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The making of "Brainwashed" (video!!!)
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Dhani Harrison on MSNLive - transcript

The Late George Harrison releases album (Sky News - video)
George Harrison Tribute (NPR - audio)
George Harrison's Parting Gift (NPR - audio)
 Canada AM: George Harrison's son Dhani talks about
the late great Beatle (CTV - video)

 Paul McCartney Gets Back to the Beatles  (NPR - audio)

 Paul McCartney  "Driving USA" technical rider 2002 USA

Here are links to the latest Beatles-related articles available online:
Yoko's Box
By Richard Johnson,
30 November, 2002
It's that time of the year when wacky gift-giving ideas pop up all over the map.
'Brainwashed' not the finale Harrison had envisioned
By Michael D. Clark, Houston Chronicle
30 November, 2002
As an icon of rock 'n' roll and a humanitarian, former Beatle George Harrison deserved better
from those he entrusted with the completion of his final album, Brainwashed.
Sympathy for the devils
By Roger Hutchinson, The Scotsman
30 November, 2002
Mick & Keith
by Chris Salewisz, Orion, £20
I, me, Mine
by George Harrison, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, £20
The Best Of Fellas
BBC (thanks to Joe Robinson)
A new book tells the story of Bob wooler, DJ at the Cavern and the man who introduced the
Beatles more than 400 times.
Late Beatle George Harrison remembered at Hollywood memorial
Associated Press
29 November, 2002
A small crowd gathered Friday at the Beatles' star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to mark the
first anniversary of George Harrison's death.
Also: photo
Legacy of love for quiet Beatle
By Peter Grant, Liverpool Echo
29 November, 2002
A whole year has passed since the death of George Harrison - but the living legacy of the quiet
Liverpudlian is as inspirational and influential as ever.
Also: Love Is All You Read On The Wonderwall For George
Beatle George left £99m
By John Kay, The Sun
29 November, 2002
Beatle George Harrison left a colossal £99million in his will, it was revealed yesterday.
Also: Documents: Harrison Left $1.54B in Will; How 'quiet Beatle' was enigmatic to the last
McCartney art goes for a song
29 November, 2002
Three exclusive paintings by Sir Paul McCartney have been snapped up for just £35 each at the
Secrets postcard sale at London's Royal College of Art.
Paul McCartney, yesterday and today
By Bernard Weinraub, New York Times
29 November, 2002
Every nine years Paul McCartney yearns to go out on the road.
Also: McCartney adds personal touch
A little psychedelic lunacy orbits 'Dark Side of the Moon' memory
Cleveland Plain Dealer
29 November, 2002
A college student wrote me recently to ask about Pink Floyd's all-time best-selling album, "Dark
Side of the Moon."
Two Beatles reunite, and a fan remembers
By David Kirby, The Christian Science Monitor
29 November, 2002
My grad-school roommates and I sit cross-legged around a wobbly turntable, our granny
glasses slipping down our noses as we furiously scribble "Sergeant Pepper" lyrics and analyze
them long into the night instead of preparing for class.
It's 'A Hard Day's Day' For Beatles Tribute Band
By David K. Kessler, The Arizona Reporter
28 November, 2002
Mockumentary Shot In The Spirit and Style of 1964's "A Hard Day's Night."
Beatle best
This is Kingston
28 November, 2002
Pete Best, the original drummer with the Beatles, will be talking about and signing his new book
The Beatles True Beginnings, at Borders, in the Market Place, at 7pm today (Thursday).
A ticket to ride and see
By Catherine Jones, Liverpool Echo
28 November, 2002
Householders who live near John Lennon's old home will see for themselves any affects it will
have when it opens as a tourist attraction.
Happy just to dance for you!
By Shane Holladay, Edmonton Sun
28 November, 2002
Last week, Wetaskiwin's Jamie Thompson danced backup to Sir Paul McCartney in front of
50,000 screaming fans in Japan.
