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Capitol to release Linda McCartney record Oct. 27
28 September, 1998
Capitol Records said Monday it will release a solo album called
``Wide Prairie'' by Linda McCartney, the late wife of ex-Beatle Paul
McCartney, on Oct. 27.
'Sgt. Pepper' Designer Takes a Shine to Sundance
By Brandon Griggs, The Salt Lake Tribune
28 September, 1998
No matter how many paintings she produces, how many galleries
exhibit her sculptures or how many art critics rave about her work,
Jann Haworth knows her most famous project will always be
something she did 31 years ago.
Daughter's wedding brings day of joy for McCartney
Electronic Telegraph
26 September, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney yesterday enjoyed the first family celebration since
the death of his wife Linda when their eldest daughter Mary married
Alistair Donald, a television producer, at a church service near their
East Sussex home.
Love me do
The Sunday Times
26 September, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney acts as chauffeur yesterday for his daughter Mary,
27, after giving her away at her wedding to Alistair Donald, a television
producer, at the village church in Peasmarsh, near Rye, East Sussex.
Paul McCartney's Daughter Marries
Fox News
26 September, 1998
Paul McCartney became a chauffeur for the day Saturday to drive his
daughter to her wedding.
Former Beatle McCartney says committed vegetarian
24 September, 1998
Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney denies he is a secret meat eater but
says that when he first became a full-fledged vegetarian, "it seemed like
there was a hole in the middle of the plate."
McCartney champions Linda's passion
24 September, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney has spoken of his determination to continue the
animal rights work started by his late wife Linda.
Lennon and son sing together
23 September, 1998
A new CD set of previously unheard tracks by John Lennon will feature
songs the musician recorded with his son Sean, then aged just three.
15 Artists Eyed for Hall of Fame
Associated Press
23 September, 1998
Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel head up the list of
15 nominees for induction next year into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
The images selling Britain to the world
23 September, 1998
Anyone reading this outside the UK, brace yourself for a shock
British people do not stop at 4pm for a cup of tea. British people do not
live in castles. And most British people will never meet the Queen.
Capitol Records Announces John Lennon Anthology
Track Listing
Business Wire
21 September, 1998
Capitol Records has announced the track listing for ``The John Lennon
Anthology,'' a 4-CD boxed set that will contain nearly 100 previously
unreleased solo tracks by John Lennon, including live tracks, home
recordings, studio outtakes and television appearances.
Liz Smith: From Sean Lennon to Oprah Winfrey
21 September, 1998
"People still haven't gotten over the Beatles yet, which is amazing
to me. They're still waiting for them to get back together or something.
It's like, so pathetic."
Lenny Kravitz, Sean Lennon
Dallas Observer
20 September, 1998
This must be a dream come true for Lenny K., getting the son of a
Beatle to open for him and it ain't Julian!
David Bowie Sees "Skylife" For "Rugrats" Soundtrack,
Covers Lennon For Tribute
18 September, 1998
David Bowie is the latest artist to sign on for the soundtrack to the
upcoming "Rugrats" film, and has already recorded his contribution,
"Skylife," a song which reunites him with former producer Tony
McCartney Organizing Concerts
Associated Press
17 September, 1998
Paul McCartney will take to the concert stage next year to keep alive
his late wife Linda's crusade for animal rights.
Hey Jude lyrics fetch £111,500
By Will Bennett, Electronic Telegraph
16 September, 1998
A notebook in which Paul McCartney drafted lyrics for Hey Jude,
one of the Beatles' greatest hits, was sold for £111,500 at an
auction in London last night.
Sgt Pepper steals Geri's limelight
13 September, 1998
Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell's Union flag dress will line up
alongside the draft lyrics to the Beatles' Hey Jude when they go
under the hammer at London auction house Sotheby's.
Yoko Ono Offers Comments On the John Lennon Anthology,
a 4-CD Box Set Coming From Capitol On November 3, 1998
Business Wire
11 September, 1998
Package to include detailed liner notes from Yoko and an
extensive essay from Grammy Award winning journalist
Anthony DeCurtis.
Beatles Rule Greatest Albums List
By Daniel Frankel, E! Online
8 September, 1998
Bring on another list.
If you liked perusing the American Film Institute's Top 100 films of all
time, here comes Virgin's "1,000 Greatest Albums of All Time."
And you really might like it if you're a Beatles fan.
Revolver draws top slot
7 September, 1998
Despite 28 years passing since they split up, the Beatles continue to
dominate a poll of the most popular albums of all time.
Lennon the artist
By Dave Tianen, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
4 September, 1998
Before he was a Beatle, John Lennon was a visual artist.
Although it tends to be forgotten, Lennon studied at the Liverpool Art
Institute from 1957 to 1960 and his interest in art remained a constant
during the rest of his life.
Release of lost Lennon recordings, with a little help from
Yoko and Sean
By Helen Carter, The Guardian
4 September, 1998
Fans of John Lennon can look forward to the release of 100 previously
unheard solo tracks by the former Beatle.
Jim Carrey: He Is the Walrus
Associated Press
3 September, 1998
Hollywood just can't let it be.
Several entertainers do their own versions of Beatles songs on a new
superstar compilation that includes Jim Carrey warbling ``ku-ku-kachoo''
on ``I Am the Walrus.''
Trove of unreleased John Lennon recordings set for CD
By Sue Zeidler, Reuters
3 September, 1998
A collection of more than 100 previously unreleased solo recordings
by former Beatle John Lennon will soon be sold as a four-CD box set,
Capitol Records said Thursday.
Celebration blends a devotion to Beatles and aid to animals
By TaNoah Morgan , Howard County News
3 September, 1998
Fund-raiser: The Washington area fan club of the British rock group is
throwing a Beatlemania celebration Sunday in Wheaton to raise
money for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Anne
Arundel County.
Martin draws unlikely stars for Beatles disc
By Phil Gallo, Reuters
3 September, 1998
Nobody sings ``Hello, Goodbye'' on ``In My Life,'' the disc of superstar
ecordings that sends Beatles producer George Martin into retirement,
yet the song's sentiment washes over the entire project.
From the erotic to domestic, John Lennon's private
sketche finally find an audience
By David Lister, The Independence
2 September, 1998
Intimate - and on occasion too intimate - artworks by some of the best
known musicians of the century went on show at a gallery yesterday.
The exhibition included seven erotic lithographs by John Lennon
100 Unreleased Songs On Lennon Boxed Set
By Chris Morris, Billboard
1 September, 1998
Capitol Records will release a four-CD boxed set, "The John Lennon
Anthology," Nov. 3.
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