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John Lennon Anthology
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John Lennon Anthology
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Here are links to the latest Beatles-related articles available online:
A real Hard Day's Night
30 December, 1998
Beatles fans travelling to Liverpool could soon be able to stay in a
Yellow Submarine - if the money is raised to build a Fab Four hotel
in the city.
People in the news
Associated Press
25 December, 1998
The Beatles' long and winding road traveled again to Hollywood's
Walk of Fame, where a star reappeared on Christmas morning.
Paul? Just call him Pablo
The Guardian
19 December, 1998
John Lennon wasn't the only Beatle who could draw. The Diary has
discovered that Paul McCartney is planning an exhibition of his own
paintings next year.
McCartney Cooks Up A Passion For Net Show
Press Association
19 December, 1998
Paul McCartney reckons he could rival television cooks Delia Smith
and Ainsley Harriot after his Internet show.
Sir Paul remembers Linda online
By Chris Nuttall, BBC
18 December, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney has been talking on-screen for the first time since
the death of his wife Linda from breast cancer in April this year.
McCartney Chats With Fans Online
Associated Press
18 December, 1998
Giving his first cyber-interview, Paul McCartney chatted with fans, gave
away his mashed potato recipe and talked about his late wife, Linda.
Preston in guilty plea to fraud
South China Morning Post
17 December, 1998
Grammy-winning singer and keyboard player Billy Preston has pleaded
guilty to insurance fraud and agreed to testify against other defendants
in an alleged scam that netted about US$1 million (HK$7.74 million).
Paul McCartney to cook live on Internet
16 December, 1998
Former Beatle Paul McCartney will make his debut as a celebrity cook
this week, in a one-man variety show presented live on the Internet.
McCartney Says Lyrics Were Stolen
Associated Press
16 December, 1998
Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney says the original handwritten lyrics to ``Sgt.
Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'' that a collector offered to sell him
in August were stolen from his London home 30 years ago.
Ringo Drums Up Stars For U.S. Tour
By Julie Taraska, Billboard
14 December, 1998
Ringo Starr will launch his fifth All Starr Band Tour on Feb. 12 in Atlantic
City, N.J. The lineup for this year's U.S. tour features Joe Walsh, Todd
Rundgren, Gary Brooker, Jack Bruce, and Simon Kirke.
McCartney photos to debut in Greenwich
Associated Press
13 December, 1998
Photographs of rock stars taken by the late Linda McCartney will make
their American debut in March at a Greenwich museum.
McCartney's 'Fame' School Graduates Hit The Big Time
Press Association
12 December, 1998
Some of the first graduates of Sir Paul McCartney's "Fame" school in
Liverpool are to take their place on the West End stage.
Another Beatles book, yeah, yeah, yeah
By Kevin McGran, Jam! Books
11 December, 1998
Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be anything more done
on the Beatles, along comes The Beatles, An Oral History.
Yoko works to keep the legend alive
By Edna Gundersen, USA Today
10 December, 1998
"I'm doing my best to keep John's work out there," Yoko Ono says of
The John Lennon Anthology, a four-CD box set chronicling the
ex-Beatle's solo career.
Rare Beatles recording sells for £25,000
10 December, 1998
An early sound recording of a Beatles concert sold for £25,300 at an
auction at Christies in London on Thursday.
Beatles Memorabilia Auctioned
Associated Press
10 December, 1998
A 25-minute tape of The Beatles during a 1963 concert sold at
auction Thursday for $42,000.
Sgt Pepper scorned by new stars
9 December, 1998
A string of Britain's up-and-coming pop acts have defied the musical
establishment - by voting the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts
Club Band the worst album of all time.
John Lennon Slain 18 Years Ago
By Mary Jane Bestor, Channel 2000
8 December, 1998
For many, the November afternoon in 1963 when President John
F. Kennedy was assassinated is marked as the defining moment
of American history.
But for many music lovers, Dec. 8, 1980 must also be counted as
a defining moment in our lives.
McCartney To Hold Internet Chat
Associated Press
8 December, 1998
Paul McCartney will take to the Internet next week for a live chat
session with fans.
The John Lennon Anthology is Certified Gold
Business Wire
8 December, 1998
The John Lennon Anthology, a 4-CD career retrospective of the
legendary artist's solo work, has been certified gold by the RIAA.
Yoko Ono Still Feels Misunderstood By Beatles Fans
8 December, 1998
John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono said she still felt misunderstood by
Beatles fans who blame her for the breakup of the Beatles and for
Lennon's search for seclusion in his last years.
The star may be dead, but he can still advertise
By Barry Didcock, The Scotsman
8 December, 1998
Brian Epstein may have died four months after Chris Evans was born,
but the Beatles manager and the megalomaniac radio-station owner
do have one thing in common: they've both hung out with John Lennon.
John and Yoko joined in bed by Chris Evans
By Meg Carter and Kathy Marks, The Independent
7 December, 1998
John Lennon is to make his television advertising debut, 18 years
after his murder in New York. The former Beatle will appear in a plug
for mobile phones.
Many unhappy returns
By John O'Reilly, The Guardian
4 December, 1998
The White Album is 30 years old - but why celebrate? John O'Reilly
argues that it amounts to little more than a good cover design and
two records that could have been one.
Ono Erects Christmas Billboard
By Julie Taraska , Billboard
3 December, 1998
In a reprise of a campaign from 1969, Yoko Ono has had a billboard
erected in New York that reads, "War Is Over! If You Want It -- Happy
Christmas From John & Yoko."
Jackson Plans to Sell Musicians' Royalties
3 December, 1998
Sources say Michael Jackson, the flamboyant king of pop whose
"Thriller" recording is the top-selling album of all time, plans to sell
royalties generated by the Beatles, Bob Dylan and other musicians.
John Lennon's Famous Line Drawings Come to Life in
Upcoming Video for `I'm Losing You'
Business Wire
3 December, 1998
John Lennon's poignant line drawings, known to many around the
globe, are going to spring to life as they make their animated debut in
the upcoming video for the legendary musician's ``I'm Losing You''
track from the four-CD boxed set ``The John Lennon Anthology.''
Strawberry Statement
New York Daily News
3 December, 1998
Yoko Ono wants to give peace a chance. John Lennon's widow
thinks those fans outraged over the new 1 a.m. city curfew in the park
which would restrict their annual all-night vigil for the slain Beatle
should just "go with the flow."
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