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Ex-Beatle drums up a homegrown CD
By Aidin Vaziri, San Francisco Chronicle
31 March, 2003
If all you want out of your favorite Beatle is a few grating tunes that sound like nursery
rhymes and some quasi-psychedelic yoga nonsense, then John, Paul and George are
passable choices. But everyone knows that Ringo Starr, 62, was the group's true
Beatles photos with Mahesh Yogi to be displayed
The Times Of India
31 March, 2003
Some rare photographs of the iconic British pop music group Beatles with Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi at his Ashram in Rishikesh over three decades ago will be displayed in
London for the first time on Friday.
Let Sleeping Pope Lie, McCartney Warned
31 March, 2003
Ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, one year into a world tour stretching from the United
States to Japan, has been told to keep the volume down when he gets to Rome in
May for fear of disturbing the aging Pope.
Also: Paul, Don't Wake The Pope
£1m for Macca Dome gig
By Emily Smith, The Sun
31 March, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney has been offered £1million to perform at the opening of the
revamped Dome.
Ringo Starr Relishes Playing Live
Associated Press
30 March, 2003
Ringo Starr has just released his latest album, "Ringo Rama," but the former Beatle
says his first love will always be playing for audiences.
'Anthology': Let It Be Even Longer
By Allan Kozinn, New York Times
30 March, 2003
Eight years after its first appearance, as a six-hour television documentary in 1995,
"The Beatles Anthology" continues to expand.
The ultimate collector
By Tony Lewis, The Standard-Times
30 March, 2003
Jim Cushman's Beatles memorabilia lands him on TV
Beatles' disaster zone up for sale
By Liam McDougall, Sunday Herald
30 March, 2003
A historic building in Bridge of Allan, where The Beatles were showered with missiles
and booed offstage, is to be turned into luxury flats.
Maybe he's amazing...
By Phil Hogan, The Observer
30 March, 2003
McCartney has often said he is the biggest of Beatle fans. Now he's proved it with an
irresistible set (and the Wings songs are good too)
There are places I remember...
By Tom Templeton, The Observer
30 March, 2003
Travel is an art not a science.
Laughing matters
The Age
30 March, 2003
He was Monty Python's music man, the creator of the Beatles parody The Rutles.
Ringo blast at Macca
By Simon Wheeler, The Sun
29 March, 2003
Rocker Ringo Starr has rapped Sir Paul McCartney for the “underhand” way he switched
the Beatles’ song writing credits.
Paul McCartney revive en Barcelona la añoranza de los Beatles ante 18.000
(Spanish. Can be translated to English here)
28 March, 2003
Paul McCartney revive esta noche en el Palau Sant Jordi de Barcelona la nostalgia de
The Beatles ante unas 18.000 personas, ansiosas, dada la elevada media de edad de los
asistentes, por recordar los años de juventud, de "guateques" y de primeros escarceos
amorosos en los añorados sesenta.
Also: En Barcelona se ha celebrado el primero de los dos conciertos que Paul McCartney
ofrecerá en la Ciudad Condal.  (inc. video); Barcelona se rinde al McCartney más 'beatle';
Paul McCartney revive la añoranza de los Beatles; Paul McCartney, la gran victoria del
'beatle' amable; Paul McCartney revivió la añoranza de 'The Beatles' en el Palau Sant Jordi
Paul McCartney in Barcelona (pre-concert report, Spanish) (video)
Antena 3
28 March, 2003
(tip - to view the video, copy the link and past it to the "open URL" option in your
media player)
Reviews of new CDs by Ringo Starr, Ataris, DJ Spooky
Star Tribune
28 March, 2003
The world's most famous drummer has settled into a good groove in recent years,
thanks in part to finding a co-producer (Mark Hudson) and backing band (the
Roundheads) who are sympathetic to his style.
Yoko opens a 'special place in John's heart'
By Laura Davis, Daily Post
28 March, 2003
Were it not for the plaque identifying it, the pebble-dash semi would look like any
other house in its street.
Also: And there are places I remember; Let It Be at John's house; Matthew is planning
to bring John's life alive
Dance: Whirl interrupted
By Matt Peiken, St. Paul Pioneer Press
28 March, 2003
• What: "Hijack's Yoko Show"
It's hard to tell whether Kristin Van Loon and Arwen Wilder are following a path or
blazing one.
