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VH1 Recreates Beatles With Two of Us
By Gary Graff, Wall Of Sound
31 January, 2000
During an interview last fall to promote his latest album, Run Devil Run, Paul McCartney
remembered hearing Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michael's April 1976 offer for the
Beatles to reunite — for a sum of $3,000 at a time the group was being offered millions to
VH1 Won't Let Them Be
By Linda Stasi, New York Post
31 January, 2000
In the beginning there were drag queens pretending to be Judy Garland, (a redundancy?),
then there were Elvis impersonators, who ushered in the awful "Beatlemania" era which
itself led to the fake Rat Pack, and now, yes, "Two of Us," a fake Lennon/McCartney reunion.
A sentimental Beatles journey with John and Paul in VH1's 'Two of Us'
By Frazier Moore, Associated Press
31 January, 2000
This much is true: On April 24, 1976, John Lennon and Paul McCartney happened to be
watching "Saturday Night Live" when, to their glee, producer Lorne Michaels made a
tongue-in-cheek appeal to them, along with their ex-bandmates.
'Two' imagines Lennon-McCartney reunion
By Jennifer Merin, USA Today
31 January, 2000
Aidan Quinn is writing a letter to Paul McCartney.
What if Lennon & McCartney had reunited?
By Phil Gallo, Reuters
30 January, 2000
In the years before his fabled return, John Lennon did have a particularly disheartening
When 'Elvis Meets the Beatles,' film fantasies fly
By John Beifuss, Deseret News
30 January, 2000
Factoid-packed fantasia is based on actual '65 event
Yoko Ono is Shown in This Sept. 4, 1999, File Photo
30 January, 2000
Yoko Ono is shown in this Sept. 4, 1999, file photo.
A Day in the Life (That Might Have Been)
By Kevin McDonough, Newsday
30 January, 2000
What If?
Sometimes the most provocative sentences begin with those two words. Particularly when
they concern the Beatles.
Yoko Ono Says She Lives in Fear
29 January, 2000
Yoko One has admitted she lives in fear for herself and the two sons of her murdered husband
John Lennon.
News Bites: Paul McCartney, Flesh-N-Bone, Diamond Rio
By Donna DeChristopher, Allstar News (Thanks to Miriam Novotna)
28 January, 2000
An all-star tribute to Paul McCartney is slowly taking shape.
Ozark-O-Rama: Playing musical 'what if' can leave fans wondering
By Sandra Cox, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
28 January, 2000
What if?
I'm not a big fan of those two words because it causes us to worry about our pasts, and
nothing can change what has been done or not done.
Bank to get Beach museum's Beatles collection
By Marc Davis And Toni Guagenti, The Virginian-Pilot
28 January, 2000
Picture this: a genuine, autographed George Harrison Fender Stratocaster guitar hanging
in your living room.
Schwab's New Riff
By Paul Tharp, New York Post
28 January, 2000
As he turns 60, Beatles legend Ringo Starr seems an ideal millionaire to sell retirement nest
eggs for online brokerage powerhouse Charles Schwab.
Ringo fronts ad campaign for investment firm
Undercover (Thanks to Benny Dudkevitch)
28 January, 2000
Ringo Starr has put away his drumsticks for the moment to spruke the wonders on an
American investment firm.
Sir Paul Pays Tribute To Linda's 'Spirit Of Goodness'
Press Association
28 January, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney has paid tribute to wife Linda's "spirit of goodness" as he launched
a charity classical album in her memory.
Remote Patrols
By Aaron Barnhart, The Kansas City Star
27 January, 2000
"Two of Us" (8 and 10 p.m. on VH1) asks us to imagine an encounter between ex-Beatles
John Lennon and Paul McCartney in New York in 1976 -- and that includes accepting Aidan
Quinn as a doughy stand-in for Paul. If you're willing to play along, you might actually have
fun with this made-for-cable movie. I did.
