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Paul McCartney, The Painter, Debuts In Germany
30 April, 1999
Former Beatle Paul McCartney shunned the critical art worlds of New York and London to
exhibit 70 of his own paintings in the small German town of Siegen.
The other John Lennon
By Neal Travis, New York Post
28 April, 1999
The late John Lennon was a rebel with plenty of causes, but he had a thing for
conservative Ronald Reagan and, in the days before his murder, predicted Reagan would
be the most popular president of our time.
Ex-Beatle Picks Small German Town For Art Premiere
By Nikla Gibson, Reuters
28 April, 1999
Former Beatle Paul McCartney has shunned the art meccas of London and New York
and chosen an obscure town in Germany for the first exhibition of his paintings.
McCartney Painting Exhibit To Open
Associated Press
26 April, 1999
Paul McCartney has something he can fall back on if this music thing doesn't work out:
He paints.
Lennon's organ changes hands
23 April, 1999
The Vox organ, played by Beatle, John Lennon at the Shea Stadium in 1965 has been
sold at auction for £19,500. And it doesn't even work properly.
100 Reasons Why It's Great To Be English
23 April, 1999
Britain's leading tabloid marked St George's Day Friday by listing 100 reasons why it is
great to be English.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Fab Four group, fans twist and shout
By Sharon Haddock, Deseret News
21 April, 1999
These four unusual musicians have come pretty close to inventing a way to travel through
Beatles still fab after all these years
21 April, 1999
The Beatles were clear winners in an opinion poll to pick the pop performers with the
best lyrics over the last 40 years, the Evening Standard newspaper reported Wednesday.
Noteworthy: Beastie Boy fights for Tibet's right to parity
By John Swenson, Reuters
16 April, 1999
Sean Lennon, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch and comedian John Stewart joined a panel of
human rights activists Friday at the New York Public Theater to announce details of the
fourth annual Tibetan Freedom Festival.
John Lennon Voted The Greatest Pop Singer Ever
14 April, 1999
Former Beatle John Lennon Wednesday beat out Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra to
top a list of the world's greatest ever pop singers published Wednesday.
Yoko Ono Sues Lennon's Ex-Assistant
By Larry Neumeister, Associated Press
14 April, 1999
In the latest episode in a long feud, Yoko Ono has sued a former assistant to John
Lennon, claiming he stole priceless personal items after the ex-Beatle was killed.
Yoko Ono Sues Former Lennon Aide Over Thefts
By Gail Appleson, Reuters
14 April, 1999
Yoko Ono Lennon, widow of Beatle John Lennon, sued a former family employee
Tuesday for stealing filing cabinets containing Lennon's diaries, love letters,
photographs and unreleased recordings.
Grieving Paul Set To Tour Again
Neal Travis, New York Post
12 April, 1999
Paul McCartney could be playing Madison Square Garden and a few other selected
American venues as early as this summer.
Paul Plays for Linda
E! Online
12 April, 1999
The widower played "Lonesome Town."
The melancholy Ricky Nelson classic was one of three songs performed by Paul
McCartney at an all-star benefit concert in honor of late wife Linda, Saturday in
In Memory Of Linda
(IMAGE + HEBREW - SCAN, 67.5kb!)
12 April, 1999
McCartney in emotional homage to wife
This is London
11 April, 1999
Paul McCartney joined a chorus of stars to sing an emotional tribute to his late wife
Linda in a rare public appearance at the charity concert in her memory.
McCartney Fights Back The Tears In Linda Tribute
Press Association
11 April, 1999
Paul McCartney joined a chorus of stars to sing an emotional tribute to his late wife
Linda as he made a rare public appearance at the charity concert in her memory.
In honor of Linda
Associated Press
11 April, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney performs at a concert in tribute to his late wife, Linda, pictured
behind him.
Beatle opts to visit incognito
By Diane Keenan, The Press On-line (New Zealand)
9 April, 1999
Former Beatle George Harrison wanted no fuss when he slipped into Christchurch
for a two-day holiday.
Stars and fans remember Linda
9 April, 1999
Fans and friends of Linda McCartney will pay tribute to her at a special concert at
London's Royal Albert Hall on Saturday night.
Beatles Forever
(HEBREW - SCAN, 34kb!)
Yediot Aharonot
8 April, 1999
McCartney Dismisses Claims About New Relationship
Press Association
6 April, 1999
Paul McCartney has insisted his relationship with a 52-year-old textile designer is
"completely professional" after press reports linking the couple.
Borders and Capitol Records Celebrate the Life of Linda McCartney With
Auction of Signed Items
6 April, 1999
Nearly one year ago (April 17), Linda McCartney lost her battle with breast cancer. Yet,
her fight against the disease lives on through a unique program sponsored by Borders
and Capitol Records to auction rare lithographs and CDs signed by Linda and husband
Jazzing Up The Beatles
5 April, 1999
If you're John Pizzarelli and you want to pay tribute to a classic pop group, all you need
are a few jazz chords.
The Beatles' Yesterday is song of the century
(HEBREW - SCAN, 36kb!)
Yediot Aharonot
4 April, 1999
She's Not My Lover
By Kevin O'Sullivan, Online Mirror
3 April, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney yesterday furiously denied reports that he had fallen in love with the
best friend of his late wife Linda.
The Beatles' Yesterday is song of the century
Electronic Telegraph
3 April, 1999
The Beatles' song Yesterday has been voted the 20th century's top song in a poll being
broadcast over the Easter weekend.
McCartney dismisses 'link with designer'
By Jessica Callan, Electronic Telegraph
3 April, 1999
Sir PaulMcCartney angrily denied a suggestion yesterday that he had formed a close
relationship with a textile designer and described their relationship as "completely professional".
Paul McCartney reportedly finds comforting company
2 April, 1999
Grieving former Beatle Paul McCartney reportedly has found comfort in the company of textile
designer Sue Timney following the death of his wife, Linda, last year.
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