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John Lennon Anthology
Wide Prairie

John Lennon Anthology
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Here are links to the latest Beatles-related articles available online:
Stars back hunt ban campaign
30 November, 1998
A host of stars have backed a new campaign aimed at winning a
government promise to outlaw fox hunting by the new millennium.
'White Album' lives on, and so does debate
By J.D. Considine (Special from The Baltimore Sun), Bergen Record
29 November, 1998
It's one of the best-known recordings of the rock era, yet almost
everyone gets its name wrong.
Boxes of delight
By Wayne Bledsoe, Arizona Daily Star
28 November, 1998
What do you buy a music fan for Christmas?
There's nothing more impressive than a big CD boxed set, giving the
fan hours of what you hope will be listening pleasure.
Strawberry Fields (Not) Forever
Associated Press
27 November, 1998
Strawberry Fields may be forever, but a vigil to John Lennon's memory
has a curfew.
Wide Prairie
By Richard C. Walls, The Boston Phoenix
26 November, 1998
Given the unhappy circumstances, this is as about as bad you'd have
to expect. Covering 25 years, it's meant to be Linda's musical legacy
and last testament, but mainly it's a reminder of husband Paul's ability
to make musical silk purses in his sleep.
Matters of life and death
By Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times
25 November, 1998
Bill Viola's Nantes Triptych sounds formidable in outline. In reality,
superbly installed in the Portview Trade Centre on the Newtownards
Road, it is overwhelming.
John Lennon, Solo: Let It Be
By Mike Joyce, The Washington Post
25 November, 1998
Like the man it celebrates, "The John Lennon Anthology" (Capitol), a
four-CD boxed set featuring nearly 100 previously unreleased solo
recordings made between 1969 and his death in 1980, is often
For Better and for Worse
By Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post
25 November, 1998
Paul McCartney insists that "Wide Prairie" (Capitol), a collection of 16
songs performed by his late wife, Linda, is not a tribute album; the two
were planning to release the disc regardless of the outcome of her
treatment for breast cancer.
Paul McCartney Fights Breast Cancer
Associated Press
23 November, 1998
Paul McCartney has stepped in to help raise money to fight breast
cancer, the disease which claimed the life of his wife Linda.
Afghan Whigs Cut Songs For Lennon, Clash Tribute
23 November, 1998
While the Afghan Whigs were in New Orleans laying down material for
"1965," its first album under a new deal with Columbia Records, the
band also took time out to cut tracks for several upcoming tribute albums.
Art Works
By Grania McFadden, Belfast Telegraph
21 November, 1998
There's a little bit of Irish in Yoko Ono, or at least that what she claimed
when she visited Northern Ireland last week.
Linda lives on in posthumous 'Prairie'
USA Today
20 November, 1998
Linda McCartney's words in song can still touch her fans and family
thanks to the musical anthology she left behind.
Lennon Art Coming To North Carolina
20 November, 1998
Artwork from late Beatle John Lennon will be on display and sale
today through Sunday at the Holiday Inn Crabtree in Raleigh.
Dear John - Lennon with a difference
By Richard C. Walls, Boston Phoenix
19 November, 1998
It seems appropriate that The John Lennon Anthology (Capitol) isn't
the usual boxed-set career overview, that it's made up entirely of
alternate and fluffed takes, home demos and studio chatter, live
performances and curio snippets -- that, like the man's post-Beatle
oeuvre, it's a little messy.
Paul McCartney Discusses His Labor of Love
19 November, 1998
Singer Paul McCartney says his wife Linda's death in April makes it
too difficult for him to make professional and personal plans for the
If Paul McCartney gives his stamp of approval, it
must be OK
By Sandy Wiegand, Midland Reporter-Telegraph
18 November, 1998
It was almost enough to make me swear off leather shoes.
One-To-One For Evans With Hero Lennon
Press Association
18 November, 1998
Virgin Radio DJ Chris Evans has agreed to appear in his first TV
advert so he can star alongside his hero John Lennon.
A Beatles Find
17 November, 1998
Twenty-five years after the fact, a sound-check tape thought to be the
first known concert recording of the Beatles is expected to fetch up
to $58,000 when it goes under the hammer at Christie's London on
Dec. 10.
Brits Ban Animals in Cosmetic Tests
Associated Press
16 November, 1998
Britain today became the first European Union country to ban the use
of animals in all cosmetic products testing, but the move will not block
animal testing for drugs and scientific research.
Lennon spoke of impending death
Sunday Times (South Africa)
15 November, 1998
SLAIN Beatle John Lennon had a premonition of his death months
before he was murdered in New York in 1980.
Yoko gives peace a chance in Belfast
14 November, 1998
John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono is aiming to help give peace a
chance as guest of Belfast's art festival.
McCartney puts Linda in Hall of Fame
13 November, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney is planning to dedicate an American rock award
to his late wife Linda.
