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THE NEWS IN FLASH - April 2000

Here are links to the latest Beatles-related articles available online:
McCartney music aids N.J. hospitals
The Record
31 May, 2000
A breast cancer research program at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center and four other
hospitals in the Northeast will be beneficiaries of "A Garland For Linda," a concert of music by
Sir Paul McCartney and other composers at 8 p.m. Saturday at Riverside Church in New York.
Exclusive: win tickets to St Martin's
By Michelle Hubbard, This is London
30 May, 2000
John Galliano, Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. What do they
have in common as well as being among the best known fashion designers in the world? They all
cut their teeth at the renowned Central Saint Martin's School of Art.
Billboard Bits: Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney, Ice-T
By Paul Sexton, Billboard
30 May, 2000
The British comedy movie "Maybe Baby," starring Hugh Laurie and Joely Richardson, is due
to open in the U.K. this coming Friday (June 2) and its soundtrack contains the major boost of
Paul McCartney's previously unreleased version of the Buddy Holly classic as the title song.
Lennon's weird Hong Kong trip
By Ian Markham-Smith, South China Morning Post
30 May, 2000
John Lennon sat in his luxury suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong sipping
one of several glasses of Scotch and Coca-Cola in October, 1976, trying to confront the
demons that occupied his mind and had haunted him for most of his adult life.
Macca Suing Net Firm For Millions
Sunday Mirror
28 May, 2000
Beatles legend goes to war in copyright battle
Cynthia's Fab Four
Sunday Mirror
28 May, 2000
New portraits of Lennon by wife he met at art school
Lennon, imagined
By James Heaney, Buffalo News
28 May, 2000
A Lockport author's sensational biography of John Lennon is causing a stir. But his source
material, including what he claims is a copy of Lennon's secret diaries, doesn't support many
of the book's sordid claims.
Lennon Pal Sues Art School Over Piano
By Deborah Mitchell and Salvatore Arena, New York Daily News
28 May, 2000
A chum of slain ex-Beatle John Lennon has filed a lawsuit against the New York Academy of
Art, demanding the return of a Lennon piano he claims he lent to the school in 1988.
Lennon juice
By Nigel Williamson, The Times
27 May, 2000
After John Lennon's murder in 1980, Robert Rosen took brief possession of Lennon's stolen
diaries. Twenty years on, he has decided to publish a controversial new account of the
legend's final years.
Art dealer sues academy for return of John Lennon's piano
Jam! Music
27 May, 2000
An art dealer has sued the New York Academy of Art in an attempt to get back the piano
he says John Lennon and Yoko Ono gave him in 1979.
All you need is Ringo: Former Beatle shines among many stars
By Mark Voger, The Asbury Park Press
26 May, 2000
A Century 21 banner hangs ominously over Ringo Starr's drum kit, as the State Theatre in
New Brunswick begins to fill up following a wicked thunderstorm. Mercifully, the banner vanishes
just as the show begins.
Shooting Starr
By John Soeder, The Plain Dealer
26 May, 2000
In 5 minutes flat, Ringo talks about his band, a new Beatles book and losing his son to the Who
Twist and shout with Ringo and his All-Starr Band
By John Harper, The Virginian-Pilot
26 May, 2000
bandmates John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, Ringo Starr has never
minded being an ex-Beatle.
McCartney's genius honoured
By Keith Perry, The Guardian
26 May, 2000
Veteran songwriter and his musical heirs feted at annual Ivor Novello awards
Rock collector - Badfinger
By Tom Hibbert, The Times
26 May, 2000
The only reason that Badfinger are talked about now is because of their grisly demise.
McCartney Telemovie Gets Thumbs Down From Brother
By Roger Friedman, Fox News (Thanks to Bob Gilmartin)
26 May, 2000
Linda McCartney's brother, John Eastman, has no kind words for her self-appointed
biographer, Danny Fields.
Ringo & Co-Starrs Shine At The Beacon
By Dan Aquilante, New York Post (Thanks to Bob Gilmartin)
25 May, 2000
The most famous drummer on Earth got by with a little help from his friends at the Beacon
Theater Tuesday night.
