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Gallery exhibits Lennon's erotic artwork of Ono
30 July, 1999
Thirty years ago police raided a London art gallery and confiscated John Lennon's erotic
lithographs of his wife, Yoko Ono.
Imagine All the Kids' Togs
By Booth Moore, Los Angeles Times
30 July, 1999
Original drawings by what legendary musician now adorn a Carter's line of children's
It's much too late for two goodbyes
By Ryan Jones, The Record Online
30 July, 1999
Each made a brief appearance on the musical scene of the 1980s, only to become the
subject of where-are-they-now queries over the past decade.
Lennon's erotic art defies police raid
By Genny Wilkinson, Reuters
30 July, 1999
Thirty years ago police raided a London art gallery and confiscated John Lennon's erotic
lithographs of his wife, Yoko Ono.
MediaX Scores Big on the Internet With Paul McCartney's 'Fans On
The Run'
29 July, 1999
MediaX Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: MXMX - news), the award-winning developer
of new media content for the Internet, entertainment companies and interactive satellite
channels, today announced the unprecedented success of ``Fans On The Run.''
Obituaries in the News
Associated Press
29 July, 1999
Clark Race, a disc jockey for radio station KDKA who accompanied The Beatles to Pittsburgh,
died of a heart attack Tuesday. He was 66 and was being treated for throat cancer.
Julian Lennon, Back on Track
By Patrick Foster, The Washington Post
28 July, 1999
If there has ever been an artist who could be classified as a recovering songwriter, it's Julian
Carpenter gets thumbs up from Beatle
Infobeat (As far as I know, this story isn't available online)
28 July, 1999
Mary Chapin Carpenter got some good news from her new drummer, Dave Mattacks, who
is joining her on the road this summer to promote her new album, "Party Doll and Other
Favorites." Apparently Mattacks has worked with such legends as Jethro Tull and Paul
McCartney. He spoke with McCartney right before joining Carpenter on the road. "He told me
that Paul asked where he was off to," Carpenter said. The drummer told him he was going to
America to tour with Carpenter, to which McCartney responded by giving him the thumbs up
and saying, "Songwriter - good!" That was all Carpenter needed to hear. "Wait a minute," she
said. "He knows I exist? That just about killed me."
Ex-Beatle Lennon Has Coat Auctioned
Associated Press
27 July, 1999
A cashmere coat worn by John Lennon didn't fetch nearly as much as hoped for at an
auction Tuesday.
Another hit for Paul
South China Morning Post
27 July, 1999
A world premiere of paintings by former Beatle Paul McCartney has drawn 37,500
people since it opened on April 30 in Siegen, West Germany.
Arts Elsewhere
By L. Peat O'Neil, The Washington Post
25 July, 1999
"Linda McCartney's Sixties: Portrait of an Era" is the first museum show of McCartney's
photographs in the United States since her death in April 1998.
Julian Lennon "Photograph Smile"
By Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post
23 July, 1999
Julian Lennon dedicated his latest album, "Photograph Smile," to his late stepfather, but
that's not the patriarch whose style echoes in such songs as "And She Cries" and "Cold."
Harrison Guitar To Be Auctioned
Associated Press
23 July, 1999
Beatle George Harrison strummed the guitar on a London rooftop during the band's
final performance 30 years ago.
Lennon's coat up for auction
22 July, 1999
Would-be John Lennon look-a-likes can take a step nearer authenticity next week
when one of his trademark items of clothing goes up for sale.
John Lennon autograph on the auction block
By Karen Bliss, Jam! Music
21 July, 1999
John Lennon's last autograph is up for auction on eHammer online.
McCartney Gets 'Stung' On The Web
21 July, 1999
Former Beatle Paul McCartney has been stung by a new track he's recorded for his
upcoming covers album, ``Run Devil Run.''
McCartney's crap, says Rabanne
By Ian Sparks, This is London
20 July, 1999
Fashion king Paco Rabanne has branded gifted British designer Stella McCartney's work
as "crap" in a savage and unprovoked attack.
McCartney Sets Due In Oct.
By David Stark, Billboard
20 July, 1999
Paul McCartney's new album of rock'n'roll covers will be titled "Run Devil Run" and will
be released Oct. 5 in the U.S. on Capitol and a day earlier in the U.K. on Parlophone/EMI.
Linda Would Have Been So Proud At Tribute, Says Paul
Press Association
19 July, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney said his late wife Linda would have been "proud and overwhelmed"
that eight leading composers should pay tribute to her memory.
Julian Lennon: He echoes his dad's legend
The Cincinnati Post
15 July, 1999
It's been seven years since Julian Lennon has had a new album or toured the U.S. But
he's back, headlining a four-week American tour that kicks off tonight in Chicago in
support of his new CD, ''Photograph Smile.''
MediaX Corporation Launches Second Phase of Paul McCartney 'Fans
On The Run' Campaign
14 July, 1999
MediaX Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: MXMX - news), the award winning developer
of new media content for entertainment companies and interactive satellite channels,
announced the launch of the second phase of ``Fans On The Run,'' an exclusive promotion
done in conjunction MPL Communications, one of the largest privately owned music
publishing companies in the world.
Carter's Licenses John Lennon's Artwork for Innovative Line of
Children's Clothing
14 July, 1999
Carter's, the number-one brand of children's apparel, has licensed John Lennon's
artwork to launch Carter's new brand theme, Celebrating Imagination(TM), for children
newborn to age six.
Maybe I'm amazed
By John Russell Taylor, The Times
14 July, 1999
So you thought Paul McCartney was the blandest of the Beatles? Well, think again.
Lennon: Dad Would Have Resented Me
Associated Press
13 July, 1999
Julian Lennon says dad John Lennon would have resented his musical career if he had
lived long enough to see it.
Beatles Reunion Not Happening, Says Apple
13 July, 1999
Reports that the surviving members of the Beatles would reunite next month for a special
performance of "Yellow Submarine" have been torpedoed by a spokesperson for the
band's label, Apple Records.
Beatles 'Submarine' Reunion Denied By Apple Corps
Music 365
13 July, 1999
BEATLES fans need not climb aboard just yet, because newspaper reports that the
surviving Fab Three are getting together for a Yellow Submarine TV special are nothing
but froth.
It Won't Be Long, Yeah!
By Bill Hoffmann, New York Post
12 July, 1999
 The Beatles will come together once again to perform one of their biggest hits - "Yellow
Submarine" - on live TV next month.
Beeb use Beatle track
The Journal
Date unknown
 The Beatles classic I Am The Walrus is to be given a new lease of life as it spearheads a
new BBC campaign.
Radio 2 Airs McCartney Album Preview
Press Association
4 July, 1999
A sneak preview of Paul McCartney's first album since the death of his wife Linda will be
given its first airing by Radio 2.
We love them, yeah, yeah, yeah
By  Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press
2 July, 1999
Groups play musical tribute to the Beatles.
Get Ticket To Ride On Magical Mystery Tour
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
2 July, 1999
Get your pink ticket to ride, step right up on the psychedelic charabanc and the Magical
Mystery Tour is waiting to take you away.
Lennon tops star poll
1 July, 1999
John Lennon has beaten Sir Paul McCartney to be named the greatest music star of the
20th century, according to readers of a UK music magazine.
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