The beach boys, also known as Lennon and Tarby
By Margaret Hussey, The Express
27 January, 2000
Before Lennon and McCartney there was Lennon and Tarbuck - and here is the amazing
picture to prove it.
Ringo Starr Stars in New Television Commercial for Schwab
27 January, 2000
Rock 'n Roll legend Ringo Starr is the latest personality to appear in the celebrity-driven
``Creating a World of Smarter Investors'' campaign for Charles Schwab (NYSE: SCH - news),
the leading online brokerage firm.
Bail reduced for woman found inside George Harrison's home
Associated Press
27 January, 2000
Bail has been reduced for a homeless woman found inside George Harrison's Maui estate
last month doing her laundry and eating pizza.
Classical tribute for Linda
27 January, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney is joining composer Sir John Tavener to launch a classical recording
dedicated to his late wife Linda at a church in the City of London.
Paul McCartney to Launch Wife Tribute Album
27 January, 2000
Former Beatle Paul McCartney joins British composer John Tavener on Thursday to launch
a classical album dedicated to his wife Linda who died of breast cancer in 1998.
'Wonder Boys' Soundtrack Set for February 15 Release
Business wire
26 January, 2000
Columbia Records will release the soundtrack album to the Paramount Pictures film Wonder
Boys, featuring music from some of the world's most popular and acclaimed singer/songwriters -
including Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Van Morrison, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen - on
February 15.
Artists Put Own Spin On 20th Century
By Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah, Chicago Tribune
26 January, 2000
Ornately decorated carousels with glaring lights, polished mirrors and painted horses have
been a mainstay of amusement parks since their heyday about a century ago.
Getting Better All The Time
By Helen Studd, The Sun
25 January, 2000
Stabbed pop legend George Harrison has shown he is on the mend - by laughing and joking
as he laps up the sun in a Caribbean paradise.
Dakota Dreamin'
By Cory Levitan, New York Post
25 January, 2000
What if John Lennon and Paul McCartney really had reunited?
Will Backstreet Boys topple Paul?
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
25 January, 2000
Paul McCartney's Cavern concert generated 50 million hits. Some say an upcoming
Backstreet Boys show could beat the Beatle.
Give us our Beatles road sign
24 January, 2000
Fab Four fans around the world want Liverpool to have its "Birthplace of the Beatles" signs.
Truman Library to feature exhibit including Elvis
Nando Times
24 January, 2000
The King of Rock 'n Roll probably never hung out with Harry Truman or Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Groovy Strawberry Fields in Hagley Park
By Rachel Walsh, The Press (New Zealand)
24 January, 2000
The crowd was mellow and the mood groovy as Christchurch revisited one of the most
popular music eras of all time.
Small Faces
Los Angeles Times
23 January, 2000
A rare recording of the five surviving members of the Quarry Men--John Lennon's first
group--singing the Del Vikings' "Come Go With Me" will be heard at the end of the VH1
movie "Two of Us," a fictional story of a 1976 meeting between Lennon and Paul McCartney.
Tracing Pop Cultural Roots to Liverpool: The Lure Of The Fab Four
By Gayen Wharton, The Salt Lake Tribune
23 January, 2000
Many 40- and 50-somethings are taking time to retrace their roots.
Rock'n'Roll Legend Turns Tutti Frutti DJ
Associated Press
23 January, 2000
Flamboyant rock'n'roll legend Little Richard is to turn Radio 2 DJ after signing up for a
series of shows.
Source: Time Warner, EMI To Merge
By By Noelle Knox, Associated Press
23 January, 2000
Source Says Time Warner Will Merge With EMI Records in $20 Billion Deal That Would
Create World's Second-Largest Music Company
Exhibit Features Lennon's Drawings
By Irene Garcia, Los Angeles Times
22 January, 2000
The largest collection of John Lennon drawings to visit the San Fernando Valley will be
displayed through Sunday at Fashion Square Sherman Oaks.
