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Classical album pays tribute to McCartney
By Edna Gundersen, USA Today
31 March, 2000
Paul McCartney is among 10 British composers contributing to A Garland for Linda, an album
honoring the former Beatle's late wife, who died of breast cancer in 1998.
Rock History Gets Rewritten In New Book
By Paul Semel, Allstar
31 March, 2000
In what must be a dream come true for rock fans who are also conspiracy theorists, a new
book due out in July will question the official facts behind the deaths of such rock, pop, and
hip-hop stars as Tupac Shakur, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, the Notorious B.I.G., and INXS
singer Michael Hutchence.
Photo: Julia Baird, half sister of Beatle John Lennon, unveils a road sign
in Liverpool
Associated Press
31 March, 2000
Photo: Julia Baird, half sister of Beatle John Lennon, unveils a road sign in Liverpool
Area collectors buy Lennon/Ono tapes
By Steve Morse, The Boston Globe
31 March, 2000
John Lennon sweetly grooming the hair of his wife, Yoko Ono. John smoking pot.
Birthplace Of Beatles Road Sign Unveiled
The Guardian
31 March, 2000
John Lennon's half-sister has unveiled the first road sign to brand Liverpool as the
"birthplace of the Beatles".
Birthplace Of Beatles Road Sign Unveiled
Press Association
31 March, 2000
John Lennon's half-sister has unveiled the first road sign to brand Liverpool as the
"birthplace of the Beatles".
Yoko's story to hit screen
By Liz Hodgson, South China Morning Post
31 March, 2000
The romance of John Lennon and Yoko Ono is being prepared for the big screen.
Indian minister echoes ex-Beatle on abuse of cows
31 March, 2000
An Indian minister on Friday welcomed a move by pop legend and ex-Beatle Paul
McCartney seeking the protection of the country's millions of cows from unbridled
slaughter for leather and beef exports.
McCartney urges PM to improve cattle transportation
The Times of India
31 March, 2000
Popular Beatles star Sir Paul McCartney has appealed to Prime Minister Atal Bihari
Vajpayee to fight corruption and illegal practices that prevail during the transport and
slaughter of cows in India.
Is This Paul's Latest Model?
30 March, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney has been making headlines with beautiful model Heather Mills.
But at his old home, a different type of model is making the news.
McCartney Upset by Abuse of Cattle
Associated Press
30 March, 2000
Paul McCartney says he was deeply upset by the abuse of Indian cattle in the international
leather and meat trades.
Heather drops hints about marriage to Macca
Press Association
30 March, 2000
Former model Heather Mills has hinted she may marry Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney.
Heather: I May Marry Macca
By Adam Lee-Potter, The Sun
30 March, 2000
Former model Heather Mills yesterday hinted she may MARRY Beatles legend Sir Paul
Paul McCartney's New Love Says Too Early to Marry
29 March, 2000
Former model Heather Mills said on Thursday it was too early to say whether she and
ex-Beatle Paul McCartney would get married.
Drag hunting would save jobs, says McCartney
By Andrew Hibberd, Electronic Telegraph
29 March, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney has proposed a solution to end the foxhunting debate.
Was Jo Jo Murdered?
The Mirror
29 March, 2000
Linda McCartney's first husband Joseph "Jo Jo" See may have been murdered.
Oh, it's Ono, Ofili and a Lady Godiva
By Bryce Hallett, The Sydney Morning Herald
28 March, 2000
The National Gallery of Australia might be faltering in the sensational contemporary art stakes,
but the Biennale of Sydney 2000 is set to take the lead.
Give the disabled a chance in life, pleads Heather
By Simone Rosamond, The Express (Thanks to Bob Gilmartin)
28 March, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney's new love Heather Mills yesterday appealed for bosses to give
disabled people the chance to prove their worth.
The Beatles Live As a Virtual Body
Haaretz (Hebrew only)
28 March, 2000
(An article about this site and its makers)
Was Linda's ex murdered?
By Kathy Moran And Ivor Key, The Express
28 March, 2000
Detectives investigating the death of Linda McCartney's former husband believe he may
have been murdered.
Do you want to know a secret?