Shooting stars
By Karen Heinrich, The Age
28 November, 2002
He's the photographer behind the Beatles' most infamous photo shoot.
CNN Live Today
27 November, 2002
Interview with Paul McCartney
Ringo, Clapton Record Harrison Tribute Song
By Roger Friedman, Fox News
27 November, 2002
Just as a lot of big stars are pouring into London for Friday night's George Harrison concert,
I can tell you the news: Ringo Starr has recorded a tribute song to the late ex-Beatle for his
next new album.
Sir Paul McCartney Answers Your Questions (
27 November, 2002
Former Beatle Paul McCartney talked with 9News Wednesday morning via satellite!
Also: Sir Paul McCartney on ABC7 News This Morning (inc. video)
Ex-Beatle 'accepted he was dying', says widow
27 November, 2002
George Harrison's widow has spoken for the first time about how he accepted his fate long
before his death from cancer last year.
Also: The life and death of a Beatle; Olivia: My sweet George
Paul and George, Yesterday Meets Tomorrow
By Eli Attie, Washington Post
27 November, 2002
Among rock's enduring icons, it's hard to find two more divergent paths than those of George
Harrison and Paul McCartney.
They'll be back, yeah, yeah, yeah
The Northern Echo
27 November, 2002
The Beatles are returning to the region.
Area teens to sing on McCartney special
By Nicole Edwards, Poughkeepsie Journal
27 November, 2002
A couple of hours on a bus were enough to inspire 15-year-old Alexsandra Bossi to consider a
career in music and land her a spot on television.
Paul McCartney, back in the U.S. with gusto
By Edna Gundersen, USA Today
26 November, 2002
Anyone who missed Paul McCartney's 2002 tour will find the performer here, there and
everywhere this week.
Also: From Sir, with love; Paul is dead-on, but why rehash?; Paul McCartney: "Back In The U.S.,
Live 2002"; Fans of U2, McCartney can give thanks for specials; Paul McCartney, Getting Back
to Where He Wants to Go; McCartney Flashes His Charm In 'Back in the U.S.' Special;
McCartney Dives Into Beatles Material; A lively tour disc from McCartney; McCartney's concerts
prove a long and binding road; Sir Paul's still hooking 'em. I'm still not impressed; Touring With a
'Do Not Disturb' Sign; Beatle charms in ABC special; Baby, I'm Amazed
Pet Peeves
By Richard Johnson,
26 November, 2002
Animal rights activist Paul McCartney demands some peculiar perks backstage for his 2002 world
Tom Petty To Do Beatles & George Harrison Songs At Anniversary Concert
By Bruce Simon, Launch Music
25 November, 2002
Tom Petty is getting ready to honor his friend, the late George Harrison.
Also: Charity ticket touts cash in on ex-Beatle
Anoushka's film debut with Dance like a Man
The Times Of India
25 November, 2002
Barely a couple of months back, Anoushka Shankar had said she always enjoyed theatre in
school and would love to act in a movie one day.
Going For A Song
Daily Record
25 November, 2002
John Lennon's lyric for Because from the Beatles Abbey Road album, scrawled on the back of
a letter, is expected to reach £30,000 at Sothebys in London next week.
Paul McCartney tops pop music legends on TV
By Jeff Simon, The Buffalo News
24 November, 2002
Linda was still alive and well at the time. His old friend John, though, had been murdered only
four years before. Paul McCartney's career as a hit maker was still alive, too, though decidedly
Celebrity Chatter: Thanksgiving, Chatter-Style
By Michelle Solomon, Tha Hawaii
24 November, 2002
There Are A Lot Of Turkeys In Showbiz
His Musical Notes Have Become TV Landmarks
By Richard Harrington, Washington Post
24 November, 2002
No pop star has better harnessed the power of television, or been present at more historic
television milestones, than Paul McCartney.