Toronto oldies radio station bans songs due to war
28 March, 2003
A Toronto oldies radio station has pulled 18 songs from its play list over sensitivity to
the Iraq war, according to reports
Beatles tribute group is coming to Coldwater for Tibbits fund-raiser
The Daily Reporter
28 March, 2003
If you think "Hey, Jude," "Yellow Submarine" and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club
Band" are some of the best songs you've ever heard, then you will want to attend the
Beatles dance party featuring Shout!
Ex-Beatle Coming with 20-Truck Convoy
By Natalia Naiman, Moscow News
27 March, 2003
On May 24, Red Square will serve a stage for the legendary Paul McCartney.
Top musicians play for peace album
27 March, 2003
Paul McCartney, Avril Lavigne and Celine Dion are among the top musicians
contributing music to an album benefiting a Canadian charity for child victims of war.
Paul & Heather In Weasel Land
27 March, 2003
Heather Mills McCartney's camouflage pants give her an oddly war-like look as
she strolls the streets of "peace-loving" Paris with hubby Paul.
Yoko Ono Opens Lennon's Childhood Liverpool Home
27 March, 2003
Yoko Ono, the widow of murdered Beatle John Lennon, opens his childhood home
in Liverpool to the public on Thursday.
Also: Yoko thanks Lennon family; Lennon On The War; Yoko dines with old
friends; John Lennon's childhood home opens to public; Beat goes on in Lennon's
childhood home
Ringo Says Beatles Were Not A 'Boy Band' Like Today's Male Pop
By Darryl Morden, Launch
27 March, 2003
Ringo Starr appeared Tuesday (March 25) on MTV's TRL show for the release of
his latest album Ringo Rama.
Beatles Exclusive
26 March, 2003
The release of previously unseen Beatles Anthology footage is only days away and we've
got a taster right now.
Stella helps fashion a crusade
By Kelly Carter, USA Today
26 March, 2003
Stella McCartney is best known for her fashion designs — and for being Paul's daughter.
Sir Paul announces homecoming concert
26 March, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney has announced plans to play a 40,000-seater homecoming
concert in Liverpool.
Also: Macca comes home
L'hymne pacifiste du public parisien de Paul McCartney
(French. Can be translated to English here)
26 March, 2003
Le public rassemblé mardi soir au palais omnisports de Paris Bercy pour le coup
d'envoi de la nouvelle tournée européenne de l'ex-Beatle Paul McCartney a repris
spontanément a capella une composition de son ancien partenaire John Lennon
"Give Peace A chance" au beau milieu du spectacle.
Also: McCartney kicks off European tour; Paul McCartney; Sir Paul warms up with
Paris performance; McCartney gig rocks Paris; Macca Le Cracker; Pics - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Beatles treat as McCartney begins Euro tour
Irish Examiner
25 March, 2003
Music legend Paul McCartney kicks off his first European tour for a decade tonight –
treating fans to the biggest portfolio of Beatles songs.
Beatlemania lives on with the golden sounds of 'Yesterday'
By John Altdorfer, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
25 March, 2003
Maybe the Clash wished that phony Beatlemania would bite the dust.
Fab Four tribute to "The Beatles" coming Saturday, April 12
By Aimee Harmison, The Cedartown Standard
25 March, 2003
Miniskirts became fashion must-haves, “The Addams Family” made its debut on television
and “The Beatles” began touring in America– all in the year 1964.
With This Ringo...
By Dan Aquilante, New York Post
24 March, 2003
Whether he's the best drummer in the world may be a matter for debate, but no one can
challenge that Ringo Starr is certainly the best-known.
Also: Ringo Starr: "Ringorama"
Olivia Harrison, ex-in-law may settle suit on Beatle memorabilia
Associated Press
24 March, 2003
Olivia Harrison and her former brother-in-law may settle a dispute over memorabilia
belonging to her late husband, Beatle George Harrison, according to court documents
released Monday.
Also: Harrison's widow in talks to settle lawsuit
Macca Plays His Biggest Show Ever!
24 March, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that he will play the biggest concert of his career in
Also: Paul Kicks Off Euro Gigs
Macca's 'love letter' to Lennon
By Richard Simpson, The Evening Standard
24 March, 2003
Theirs was an often stormy relationship - but one which created some of the greatest
moments in 20th century music.
