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Beatles' Walrus Lyrics Sell For $129,200
By Emma Feeny, Reuters
30 September, 1999
Scrawled in ink, full of corrections, incomplete and often illegible, John Lennon's
handwritten lyrics to ``I am the Walrus'' were nevertheless snapped up Thursday f
or $129,200.
Bids for Beatlebilia
30 September, 1999
Already worried about what to wear to all the millenium parties? Want to really
express yourself?
SoundWorks International, Inc. Contracts for New 'Beatles' CD
Business wire
30 September, 1999
SoundWorks International, Inc. (OTC BB:SOWK - news) today announced it has
signed a contract to release a new CD, ``The Beatles Tapes V: 1965 Help Tour''.
The future's Highgate for Orange
By Rosalind Russell, This Is London
28 September, 1999
Up your profile by buying near the rich and famous. Nanhurst Park, near Cranleigh
in Surrey, is a Queen Anne-style mansion being converted into apartments by
MacLeod and FriarBriar and stands behind protective electronic gates.
Lennon's Whimsical 'Walrus' Lyrics Up For Auction
By Clar Ni Chonghaile, Reuters
28 September, 1999
John Lennon said it was inspired by an acid trip, critics hailed it as a masterpiece
and fans were often left scratching their heads. ``I Am the Walrus'' was nothing if
not enigmatic.
The Beatles, "Yellow Submarine" (Capitol)
Al Brumley, The Dallas Morning News
Date unknown
Thirty-one years after the fact, Capitol Records has released a "Yellow Submarine"
soundtrack that actually includes all the songs heard in the movie.
Stella Shows Dress Sense
The People Online
26 September, 1999
Fashion queen Stella McCartney has refused to design clothes for her pal Madonna's
world tour because she reckons they would end up rowing.
TV Cilla's 24-Hour Vigil For Ill Bobby
The People Online
26 September, 1999
Heartbroken Cilla Black has turned her back on TV to keep a 24-hour vigil on her
cancer-hit husband Bobby.
Nortel To Launch $100M Ad Campaign
Associated Press
26 September, 1999
Nortel Networks, determined to claim its rightful place alongside Cisco Systems and
Lucent Technologies as one of the Internet's chief architects, is launching a $100 million
sequel to its catchy ad campaign based on the Beatles' song ``Come Together.''
Trying to escape Dad's legacy
By Ed Condran, The Record
24 September, 1999
A number of vocalists sound as if they could be the progeny of John Lennon. But the
one who sounds the most like the rock icon is Lennon's first son, Julian.
A 'Devil' of a Time
By Dan Aquilante, New York Post
24 September, 1999
Sixteen months after the death of his wife Linda, Paul McCartney is inching his way out
of mourning.
Shankar Marks 80th Year With Autobiography
By John O'Callaghan, Reuters
24 September, 1999
Ravi Shankar -- living legend of the sitar, global emissary of Indian music and mentor
to George Harrison -- turns 80 next April.
Paul McCartney Throws Listening Party For Run Devil Run
By Matt Sager, Allstar
23 September, 1999
Paul McCartney previewed songs from his forthcoming mostly covers album Run Devil
Run (Oct. 5/Capitol) at a listening party Wednesday night (Sept. 22) at New York's
Hammerstein Ballroom.
EMI Classics Releases Third Classical Album From Sir
Paul McCartney
23 September, 1999
Paul McCartney, described in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful
popular music composer ever, could reasonably have been expected to retire on his
laurels many years ago.
Virginia Beach's McKee's Beatles Museum Hosts National Beatles
Convention October 15-17
23 September, 1999
McKee's Beatles Museum, the only museum devoted to Beatles memorabilia in the
United States, will host a national Beatles convention, October 15-17 in Norfolk,
Virginia at the Clarion Hotel Norfolk.
Paul McCartney To Make Third Classical Album
22 September, 1999
Former Beatle Paul McCartney is to release his third classical album next month --
``Working Classical'' -- which is a play on words about his working-class roots.
