linda she was dying says Paul McCartney
17 October, 1998
Grieving Sir Paul McCartney has disclosed that he did not tell his
wife Linda that she was dying from cancer, even though she had
only days to live.
Paul McCartney did not tell wife Linda she was dying
17 October, 1998
Former Beatle Paul McCartney revealed Saturday that he did not tell
his wife Linda she was dying from cancer, even when she had only
a few days to live.
Paul McCartney joins breast cancer calls
17 October, 1998
Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, whose wife Linda died of breast
cancer in April, has urged women to have regular checks for the
disease, even if it means being "fussy".
Hearing problem ends producer's long career
By David Bauder, Associated Press
16 October, 1998
It's one of life's cruel ironies that a man who helped create some of
the century's most sublime sounds is losing his ability to hear them.
George Martin will try to let it be
By John Sakamoto, Jam! Music
15 October, 1998
The honourary fifth Beatles says goodbye to the world of music with
the celebrity-ladened 'In my Life'
Classic TV gets digital future
15 October, 1998
Damaged old films and classic television shows are to be seen again
for the first time in years, with shows like Steptoe and Top of the Pops
joining the line up on new digital TV channels.
Lennon Montage Is Too Big To Go On Show
Press Association
15 October, 1998
Imagine the problem - you spend six months creating the ultimate
tribute to John Lennon, then find it is too big to exhibit.
Stella McCartney's mum inspires romantic clothes
at Chloe
By Lee Yanowitch, Reuters
14 October, 1998
The stars of rock 'n' roll turned out for Stella McCartney's spring-
summer collection for the house of Chloe Wednesday and saw
romantic and infinitely wearable clothes far from the cutting edge.
Stella honours mother
14 October, 1998
Fashion designer Stella McCartney has dedicated her new spring
collection to her late mother Linda, at a Paris fashion show.
Yoko Ono exhibits plastic art works in Argentina
13 October, 1998
Beatles widow Yoko Ono arrived in Argentina Tuesday for an exhibition
of some of her conceptual art.
"WONSAPONATIME," Single Disc Digest Culled From
Being Simultaneously Released on November 3rd to
Feature 21 Tracks.
Business Wire
13 October, 1998
``WONSAPONATIME,'' the single CD digest featuring a selection of
tracks from the 4-CD box set ``THE JOHN LENNON ANTHOLOGY,''
will feature 21 tracks, it was announced today.
Rock guitar collector turns his passion into a unique
By Damon Adams, sun-sentinel
12 October, 1998
In Craig Brody's rock 'n' roll heart, the Fab Four will forever live.
So fond is Brody of the Beatles, their sound and their instruments, that
his vintage guitar store boasts an enclosed shrine to Beatlemania.
Women Go Veggie To Honour 'Monarch Of Kindness'
Press Association
12 October, 1998
Many of Britain's most high-flying and powerful women turned veggie
in honour of the late Linda McCartney.
Empty chair tribute to Linda McCartney
Electronic Telegraph
12 October, 1998
An "empty chair" tribute will be made to Linda McCartney, wife of Sir
Paul, at the 43rd Women of the Year lunch in London today.
Lennon's Expletive Poem Sold
Press Association
11 October, 1998
A poem written by John Lennon which contained an expletive 104
times was sold for £3,352 today at auction.
Lennon's Expletive 'Poem' Goes Under Hammer
Press Association
10 October, 1998
A foul-mouthed poem penned by former Liverpool Beatle John Lennon
is to go on sale almost 30 years after he sent it to a shocked fan.
John Lennon Remembered
9 October, 1998
Yoko Ono returned to Strawberry Fields on Friday for a ceremony
honoring her late husband John Lennon.
Beatles fans flock to Lennon star for tribute
(This artricle is viewd better with Microsoft Explorer).
9 October, 1998
Beatles fans and an activist determined to see the band get a star
on the Walk of Fame gathered in front of John Lennonís star Friday
to remember the late Liverpool lad on what would have been his
58th birthday.
New York Honour For John Lennon
Press Association
9 October, 1998
An English oak tree was due to be planted in New York's Central Park
to mark the birthday of former Beatle and music-legend John Lennon.
McCartney's Death Has Big Impact
Associated Press
9 October, 1998
Linda McCartney's death from breast cancer earlier this year had a
``staggering'' impact on women living in fear of the disease, a leading
cancer charity says in this week's British Medical Journal.
Charity feels Linda effect
8 October, 1998
Animal rights campaigner Lady Linda McCartney's death from breast
cancer had a "powerful" impact on other women living with the disease,
a leading patient charity has revealed.
Linda McCartney biography offered at book fair
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
7 October, 1998
Just six months after her death from breast cancer, the biography of
Linda McCartney is sparking "phenomenal" interest at the world's
biggest book fair, its publisher said on Wednesday.
Bowie top of the polls
6 October, 1998
Veteran rocker David Bowie has been named top music star of the
past 30 years - in a poll of leading British musicians.
Bowie Beats Beatles in Importance
Associated Press
6 October, 1998
With a knack for reinventing himself to suit the times, David Bowie
topped the Beatles as the most important music star of the past 30
years in a poll of his British contemporaries.
Man who drew on Ono art asked to pay
By Kimball Perry, The Cincinnati Post
6 October, 1998
An insurance company wants a man accused of vandalizing paintings
by Yoko Ono to pay the $36,100 cost of restoring the art.
In Honor of John Lennon's Birthday October 9th
Capitol Records "Hollywood and Vine" Site to
Preview Tracks From "The John Lennon Anthology"
a Month Before Release
Business Wire
5 Octiber, 1998
To celebrate John Lennon's birthday October 9th, and the upcoming
release of THE JOHN LENNON ANTHOLOGY, a 4-CD box set of
nearly 100 previously unreleased solo tracks and a companion single
CD digest entitled ``WONSAPONATIME'' coming from Capitol Records
on November 3rd, Capitol's acclaimed ``Hollywood and Vine'' site will
unveil a new John Lennon section.
New Beatles-Inspired CD Gains International Acclaim
PR Newswire
2 October, 1998
It's not a new Beatles album, but the new Beaten Path CD is probably
as close as anyone is going to get. Two Toronto musicians have now
gained international recognition for an innovative product which is
being labeled as ``the Beatles album that might have been.''
People in the news
Associated Press
1 October, 1998
An obscenity-laden poem written by John Lennon will be put up for
auction by the fan who received it almost 30 years ago.
Lennon Four-Letter 'Poem' At Auction
Press Association
1 October, 1998
A foul-mouthed poem penned by former Beatle John Lennon is set to
go on sale almost 30 years after he sent it to a shocked fan.
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