By Stephen Lynch, The Orange County Register
28 March, 2000
No one told Jon Wiener there'd be days like these. (Strange days indeed).
Sir Paul McCartney And Heather Mills
Hello! (Thanks to Bob Gilmartin) (click here to view the cover)
28 March, 2000
Two years after the death of his beloved wife Linda he begins to find happiness with the
brave model and charity campaigner
Kingdome looms large in Seattle's concert history
By Patrick MacDonald, Seattle Times
26 March, 2000
As a special tribute to the ol' Kingdome, we've dredged up a selection of reviews from rock
concerts there.
Paul McCartney Finds Love Again
24 March, 2000
The ambience was cozy, the mood low-key as guests arrived at the fashionably converted
barn in Hampshire, England, on Jan. 29 to celebrate British model Heather Mills's 32nd
McCartney Sues For Infringement
By Allyson Lieberman, New York Post
24 March, 2000
Paul McCartney may sing about the "Band On The Run" -- but he's going to court to make
sure his bands are safe at home.
Bigger Than the Beatles
By Matt Coker, OC Weekly
24 March, 2000
UC Irvine professor Jon Wienerís fight for John Lennonís FBI file reveals something ugly
about democracy in America
Film shows Lennon's mind games
By Damian Whitworth, The Times
24 March, 2000
It Is February 1970, the Beatles are just a couple of months away from breaking up, and John
Lennon's mind is full of many things.
The Will of Linda McCartney
CourtTV Online (Thanks to Miriam Novotna)
On her death in April 1998, Paul McCartney's wife, a crusader for animal rights and
vegetarianism, left her substantial fortune to the former Beatle.
Yoko Ono sends love to bed-in
The Guardian
23 March, 2000
Four couples who embarked on a bed-in to win £10,000 and a holiday to Canada, have been
sent a basket of flowers by Yoko Ono.
`Fifth Beatle' Rounds Out Fab Four Tribute Act's Sound
By Lynn Van Matre, Chicago Tribune
23 March, 2000
The bona fide Beatles called it quits 30 years ago, but there's no shortage of Fab Four
McCartney Company Takes To Court
By Carolyn Horwitz, Billboard (Thanks to Miriam Novotna)
23 March, 2000
The Paul McCartney-owned publishing company MPL Communications Inc. and Peer
International Corp. have filed suit against, claiming that the online company's service violates copyrights.
A Videotape of Lennon and Ono, and a Bid for a Documentary
By Allan Kozinn, New York Times
23 March, 2000
More than nine hours of videotape of John Lennon and Yoko Ono shot in February 1970 by
Tony Cox, Ms. Ono's former husband, has come to light.
Paul, His Wild Child ó & Babies?
New York Daily News (Thanks to Miriam Novotna)
22 March, 2000
Paul McCartney's new romance with former model Heather Mills seems to be progressing at
a brisk clip.
Move, move me do
By Nigel Pauley, MegaStar (Thanks to Bob Gilmartin)
22 March, 2000
Model Heather Mills is moving even closer to lover Sir Paul McCartney. . . after forking out
£250,000 on a seaside home.
Art expert Mel See a suicide; Linda McCartney's first spouse
By Carol Ann Alaimo, The Arizona Daily Star
21 March, 2000
In life, Tucsonan Joseph Melville See Jr. toiled in obscurity, filming indigenous people of
Linda McCartney's first husband kills himself
Press Association
21 March, 2000
Linda McCartney's first husband, Joseph Melville See, has died after shooting himself in
Tucson, Arizona.
Just Imagine
Sunday Mirror
21 March, 2000
Secret Lennon tape on sale for pounds 1m
Carole Malone Column: This Is The Wrong Ending To Paul's Great
Love Story
Sunday Mirror
21 March, 2000
Forgive me for not cracking open a bottle of bubbly and toasting Sir Paul McCartney's
blossoming relationship with model girl Heather Mills.
Book Review: Jack Jones's 'Let Me Take You Down'
By Rattaya Nimibutr, The Daily Cougar
20 March, 2000
Back in the late 1970s, when Mark David Chapman bought a copy of Catcher in the Rye
by J.D. Salinger for his wife, he told her to read it for a better understanding of his mental
stability, or lack thereof.