Beatle's wife is expecting
Daily Telegraph (Australia)
24 March, 2003
Heather Mills, wife of Sir Paul McCartney, is three months pregnant, friends have said.
Also: McCartney's missus is 'to be a mum'; No Baby Joy For Heather; Paul 'not
dad-to-Beatle'; Paul's baby denial
Donovan comes to Beatles Festival in Secaucus
By Al Sullivan, Union City Reporter
23 March, 2003
My most memorable song in the 1960s was not among the biggest hits.
Ringo Starr's Double Life
By Allan Kozinn, New York Times
23 March, 2003
Since 1989, when he decided to give up various forms of substance abuse and rekindle
his performing career, Ringo Starr has lived a double life, musically.
Big guns allow instant CDs
By Paul Stewart, Melbourne Herald Sun
23 March, 2003
Music fans will be able to buy CDs of pop and rock concerts almost as soon as the
last song has been sung after some of the world's top artists agreed to instant
concert recording.
Fab five DVDs of Beatles footage due out in April
Chicago Sun-Times
22 March, 2003
The Beatles have shown an uncanny knack for keeping their legacy vital.
Show re-creates start of Beatlemania
Arizona Republic
22 March, 2003
Couldn't get tickets to the popular Beatle Mania Live tribute at Casino Arizona?
Ringo Starr Philosphical About War
By Bruce Simon, Launch
21 March, 2003
The underlying theme of Ringo Starr's new album, Ringo Rama, is peace and love. In
fact, the back cover art features a sculpture of a hand making the peace sign on a base
that reads "Peace & Love."
McCartney: The gig of my life
Manchester Online
21 March, 2003
Up on stage, his distinctive Hofner violin bass slung over his shoulder, Paul McCartney
is singing Hello Goodbye.
Also: Paul McCartney - Back In the World
Old Beatles track to be released for first time
20 March, 2003
A track written by Sir Paul McCartney when he was just 16 is to be among the songs
included on a new DVD of a secret final Beatles reunion.
Also: Sir Paul unveils secret song
FYE Brings Ringo Starr to New York City
20 March, 2003
Ringo Starr, the drummer for the Beatles from 1962 through 1970 and one the most
famous musicians of the 60's will be stopping in at FYE to meet fans and sign copies of
his new CD "Ringorama."
Very famous old boy
By Andy Kelly, Daily Post
20 March, 2003
It is a unique piece of rock 'n' roll history recalling the times of "Yesterday".
Macca: `I've Been Rocking The Arena'
By Allison Martin, The Wharf (UK)
20 March, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney gave lucky Wharfers a sneak preview of his upcoming European
tour - when he rehearsed at London Arena.
Growing "Green" Roses
Sierra Club
20 March, 2003
Paul McCartney's not looking so good. In fact, he's suffering from powdery mildew.
Architectural 'Big Brother' aims to save crumbling heritage
By Louise Jury, The Independent
20 March, 2003
Thirty of the finest structures in Britain's crumbling heritage are to vie for public support
in a knockout competition whose winner will receive the funds needed for restoration.
Ringo Runs For The Road
By Barry A. Jeckell, Billboard
19 March, 2003
Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr will hit the road again this summer with the latest
incarnation of his All-Starr Band.
McCartney to Play Open-Air Gig in Moscow
Associated Press
19 March, 2003
Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney announced Wednesday that he will play his first
concert in Russia — an open-air gig in Moscow's Red Square on May 24.
Also: Paul McCartney to Give Concert on Red Square
State adds Starr-quality shows
By April Helmer, The Express-Times
19 March, 2003
A Beatle, a nun and Italian newlyweds will walk into the State Theatre.
BBC One takes flying leap into highbrow arts
By Adam Sherwin, London Times
19 March, 2003
BBC One has countered accusations of abandoning arts coverage in the battle for
ratings by announcing that Alan Yentob is to present a “high culture” series for the
The Beatles on display at Shangri-La
By Baby A. Gil, The Philippine Star
19 March, 2003
Are you one of those Beatle fans interested in getting a look at the authenticated birth
certificate of John Lennon, plus of course those of Paul McCartney, George Harrison
and Ringo Starr?
Robbie to release anti-war tune
18 March, 2003
Singer Robbie Williams is releasing an anti-war song as the B-side to his next single
in April.