California author fighting for last of John Lennon files speculates on
their contents
By Cadonna M. Peyton, Associated Press
22 January, 2000
Lyrics from one of his songs and reports from sources that John Lennon gave money to
left-wing causes are what the author of a new book believes the still-sealed FBI files on the
slain Beatle contain.
Author keeps up fight to open John Lennon's FBI file
Jam! Books
22 January, 2000
An author who has been trying to open John Lennon's FBI files for nearly 20 years said he
believes he knows what's in them, and it includes the lyrics to at least one song by the former
Beatle, Working Class Hero.
John Lennon is Shown in New York City in This January 18,...
Associated Press
22 January, 2000
John Lennon is shown in New York City in this January 18, 1977 file photo.
If You Play the Movie Backward, It Says 'Ringo Was Really the Cute One'
By Roy Rivenburg, Los Angeles Times
21 January, 2000
Men Are From Moe, Women From Venus: For years, rock fans have wondered what might
have happened if the Beatles had gotten back together after their 1970 breakup.
Vegetarian Team Develops International Flavor
By Samuel Abt, Herald Tribune
21 January, 2000
Enough jokes, please, about the Linda McCartney bicycle team, the only one in the sport
that adheres to a strictly vegetarian diet.
Beatles Considered As Century's Greatest Rock Band
21 January, 2000
The Beatles, whose '60s invasion revolutionize contemporary music, have been named the
best rock and roll band of the century by respondents in a recent Zogby poll.
Music stars team with Groovebox
Jam! Music
20 January, 2000
Beck, Sonic Youth and Pavement are among the artists invited to experiment with a techno
music gizmo called the Groovebox for an upcoming album.
Parker man holds rare bit of Beatles
By G. Brown, The Denver Post
19 January, 2000
More than any other musical act in history, the Beatles have had every aspect of their
recorded legacy dissected, examined and cataloged by collectors.
Court TV Premieres New Series, Hollywood & Crime, On January 21
At 7:00 PM/ET
Business Wire
19 January, 2000
Alison Holloway Signed As Host of Weekly Look at Celebrities and Their Dealings With
the Law
Paul McCartney in Cancer Tribute CD to Wife
19 January, 2000
Former Beatle Paul McCartney plans to join a host of British composers next Thursday to
promote a tribute album in memory of his wife, Linda, who died of breast cancer in 1998.
Yellow Submarine Sails Into Hi-Tech Age
Press Association
19 January, 2000
The Beatles song and film Yellow Submarine has inspired a virtual reality ride in Berlin.
Online Mirror
19 January, 2000
Plans to label Liverpool as "Birthplace of the Beatles" on M-way signs have been vetoed
by Whitehall bureaucrats. Announces Historic Rock and Roll Music Memorabilia Auction
18 January, 2000
Featured high-end collectibles include autographed instruments, music, and memorabilia
of 20th Century Rock and Roll legends
McFarlane Toys to Release More Than 100 Figures in 2000; Includes
Sports, Movies, Music, Children's Fantasy, Japanese Animation, Gaming
18 January, 2000
1999 was McFarlane Toys' most successful year ever, featuring The Beatles' Yellow
Submarine, KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Austin Powers, Sleepy Hollow, Metal Gear Solid and,
of course, Spawn.
World's 1st Beatles Fun Ride Opens in Berlin January 20, 2000
18 January, 2000
In the 21st century, Fab Four fans and their families can now take the ultimate plunge into
Beatle-mania: via Yellow Submarine.
Fab Four MWay Sign Banned
18 January, 2000
Motorway signs calling Liverpool the Birthplace of the Beatles have been banned by the
Collins And Beatles Win US Music Awards
Press Association
18 January, 2000
Music veteran Phil Collins - boosted by the success of his soundtrack for Disney's Tarzan
movie - was among the winners at the American Music Awards.
Imagine All the Licensing Payments
By Booth Moore, Los Angeles Times
17 January, 2000
The artwork of former Beatle John Lennon--the anti-Establishment prophet who
continues to intrigue and inspire his fans even as he has become a commodity--will be
exhibited this week at the Fashion Square shopping mall in Sherman Oaks.
