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Yellow Submarine (video) - the Hebrew edition
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The Beatles: The Seven Good Years
By Naphtali Wagner
(A brand new Israeli book)


Here are links to the latest Beatles-related articles available online:
Parky To Interview Macca - After 25 Years
Press Association
31 October, 1999
Michael Parkinson has finally landed music legend Sir Paul McCartney as a guest on his
chat show - to honour a deal he made more than a quarter of a century ago.
They Won't Let It Be
Sunday Mirror
31 October, 1999
By his own admission, actor Aidan Quinn looks nothing like ex-Beatle Paul McCartney.
McCartney To Perform Live On TV
Press Association
29 October, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney is to play live on TV with a band for the first time in six years as he takes
part in a BBC2 show - the UK debut for his new outfit.
Apple Records to publish 'Beatles Anthology'
Infobeat (E-zine. Unavailable online)
28 October, 1999
The first official Beatles book to be given the thumbs up by Apple Records will be published
next year by Chronicle Books in San Francisco. "The Beatles Anthology" will be the complete
story of the Fab Four, as told by the Beatles themselves. "The Beatles Anthology" will include
about 70,000 words from each Beatle and will also contain over 1,000 photographs, half of
which have never before been published. A representative of Chronicle says "The Beatles
Anthology," which will retail for $60, should be in stores by next fall.
McCartney contributes by not winging it
By David L. Beck, San Jose Mercury News
27 October, 1999
If he hadn't been a genius at pop music, Paul McCartney might have had a good shot at being
a second-rate serious composer.
McCartney working on Beatles film
Jam! Music
26 October, 1999
Paul McCartney is working on a new Beatles film using a combination of computer animation
and his late wife's photos, according to Britain's The Daily Mirror.
Ringo Starr releases holiday album
Infobeat (E-zine. Unavailable online)
25 October, 1999
Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr released "Ringo Starr: I Wanna Be Santa Claus" last
week. The album features six new songs, five classic songs and the Beatles classic,
"Christmas Time Is Here Again." It's the first compilation by a former Beatle and it features a
track with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, "Pax Um Biscum (Peace Be With You)." Starr says
that he likes a live feel in the studio, playing with other musicians as opposed to the playing
to tracks approach. "I like to work with musicians," he said. "I'm not a drummer who can go
and put the headphones on and play to records and things like that. It's just very difficult for
me. "Ringo Starr: I Wanna Be Santa Claus" was produced by Starr and Mark Hudson.
Rare Dracula Poster Tops Quirky Memorabilia Sale
25 October, 1999
Dracula's motto ``I vant to suck your blood!'' could be plastered on your wall for a mere
$8,307 or you could walk away in Harrison Ford's trenchcoat from ''Bladerunner'' for
about the same price at a sale next month, auction house Bonhams said Monday.
What does the future hold now for sad Cilla?
By James O'brien, The Express
25 October, 1999
Friends of Cilla Black believe that she may call time on her career following the death of
her husband and manager, Bobby Willis.
Cilla's Bobby Dies Of Cancer
Sky News
24 October, 1999
Bobby Willis, husband of television star Cilla Black, died on Saturday after a long battle
with liver and lung cancer.
Cilla's husband dies
23 October, 1999
Bobby Willis, husband of television star Cilla Black, has died after a long battle with liver
and lung cancer.
The Fab Fifth
By John Kelly, The Irish Times
23 October, 1999
It's a daft thought, but without him the Beatles might have sounded like Oasis. "Yes, I
knew they would be good and I knew they would be successful, but I never thought that
I'd be talking about them 40 years later," says Sir George Martin about his life and times
with the Fab Four.
Sir Paul To The Rescue In Video Shoot Mix-Up
23 October, 1999
Armed police pounced after a tip-off about a gun-wielding gang in west London - only to
find it was a video shoot for a Paul McCartney single.
Hands Up - It's A Mix Up
Sky News
23 October, 1999
Metropolitan police officers rushed to the scene of what they thought was a gangland
shooting in London ? only to find themselves on the set of a pop video
Macca's pounds 150,000 Donation
Online Mirror
23 October, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney told yesterday how The Mirror's Pride of Britain Awards inspired him
to help landmine victims with a pounds 150,000 gift.