LookSmart Launches Major Consumer Branding Initiative License rights to
Lennon/McCartney's `Help!' for Multifaceted $20 Million Campaign
Business Wire
21 September, 1999
LookSmart (Nasdaq:LOOK - news), a leading Web directory and search service, today
launched its $20 million consumer branding initiative kicking off with television commercials
airing in major markets nationwide.
PETA gala comes together with Paul
By Michael Speier, Reuters
21 September, 1999
Creature comforts were the star attraction as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
(PETA) held a fundraising party on the Paramount lot Saturday.
McCartney Recaptures Magic of Early Rock
By Robert Hilburn, Los Angeles Times
20 September, 1999
The screams Saturday night on the Paramount Studios lot may not have been of
Beatlemania proportions, but they were piercing enough to remind you that it's a bit
magical every time Paul McCartney steps on a stage.
PETA party honors activists
USA Today
20 September, 1999
The entertainment industry herded into Paramount Studios Saturday night to honor critters
and the celebs who love them at a lavish "Party of the Century," staged by People for the
Ethical Treatment of Animals.
McCartney Moved by McLachlan Song
Associated Press
19 September, 1999
Sarah McLachlan's mournful ballad ``Angel'' had Paul McCartney nearly in tears at an
animal rights awards show.
Paul Sings For Linda
Online Mirror
19 September, 1999
Paul McCartney raised millions of pounds in memory of his wife Linda at the weekend.
Saint Joan launches GM crusade
By Geoffrey Lean, The Independent
19 September, 1999
Joan Ruddock MP, one of the most successful grass-roots activists of the 1980s, is today
returning to the fray with the launch of a women's campaign against GM foods.
Missing Beatle submariner surfaces on board a boat
By David Harrison tracks, Electronic Telegraph
19 September, 1999
The missing former soldier who was George Harrison's voice in the original Yellow
Submarine cartoon film, has been traced to Belgium where he is living "a life of ease"
on a 40ft powerboat.
Beatles unleash Bulldog film
18 September, 1999
Beatles fans will soon be able see unscreened footage of the band recording the song
Hey Bulldog in 1968.
'Yellow Submarine' resurfaces on video
By William Arnold, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
18 September, 1999
Time has been good to this 31-year-old animated Beatles movie.
''The Internet Advisory Corporation'' Launches PETA.NET At Charity
Event Featuring Paul McCartney
Business Wire
17 September, 1999
The Internet Advisory Corporation (OTC:PUNK - news) launches PETA.NET national
dial-up network, in conjunction with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
at a gala charity event featuring Paul McCartney.
Yoko offers a picture of John's artwork - and life after Lennon
By Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Daily News
17 September, 1999
It was art that first brought John Lennon and Yoko Ono together in 1966, at her
conceptual/performance art gallery opening in London.
The Robin Shepherd Group Illustrates Yellow Submarine Stamp For
U.S. Postal Service
Business Wire
17 September, 1999
Yellow submarines keep following Robin Shepherd around. Shepherd, the owner and
president of The Robin Shepherd Group, began his career painting animation cells for
The Beatles' Yellow Submarine movie.
ZineZone Webcasts Historic Interviews With John and Yoko
Business Wire
17 September, 1999
ZineZone (, in cooperation with Rhino Records (
announced today it is the first Internet site to Webcast video excerpts from ``The Mike
Douglas Show with John Lennon and Yoko Ono,'' a five episode series of television
interviews with Mike Douglas, co-hosted by John and Yoko, available on video only
through Rhino Home Video.
Concert Review: Cibo Matto in Boston
By Ryan Walsh, U-Wire
16 September, 1999
What do you call two excitable Japanese girls, a black percussionist with a bone piercing
through his nose, John Lennon's son playing bass guitar and a white boy on drums?