Paul McCartney jaunts to Cuba for the tunes
Nando Times
17 January, 2000
Former Beatle Paul McCartney on Friday made a short trip to Santiago, Cuba's second
largest city, where he studied the island's traditional music, the national information
agency reported.
Torment Of Beatles Fan
Online Mirror
17 January, 2000
School bullies drove a 14-year-old girl to the brink of suicide - because she is a Beatles
A Day's Hard Night
People Online
17 January, 2000
When George Harrison gets stabbed, his wife clobbers the attacker with a lamp
Linda McCartney calendar benefits animal rights group
By David Yonke, The Toledo Blade
16 January, 2000
The late Linda McCartney was a vegetarian and an avid, high-profile advocate of animal
rights - I've heard several reports that she once fired a stagehand when she saw him eating
a Big Mac - so it is quite appropriate that her photos appear on "Light from Within," a 2000
calendar being distributed as a fund-raiser for PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of
Ex-Beatle Takes A Holiday After Stabbing Horror
Press Association
16 January, 2000
Ex-Beatle George Harrison is enjoying a relaxing holiday with his wife in Ireland after
being stabbed by an obsessed fan.
George Harrison Grateful For Support
Associated Press
15 January, 2000
Two weeks after he was stabbed in his home near London, George Harrison on Saturday
expressed thanks to all the people who wished him well.
Associated Press Photo
Associated Press
15 January, 2000
Former Beatle George Harrison and his wife Olivia, pose Saturday, Jan. 15, 2000, while
on vacation in Ireland. In his first statement, given exclusively to the Associated Press since
being stabbed by an intruder, Harrison said, "Olivia and I are overwhelmed by the concern
expressed by so many people. We thank everyone for their prayers and kindness."
(AP Photo/HO)
* * *
Los Angeles Times
14 January, 2000
Back in the early '60s, when Liverpool was the center of the rock 'n' roll universe, Jackie
Lomax was right in the middle of it all with his band, the Undertakers, along with some of
the town's other players, such as the Beatles.
Sunshine boys
14 January, 2000
The stars came out by the busload when the Variety Club handed over three Sunshine
coaches to local schools.
Lennon's home to receive historical plaque
13 January, 2000
John Lennon's childhood home, affectionately dubbed "Mendips," is to be honored with
an English Heritage blue plaque.
'Imagine' CD remixed for reissue
By Paul Cantin, JAM! Showbiz
13 January, 2000
Following up on the Christmas release of John Lennon's "Imagine" as a CD single, the
album that spawned the song is about to get the deluxe reissue treatment, EMI Music
Canada says.
Ex-Beatle gives $1 million to Arizona Cancer Center
By Audrey Deanda, U-Wire
12 January, 2000
The Arizona Cancer Center will be able to expand its breast cancer research thanks to
a generous gift from a former Beatle.
Italy Seeing True 'Party' Politics
By Vania Grandi, Associated Press
12 January, 2000
The slogan is ``I Care.'' The featured guests include Sting and an Italian actress who
posed nude for a 2000 calendar. A parade of pop songs by John Lennon and others
will provide the theme music.
Woman arrested inside ex-Beatle’s Maui home pleads not guilty to
burglary, theft
By Gary Kubota, Honolulu Star Bulletin
11 January, 2000
A woman accused of breaking into former Beatle George Harrison's residence in east
Maui pleaded not guilty today to first-degree burglary and fourth-degree theft.
Lennon's Killer Could Be Freed
Dotmusic (Thanks to Miriam Novotna)
11 January, 2000
John Lennon's assassin Mark Chapman may be given his freedom later this year,
having served 20 years for the killing of the Beatles legend.
(For a Hebrew article about this subject click here)
Twist And Shout For Sale
Press Association
11 January, 2000
One of the great pop music catalogues, including the classic Twist and Shout that gave
the Beatles one of their first hits, goes up for auction next week in a US bankruptcy court.