Yoko is here on mission of love
By Grania McFadden, Belfast Telegraph
13 November, 1998
Artist Yoko Ono - the widow of murdered Beatle John Lennon - has
told of her admiration for the steps towards peace being taken in
Northern Ireland.
Anthology offers many sides of John Lennon
By David Bauder, Associated Press
13 November, 1998
Yoko Ono's office in the Dakota, a landmark Manhattan apartment
building, resembles a well-stocked library. File cabinets, carefully
labeled to mark career phases for her and John Lennon, are
stacked to the ceiling.
Mind games
By Gilbert Garcia, Dallas Observer
12 November, 1998
Four-CD Lennon anthology leans too heavily on inferior versions
of familiar tunes
George Martin Is The 'Life' of This Party
By David Bianculli, New York Daily News Online
12 November, 1998
Record producer Sir George Martin, just announced as an inductee
into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, shows off his unofficial but
inarguable Fifth Beatle status with "In My Life," an "Arena" special
on cable's Bravo tonight at 9.
George Martin exposed in documentary
By Phil Gallo, Associated Press
12 November, 1998
For a final recording with which to sail into retirement, producer
George Martin turned to the songbook he is most commonly
associated with -- the Beatles' -- and took a lighthearted mystery
tour with some celeb friends and, as he calls them, heroes.
Animal rights activists strike back at hunters
By Jeremy Pearce, The Detroit News
12 November, 1998
Protest in works as Michigan deer season opens Sunday
Two new arrivals on the Beatles shelf
By Terry Lawson, Star-Telegram
11 November, 1998
`The world just can't get enough of The Beatles," opines the publisher's
blurb for "The Beatles."
Lennon Anthology Box Set Makes Its Debut At
No. 99 With a Bullet in the Billboard Top Current
Albums Chart, Becoming Second Best-Selling Box
Set of 1998
Business Wire
11 November, 1998
``The John Lennon Anthology,'' a 4-CD career retrospective of the
legendary artist's solo work featuring nearly 100 never-before-released
tracks, makes its debut in the Top 100 of the Billboard ``Current
Albums Chart'' at No. 99 with a bullet next week.
Rock 'N' Roll Heaven For New Band Of 'Famers'
By Lisa Robinson and Bill Hoffmann, New York Post
11 November, 1998
Let's hear it for the Cute Beatle, the Boss, the Piano Man and
Mr. Superfly.
Tasty meat-free feasts- North African vegetarian dish
from 'Linda on Tour'
The Beaufort Gazette
11 November, 1998
Linda McCartney on Tour: Over 200 Meat-Free Dishes From Around
the World (Bullfinch, $29.95) takes the reader on a gastronomic tour
of the world's vegetarian food.
McCartney Leads Rock Hall Inductees
Associated Press
10 November, 1998
Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel head up the list
of 10 people who will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame next year.
Singer Billy Preston Indicted
Associated Press
10 November, 1998
A county grand jury has indicted Grammy winner Billy Preston, his
former manager and five others for allegedly collecting more than
$1 million by filing fraudulent insurance claims.
'Fifth Beatle' George Martin going out in style
By Dennis Michael, CNN
10 November, 1998
Sir George Martin's 50-year career in the music industry included
working as the Beatles' producer -- from "Love Me Do" through "The
Beatles Anthology." But now Martin is retiring as a producer and he's
celebrating by helming a new album, "George Martin, In My Life."
`Lennon Anthology' supports what we already know
about John
By Tom Moon, Star-Telegram
9 November, 1998
In the introduction to the booklet that accompanies "The Lennon
Anthology," Yoko Ono talks about how difficult it was for her to
assemble the four discs of mostly unreleased "rough" drafts of music
from the late Beatle's solo career.
`The Beatles' -- the `White Album'
Business Wire
9 November, 1998
On November 24th, Capitol Records will mark the 30th anniversary
of the release of `The Beatles' -- universally known as the `White
Album' -- by issuing a one-time-only limited edition CD of this
celebrated work.
Beatles producer Sir George Martin Caps His 48-
Year Career -- With a Little Help From His Friends
Celine Dion, Robin Williams, Bobby McFerrin, Jim
Carrey and Goldie Hawn
Business Wire
9 November, 1998
Bravo Captures the Historic Event On IN MY LIFE Premiering
November 12 at 9:00 PM/ET & 10:00 PM/PT
Imagine, another John Lennon boxed set
By Jeff Guinn, Star-Telegram
9 November, 1998
John Lennon could seem simultaneously to be both cynic and
enthusiast. That's what we have to be when considering `The
John Lennon Anthology,' a newly released four-CD boxed set
from Capitol Records consisting mostly of studio outtakes,
snippets of conversation, midst-of-composing song snatches, and
a few live performances that haven't appeared on previous albums.
David Yonke: New Lennon box set hits stores
By David Yonke, The Toledo Blade
8 November, 1998
I would rather listen to John Lennon's mistakes than almost any
other musician's hits.
Poetic race for royal appointment
8 November, 1998
Poets across the country are honing their verses and sharpening
their stanzas in the hope of becoming the next Poet Laureate.