Also: Paul McCartney: ``Back in the U.S.'' Radio Special; Win Paul McCartney's Back in the
U.S. DVD, a double CD and a 32'' TV!; Live McCartney CD set will delight fans; Tom, Penelope
and Sir Paul!; McCartney 'Back in the U.S.' show captures 'something special happening'
DVD review: "A Hard Day's Night"
TV Barn
24 November, 2002
When "A Hard Day's Night" was released in 1964, it was expected to be another teen-exploitation
flick with the usual four-wacky-kids threadbare plot.
A fitting final work
By Sandy MacDonald, The Daily News
24 November, 2002
Gems on posthumous Harrison album
Harrison's son tells of swansong and sadness
Mark Coleman, The Scotsman
23 November, 2002
The son of the late Beatle George Harrison has spoken of the mixture of sadness and catharsis
he felt in producing his father’s last record.
Rock band auction fore charity
By Chris Gerritsen, Calgary Sun
23 November, 2002
Fans of the hit-making rock band Nickelback will be bidding fiercely for memorabilia from their
favourite band thanks to an eBay Canada charity auction.
Legacy of a legend
By Peter Grant, Liverpool Echo
22 November, 2002
Almost a year after his death, George Harrison could be set for another number one hit after
the release of his final album.
Fab Four forgotten by street where music once rang out
By Luke David, Hampstead Express
22 November, 2002
The Beatles are still one of the world’s most popular groups, but you wouldn’t know it by visiting
the studio where they made some of their classic albums
More Liz
By Liz Smith,
22 November, 2002
Let's make nuisances of ourselves and note that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
needs to think seriously about giving Doris Day an honorary Oscar.
George Harrison's last creation goes on air
By Chidanand Raghatta, Times of India
21 November, 2002
Even in his death, posthumously, ex-Beatle George Harrison has left behind lilting melodies
and memories of his Indian spirituality.
Also: 'Brainwashed' doesn't push any buttons; George Harrison: "Brainwashed"; Musically,
Harrison's last words; Copyright security hits new level for Harrison CD; Harrison's
Brainwashed a pleasant surprise; Music for God's sake; Harrison's posthumous CD is a
thoroughly pleasant effort; A last, great gift from George; Harrison's last album is fitting
tribute; One last spiritual and musical journey; New album deserves long life; Harrison bids
fond farewell in swan song; Harrison settles accounts on a high, vital note; Harrison sings his
final odes; Tuneful George Harrison familiar to the end; Harrison's Brainwashed: Your views;
Harrison's final farewell befits the quiet Beatle; George Harrison, Brainwashed; New CDs:
Audioslave, Harrison; Music of a Beatle Who Never Stopped; Harrison's 'Brainwashed'
poignant; George Harrison's last album is a fitting swan song; Some final words and chords
from the Quiet Beatle; 'Brainwashed' by George Harrison; Finishing George Harrison's last
album bittersweet; His Guitar Gently Wept; It's all right: Harrison's son completes dad's last
album; 'Brainwashed' shows Harrison's charms; George Harrison - 'Brainwashed'
Fame opens door to music business
By Joe Riley, Liverpool Echo
21 November, 2002
Sir Paul McCartney's Fame school is at the heart of a new government drive for jobs for young
people - with a little help from the ex-Beatle's kid brother.
What's Up: Ball, bars, BBQ & Beatles
By Tim Grobaty, Long Beach Press Telegram
21 November, 2002
TWO OUT OF FAB FOUR (last item)
British Invasion, Revisited
By Susan Down, Times Colonist
21 November, 2002
Our parents told us it was just noise. But we knew, as we hunched over our portable record
players, that those 45 rpm records were emitting music of symphonic quality.
Sir Paul or just plain Joe, the neighbors are talk
By Christina Joseph, Coastal Bergen
21 November, 2002
First the rumor was that it would be Madonna. Then the word was Sir Paul McCartney.