Novello honour for Sir Paul
BBC (Thanks to Miriam Novotna)
25 May, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney has been given a major honour at the annual Ivor Novello songwriting
awards in London in recognition of his four decades in the music business.
Yoko Ono welcomes professional widow tag
The Age
25 May, 2000
Yoko One admits to being a 'professional widow', and although she is a prominent artist in
her own right, it's hard to get away from the reason she's so famous - John Lennon.
Lennon Biographer Reveals Dark Secrets
25 May, 2000
A new John Lennon biography alleges that just months before his death the former Beatle
was having sex with prostitutes, after Yoko Ono sent him on a 'spiritual quest'.
Life behind the lens: Mary McCartney
23 May, 2000
Mary McCartney is following in the footsteps of her late photographer mother.
The Blairs' new baby: In pictures
23 May, 2000
The Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie have unveiled a series of photographs of
their newest child, Leo, who was born on Saturday.
McCartney Wins Instant Overnight Fame With Blair
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
23 May, 2000
Thirty years ago, a cherubic Mary McCartney starred on the cover of her father's latest album.
First Pictures Of Leo : I'm So Proud Of Mary
The Mirror
23 May, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney, whose daughter Mary took the pictures of the Blairs with baby Leo, said
yesterday: "I'm really proud of her. It's a great tribute to her talents.
Paul McCartney's daughter takes first picture
22 May, 2000
The choice of Sir Paul McCartney's daughter to take the first published picture of her new son,
Leo, was a personal one taken by Cherie Blair.
Blair's Baby Photographed by Ex-Beatle's Daughter
22 May, 2000
The first photograph of Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair new baby boy was to be released
on Monday and was taken by the Mary McCartney, daughter of the ex-Beatle, Downing
Street said.
Macca takes McCartney to centre stage
William Fotheringham, The Guardian
22 May, 2000
Having struggled in the early stages, the British-based Linda McCartney Foods team took
centre stage in the Giro d'Italia over the weekend.
McCartney on the Move
22 May, 2000
Isn't it time for Paul McCartney to slip into his "Let It Be" years with gal pal Heather Mills?
Apparently not
He says yes, yes, oh, what a thrill
By Ed Condran, The Record
19 May, 2000
Dave Edmunds recently finished a tour of Swedish clubs. It was a low-budget jaunt, during
which the roots rocker got his hands dirty loading his gear into a van.
Mitchell curls up with a good role
By Dennis Hunt, USA Today (Click here for a little more)
19 May, 2000
Who has ever heard of an actress who craves anonymity? Yet Elizabeth Mitchell swears
she thrives on being thoroughly obscure.
Starr Power
By Dan Aquilante, New York Post
19 May, 2000
On Aug. 18, 1962, everything changed for Richard Starkey. The man who the world would
come to know as Ringo Starr drummed his first live gig with the his new mates, The Beatles.
‘Portrait’ recalls Linda McCartney with affection
By Janet I. Martineau, MSNBC
18 May, 2000
Movie portrays Beatle’s wife in a warts-and-all treatment
Concert honours Linda McCartney
Press Association
18 May, 2000
Peter Broadbent conducts the Joyful Company of Singers in a concert of British choral
music at Manchester's Bridgewater Hall.
How model triumphed over tragedy
By Lorna MacLaren, The Herald (Scotland)
18 May, 2000
The partner of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney described at a Scottish conference
yesterday how she slept rough on the streets of London and lived for months under a railway
bridge as a homeless teenager.
Heather Mills tells of being homeless in London
17 May, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney's current beau Heather Mills has told of how she slept rough on the
streets of London when she was just 14.
Heather Mills takes stage at women's conference
Press Association
17 May, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney's girlfriend Heather Mills is due to give her backing to a conference
encouraging women into business.
All you need is love
By Jim Walsh, St. Paul/Minneapolis Pioneer Planet
16 May, 2000
Beatle John Lennon was an early role model for stay-at-home dads. Now, artwork from his
family days is on display.