'George was by far the best actor of the four of them'
By Steven Soderbergh, The Guardian
22 October, 1999
Richard Lester, veteran director of Help! talks to Steven Soderbergh, director of sex, lies
and videotape, about working with the Beatles
Sir George Martin Joins Online Music Company
21 October, 1999
Sir George Martin, CBE, one of music's most respected and versatile talents who was
responsible for signing the Beatles to their first record contract and went on to produce
virtually every record in their career, as well as those of many of the music industry's
biggest stars, has joined the recently launched Internet music company,
Beatles compilation set in the works
Infobeat (E-zine, unavailable online)
20 October, 1999
A new Beatles collection set may be on the way. Beatlefan magazine reports that the
compilation - tentatively titled "The 26 No. 1s" - will, as the title suggests, assemble all
of the Fab Four's chart-topping hits, probably in chronological order. The album, initially
thought to be slated for a holiday-season release, now looks like it won't be out until
sometime in 2000. Beatlefan says there are also rumors that a video compilation will
accompany the new set.
McCartney weeps his way back to work
The Times
19 October, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney last night spoke of his loneliness following the death of his wife but
told how her "upbeat" spirit had coaxed him back into writing music.
EMI Classics Releases, 19 October 1999 Third Classical Album
From Paul McCartney - 'Working Classical' String Quartet Love
Songs for Linda
19 October, 1999
One theme dominates Paul McCartney's third ``classical'' album ``Working Classical''
-- a love theme for Linda.
Paul Pulls Fast One
By Matthew Wright, Online Mirror
18 October, 1999
Suits you, Sir Paul...
Fast Show stars Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson have been asked by Sir Paul
McCartney to star in his next pop video.
McCartney Not Looking for Love
Associated Press
18 October, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney says that he's not looking for another woman, more than a year
after the death of his wife Linda, but that he's open to the possibility of a new relationship.
Ex-Beatle McCartney spins old favorites on BBC
18 October, 1999
Paul McCartney hits the airwaves Wednesday with the first of a five-part radio show for
the BBC World Service that features some of the former Beatle's favorite golden oldies
and musical memories.
She Grooves. Will She Go?
By Veronica Chambers , Newsweek
18 October, 1999
It's the day before the Chloe fashion show, but if head designer Stella McCartney is
tense, it doesn't show.
Holly Was A Buddy To 'Blind' Beatle Lennon
17 October, 1999
Fifties pop idol Buddy Holly saved short-sighted John Lennon from years of bumping
into things, Sir Paul McCartney has revealed - by making glasses fashionable.
Tripping the light fantastic in Paris
By Jeanne Beker, Ottawa Citizen
16 October, 1999
Even rubbing elbows with the likes of Paul McCartney loses a little of its glitter when
you're away from the ones you love.
McCartney's back with a new CD his wife urged him to do
By Steve Morse, The Boston Globe
16 October, 1999
Coming out of a self-imposed hiatus since his wife's death, Beatles survivor Paul
McCartney swept into a recent listening party for his new album at the Hammerstein
Sir Paul's Song Expresses Love For Linda
16 October, 1999
Sir Paul McCartney has said a love song which is part of his new classical piece receiving
its world premiere captures some of his innermost feelings for his late wife Linda.
Public Premiere For Sir Paul's Love Songs
16 October, 1999
Newly-arranged love songs written by Sir Paul McCartney for his late wife Linda are to
be publicly premiered in the former Beatle's home city.
McCartney's rockin' recovery
By Edna Gundersen, USA Today
15 October, 1999
You might not expect a grieving widower to battle despair with a raucous rock 'n' roll blowout,
but that's exactly how McCartney nursed his heartbreak. After a year of mourning, he entered
the studio with a wish list of '50s rock tunes and emerged five days later with the upbeat Run
Devil Run, featuring a dozen primordial rock covers and three originals that slip neatly into the
retro groove.
McCartney's latest debuts at No. 27
Infobeat (E-zine, unavailable online)
15 October, 1999
In its first week at retail, Paul McCartney's rock 'n roll album, "Run Devil Run," had a
respectable outing against the young guns of pop music. The album arrived at No. 27
on this week's SoundScan sales chart, selling close to 49,000 copies. "Run Devil Run"
is the week's fourth-highest debut, behind new albums by alternative rockers Live at
No. 4, Melissa Etheridge's "Breakdown" at No. 12 and rapper Inspectah Deck's
"Uncontrolled Substance" at No. 19. "Run Devil Run" also debuted at No. 24 on the
SoundScan Internet sales chart.
Working on the classics
By Susannah Simons, The Guardian
15 October, 1999
Paul McCartney has a new album of orchestral tunes out next week. But that doesn't
mean he's abandoned his rock'n'roll roots, he tells Susannah Simons
Behind-the-Scenes Exclusive College Webcast For VH1's
October 16 'Paul McCartney And Friends'
14 October, 1999, the first fully-integrated, rich media website aimed at the college market, kicks
off its ``streaming media'' event programming this Saturday, October 16, at 9:00pm/EST&
PST with its free, online webcast of the star-studded PeTA Party of the Century and
Humanitarian Award Gala.