Linda Would Approve Of My New Love
By Dominic Mohan, The Sun (Thanks to Miriam Novotna)
20 March, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney says his late wife Linda would give her blessing to his new affair with
brave Heather Mills.
Father figure
By Yvette Cabrera, The Orange County Register
19 March, 2000
Visual Art: A major show of John Lennon's drawings reveals the Beatle's inner life.
Myth of Linda McCartney's sex claims exposed
By John Harlow, The Sunday Times
19 March, 2000
The final secret of Linda McCartney is about to be exposed in a television series.
Life is just one long whirlwind romance
The Sunday Times
19 March, 2000
So Sir Paul McCartney, 57, and the disabled model Heather Mills, 32, are "an item", as the
former Beatle tersely conceded last week.
Heather's broken my heart but I wish her well with Sir Paul
By John Chapman, The Express
19 March, 2000
The jilted fiance of disabled model Heather Mills has told friends he is "devastated" by her
relationship with Sir Paul McCartney.
Macca's So Lucky Say Heather's Yesterday Men
Sunday Mirror
19 March, 2000
They are the men she left behind...two former fiances who had planned to spend their lives
with Heather Mills.
The Woman In McCartney's Life
By Peter Fearon, New York Post
19 March, 2000
It has been a long and winding road for the new love in Paul McCartney's life -- runaway bride
Heather Mills.
Support of McCartney-Mills won't secure peace
By Rachel Donnelly, The Irish Times
18 March, 2000
Paul McCartney has found love with a new companion who has bravely endured adversity.
Elvis Plan To Give Tourist Buses Fresh Vitality
Press Association
18 March, 2000
Elvis fan Sid Shaw is putting The King and The Beatles back on the road - by launching
karaoke sightseeing trips led by lookalikes.
Classical Goes Pop in Britain for Glitzy Awards
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
17 March, 2000
Britain's classical music industry Friday took a leaf out of pop music's book -- it announced
nominations for a glittering new awards ceremony
Sir Paul Is Set For Classical Brit Status
Press Association
17 March, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney is facing competition from The Phantom Menace to take a Classical Brit
at the first annual awards. .
Will she still feed him when he's 64?
By Earl McRae, Ottawa Sun
17 March, 2000
I was sitting watching David Letterman and thinking, geez, he looks and sounds worse
than before the operation, and then my mind wandered to Prime Minister Bonaparte who's
running again and will win because Canadians are dopes, but it was Paul McCartney and
his new girlfriend that got me thinking the most.
McCartney Mending Family Ties
By Neal Travis, New York Post
17 March, 2000
It seems that 58-year-old Paul McCartney, who admits he's in love again, is tidying up other
areas of his emotional life as well.
McCartney Tops Britpop's Rich List
Press Association
17 March, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney has piled on around £50 million to his fortune in a year, according to
a new survey of the wealthiest figures in the music world.
Macca and the model
By Suzanne Leigh, Western Daily Press News
17 March, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney has confirmed he and model Heather Mills are ďan itemĒ.
McCartney admits love for model
By Rick Hewett, Daily Mail
16 March, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney's friendship with Heather Mills has turned into a romance.
The beauty who taught Paul how to find love again
By James O'Brien, The Express
16 March, 2000
He feared that he would never love again after losing his cherished wife Linda to breast
cancer in 1998, but Sir Paul McCartney confirmed yesterday that he has embarked upon
a new relationship with disabled former model Heather Mills.
Soulfly Getting Help From Lennon On New LP
By Robert Mancini, MTV
16 March, 2000
Soulfly, the acclaimed metal outfit that rose from the ashes of frontman Max Cavalera's split
with Sepultura, is back in the studio and is getting help from some unlikely sources.
Associated Press
15 March, 2000
This November 23,1999 file photo shows former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney with former model
Heather Mills, right, her sister Fiona, second left, and Heather's personal assistant Helen Smith.
photo combo
Associated Press
15 March, 2000
This photo combo shows a January 27, 2000, file photo of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney
and a November 14, 1999, file photo of ex-model Heather Mills.
Sir Paul McCartney in new relationship
15 March, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney has confirmed he and model Heather Mills are "an item".