Beatles Buffed, Polished in a Vibrant 'Yellow'
By Susan King, Los Angeles Times
16 September, 1999
hose nasty Blue Meanies are back and bluer than ever in the new digitally renovated
version of the Beatles' classic 1968 animated musical "Yellow Submarine," which MGM
is releasing this week on video ($20) and DVD ($30).
The Beatles  - Yellow Submarine Soundtrack (Remastered)
(This link may change by their web manager and will be fixed as soon as I'll notice it)
Wall Of Sound
16 September, 1999
With perhaps more music-hating Blue Meanies around today than ever before, a reissue
of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine comes at a useful time.
Apple Corps Releases Last-Ever Unseen Footage of the Beatles at
Abbey Road
Business wire
16 September, 1999
Due to public demand, Apple Corps is set to release the much talked about footage of
The Beatles recording their lesser known rock & roll song ``Hey Bulldog.''
Post Office to Unveil New 'Beatles Yellow Submarine' Stamp This Fri.,
Sept. 17, at Denver Hard Rock Cafe
16 September, 1999
Hey Denver! If you're a fan of the ``Fab Four,'' stop by the Denver Hard Rock Cafe or your
local post office this Friday, Sept. 17th. The Beatles new ``Yellow Submarine'' stamp is
going on sale for the first time nationwide, as part of 15 popular stamps honoring the
1960s, as voted on by the American public.
City to host McCartney photo show
By Charles Mandel, Edmonton Journal
15 September, 1999
Dig it. A really groovy photo show is coming to Edmonton.
An exhibition of Linda McCartney's photography is scheduled to open at the Provincial
Museum on Nov. 17, 2001.
£155,000 picks up Lennon guitar
15 September, 1999
The guitar John Lennon was playing on the day he met fellow Beatle Paul McCartney
has fetched more than £155,000 at auction.
John Lennon Guitar Sold in Auction
Associated Press
15 September, 1999
The acoustic guitar John Lennon was playing the day he met Paul McCartney has been sold
at auction for $224,000.
Bedtime Story
By B. J. Sigesmund, Newsweek
14 September, 1999
Imagine all the people...who were stunned to see this picture in an ad for the Hilton.
VH1 Sets Duo For What-If? Beatles Film
By Richard Katz, Reuters
14 September, 1999
Aidan Quinn will portray Paul McCartney and Jared Harris will play John Lennon in VH1's
third original TV movie ``Two of Us.''
Actress Kensit And Oasis Star Have Baby Boy
14 September, 1999
British actress Patsy Kensit and Oasis rock star Liam Gallagher have had a baby boy who
was born one month early and delivered by caesarian section, hospital officials in London
said Tuesday.
Best Buy Offers Re-release of The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' -- Free
Limited Edition 'Yellow Submarine' Theatrical Poster with Purchase
13 September, 1999
Beatles fans now have more memorabilia to add to their collection. Beginning Tuesday,
September 14, Best Buy stores nationwide will offer the re-release of The Beatles ``Yellow
Submarine'' movie and songtrack.
Harlem Gospel Choir to Perform the Beatles' 'All You Need Is Love' on
Good Morning America
13 September, 1999
J-Bird Music Group LTD (OTC Bulletin Board: JBRD - news) announced today that J-Bird
Records recording artist, the world famous Harlem Gospel Choir, will perform tomorrow,
Tuesday, September 14, on ABC's Good Morning America in celebration of the 30th
anniversary of the release of the Beatles album Yellow Submarine.
We can all live in a 'Yellow Submarine' again
By Jim Beckerman, The Record Online
12 September, 1999
The credits say "The Beatles -- Yellow Submarine." They do not say "The Beatles' Yellow
Submarine" for a very good reason: It isn't.
'Pirate' Mccartney Caught With Toothless Grin
Press Association
12 September, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney has renamed himself "the laughing pirate" after The Mirror claimed to
have uncovered a 32-year-old secret - that his front tooth is false.