The Who Join Together For Corporate Event
By Dean Goodman, Reuters
14 October, 1999
The Who will perform for the first time in more than two years when they appear at a
corporate event in Las Vegas later this month, organizers said.
'Devil Run': Rowdy Fun
By Richard Harrington, Washington Post
13 October, 1999
Paul McCartney Lets Loose In a Tribute to '50s Rock Legends
Paul McCartney Run Devil Run
Q (Jeff Boswel again)
12 October, 1999
McCartney's last rock'n'roll anthology 1989's The Russian Album concentrated on
better known songs, but this latest collection is a less obvious and, as such, more
interesting collection.
Rock Royalty And The Bleeding Masses
By Jeff Bercovitzi, NYRock
Date Unknown
As I entered the Hammerstein Ballroom, September 22nd, gravity seemed to triple.
Hard day's night for Stella
The Wichita Eagle
11 October, 1999
Stella McCartney is the fashion designing daughter of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney. Stella,
the designer behind the Chloe label, took her papa to the recent opening of the New
York Chloe boutique. Mistake.
Classical McCartney With Love Songs For Linda
11 October, 1999
Paul McCartney has turned classical with love songs to his late wife Linda arranged for
a string quartet.
New 'Yellow Submarine' includes more songs
By Al Brumley, The Dallas Morning News
10 October, 1999
Thirty-one years after the fact, Capitol Records has released a "Yellow Submarine"
soundtrack that actually includes all the songs heard in the movie.
Beatles may be honoured as millennium icons
By Michael Prescott and Eben Black, Sunday Times
10 October, 1999
Tony Blair plans to break with precedent by recommending 2,000 people for honours on
the eve of the new millennium - double the usual number of peerages, knighthoods and
medals handed out at the new year.
Daddy's girl breaks free
Guardian Unlimited
10 October, 1999
Her father was a Beatle and her mother was the most famous vegetarian in the world
but after a fabulously successful fashion show in Paris last week, she's made her name
her own
Imagine all the People Buying '71 Lennon Film
By Stephen Battaglio,
10 October, 1999
A new film containing previously unreleased footage of John Lennon at work in his
recording studio will soon be making its way to television viewers around the world
and to DVD late next year.
Stella's super-cool and super-brief
By Mimi Spencer, This Is London
10 October, 1999
It was sex a-plenty from Chloe's hit designer Stella McCartney, amid rumours whipping
round Paris like leaves in the breeze that she is unhappy and considering offers from
other houses.
``Run Devil Run,'' Paul McCartney, Capitol ** 1/2
By Jim Walsh, St. Paul/Minneapolis Pioneer Planet
9 October, 1999
As Elliot Smith's version of the Beatles' ``Because'' rolled during the end credits of
``American Beauty,'' ushering out that cartoon tale of middle-aged ennui with an ironic
wink, I couldn't help but wince.
Lennon's Imagine Still No 1
Associated Press
9 October, 1999
John Lennon's haunting Imagine, which shot to No 1 within days of his death, has been
named the nation's favourite song lyric.
Meet Original Beatles Drummer Pete Best at Norfolk Beatles Convention
Oct. 16; Special $25 Admission Available for Saturday Only
8 October, 1999
Pete Best, the original drummer for The Beatles, will be available to meet the public at
``A British Celebration,'' a Beatles convention to be held at the Clarion Norfolk.
Paul McCartney - Run Devil Run
By David Wild, Rolling Stone
8 October, 1999
Some of the greatest rock concerts I ever witnessed were Paul McCartney sound checks.
Paul McCartney rocks again in 'Run Devil Run'
The Birmingham News
8 October, 1999
He was always considered the Beatles' balladeer, and some solo silly love songs didn't do
much to help Paul McCartney shake that softer image.
Veteran Comedy Actor Deryck Guyler Dies
Press Association
8 October, 1999
Comic actor Deryck Guyler, whose TV roles included Sykes and Please Sir!, has died at the
age of 85.
John Lennon Birthday Remembrance In Hollywood
Arrow Grapevine
7 October, 1999
"Imagine" will be the theme of a free to the public John Lennon Birthday Remembrance that
will take place from 12:00 noon until 2:00pm, Saturday, October 9 at Lennon's Hollywood Walk
of Fame star located at 1750 N. Vine Street in Hollywood (just north of Hollywood Blvd. in front
of the Capitol Records Tower Building).
Concerts, Camping On Tap At Kane Site
By Lynn Van Matre, Chicago Tribune
7 October, 1999
Twenty-five local bands will be featured Friday through Sunday at the Kane County Events
Center in Geneva, site of a Harvest Moon Music Festival in honor of John Lennon's birthday.
'Music for the Eyes' showcases Lennon art
By Steve Morse, The Boston Globe
7 October, 1999
John Lennon would have turned 59 tomorrow.