The movie on the Beatles
By Mahbub Husain Khan, The Independent Bangladesh
21 November, 2002
In his book, Revolution in The Head, published in 1996, the author Ian Macdonald says, "
Anyone unlucky enough not to have been aged between 14 and 30 during 1966-67 will never
know the excitement of those years in popular culture."
Next best thing
By Philip Brasor, The Japan Times (thanke, Diane)
20 November, 2002
The Fab Four (minus three) back in Japan
Smooth villain Coburn, 74, dies
By Karen McVeigh, The Scotsman
20 November, 2002
The Oscar-winning actor James Coburn, famous for his screen presence, his characterisation
and his rangy personification of the word smooth, has died of a heart attack at the age of 74.
Imagine Lennon got the tribute he deserved
By Sarah Dempster, The Scotsman
20 November, 2002
Sweeping generalisations, bumptious bias and a regrettably over-inflated sense of self-importance:
such is the habitat of Great Britons, the series that makes mountains out of molehills, saints out of
sinners and television presenters out of ill-informed politicians and average comedians alike.
Also: Why you should vote for Lennon
Lennon auction raises just £70,000 as top items stay unsold
19 November, 2002
A number of significant John Lennon relics have failed to sell at an auction of Beatles
Also: Auction of Lennon Items Disappoints
McCartney's 1 millionth overseas concertgoer gets prizes
Kyodo News
19 November, 2002
An Osaka Prefecture woman at Osaka Dome on Monday became the one millionth concertgoer
to attend Paul McCartney's current world tour.
The Wildlife Of Stella McCartney
19 November, 2002
Stella McCartney has applied for permission to build a wildlife haven and an energy-saving
water purification plant at the £1.2 million, 200-year-old working farm she bought in Hereford and
Worcester last year.
Also: Macca's girl to create wildlife haven
Campaigners bid to save 'banned' vitamins
19 November, 2002
A petition signed by more than a million people to stop vitamin, mineral and herbal products from
being banned in the UK is being handed to Parliament.
By George and son
By Phil Sutcliffe, Los Angeles Times
18 November, 2002
Harrisongs, the business offices of the late George Harrison, occupies a suave building in a rich
West London square dating from 1810-ish.
£20,000 for Soul album
Liverpool Echo
18 November, 2002
A rare autographed copy of the Beatles' album Rubber Soul is expected to fetch up to £20,000
when it goes under the hammer.
Stones and The Beatles were fab friends really
By Peter Grant, Liverpool Echo
18 November, 2002
Rock and roll legend Bill Wyman is setting the record the straight about the Stones and the Fab
Beatle booking? In their 'Dreams'
By Stephen Battaglio, New York Daily News
18 November, 2002
The Beatles were one of the few superstar music acts to never appear on "American Bandstand."
It's the final frontier as Mr Spock's ears are put on sale for £2,000
By Martin Hickman, Independent
18 November, 2002
A pair of pointy, fake ears worn by Mr Spock in one of the Star Trek films is among dozens of
strange and famous stage and screen props and souvenirs to be sold at auction next month.
Paul McCartney: Bad Press Will Pass
Associated Press
18 November, 2002
Paul McCartney says he believes the bad press his wife, Heather Mills, has been getting will pass
once his fans get used to the couple being married.
Woman of 'The Hours'
New York Daily News
17 November, 2002
Yoko Ono has never been a member of the Paul McCartney Fan Club, but no one may be more
eager than she to get a copy of his new CD.
Imagine what Lennon drew
By Paul Stewart, Melbourne Herald Sun
17 November, 2002
Sir Paul McCartney may have disappointed many with the cancellation of his visit here but
Beatles' fans can look forward to an art exhibition featuring the works of John Lennon.
What's on TV
By Eddie McIlwaine, Belfast Telegraph
16 November, 2002
Imagine lennon beating churchill
Pick a card, any artist's card, and it could be worth a fortune
By Louise Jury, Independent
16 November, 2002
One of the most popular guessing games in British art – the chance to buy a genuine Damien
Hirst or Sam Taylor-Wood for £35, if you can spot the artists' handiwork without a signature
– is about to begin again.