Children will "dive with sharks"
ABC News
16 May, 2000
Six South Australian school children and shark expert Rodney Fox will dive with sharks as
part of an international television series to be filmed in the Neptune Islands and off the coast
of Kangaroo Island.
Costly strings
16 May, 2000
In this age of falling tech stocks, the best blue chip investment in the world may be a guitar
once owned by Eric Clapton.
Quarrymen to Play Final Show During Beatle Week
By Jolie Lash, Rolling Stone
15 May, 2000
Plans for the twentieth annual Beatle Week are shaping up. The celebration, which honors the
Fab Four in their hometown of Liverpool, will take place Aug. 24-29.
U.S. Broadcast Premiere of 'A Garland for Linda' Includes Paul
McCartney Interview
Entertainment Wire
15 May, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney and a British who's who of' composers have created nine musical pieces,
titled "A Garland for Linda," to celebrate the ex-Beatle's late wife, Linda McCartney.
Rock Hall Puts Fashion on Display
By Lynne Margolis, Wall Of Sound
15 May, 2000
David Bowie mocked it, Freddie Mercury flaunted it, Madonna took it into the bedroom, Elvis
and The Beatles reinvented it, and now the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has put it on display.
Strawberry Fields gates rescued from scrap yard
Press Association
15 May, 2000
The gates stolen from Liverpool's Strawberry Fields are back where they once belonged
after being saved from the scrap heap.
Sir Paul drawn to help battle for red squirrel
The Express
15 May, 2000
After being near-extinct for more than a century, Britain's red squirrels are getting by - with
a little help from their friends. .
Talk about Tracey
By Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun
15 May, 2000
Paul McCartney's love child? Not true, but it's Ullman's favourite rumour
Linda McCartney resurrected on CBS
By Steven Oxman, Reuters
14 May, 2000
It's easy to see how CBS was drawn to ''The Linda McCartney Story'' which, at first blush
seems to offer all things to all demos.
Macca Bails Out Daughter's Firm
Sunday People
14 May, 2000
Troubled Sir Paul McCartney has been shelling out a fortune - to save his step-daughter
Heather's failing pottery business.
British Police Get Back Strawberry Fields Gates
By Peter Wilkinson, Reuters
13 May, 2000
Two gates stolen from a Liverpool children's home immortalized in the Beatles song
``Strawberry Fields Forever'' have been recovered from a scrap metal yard, British police
said on Saturday.
Stolen 'Beatles gates' are recovered
Press Association
13 May, 2000
Wrought-iron gates stolen from John Lennon's beloved Strawberry Field have been
recovered from a scrap metal dealer.
Thieves steal Strawberry Fields gates
12 May, 2000
The Beatles sang "Strawberry Fields Forever," but two British thieves proved Friday they
were wrong -- by stealing the gates to the Liverpool children's home immortalized in the
Strawberry Field gates stolen
12 May, 2000
To the Beatles, Strawberry Fields were forever, but on Friday thieves in Liverpool had
other ideas.
Strawberry Field gates theft shocks Beatles fans
Press Association
12 May, 2000
Wrought-iron gates which guard the entrance to John Lennon's beloved Strawberry Field
have been stolen.
Arty guests savour minimalist meals and sculptured canapes
By Alex O'Connell, The Times
12 May, 2000
Forget the Dome, last night's opening celebration at Tate Modern was the real party of the
Beatles 'Anthology' book due out in Oct.
Infobeat (E-'zine. Unavailable online)
12 May, 2000
The long-awaited companion book to the Beatles' "Anthology" albums is due out Oct. 5.
The 368-page hardcover book is compiled by Paul McCartney, George Harrison and
Ringo Starr, along with Yoko Ono, John Lennon's widow. The book will give the band's
version of the story. McCartney spokesman Geoff Baker recently told Britain's New
Musical Express that the tome will feature "the complete's the whole band who
have put this together. Nothing has been left out, except the bollocks." The book will have
a list price of $60.
"I think people might find a few things in there they didn't know, but who knows?" Starr
said of the book. Now that the book is done, Starr can focus on his most immediate concern
like the latest incarnation of his All-Starr Band. The group begins a summer tour Friday at
the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J.
The White (House) Album?