New Lennon Film Boasts Extensive Unseen Footage
6 October, 1999
A new film containing mostly unreleased footage of John Lennon in his studio will soon be
making its way to TV screens worldwide.
Rare Beatles Album Sought by Collectors Worldwide To Be Auctioned
by Kanakaris
6 October, 1999
Kanakaris Communications, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: KKRS - news) announced that it will
offer one of the music world's most sought after items when it auctions a rare Beatles album
on the Internet LifeStyle Network portion of its www.KKRS.Net web site.
McCartney Rolls Out Rock Roots On 'Run Devil Run'
6 October, 1999
Paul McCartney returned to his rock 'n' roll roots this week with the release of his first album
since the death of his wife, Linda, a musical venture the ex-Beatle describes as a comfort to
him and a tribute to her.
McCartney Releases First Album Since Wife's Death
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
6 October, 1999
Former Beatle Paul McCartney returned to his rock 'n' roll roots Wednesday for the release
of his first pop album since the death of his wife Linda last year.
The Escapist
Washington Post
6 October, 1999
McKee's Beatles Museum in Virginia Beach puts on a "British Celebration" Oct. 15-17 at
Norfolk's Clarion Hotel.
McCartney Leads Cheers For Stella Show
6 October, 1999
Proud Paul McCartney cheered fashion designer daughter Stella as she took inspiration for
her new collection from his Beatles' hit She's A Woman.
Just another Tuesday
By Jim Derogatis, Chicago-Sun Times
5 October, 1999
There are two ways to view Macca's newest solo release. One is that in the wake of his
beloved Linda's death, he sought catharsis via the music he loved as a teen, rocking harder
than he has at any point since Wings.
CD review: Paul McCartney
By Kevin O'Hare, Star Tribune
5 October, 1999
He was always considered the Beatles' balladeer, and those silly love songs he recorded as
a solo act didn't help shake that softer image.
Sharps & flats
By Geoff Edgers, Salon Magazine
5 October, 1999
Paul McCartney used members of Pink Floyd and Deep Purple to help him get back to
rockabilly on "Run Devil Run." The real surprise? It worked.
Paul McCartney - Run Devil Run
E! Online
5 October, 1999
so rather than sounding like a retro tidbit, Run Devil Run kicks ass and takes no prisoners.
Welcome back, Paul.
Beatles' fan sentenced 'for singing too loudly'
5 October, 1999
A woman who sang and clapped along to music so loudly in her flat that her council
confiscated her stereo and tambourine has been sentenced to a year's probation.
New McCartney Interview, Tracks To Air On Web
4 October, 1999
Capitol Records and MediaX Corp. have teamed for an exclusive online promotion for Paul
McCartney's latest album, "Run Devil Run."
Paul McCartney's 'Run Devil Run' Set to Rock the Web
Business Wire
3 October, 1999
Capitol Records and The MediaX Corporation "Fire Up" Exclusive Online Listening Bash
Which Features First Broadcast of McCartney Radio Interview And Promotional Video
McCartney Bounces Back
3 October, 1999
When Paul McCartney visited Atlanta earlier this year, he discovered a pharmacy filled with
bath salts, incense, candles - and the title song for his new album.
Of Rock and Remembrance
By Robert Hilburn, Los Angeles Times
3 October, 1999
The former Beatle revisits his '50s rock 'n' roll influences in his first CD since his wife's death.
McCartney Says 'Yeah,Yeah,Yeah' To Lennon Gallagher
2 October, 1999
Former Beatle Paul McCartney thinks it is ''cool'' Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher and his
actress wife Patsy Kensit have named their son after John Lennon.
Psychedelic film 'Yellow Submarine' will blow your mind
By Chris Hicks, Deseret News
1 October, 1999
If you can remember the '60s, you weren't really there, or so the saying goes.
Sir Paul rocks once more
1 October, 1990
Sir Paul McCartney has said he is starting to rebuild his life after the death of his wife Linda
from cancer last year.
Handful of designers expected to defect, retire after Paris Fashion Week
1 October, 1999
As the century wanes, a clutch of heavyweight Paris designers will be on the move when
the French capital's spring/summer 2000 fashion shows start this weekend.
Rome Streets Named for Celebrities
Associated Press
1 October, 1999
The City Council paid homage to Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Italian actress Silvana
Mangano, comedian Buster Keaton and John Lennon when it announced the names of
new streets Friday.
McCartney's visit to Atlanta inspires song
By Russ DeVault, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
1 October, 1999
Paul McCartney's new solo album hits stores Tuesday and both the title song "Run
Devil Run" and cover photo were inspired by a chance visit to a drugstore in what the
former Beatle calls the "funky" part of downtown Atlanta.
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