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John Lennon Anthology
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Here are links to the latest Beatles-related articles available online:
India Honors Ravi Shankar
Associated Press
30 January, 1999
Classical musician and composer Ravi Shankar, who has popularized
Indian music across the world by meshing it with Western strains, was
named Saturday for India's highest civilian honor.
Q&A with Julian Lennon
E! Online
30 January, 1999
Did you ever resolve your legal situation with your father's estate and
The Faux Four pay tribute to Beatles' finale
Philadelphia Inquirer
30 January, 1999
Together, on 4: It was 30 years ago today, John and Ringo got the band
to play.
Weatherford man wants Beatles date remembered; Fort
Worth band to re-enact `Roof Top Concert'
By Gale M. Bradford, Star-Telegram
29 January, 1999
A Weatherford firefighter- turned-music-store-owner plans to mark the
30th anniversary of the last Beatles concert today with a re- enactment.
Fab Four tribute raises the roof
29 January, 1999
A Beatles tribute band turned back the clock by performing a show on top
of the former Apple Records building in London, almost 30 years after the
Fab Four did it for real.
Music Reviews: Delta delight
By Kim Curtis (Associated Press Writer), Nando Times
28 January, 1999
To call Julian Lennon's first album in seven years Beatle-esque would
be a gross understatement.
Drinking coffee with the Beatles
27 January, 1999
Plans are in the pipeline for the re-opening of the basement coffee shop
some think of as the real birthplace of the Beatles.
Quarrymen still diggin' it
By Hunter Davies, Sydney Morning Herald
27 January, 1999
For many years - 40, to be precise - the five original members of the
Quarrymen were but a footnote in rock history, referred to in all the books
about the Beatles, but known only by the true fans and academics of
popular music.
Julian Lennon Chooses the Internet to Deliver a New
Single to the World
Business Wire
26 January, 1999
'Day After Day' Released as a Free Download From Audiodiner and
Should Linda Have Used The F-Word?
Online Mirror
26 January, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney yesterday accused radio and TV of censorship after
his late wife Linda's record was banned for containing the F-word.
Sir Paul's four-letter slip defending song
By Anthony Barnes, The Scotsman
26 January, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney uttered a four-letter word on live television yesterday
as he discussed the furore round the use of bad language on his late
wife's latest single.
Linda's last song 'banned'
25 January, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney has started a campaign promoting his late wife's last
single - which he says has been banned by radio and TV ations because
it contains a swearword.
McCartney Complains Linda's Song Banned
25 January, 1999
Former Beatle Paul McCartney has complained that British broadcasters
are banning a newly released song by his late wife, Linda, because it
contains a swear word, The Times newspaper reported Monday.
McCartney Takes Issue With Lyrics
Associated Press
25 January, 1999
The former Beatle took out newspaper ads Monday ridiculing a ``parental
guidance'' warning that was slapped on his late wife Linda's new album
because there is an obscenity in one song.
Lennon legacy continues as the son also rises
By Iain Shedden, The Australian
23 January, 1999
Sean Lennon put on a brave face yesterday as he walked, free as a
bird, along Bondi Beach in Sydney.
A Little Help For A Friend
The Mirror
23 January, 1999
That stay in the clinic certainly paid off for supermodel Kate Moss.
She was looking fit and well when she hit Paris with Stella McCartney,
daughter of Beatle Paul.
The Fab Four In Photos
21 January, 1999
In the '60s, millions of girls gladly would have traded places with
Harry Benson
Prodigy Mix Album Delayed By Beatles Rebuff
20 January, 1999
A new DJ mix album being put together by Prodigy's Liam Howlett
suffered a minor setback when he was denied permission to use
music by the Beatles on the project and had to replace the tracks
with material by Jane's Addiction.
Rotten Apples?
19 January, 1999
Liam Howlett has been forced to remove an excerpt taken from The
Beatles' 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' off his new mix
record, 'The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume 1'.