Ringo's tribute
By Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun
17 March, 2003
Starr talks about new song dedicated to George Harrison
McCartney's world gig
By John Hand, BBC
17 March, 2003
Ahead of his first UK dates in a decade, Sir Paul McCartney offers a live album
recorded on the US leg of his tour.
Also: Back In The World: Your views
Everybody Needs Good Neighbours
British Vogue
17 March, 2003
Stella McCartney is likely to have yet more neighbour trouble when she opens her
Mayfair store next month.
Hey, Jude lands Beatle role
By Maurice Chittenden, Sunday Times (Australia)
17 March, 2003
British actor Jude Law is to star in a film about the troubled life of Brian Epstein, the
man who discovered, managed and pushed the Beatles to worldwide fame before
dying at the peak of their success.
Macca To Play In Paradise
By Mike Merritt, Glasgow Sunday Mail
16 March, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney is to play Celtic Park in his biggest-ever gig in Scotland.
Also: After 13 years, Macca's back ... for maybe his last Scottish gig; Sir Paul back
to where he once belonged
Being for the benefit of Beatlemaniacs
By Cris O. Ramos, Jr., Manila Times
15 March, 2003
Two devoted fans of The Fabulous Four have opened an exhibit featuring an
extensive and expensive collection of Beatles memorabilia
Also: Beatles Forever
Lessons for us all in McCartney’s ‘Ebony and Ivory’
Harare Daily Newspaper (Zimbabwe)
15 March, 2003
The other day I found myself stuck literally for hours on one spot in a fuel queue at
a filling station in Chadcombe waiting for the next delivery to be made.
Travel: Macca in London
The Belfast Telegraph
15 March, 2003
Disappointed McCartney fans who missed out on securing tickets for his summer gig
in Dublin can still see their pop idol.
Who's the greatest Merseysider?
By Paddy Shennan, Liverpool Echo
14 March, 2003
The search is on for the greatest Merseysider.
Radio 2 TV ads reflect its unique positioning
Hoover's Online
14 March, 2003
Fallon has created a campaign for BBC Radio 2 featuring the rock stars Sir Paul
McCartney and REM's Michael Stipe, in a bid to demonstrate the station's unique
position in the world of radio.
Ringo comes to Rama
CBC News (Canada)
14 March, 2003
Former Beatles' drummer Ringo Starr will move to Orillia for two weeks this summer
to prepare for a North American tour.
Rock hall to remember the quiet Beatle
By John Soeder, Cleveland Plain Dealer
14 March, 2003
There was something in the way he moved people. Now the late George Harrison
could become the focus of the next big exhibition at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
and Museum.
'60s Pop Scene Revisited in 'My Dinner with Jimi'
By Andy Klein, Variety
14 March, 2003
Howard Kaylan -- lead singer of the '60s pop group the Turtles, later a member of the
group best known as the Mothers of Invention, and then half of the duo Flo & Eddie --
penned this memoir of his early career and his encounters with (among others) the
Beatles, Graham Nash, Donovan, Brian Jones, and, most importantly, Jimi Hendrix.
Y-3's Warming Trend
By Robin Givhan, Washington Post
14 March, 2003
All week, designers here have been enamored of special-effect snow.
Gone...Station Where The Beatles Arrived
North Devon Journal
13 March, 2003
Once upon a Hard Day's Night, The Beatles strolled along the platform - but now the
station is just a pile of rubble. And there has been a furious outcry across North Devon
after the old South Molton station, built more than 130 years ago, was mercilessly
bulldozed down.
Ringo Starr, other big names highlight Britt
By Bill Varble, Medford Mail Tribune
13 March, 2003
Ringo Starr, Julio Iglesias and Garrison Keillor headline the Britt Festivals’ 2003
season announced Wednesday.
'Fifth Beatle' passes on wisdom
13 March, 2003
Former Beatles producer Sir George Martin is to pass on the management and
creativity skills he gained while working with the Fab Four to those eager for success
in the corporate world.
Macca bans meat at Arena party
Manchester Online
13 March, 2003
When wealthy Paul McCartney fans sit down for a pre-concert banquet, there won't be
a chicken drumstick or prawn in sight.
Paul McCartney Endorses Musical Instrument Bags
Bruce Simon, Launch
13 March, 2003
Paul McCartney has lent his name to a line of musical-instrument cases for the first time.