McCartney pops up in talk of new poet laureate
By Bert Roughton Jr., Arizona Daily Star
8 November, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney, her majesty's poet?
Don't jeer - or cheer - so quickly. The name of the former Beatle is
floating among those of more orthodox bards as Britain, a country
that often has found its identity in poetry, seeks a new laureate.
Lennon anthology hits home
By Steve Morse, Bergen Record (Special from The Boston Globe)
8 November, 1998
Whether singing about working-class heroes or whatever gets you
through the night, John Lennon was rock's most genuine, most
ardent, most shoot-from-the-hip star.
Listen up: John Lennon's many revolutions
By Kevin O'Hare, Star Tribune
8 November, 1998
Co-produced by Rob Stevens and Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, this
four-CD, 94-track boxed set is designed to complement Lennon's
career, without necessarily adding significant new chapters to it.
Loads of Lennon
By Brian Boyd , The Irish Times
7 November, 1998
"Even now I think there are people who still cannot reconcile
themselves to the idea that I had been in John's life," says Yoko Ono
in the sleeve notes to the massive 100-track, four-CD box-set that is
The John Lennon anthology.
John Lennon: Anthology
? November, 1998
E! Online
Spanning Lennon's 11-year solo career, this gorgeous four-CD set
documents his final year as a Beatle all the way to the last days of
his life.
McCartney Might Not Perform Live
Associated Press
6 November, 1998
Paul McCartney fears grief over his wife's death may prevent him from
performing live ever again, a tabloid reported Friday.
McCartney Wrapping Up Third Classical Set
By Julie Taraska , Billboard
6 November, 1998
Sir Paul McCartney is completing his third album for EMI Classics,
likely for release late next year.
Yoko Tells Of Sorrow Over Linda
Press Association
5 November, 1998
Yoko Ono has spoken of her sorrow at the death of Linda McCartney -
the woman who was often portrayed as her enemy during the
acrimonious final days of The Beatles.
Beatle wives liked each other: Yoko Ono
Jam! Music
5 November, 1998
Beatle wives Yoko Ono and Linda McCartney liked each other. Really.
Yoko says Linda and she were friends
The Detroit News
5 November, 1998
In an interview in Liverpool, John Lennon's widow dismissed the
commonly held belief that she and Paul McCartney's wife, who died of
breast cancer in April, didn't care for one another.
Yoko's sorrow over Linda
4 November, 1998
Yoko Ono has told of her continuing sorrow at the death of Linda
McCartney - the woman who was portrayed as her enemy during the
last days of The Beatles.
Photographer captured days in the Beatles' lives
By Ihosvani Rodriguez, San Antonio Express-News
4 November, 1998
When the Beatles arrived in America for the first time almost 35 years
ago, only those young enough to really know, really knew how fab
they were.
Anoushka Shankar - A Sitar Is Born
By Mary Campbell, Associated Press
4 November, 1998
At 17, Anoushka Shankar has studied sitar for more than half her life.
Ravi Shankar is her father and teacher.
Linda Goes on Tour to Find Veggie Recipes
The Salt Lake Tribune
4 November, 1998
A gastronomic tour of the globe through the eyes of a vegetarian is what
readers will find in Linda McCartney on Tour: Over 200 Meat-Free Dishes
From Around the World (Bulfinch, $29.95).
100 tracks lead to greater appreciation
By Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press
3 November, 1998
At a time when the entertainment industry's overload is downright
overwhelming, there's a startling clarity to a hodgepodge of 100
John Lennon tracks.
New Releases: Lennon, Oasis, Hanson
By Jim Farber, New York Daily News Online
3 November, 1998
No Beatle wanted to be seen as clearly as John Lennon. He used
the most stripped-down production on his records, chose to live amid
the glare of Manhattan and even elected to be photographed in the
nude twice!
CD Review: Anthology shows all sides of Lennon
By Ed Masley, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
3 November, 1998
There's nothing as ghoulish as "Free as a Bird" to pull you into
this one.
More releases from Lennon, but necessary?
By Tom Moon, Philadelphia Inquirer
3 November, 1998
In the introduction to the booklet that accompanies The Lennon
Anthology, Yoko Ono talks about how difficult it was for her to
assemble the four discs of mostly unreleased "rough" drafts of
music from the late Beatle's solo career.
The World Premiere of 72 Works of Art by John
Lennon Created for His Son, Sean, to be Exhibited
On Tuesday, November 3rd
Business Wire
2 November, 1998
The William Carter Company will present the world premiere of art
created by John Lennon to open up the visual world to his son, Sean.
Imagine All the Outtakes
By Jeff Giles, Newsweek
2 November, 1998
Thirty years later, Ringo would say he thought John was cracking up,
right there in the middle of Shea Stadium. It was August 1965.
Pop CDs
By Neil Spencer, The Guardian
1 November, 1998
CD of the week: John Lennon Anthology (Capitol 7243 8 30614 26)
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