Linda McCartney leaves everything to Sir Paul
Press Association
14 March, 2000
Linda McCartney left her entire fortune to her ex-Beatle husband Sir Paul McCartney in a trust
that makes her estate virtually exempt from taxes, her will filed in Manhattan Surrogate's Court
Paul McCartney -  Singer, musician, composer; Age 57
Modern Maturity (click here to view the cover)
Formed Beatles at 18; Wrote 'Yesterday' at 23; Released first solo album, McCartney, at 27;
Formed new group, Wings, at 29; Recorded classical composition, Liverpool Oratorio, at 48;
Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at 54.
The US Premiere of a Garland for Linda - Music to Commemorate the
Life of Linda McCartney - New York's Riverside Church, June 3rd 2000
Associated Press
13 March, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney, Sir John Tavener, John Rutter and Sir Richard Rodney Bennett are
amongst the composers of A Garland for Linda, music to commemorate the life of Linda
His Love Doe$ It  Good
By Bill Hoffmann, NYPost
13 March, 2000
She loved him, yeah, yeah, yeah -- so much that Linda McCartney left her entire fortune of
more than $230 million to her famed Beatle husband, Paul.
Linda left all her £138m to Sir Paul
By Nicole Martin, Electronic Telegraph
13 March, 2000
Linda McCartney , who died from breast cancer two years ago, left her entire fortune to her
husband, the former Beatle Sir Paul, it was revealed yesterday.
Linda leaves £138m to Paul
Tom Rhodes and Don Hunter, Sunday Times
12 March, 2000
Linda McCartney has left her entire fortune to her husband, Sir Paul, it was revealed last night.
Together At Last... Yoko, Her Son And Her 'Lost' Daughter
Sunday Mirror
11 March, 2000
This is the moment Yoko Ono hardly dared to dream about...the day she could hug both her
children at once.
Villa Highlights
By Al Roberts, Metroactive
10 March, 2000
Proof positive that Beatlemania will never die is the continued success of drummer Ringo
Starr, who plays Villa Montalvo (with his All Starr Band, including Dave Edmunds, Jack Bruce
of Cream fame, Eric Carmen, Simon Kirk and Mark Rivera) on June 14-15. Chances are that he
won't be playing any numbers from his most recent album, I Wanna Be Santa Claus, a collection
of seasonal songs ranging from Winter Wonderland to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Raindeer.
Ringo will Starr
By Joe Kimball, Star Tribune
10 March, 2000
St. Paul promoter par excellence Ron Maddox was crowing this week that drummer Ringo Starr
will be the headliner for this summer's Taste of Minnesota, which he produces for the Capital
City Partnership. The free festival, in its 18th year, runs June 30 to July 4 on the State Capitol
grounds. Starr and his "All Starr Band" will play opening night, June 30.
Stars To Honour Few
Online Mirror
10 March, 2000
A campain has been launched to honour "the few" who defeated Hitler's Luftwaffe in the Battle
of Britain.
Who Feels Love For Oasis
10 March, 2000
The new Oasis single will be 'Who Feels Love' and is scheduled to be released on April 17th.
Lennon guilty before proven innocent?
Infobeat (E-zine, Unavailable online)
10 March, 2000
Some folks in England are not waiting to find out whether accusations that John Lennon
gave money to the IRA are true. In the face of those charges - denied by Lennon's widow,
Yoko Ono - the student union of a Cambridge University college has decided to strip the
late Beatle of a posthumous honorary membership. As Gonville and Caius College Student
Union president Outis Stanton explained, "In light of recent revelations, the GCSU Executive
Committee has been mandated to revoke the honorary membership previously awarded to
John Lennon. The GCSU would like to reiterate its support for all democratic initiatives
promoting peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland."
Cycling-Sciandri says misses meat on McCartney crew
10 March, 2000
British cyclist Max Sciandri said on Thursday he missed tucking into a steak now he was
leading the Linda McCartney all-vegetarian cycling team.
Macca'a Wild Knight
Online Mirror
10 March, 2000
It's 1am and Macca's rockin' - on top of the bar.