Macca begs for meter cash
By Antonella Lazzeri, The Sun
13 March, 2003
Mega-rich Sir Paul McCartney had to beg for a dollar when he realised he had no
change for a parking meter.
Spot me if you can... (4th item)
Liverpool Echo
13 March, 2003
Mike McCartney, former member of Scaffold and award-winning photographer, made
a spontaneous snap decision when he was in New York to see bruv Paul in concert.
Back In Macca's World (thanks, Diane)
12 March, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney releases his live DVD and CD 'Back In The World - Live' next
week in the UK and last night dotmusic got a sneak preview.
Sir Paul extends credit swap
12 March, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney has extended the reversal of song-writing credits on Beatles hits,
putting his name before that of the late John Lennon.
Ono waging full-page ad campaign for peace (thanks to Doug E. Selky)
By Lea Garchik, San Francisco Chronicle
12 March, 2003
Yoko Ono paid $42,000 for a full-page ad in today's Chronicle, because "it is a pretty
urgent message," she said by e-mail Tuesday. "It is my contribution to the community."
Also: photo(thanks to Doug E. Selky as well)
The Beatles' Collection Gets Bigger
By Glenn Gamboa, Newsday
12 March, 2003
The rumors, it turns out, were true. In 1994, the remaining Beatles, Paul McCartney,
George Harrison and Ringo Starr, reunited for a laid-back recording session that never
saw the light of day - until yesterday.
My money's on Liverpool - a gem that's got everything
By David Charters, Daily Post
12 March, 2003
Well, the boy always had a tongue as smooth as treacle and the manners of one of those
car salesmen, who shines his shoes in the mirror and adjusts the Windsor knot on his tie
before dabbing his cheeks with after-shave lotion, just as an attractive young woman swings
into view.
From Beatles To Burgers
By Kyle Munson, The Des Moines Register
11 March, 2003
The Beatles made it possible for Urbandale to keep a beloved restaurant.
Shankar's story deserves to be told by more than one voice
By Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal
11 March, 2003
BBC film explores his lifelong balance between east, west
Fort Lee native photographs in the fast lane
By Evonne Coutros,
11 March, 2003
As a student at Fort Lee High School in the 1970s, Timothy White dreamed of stardom as
a rock-and-roll musician.
Brian Wilson Captured On DVD
11 March, 2003
The legendary Brian Wilson's solo tour of 2002 will be documented on DVD.
Sleek McCartney Show Pays Homage to Paris Couture
By Joelle Diderich, Reuters
10 March, 2003
Stella McCartney is a quintessentially British designer, but on Monday she paid homage
to her adoptive Paris with tailored coats and feminine corsets inspired by the great
tradition of French haute couture.
Also: Stella McCartney
Library's photo exhibit offers McCartney work (4th item)
The Arizona Republic
10 March, 2003
The Phoenix Public Library will exhibit "Linda McCartney's Sixties: Portrait of an Era"
from April 4 to May 31 at the Burton Barr Central Library, 1221 N. Central Ave.
New jazz CDs
By John Bungey, The Times
10 March, 2003
In the early days of the Beatles, John Lennon commented sourly to the effect that jazz
music was a lot of old men sitting around in a pub.
Beatle lock a big snip for Spanish hairdresser
ABC (Australia)
10 March, 2003
A Barcelona hairdresser has bought a lock of hair snipped from George Harrison in
1964 for 1,400 euros.
Rock 'n' roll lens
By Marilyn Smulders, Halifax Daily News (Canada)
9 March, 2003
A lifetime ago, Bridgewater photographer Eric Hayes captured 1960s music icons with
his trusty Nikon
Carry that weight
By Phil Hogan, The Observer
9 March, 2003
Phil Hogan finds Playback, George Martin's de luxe memoir, heavy on the pocket but
light on interest, even for Beatles diehards
Drawing back to the Lennon years
By Barry White, Belfast Telegraph
8 March, 2003
While nearly all the world is saying give peace a chance, anyone wanting to capture
the essence of the 1970s should beat a path to Chris Caldwell's gallery in Belfast.
Actor and singer Adam Faith dies
Coventry Evening Telegraph
8 March, 2003
Actor and pop star Adam Faith died from a heart attack early today, his agent said.