Yellow Submarine film crew searches for missing 'Beatle'
By David Harrison, Electronic Telegraph
12 September, 1999
The Beatles' company is trying to trace the man who was George Harrison's voice in the
original Yellow Submarine cartoon film released in the Sixties.
'Yellow' Fever
By Andrea Coller and Megan Turner, New York Post
10 September, 1999
Ringo thinks the flying Glove is better than ever. George loves the Apple Bonkers and
"the vacuum-cleaning bloke." And Paul is partial to the main Blue Meanie - although
he's not too keen on himself.
Can't Bite Me, Love
Online Mirror
10 September, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney has let slip one of his best kept secrets - he has worn a false front
tooth for 32 years.
The Return Of "Yellow Submarine;" McFarlane Spawns Beatle Figures
By Brian Ives, MTV
10 September, 1999
Beatle fans, prepare your wallets for the group's next "new" release... and marketing blitz.
Beatles Submarine Becomes Theme Park Ride
By Edward Margulies, Wall Of Sound
9 September, 1999
It was one of the best-kept secrets in showbiz history until now.
Paul Helps Buddy
By Dan Aquilante, New York Post
9 September, 1999
Paul McCartney's annual Buddy Holly birthday tribute concert Tuesday at the Roseland
Ballroom was like a rocket launch.
Beatle Paul hails a Holly day
By Jon Friedman, CBS
9 September, 1999
Paul McCartney can still inspire awe when he takes the stage.
Day-tripping with the Beatles under the Channel
San Jose Mercury News
9 September, 1999
It may not be a submarine, but it does travel underwater.
The Eurostar train system unveiled a special Beatles Express on Wednesday in honor of
the reissue of the band's 1968 cinematic landmark, ``Yellow Submarine.''
Beatles make tracks for Paris
The Times
9 September, 1999
Moving pictures took on a new meaning yesterday as this Eurostar train left Waterloo Station
with the outside of all 18 carriages carrying psychedelic images from the animated Beatles
film Yellow Submarine.
Eurostar Trains Celebrate Beatles
Associated Press
8 September, 1999
It may not be a submarine, but it does travel underwater.
The Eurostar train system unveiled a special Beatles Express on Wednesday in honor
of the reissue of the band's 1968 cinematic landmark, ``The Yellow Submarine.''
Ticket to ride Beatles train
8 September, 1999
Beatles fans have been taking a 186mph psychedelic trip to Paris on a Eurostar train
painted with images from the Fab Four's Yellow Submarine movie.
Paul McCartney Tops Bill On Exclusive Live Internet Broadcast From
8 September, 1999
More than three months before the New Year's ball drops in Times Square, the world's first
major millennium party will get underway in Hollywood as Paul McCartney hosts PETA's
Party of the Century and Humanitarian Awards on Saturday, Sept. 18th, at Paramount
Pictures and via an exclusive live Internet broadcast on
CMJ FilmFest '99 To Present First U.S. Screening of Restored
Animated Beatles Movie Yellow Submarine
7 September, 1999
CMJ FilmFest '99 presented by the Independent Film Channel is proud to host the first
U.S. screening of Yellow Submarine, the animated classic featuring the Beatles.
Producers float new version of 'Yellow Submarine'
By Gary Imlach, CNN
6 September, 1999
The lyrics haven't changed, but the songs on the Beatles' 1968 "Yellow Submarine"
soundtrack may sound slightly different to the discerning ear.
Letters Shed Light On Tragedy Of Fifth Beatle
Press Association
6 September, 1999
Memorabilia of one of the most unfortunate nearly-men of rock music is going on sale at
Yellow Submarine
By Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
5 September, 1999
``Yellow Submarine'' was released in 1968, after the Summer of Love but before Woodstock,
when the Beatles stood astride the world of pop music, and ``psychedelic art'' had such an
influence that people actually read underground newspapers printed in orange on yellow
John Lennon artworks go on the road
By Ray Kelly, MSNBC
5 September, 1999
Nearly 20 years after his death, John Lennon is again on tour.