By Neal Travis, New York Post
12 May, 2000
Being Paul McCartney carries a lot of weight when you want to have a meeting with a
restless, lame-duck Baby Boomer like President Clinton.
Jagger leads celebrity line-up at Tate opening
12 May, 2000
Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono and Pet Shop Boys' singer
Neil Tennant were among guests at what has been billed as the showbiz party of the year
to launch the landmark Tate Modern.
Yoko Ono, the Widow of Beatles Singer/Composer John Lennon,...
Associated Press (photo)
11 May, 2000
Yoko Ono, the widow of Beatles singer/composer John Lennon, arrives at the new Tate
gallery of Modern Art in London, Thursday May 11, 2000, to attend a party to celebrate the
opening of the new museum.
Blair and Yoko Ono join stars to celebrate Tate Modern
Press Association
11 May, 2000
Prime Minister Tony Blair and John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono were among guests at
what has been billed as the showbiz party of the year to launch the landmark Tate
Modern gallery.
Celebrities unite in fight against Indian leather trade
Press Association
11 May, 2000
Stars including Paul McCartney, Brigitte Bardot and Steven Seagal are to fast for 24 hours
in protest against animal "cruelty" by the Indian leather trade.
Being Beatles
By Mariana Farrell, Daily Southtown
11 May, 2000
Why Southland is home to so many moptop groups
Heather charity in plea to support orphans
By Matthew Bayley, The Express
11 May, 2000
A British charity in Sierra Leone backed by model Heather Mills yesterday launched an
urgent appeal for help.
Roll up for a magical marketing tour
By Louis Templado, Asahi Shimbun (Japan)
11 May, 2000
Back in 1966, John Lennon raised a lot of hackles when he declared The Beatles were
``more popular than Jesus.''
Here Come The Mane Men
11 May, 2000
Super Furry Animals have spoken to dotmusic about becoming only the third band in
musical history to remix The Beatles.
CDNOW Debuts New Interactive Programming Through Video and Audio
Interviews With a Host of Top Artists
10 May, 2000
Offers Music Fans the Chance to Get Personal With Paul McCartney, Patti Smith, The Cure
and More
Please Please EMI
10 May, 2000
EMI records are set to milk the Beatles money cow one more time, with a compilation
album set to become the best-selling album of all time.
Sir Paul's landmine crusade
10 May, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney has joined the worldwide campaign to ban landmines
Sir Paul's anti-mine mission
By Neil Michael And Toby Moore, The Express
10 May, 2000
Crusading Sir Paul McCartney has joined the campaign to ban landmines.
Paul McCartney Campaigns Against Landmines
10 May, 2000
Former Beatle Paul McCartney said on Wednesday he wanted to do all he could to alert the
world to the dangers of landmines and get them banned.
Posh tops, trashy bottoms
By Claudia Croft, This is London
8 May, 2000
Glitzy sequined and beaded tops are turning up on the hottest young bodies around. But
to avoid looking like Angela Rippon hosting a Come Dancing special, the new way to wear
grown-up glitz is with downbeat denim.
Lennon's summer of '71 revisited
By Tony Atherton, The Ottawa Citizen
8 May, 2000
It is the summer of 1971 in Ascot, England.
'Garland' disappointing
By Steve Aggergaard, Saint Paul Pioneer Press
7 May, 2000
Expect no twisting and shouting or silly love songs in "A Garland for Linda," a compilation
of mostly new British choral works -- including one by ex-Beatle Paul McCartney --
performed to commemorate his late wife Linda McCartney and to raise money for cancer
What'll Be Left Out of Beatles' Greatest Hits Set?
By Steve Hochman, Los Angeles Times
7 May, 2000
With all the albums of Beatles music released over nearly 40 years, one thing remains
missing--a definitive, career-spanning "greatest hits" collection.
Carole Malone Column: Pass The Sick Bag, Heather
By Carole Malone, Sunday Mirror
7 May, 2000
Heather Mills should quash the desire to ingratiate herself quite so publicly with new
boyfriend Sir Paul McCartney.