Big Head in tribute to George
By Gene Triplett, The Oklahoman
7 March, 2003
Of all the songs he could have picked to cover on the new George Harrison tribute
album, you'd think a laid-back, rootsy, blues-based-rock guy such as Todd Park Mohr
might have chosen the amiably shuffling "Old Brown Shoe" or maybe a funked-up
version of "Taxman."
It would be fab to meet Macca again
By Justine Hollins, Evening Mail
7 March, 2003
Hats off - it's going to be another fair cop for Macca.
Metro report (3rd item)
Palm Beach Post
7 March, 2003
Yoko Ono has adopted three classrooms at the Bak Middle School of the Arts.
Yoko Ono to Speak at Maine Graduation
Associated Press
6 March, 2003
Yoko Ono has agreed to be the commencement speaker at the Maine College of Art's
graduation ceremony in May, the college announced Thursday.
McCartney earns rich list title
6 March, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney made more money than any other celebrity in 2002, making £120m,
according to a rich list.
Beatle Bunnet
Glasgow Daily Record
6 March, 2003
A black woolly hat worn by John Lennon in 1968 could fetch £2500 when it is sold in the
US this week.
Nashing of teeth for ex-Beatle
Liverpool Echo
6 March, 2003
While Paul McCartney's European tour is selling out as soon as tickets become available,
one man who definitely won't be going is former Frankie Goes To Hollywood guitarist
Brian "Nasher" Nash.
`Wonderwall,' a 1969 cult film, at RAW
By Deborah Hornblow, The Hartford Courant
6 March, 2003
With the world going mod on fashion runways and in Target commercials, it seems fitting
enough that Hartford's Real Art Ways imports "Wonderwall," the psychedelic 1969 cult
Cindy Adams, New York Post
5 March, 2003
Beatle George Harrison's widow Olivia, who lives in England, does not want a memorial
garden a la Yoko's. Maybe a public one in London but not a private one near the
Henley-on-Thames house . . .
Yellow Submarine nearly lost at sea
By Michael Posner, The Globe and Mail
5 March, 2003
For aficionados of animated films, the 1968 feature Yellow Submarine has managed to
achieve an almost iconic status, at once popular with critics and the paying public.
Beatles forever
BusinessWorld (Philippines)
5 March, 2003
Anyone who has listened to the Beatles - live or recorded - can understand what forever
I miss George's laugh so much
By Gregg Fray, Liverpool Echo
5 March, 2003
George Harrison's widow has spoken for the first time about how she nursed her dying
husband through his battle against cancer.
A Little Help From My Friends
5 March, 2003
E-Mail Good Morning America Your Friendship Story, and Ringo May Sing For You
The Backbeat Beatles, The Cavern
By Claire Stoker, Daily Post
4 March, 2003
This was a rare chance to catch the Backbeat Beatles in an intimate venue and where
better than the Cavern?
Witness to the Beatles revolution, dies
By Lew Baxter, Daily Post
3 March, 2003
A woman who helped lead the Beatles on their first steps to international stardom has
died of suspected CJD.
Celebrities turn out for Pride of Britain awards
3 March, 2003
Celebrities have turned out for The Mirror Pride of Britain Awards.
Also: Daily Mirror Pride Of Britain Awards 2003: The Careres And Shareres: I Do
Not Deserve This, I'm Just An Inventor; Night Of Heroes; Unsung Heroes Rewarded
as Macca Walks Down Memory Lane; photos - 1, 2
Honorary degree for McCartney
3 March, 2003
Stella McCartney is to receive an honorary degree from the University of Dundee.
Also: Stella's Dundee Day
Do you want to know a secret? The untold origin of The Beatles
By Mark Voger, Asbury Park Press
2 March, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney apparently hasn't received enough recognition in his career, hence
his recent decision to reverse the billing on 19 Beatles compositions originally credited
to "Lennon-McCartney." John Lennon was unavailable for comment.
McCartney plans concert warm-up surprise
2 March, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney is planning to be his own secret warm-up act for his first UK tour
in a decade.
McCartney sits in with hotel band in Truckee
By Scott Sonner, The Associated Press
1 March, 2003
Regulars tapping to the beat of the Truckee Hotel's usual Thursday night jazz duo got
a surprise when Paul McCartney took to the small stage for an impromptu song he
called "Truckee Blues."
Also: Macca Plays Jazza
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