Let Him Be
By C. Bottomley, (Thanks to Bob Gilmartin)
9 March, 2000
What does a rock genius do after a hard day's night inducting his pal James Taylor into the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? If he's Paul McCartney, he goes to a New York roadhouse known
as the Hogs & Heifers, renowned for its country music jukebox and its forthcoming barmaids,
and, according to the New York Daily News, dances on the bar.
From Penny Lane to the Hog
ABC news
9 March, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney has gone where few men have gone before.
McCartney Takes Wing
By Bill Hutchinson, New York Daily News
9 March, 2000
Former Beatle Paul McCartney can still "Twist and Shout." The 57-year-old rocker was spotted
in the wee hours Tuesday dancing on the bar at Hogs & Heifers in the Meatpacking District.
Cartoonist sees few laughs in campaign
By Edvins Beitiks, San Francisco Examiner
9 March, 2000
From here out, instead of asking the presidential candidates use less questions and listening to
them lie, maybe we should just ask them to name their favorite Beatle. That's cartoonist Garry
Trudeau's suggestion.
Hal Blaine, rock's most recorded drummer, lands in Hall of Fame
Kevin O'Hare, Newhouse News Service (Thanks to Ted Petterson)
7 March, 2000
If you've ever heard Elvis Presley's ''Can't Help Falling in Love,'' Frank Sinatra's ''Strangers in
the Night," the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" or Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled
Water," you've heard Hal Blaine.
Beatles City Stages 'Bed-In' in Memory of Lennon
Reuters (For a Hebrew article on this subject click here)
7 March, 2000
Four couples are preparing to stage a ''bed in'' in a shop window in the English city of
Liverpool -- home to the Beatles -- as part of a 60th birthday celebration for the group's late
singer John Lennon.
Paul McCartney at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony
7 March, 2000
Singer and songwriter Paul McCartney introduces fellow musician James Taylor during
the 15th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York March 6.
Clapton's Hall of Fame honour
7 March, 2000
Guitar legend Eric Clapton has been inducted into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
for an unprecedented third time.
Rock and Roll Hall Inductions
By Ted Anthony, Associated Press
7 March, 2000
It was as rock and roll should be, as rock and roll by definition must be: an evening of
mongrel music.
Geffen Is Said to Be Angered by Biography
By Bernard Weinraub, New York Times
6 March, 2000
The first full-scale biography of David Geffen, which depicts the billionaire entertainment
industry figure as brilliant but cunning and corrosive, has outraged Mr. Geffen, stirred tensions
at his studio, DreamWorks SKG, and placed pressures on media companies as diverse as
Time Warner, Dow Jones, and Bertelsmann.
Reported Tribute Album Is News To McCartney Reps
By Paul Sexton, Billboard (Thanks to Miriam Novotna)
6 March, 2000
Paul McCartney's publishing company MPL Communications North America and his
London spokesman, Geoff Baker, are denying involvement in a McCartney tribute album that
Internet reports say is to be released on an undetermined independent label.
XTC's Andy Partridge Clears Up McCartney Tribute Rumor
6 March, 2000
After online magazines reported last week that XTC, Brian Wilson, Owsley, and other major
acts are contributing to a Paul McCartney tribute album, many of the publicists for the artists
were a bit puzzled.
Former Beatle Gets Interactive
6 March, 2000
A 40-minute interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, which has previously never been
screened, is to feature in a forthcoming DVD release of the former Beatle's 'Imagine' project.
Chloe: When Rock Music Is the Food of Fashion
By Suzy Menkes, Herald Tribune
5 March, 2000
The music at a fashion show can speak louder than clothes. Billy Idol's ''Rebel Yell'' at
Emanuel Ungaro's show signaled a couture designer wanting to catch a rocker beat; at
Givenchy, punk rock expressed an aggressive attitude; and the ''Dallas'' theme song at Celine
showed Michael Kors mired in the 1980s.
Lack of Linda
By Vanora Bennett, The Times
4 March, 2000
LINDA MCCARTNEY By Danny Fields  Little Brown, £16.99 (Non-fiction)
Dogs read your mind
By Sarah O'Grady, The Express
4 March, 2000
Dog-lovers have always claimed that their pets really do understand them. Now it appears
they may be right.