Caring Sir Paul Bans Lover's Trip
Sunday People
7 May, 2000
Anxious Sir Paul McCartney has banned his lover Heather Mills from going on a mercy
mission to Africa because he fears for her safety.
An Ethereal Composer, a Stately McCartney
By Jeremy Eichler, Newsday
6 May, 2000
Sir Paul's narration enhances the meditative tranquillity of Sir John Tavener's work
Confessions of a Fifth Beatle
By Buck Wolf, ABCnews
6 May, 2000
Rock’s Most Famous Combo Could Have Been John, Paul, George, Ringo … and Tony
McCartney, Tallis Scholars Fete John Tavener In Concert
By Brian Wise, Sonicnet (Thanks to Bob Gilmartin)
5 May, 2000
Composer Sir John Tavener was feted by another knighted Briton, Sir Paul McCartney, and
others at a concert Thursday at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola.
The Who Sell-Out
5 May, 2000
Pete Townshend is to auction a number of priceless guitars and hordes of memorabilia,
including letters from Paul McCartney and Arthur Miller, in aid of OXFAM.
McCartney Debuts In Classical Top 10
By John D. Van Hagen, Sonicnet (Thanks to Bob Gilmartin #2)
5 May, 2000
Former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney boasts the strongest debut on this week's Billboard
Top Classical albums chart, entering at #7 with a Garland for Linda, a collection of pieces
honoring McCartney's late wife.
Liam And Yoko Come Together At Last
4 May, 2000
Liam Gallagher finally met Yoko Ono at Oasis' New York Radio City Music Hall gig on Monday
last (May 1) following several months of communication between him and the widow of John
Liam And Yoko Meet In New York
Dot Music
4 May, 2000
Liam Gallagher finally met with Yoko Ono recently, after the Oasis star named his first son after
her late husband John Lennon.
Furry Animals Working With Insects!
NME (Thanks to Bob Gilmartin)
3 May, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney and Sper Furry Animals have collaborated for a Beatles sound collage he
created for an exhibition at Liverpool's Tate Gallery
Pet dog Oliver united Heather and Sir Paul
Press Association
3 May, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney's girlfriend Heather Mills says she knew he was the right man for her when
her pet dog Oliver took a shine to him.
Heather: I Wish I'D Met Linda
By Thomas Whitaker, The Sun
3 May, 2000
Sir Paul McCartney's lover Heather Mills paid a moving tribute last night to his late wife Linda.
DIRECTV Adds Peter, Paul and Barry to its Exclusive DIRECTV(R)
FREEVIEW(R) Concert Series
2 May, 2000
McCartney Performs From the Cavern Club; Manilow and Frampton Concerts to be Broadcast
in High Definition
Ringo Starr Announces 6th Edition Of His All-Starr Band Tour
By Bob Grossweiner and Jane Cohen, Live Daily
2 May, 2000
In a press event at New York's Plaza Hotel that was as much related to Centruy 21 real
estate as music, Ringo Starr's summer touring plans with his All-Starr band were
Ringo hits the road
2 May, 2000
Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has launched a tour of the US, more than 36 years
after the Beatles first conquered America.
Ringo Starr Hitting the Road for U.S. Tour
By Christian Wiessner, Reuters
2 May, 2000
Once again getting a little help, but this time from a different set of friends, former Beatles
drummer Ringo Starr is hitting the road for a U.S. tour more than 36 years after the Fab
Four first conquered America.
Ringo's on the road again
Press Association
2 May, 2000
Ringo Starr is getting a little help from his friends as he prepares to go back on the road.
Plenty of Paul
By Neal Travis, New York Post (Thanks to Bob Gilmartin)
2 May, 2000
Expect to see Paul McCartney around our town a lot in the future.
What goes around comes around
Jim Maclean, The Herald
2 May, 2000
A Beatles album which epitomises of the swinging mood of the mid-1960s has been voted
the best British album.
Beatles top album poll
1 May, 2000
The Beatles' 1966 album Revolver has been voted the best British album ever made in a poll
of music writers.
Revolver voted best British album ever made
Press Association
1 May, 2000
Revolver by The Beatles has been voted by music writers as the best British album ever
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