Gossip On The Crystal Method, Yoko Ono
By Steve Holtje, CDnow
10 January, 2000
Yoko Ono was originally going to be an unannounced guest performer at the Thurston
Moore/Susie Ibarra set at the Knitting Factory Friday (Jan. 7) night, but was a no-show.
Lennon killer up for parole hearing
10 January, 2000
John Lennon's assassin Mark Chapman will appear before a US state parole board later
this year, which will decide whether he should be freed - and Lennon's widow Yoko Ono
will help them decide.
Here comes Chloe
By Louise East, The Irish Times
10 January, 2000
A small boutique in Greystones, Co Wicklow, has become Ireland's first stockist of the
Chloe label - which has become the height of cool since hiring Stella McCartney as
chief designer.
Knifed Star George Had No Guards
Sunday People
10 January, 2000
Ex-Beatle George Harrison's mansion was completely unguarded the night a knifeman
broke in and stabbed him.
Ex-Beatle hires elite SAS guard
The Australian
9 January, 2000
Pop legend George Harrison has recruited two former SAS soldiers to guard him after
he was stabbed by a crazed fan.
Stalker Terror No2 For George
Online Mirror
8 January, 2000
George Harrison is being stalked by a second crazed fan.
George Faces A New Threat
Online Mirror
8 January, 2000
Former Beatle George Harrison is living in fear of a second crazed fan.
The Beatles' dream of paradise
7 January, 2000
Newly-released British government records show that the The Beatles planned to escape
hordes of screaming fans by buying their own island.
Beatles film maker looks for snapshots of the past
7 January, 2000
Old rockers who have photos of themselves at one of the Beatles' haunts could be featured
in a new film about the band.
George Praises Police
Henley Standard
7 January, 2000
Ex-Beatle George Harrison has praised police for their prompt response to the incident l
ast Thursday morning following which a man has been charged with his attempted murder.
Once-Banned Beatles on Cuba's List of the Century
7 January, 2000
The Beatles shared honors Friday with Cuban leader Fidel Castro -- whose government
once banned their music -- in a list of the most ``relevant'' figures of the 20th century
published by the ruling Communist Party.
Most wanted: Chloe lunettes
By Molly Gunn, Guardian
7 January, 2000
Last summer, the fashion police (sunglasses division) decreed that you weren't anyone
unless you owned a pair of Chloe Aviators - bad luck for most of us, as they were so hard
to come by that even Posh couldn't get her hands on a pair.
Lennon Home To Receive Blue Plaque
6 January, 2000
John Lennon's childhood home is to be honoured with an English heritage blue plaque.
Why George survived an attack and John didn't
By Steve Wilson, The Arizona Republic
6 January, 2000
I always liked George Harrison. He was the quiet Beatle, the youngest of the four,
introspective and overshadowed.
McCartney donates exclusive photos
6 January, 2000
Though he's £1.2m lighter of pocket since donating the cash to two US hospitals, Sir Paul
McCartney's philanthropic gestures are far from over.
Ex-Beatle George hires SAS bodyguards
5 January, 2000
George Harrison has hired two ex-SAS soldiers to guard him after he and wife Olivia were
stabbed in their Henley home last week.
Confessions Of The 'Beatles-Obsessed'
By James Rosen, New York Post
5 January, 2000
Looking too young to remember the Rutles, let alone The Beatles, a TV reporter carefully
described the would-be assassin of "ex-Beatle George Harrison" (actually, George is a
former Beatle; Pete Best is an ex-Beatle) as "a Beatle-obsessed person, not a fan."
Sir Paul Donates Million Dollars In Memory Of Linda
Press Association
5 January, 2000
Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has donated one million dollars (£625,000) to the
Arizona Cancer Centre to establish a research endowment named in honour of his late
wife, Linda.