Under the hammer
This Is London
3 September, 1999
It's 30 years since the Beatles stopped singing, yet their auction sales market remains of
awesome proportions. to Feature Exclusive On-Line Preview of Beatles Re-Release
of Yellow Submarine
3 September, 1999
In an exclusive for Beatles fans everywhere starting Monday September 7th,
(OTC Bulletin Board: FNTV - news) will feature a sneak preview of songs and segments from
Yellow Submarine, the landmark psychedelic Beatles film, including a never before released
animated track called, ``Hey Bulldog''.
Beatles' Yellow Submarine Original Artwork Resurfaces
3 September, 1999
American Royal Arts Corp., the nation's largest animation art dealer, is pleased to announce
that it has signed a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with Signatures and Apple to
produce and distribute animation art from The Beatles' Yellow Submarine.
New print, '60s magic in 'Yellow Submarine'
By Jay Carr, The Boston Globe
3 September, 1999
Even the most middling intelligence wouldn't need to shift into high gear to argue that all the
Beatles' movies were cartoons.
All you need is a deep and abiding love of the Beatles
By Chris Hewitt, St. Paul/Minneapolis Pioneer Planet
3 September, 1999
The main reason to see ``Yellow Submarine'' in a theater, even though it will be reissued on
video later this month, is the terrific sound (I'd call it concert-quality, except I went to the R.E.M.
concert a couple of weeks ago, and the sound was nowhere near as good as it is for this movie
at Minneapolis' Uptown).
Harrison puts end to missing LP rumors
InfoBeat (E-zine only. No known URL)
3 September, 1999
Over the years, many Beatles fans have wondered what happened to the "Yellow Submarine"
EP that EMI Records considered putting out in 1970 as an adjunct to the "Yellow Submarine"
soundtrack. The EP reportedly had the six new Beatles songs included in the movie, plus an
early version of "Across the Universe," which later showed up on the "Let it Be" album. In an
interview with Billboard editor Timothy White published in the October issue of Guitar World,
George Harrison says there's "nothing I can remember" about such an EP, but he did confirm
that an early version of "Across the Universe" did exist and has, in fact, seen the light of day. "I
remember that the early version of 'Across the Universe' was the better one. But we finally put
that one out on a World Wildlife Fund Charity album (in 1969). And it also later went on the
'Anthology (2)' album," he said.
American Debut of Beatles Postage Stamp Marked By Re-Release
Of Classic Film 'Yellow Submarine'
3 September, 1999
"We all live in a Yellow Submarine" will be the resounding chorus for many Beatles fans next
week when a new commemorative stamp honoring the "Fab Four" is unveiled by the U.S.
Postal Service on September 7 at the Uptown Theater in the nation's capital.
McCartney to Host Buddy Holly Tribute
3 September, 1999
Paul McCartney will host an all-star Buddy Holly tribute and rock 'n' roll dance contest
Tuesday night in Manhattan.
Julian Lennon gains ease as a musical son
By Lynne Margolis, The Christian Science Monitor
3 September, 1999
Julian Lennon is used to the scrutiny his every musical move brings.
Yellow Submarine still holds water
By Peter Keough, The Boston Phoenix
2 September, 1999
It's not just your father's pop tune. Three decades later, the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine"
remains insidiously catchy.
New wave of Beatles on video and CD
By Steve Marinucci, San Jose Mercury News
1 September, 1999
Once upon a time -- or maybe twice (to borrow a phrase from the movie) -- the Beatles
released the wonderful animated adventure ``Yellow Submarine,'' their third film.
Beatle Millennium Message -- All You Need Is Love
1 September, 1999
The Beatles told the world in 1967 that ''All You Need Is Love,'' and now the three surviving
members of the Fab Four say the song is an appropriate anthem for the new millennium.
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