The Short List
By Jonathan Vankin, LA Weekly
3 March, 2000
University of California Press | 344 pages | $18 paperback, $45 hardback
Beatles Signs U-Turn
3 March, 2000
Liverpool may still see motorway signs marking it as the Beatles' birthplace.
Stella discovers sophistication
By Hilary Alexander, Daily Telegraph
3 March, 2000
The Beatle's daughter may soon be leaving Chloe, reports Hilary Alexander from Paris.
Lennon book surfaces
3 March, 2000
Just as Yoko Ono has fended off accusations that her late husband helped finance the IRA,
a new book based on John Lennon's purloined diaries is bound to create even more
The Hip, the Flip, the Flop
By Teresa Wiltz, Washington Post
3 March, 2000
It's a Long Day From Stella McCartney to Lacroix
Controversial Lennon biog to be published
Q (Thanks to Ted Petterson)
2 March, 2000
The deconstruction of John Lennon continues apace with the news that a controversial
biography will finally see the light of day in June.
Watch This Space
2 March, 2000
See Paul McCartney!, Shaun Ryder!, Blur!, Elastica!, Fatboy Slim!, Feeder!, Muse!, Johnny
Cigarettes shouting at Terris and falling over! And, as is customary, a whole lot more
McCartney still on song with Lennon
By Deborah Brett, The Times (Thanks to Miriam Novotna)
2 March, 2000
When Sean Lennon and Stella McCartney crossed paths accidentally in the Ritz hotel's
revolving door earlier this week, mobile phone numbers were exchanged and a place added
hastily to the Chlöe seating plan.
City feels good about venue, says concert hall will revive downtown
BY Meredith Cohn, The Virginian-Pilot
2 March, 2000
The city is wishing upon a Starr and a godfather to help bring back downtown.
Starr covers Lennon for Hoffman film
Infobeat (E-zine, Unavailable online)
2 March, 2000
Ringo Starr will record a song penned by his old bandmate John Lennon for the soundtrack
to "Steal This Movie," a biopic about '60s civil-rights activist Abbie Hoffman due in theaters
Aug. 25. The still-undetermined track will appear on an album that also features current artists
covering seminal songs from the '60s. Bonnie Raitt will revisit Bob Dylan's "It's All Over Now
Baby Blue" while Jackson Browne and Joan Osborne tackle another Dylan classic, "My Back
Pages." Sheryl Crow is teaming up with country outlaw Steve Earle for a version of the
Chamber Brothers' psychedelic anthem, "Time Has Come Today." "Steal This Movie" stars
Janeane Garafolo, Vincent D'Onofrio, Kevin Pollak and Jeanne Tripplehorn.
'I thought I'd be dead by now'
By David Thomas, Independent
2 March, 2000
He's the good guy of pop who's had his share of bad times. Does Paul McCartney have
any more to say? Plenty, he tells David Thomas
Yoko sends baby clothes gift to Liam's Lennon
Press Association
2 March, 2000
Liam Gallagher says his young son has been given a gift of baby clothes by Yoko Ono,
widow of the Oasis singer's hero John Lennon.
Millions of cats and dogs 'killed for fur coats'
By Andrew Woodcock, Independent
1 March 2000
Animal rights campaigners are carrying out DNA tests on fur coats bought from a major
British store amid suspicions that they contain the fur of cats or dogs, it was revealed on
By Hamish Bowels, Vogue
1 March, 2000
For her Chloé collection, Stella McCartney drew inspiration from her own childhood
memories of the '70s and '80s.
Celebrity Sightings
1 March, 2000
Wild color and glitz prevail at Ungaro
By Suzy Patterson, Associated Press
1 March, 2000
Wild color and glitz ruled the runway at Emanuel Ungaro's show of boutique ready-to-wear
on Wednesday.
New CD a tribute of old McCartney favourites
By Ian Nathanson, Ottawa Sun
1 March, 2000
With Paul McCartney turning on to classical music, many of his musical admirers -- including
the Barenaked Ladies and Sloan -- are tuning in to his post-Beatles classics as part of an
upcoming tribute album.
Inside Story
By Anna Dunbar, The Press (New Zealand)
1 March, 2000
Darryl Lovegrove peels away the layers in John Lennon's life in a musical show marking
20 years since the rock hero's death.
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