Mum Visit For George Man
Online Mirror
5 January, 2000
The man accused of attempting to murder George Harrison is unaware how serious the
allegations are, his mother said yesterday.
McCartney Cash for Animal-Friendly Cancer Research
4 January, 2000
Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, whose wife Linda died of breast cancer, has made a
``substantial'' donation to two U.S. medical centers for research into the disease without
animal testing, his New York office said Tuesday.
Fame turns into ‘Hard Day’s Night’
By Rodger Mullen, The Fayetteville Observer
4 January, 2000
I used to want to be a Beatle.
That’s not unusual. A lot of people my age wanted to be a Beatle.
George Thought He Was A Goner: Buddy
By Bill Hoffmann, New York Post
4 January, 2000
George Harrison feared he and his wife were about to die during their furious struggle with a
crazed knifeman last week.
Stalking hampers Harrison recovery
By Daniel McGrory, The Australian
4 January, 2000
George Harrison has cancelled plans to recuperate in the US from his stab wounds after being
told another stalker had broken into his home there.
The Beatles still 'fab'
The Huntsville Times
3 January, 2000
The worldwide concern about George Harrison after he was stabbed last week proved the
former band from Liverpool is still big news.
"Very, very tired" Harrison to recuperate at home
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
3 January, 2000
An exhausted George Harrison is to spend "a long while yet" recuperating at the English
country home where he was stabbed in a life-and-death struggle with an intruder.
Abul Hasan shocked at stabbing of George Harrison
The Daily Star (Bangladesh)
2 January, 2000
State Minister for Foreign Affairs Abul Hasan Chowdhury has expressed deep regret at the
tragic incident of stabbing of singer George Harrison and wished him early recovery.
I thought I'd die with my wife says Beatle George
By Matthew Mrvyn Jones, The Express
2 January, 2000
George Harrison and his wife Olivia thought they were going to die in the knife attack at their
home, a family friend revealed yesterday.
Macca Date For Mills-Ennium
By Charles Begley & Dave Goddard, News of the World
2 January, 2000
Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney showed his love for model Heather Mills by sharing his
millennium party with her.
Former Beatle Leaves Hospital
Press Association
2 January, 2000
Ex-Beatle George Harrison is recovering from stab wounds at home after being
discharged from hospital.
Ex-Beatle Harrison Leaves Hospital After Stabbing
By Kate Kelland, Reuters
2 January, 2000
Former Beatle George Harrison has been discharged from hospital to begin a belated New
Year at home with his family after being stabbed in a life-and-death struggle with an]
intruder, hospital officials said.
Beatle stabman on film
By Barbara Davies, The Sunday Telegraph (Australia)
2 January, 2000
Security cameras caught images of the man accused of trying to murder George Harrison
and his wife only hours before he attacked them in their home.
Blair planning to create 25 new Labour peers
By Colin Brown, Independent
1 January, 2000
The former Beatle Paul McCartney could be among 25 new Labour life peers who Tony
Blair is planing to appoint to raise the Government's strength in the Lords to that of the
George Harrison still in hospital after knife attack
1 January, 2000
Former Beatle George Harrison is spending the first weekend of the millennium in
hospital on doctors' orders.
Harrison Spends Weekend In Hospital
Press Association
1 January, 2000
Ex-Beatle George Harrison will spend the first weekend of the millennium in hospital,
doctors say.
Woman Held in Beatle's Break-In
Associated Press
1 January, 2000
A woman arrested inside George Harrison's Maui estate a week before the former Beatle
was stabbed in London was being held on $5,000 bail.
Harrison knife attacker charged in court
By Jane Robins, Independent
1 January, 2000
A 33-year-old man appeared in court yesterday charged with the attempted murder of
former Beatle George Harrison and his wife, Olivia. The couple were attacked with a knife
at their home on the 34-acre Friar Park estate in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.
Beatle George May Go Home After Tests
Press Association
1 January, 2000
Former Beatle George Harrison is due to undergo tests after which doctors will decide
whether he is fit to return home.
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