Making oodles out of doodles
By Juliet Shedden, The Guardian
16 November, 2002
Some stars' autographs or even mindless scribbles sell for thousands; others are worth nothing.
Just a little get-together with Sir Paul
By Dave Donnelly, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
15 November, 2002
Former Isle D.J. Kamasami Kong hosts a mammoth radio show in Japan, and lives, poor guy, in
the Ritz Carlton-Osaka.
Harrison's 'Brainwashed' is a fitting finale
By Steve Morse, The Boston Globe
15 November, 2002
His humor, his spirituality, and his gift for a simple, unadorned melody combine on George
Harrison's final album, ''Brainwashed,'' which comes out Tuesday.
Also: Harrison in good spirits on final effort; George Harrison in full flight; Brainwashed’
both pointed and poignant
It's only big business, but I like it
By Daniel Finkelstein, Times Online
15 November, 2002
When Paul McCartney decided to claim songs such as "Yesterday", I was entirely on his side
Lennon drawing stolen from Auckland home
By Ainsley Thomson, New Zealand Herald
15 November, 2002
Four valuable John Lennon drawings have been stolen from the Auckland home of veteran
rocker Larry Morris.
Enjoying A Hard Day’s Night again
By Baby A. Gil, The Philippine Star
15 November, 2002
Has it really been 38 years since A Hard Day’s Night opened?
Exclusive: George Harrison's New Album
By Roger Friedman, Fox News
14 November, 2002
Brainwashed, the new and sadly last album from Beatle George Harrison, is a smash hit.
I heard it last night at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, and it's a bona fide success.
Also: Behind George's "Brainwashed"; Harrison bids us a warm goodbye; George Harrison:
Retro Release
By Richard Johnson,
14 November, 2002
"The Love You Make," the 1983 best-seller about The Beatles, is being republished by
Penguin, casting new light on Peter Brown - the Paul Burrell of the Fab Four.
Also: Gossip (2nd item)
``Come Together: A Night for John Lennon's Words and Music''; Pioneer
Entertainment Presents an Evening of Music Inspiring World Peace
Business Wire
14 November, 2002
All-Star Concert Features Performances by Sean Lennon, Dave Matthews, Stone Temple
Pilots, Alanis Morissette, Nelly Furtado, Marc Anthony, Moby and More; Includes Guest
Appearance From Yoko Ono ...
Lunch Box Exhibit Evokes Nostalgia
Associated Press
14 November, 2002
Smithsonian Show of Lunch Boxes Recalls Youth of First TV Generation
Also: Top Stories Photos
Highbury fields forever?
By Adam Scott, Living Abroad Magazine (U.K.)
14 November, 2002
Adam Scott gets back to the places that The Beatles once belonged
An intimate view of rock legends arrives in Reno (last item)
Kolo-TV News Channel 8
14 November, 2002
A unique view of the 60's is open for public view beginning Thursday when Linda
McCartney's Sixties: Portrait of an Era opens at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno.
The Bard and The Beatles Central brings 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' into
the summer of love
By Jason Morisette, Bay City Times
14 November, 2002
Central High School is getting psychedelic with Shakespeare.
Paul McCartney shows he's still alive
By Kevin Wood, Daily Yomiuri
14 November, 2002
Fourteen thousand yen may sound like a lot of money to pay to see a 60-year-old teen
idol who has not had a hit in at least a dozen years, but not if the graying pop moptop is
Sir Paul McCartney.
McCartneys say no to fur
By Mary McCartney Donald, This is London
13 November, 2002
I'm vegetarian, I don't wear leather and I wouldn't dream of wearing fur, so when Peta
(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) asked me to shoot the poster for their new
campaign, I jumped at the opportunity.
Stella is Starbucks
My Nottinghill
13 November, 2002
Has Stella McCartney angered her Notting Hill neighbours again? It rather seems as
though she has...