Lennon artwork shown at Inn on Fifth
By Lisa Krantz, Naples Daily News
16 January, 1999
Steve Hopkins of Norman, Okla., works to get the artwork of John
Lennon ready for a show in downtown Naples on Friday.
Former Beatle's work on display on Fifth Avenue
By Jeff Clemens, Naples Daily News
15 January, 1999
In 1969, John Lennon drew the "Bag One'' Portfolio, a chronicle
of their wedding ceremony, honeymoon and their plea for world
peace. The collection also contained erotic sketches. The portfolio
is now part of the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern
Art, New York.
Whose head on your stamp?
15 January, 1999
This year the Royal Mail is issuing a special selection of stamps
celebrating famous or historical figures from the past 1,000 years.
Paul McCartney Slams Fathers Who Teach Their Sons
to Hunt
Business Wire
14 January, 1999
Nearly a year after losing his beloved wife, Linda, to breast cancer,
Paul McCartney tells America's leading animal rights magazine, The
Animals' Agenda, that he is critical of U.S. fathers who believe it's a
``beautiful thing'' to take their sons hunting as a rite of passage into
Ex-Beatle Harrison Wins Libel Suit
Associated Press
12 January, 1999
George Harrison won a public apology and substantial
undisclosed damages today from the publishers and author of a
book that claimed the former Beatle demanded sexual favors from
a young woman in return for a donation to charity.
David Yonke: `White Album' stands the test of time
By David Yonke, The Toledo Blade
10 January, 1999
A little over 30 years ago, the Beatles managed to pull off one of the
greatest feats of illusion in recent history.
The Beatles' Blue Album
By Lloyd Rose, Washington Post
10 January, 1999
Harry Benson's Early Photos Are Tinged With Mystery and
Listen ... do you want to tell a secret?
By Andrew Masterson, The Age
10 January, 1999
Look, there's really no delicate way to put this, but if you've ever
shagged a Beatle there's a bloke in Blackburn South who'd like
to talk to you.
McCartney Daughter Debuts Houseware Designs
By June Preston, Reuters
9 January, 1999
Former Beatle Paul McCartney smiles at daughter Heather
McCartney as they pose with houseware hangings inspired by the
art of two Mexican indian tribes.
Yoko Ono To Bring Art, Food
8 January, 1999
The widow of musician John Lennon is coming to Fort Lauderdale
later this month, bearing food and art.
Names in the news
Associated Press
8 January, 1999
Paul McCartney winged his way to Georgia and was all smiles as
daughter Heather unveiled a colorful line of housewares inspired by
ancient Indian cultures.
McCartney daughter debuts houseware designs
By June Preston, Reuters
7 January, 1999
Paul McCartney introduced the second member of his clan to enter the
design world Thursday, as step-daughter Heather unveiled her first
housewares collection.
Another McCartney hit
6 January, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney is making a rare public appearance on Thursday
in the US to see another of his children head for success in the design
A Fab Four Seasons?
By Daniel Frankel, E! Online
5 January, 1999
The Pete Best Western? The Hotel No. 9? The White Hotel? The
Yellow Sub-Hotel?
We're just brainstorming here for alternative names for a proposed new
Beatles-themed hotel that might soon pop up right in the Fab Four's point
of origin, Liverpool.
The Mourning After
By Sal Cirrincione,
2-15 January, 1999
On April 17, 1998, Linda McCartney succumbed to breast cancer. She
wasn't just the woman who snagged the cute Beatle -- McCartney was
an accomplished photographer, animal-rights activist and musician.
Beatles' 'White Album' still makes for colorful debate after
3 decades
By J.D. Considine (The Baltimore Sun), Deseret News
2 January, 1999
It's one of the best-known recordings of the rock era, yet almost
everyone gets its name wrong. And even though it's widely
acknowledged as a classic, even its most fervent supporters admit they
would happily trim a few songs from the album.
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