Beyond the music: Fans clamor for rock 'n' roll memorabilia
By Spencer Patterson, Las Vegas Sun
13 November, 2002
For a few fervent rock fans, the music is not enough.
Portrait captures the wit and wisdom of a Cavern legend
By Philip Key, Daily Post
13 November, 2002
Bob Wooler, the Cavern disc jockey who died earlier this year, had often talked of
writing a book of his experiences.
Japanese fans have unforgettable night at Paul McCartney concert
Channel News Asia (Singapore)
13 November, 2002
Japanese fans of Paul McCartney had an unforgettable night on Monday when the
former Beatle held his sell-out concert in Tokyo that lasted 3 hours and included over
20 Beatles tunes.
George Harrison's last album is stunning
By David Bauder, Associated Press
13 November, 2002
Nearly a year after George Harrison died, an album of music he left behind is being
released next week.
1964 The Tribute captures a moment in time
By Spencer Patterson, Las Vegas Sun
12 November, 2002
Generally speaking, The Beatles' post-1966 work is considered the band's most
groundbreaking material.
McCartney gives musical English lesson to students
Japan Today
12 November, 2002
British rock legend Paul McCartney invited 16 Japanese high school students and two
teachers who use Beatles' songs to study English to his Tokyo concert on Monday.
So now it's McCartney & Lennon
By Dominic Mohan, The Sun
12 November, 2002
Paul McCartney has enraged Beatles fans by altering the songwriting credits on his new CD
to give himself prominence over John Lennon
Also: Paul just can't let it be
Singer's Anti-Fur Advert
Sky News
12 November, 2002
Pop singer Sophie Ellis Bextor is appearing in a hard-hitting advertisement attacking the fur
Also: World Photos
Here comes the son
By Nigel Williamson, The Times
11 November, 2002
George Harrison's son Dhani has always been his own man, but after the former Beatle's
death he decided his priority was to ensure his father's musical legacy
Also: George Harrison: Artist Profile, George Harrison: Brainwashed, George Harrison:
Tribute Concert
Beatles' 'Let It Be' tops list of not quite hits
11 November, 2002
The Beatles' final single Let It Be has been named the greatest chart-topper that never was.
Rare audio tapes offer unique glimpse of John Lennon
By Larry Rodgers, The Arizona Republic
11 November, 2002
Fans of the Beatles have a chance Tuesday to get a behind-the-scenes look at John Lennon
during a presentation of rare cassette tapes made in 1972 and 1980.
Macca mania
Liverpool Echo
11 November, 2002
Macca mania struck at Tokyo international airport when the former Beatle flew in on the
latest stage of his world tour.
Also: Japanese go wild for McCartney, Macca mobbed, photos - 1, 2, 3, 4
A classic show of magic
By Edward Stevens, Birmingham Evening Mail
11 November, 2002
Harry Potter left visitors the International Classic Car Show in Birmingham spellbound at
the weekend.
John's Sad Love
By Jean Teeters,
10 November, 2002
Just two weeks after Yoko Ono won her September court battle to reclaim John Lennon's
photographs and notes stolen by his former aide, the other love of Lennon's life made a
bombshell discovery.
McCartney's freed foxes overwhelm local farms
By Daniel Foggo, The Telegraph
10 November, 2002
Anti-hunting campaigners have been using an animal sanctuary owned by Sir Paul McCartney
to release into the wild dozens of foxes which have been blamed for attacks on local livestock
and pheasants.
Harrison's guitar gently weeps again
Toronto Star
9 November, 2002
Former Beatle's pal Jeff Lynne produces posthumous CD
Queen top of the pops - again
9 November, 2002
Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody has - yet again - topped a chart of pop fans' favourite number
one singles of the last 50 years.
Heather Mills Plans Lifestyle Book With Vegetarian Recipes
8 November, 2002
As Heather Mills, the wife of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, tours the US promoting
her autobiography, her spokesperson has revealed she's working on yet another book.
Also: Lady Beatle hustling 2nd book; Heather's new book; Cooking book in bad taste
You say you want a revolution?
By Joy Davis-Platt, St. Petersburg Times
8 November, 2002
Count four fans of the Beatles in, as they don the mop tops and assume the personalities of
John, Paul, George and Ringo this weekend.
John Lennon's dope box and pipe up for auction
8 November, 2002
John Lennon's old dope box and pipe go under the hammer in an auction of Beatles
memorabilia later this month.
Photos: 1, 2
The Jacaranda, Slater Street, city centre
Liverpool Echo
Where is it?
The Jacaranda is a privately-owned bar at the end of a row of buzzing city centre bars, just
around the corner from Liverpool's Concert Square drinking quarter.
Harrison bids us all a sweet farewell
Neil McCormick, Electronic Telegraph
7 November, 2002
Neil McCormick reviews George's Harrison's posthumously-released album Brainwashed
Also: Harrison album 'too posh'; Producer apoligises for Harrison album; Hello again, I
must be going menopausal; Bit of polish makes fitting legacy for the quiet Beatle; Harrisongs
strike eternal note
GE labels get a No
By Ben Chapman and Lisa Mathiasen, National Post
7 November, 2002
Despite celebrity activists like Paul McCartney and David Suzuki, recent decisions in Canada
and the U.S. have stemmed the rise of GE labelling
Beatles and Kop sell city
By Neil Hodgson, Liverpool Echo
7 November, 2002
Merseyside's two great strengths of music and sport will be used to sell the region to world
travel executives.
In John's Life: Lennon artwork returns to Boston
By Larry Katz, The Boston Herald
6 November, 2002
John Lennon is gone. Yoko Ono wants to make sure interest in his artwork lives on.
Yoko Ono... Giving Peace A Chance
6 November, 2002
why is she famous?
Yoko Ono will fairly or unfairly be cast as the woman that came between the greatest
band of all-time, the Beatles. But beneath the surface, Yoko is so much more.
Paul McCartney in Mexico
(Links in Spanish. Can be translated at:
* Paul McCartney en México (PHOTOS)
* Paul se llevó miles de historias en una luz
* Homenaje de McCartney a Lennon y Harrison el día de Difuntos en México
* México: Paul Mc Cartney evocó a John Lennon en un concierto
* Cierra Paul McCartney con éxito su "Driving Tour", en México
* McCartney seduce a los mexicanos con un viaje mágico
* Recuerda McCartney A Sus Amigos Lennon Y Harrison Este Dia De Muertos
* Encanta a sus fans
* Paul McCartney dará tres conciertos en México
* Paul McCartney llegó a México donde dará tres conciertos
* Sir McCartney, por fin en México
* Llega Paul McCartney a México
* McCartney regresa a México
* More photos (English) - 1, 2, 3
Mac Is "Back in the U.S." Stores With a New Live Album and Intimate
"Rock 'N Road Movie" DVD
November 2002
For the first time in his solo career, Paul McCartney is to release a DVD that candidly
reveals the intimate backstage life on the road, alongside a 2-CD live set of his most
triumphant tour since The Beatles.
Also: We never give you our money? Ha!
Back Fence
The Oregonian
5 November, 2002
A reader/Paul McCartney fan chided people in her section for having her removed during
McCartney's recent visit to the Rose Garden.
Greatest guitars go on display
The Western Mail
5 November, 2002
Ever wondered what type of guitar Marc Bolan or Sir Paul McCartney used?
King of Skiffle Lonnie Donegan Dies at 71
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
4 November, 2002
"King of Skiffle" Lonnie Donegan, once a big influence on The Beatles, has died at the
age of 71 after collapsing on tour, his publicist said on Monday.
Also: Farewell to skiffle king; Farewell to Lonnie, a true hero of our musical youth
(thanks, Diane); 'It's time everyone paid homage to his genius'
A Day In The Life
By Tricia Jones,
4 November, 2002
Photos of cavorting Beatles re-emerge three decades later
George Harrison's Brainwashed Highlights His Positive Spirit
By Gail Worley, Allstar
4 November, 2002
Those CMJ attendees ambitious enough to hit the conference by 9 a.m. on Friday (Nov. 1)
got an advance preview of Brainwashed, the final album from former Beatle George
Harrison, who passed away from cancer nearly one year ago.
Back In The USSR?
4 November, 2002
Paul McCartney is considering a European tour in 2003 - including a date in MOSCOW's
RED SQUARE - after his North American jaunt broke box office records.
Sometimes a dream has to remain just that
By Tim Woodward, The Idaho Statesman
4 November, 2002
One of the fringe benefits of a newspaper job is that occasionally you get to interview
famous people.
It's Heather McCourage
Sunday People
3 November, 2002
Some people delight in having a go at Paul McCartney's wife Heather.
Beatle's tribute to his wife
Melbourne Herald Sun
3 November, 2002
George Harrison recorded a poignant song about his love for his wife, Olivia, as he was
dying from brain cancer.
Also: Rumor Clouds' New Song By Beatle George
Anoushka Shankar follows in the footsteps of the famous composer and
virtuoso she calls 'Dad'
By Geoff Gehman, The Morning Call
3 November, 2002
The reviews for Anoushka Shankar's recording ''Live from Carnegie Hall''
read like tribal war.
A stroll down memory lane, via Abbey Road
By Peter Demarco, Boston Globe
3 November, 2002
Of the thousands of John, Paul, George, and Ringo fans who flocked here this weekend for
the preeminent Beatles convention in the country, David and Robin Eastburn proved perhaps
more than anyone that you can still believe in yesterday.
Stars Paint For Charity
Sky News
3 November, 2002
Celebrities from all around the world have picked up paint brushes to raise money for charity.
McCartney vows Sydney return
By Kathy McCabe, The Sunday Telegraph (Australia)
3 November, 2002
Paul McCartney has denied he used the Bali terrorist attacks as a cynical excuse to pull
out of his proposed Australian concert to cover up for poor ticket sales.
Entertainment Photos
2 November, 2002
Legendary producer of 'The Beatles', Sir George Martin, gestures after conducting the
Cuban National Symphony Orchestra, November 1, 2002, in Havana.
More photos: 1, 2
Macca's big regret (2nd item)
Sky News
2 November, 2002
Paul McCartney revealed to me that he has one regret.
Scots tribute to Linda McCartney (thanks, Diane)
BBC (Scotland)
1 November, 2002
A memorial garden has been opened near the Mull of Kintyre in tribute to the late Linda
Garden memorial opens for McCartney
By John Ross, Scotsman
1 November, 2002
A memorial garden will be unveiled in Campbeltown today in honour of Linda McCartney,
who died in 1998 aged 57.
Also: County sculpture of Lady Linda unveiled; Linda McCartney Garden Unveiled (thanks,
McCartney ... did you get back what you paid?
By Paul Cashmere, Undercover
1 November, 2002
The Paul McCartney debacle in taking a new turn today as fans who purchased their
tickets for his final show in Melbourne look in their bank accounts to find they are not
getting a full refund.
Also: McCartney's tour decision, a 'pain in the arse'; Questions remain over McCartney
no-show; No excuse, Nowhere Man; Macca's no show: listen to what the man said
For your ears only
By John Accola, Rocky Mountain News
1 November, 2002
Coloradan's unheard Lennon tapes to be sold on Internet
McCartney Tour Breaks Box-Office Records
By Ray Waddell, Billboard
1 November, 2002
Paul McCartney wrapped his 50-date North American arena tour Oct. 29 at America West
Arena in Phoenix, having grossed about $100 million, and left a trail of house records in his
'The Hours and the Times'
The Oregonian
1 November, 2002
Sometimes you can say everything you need to quickly -- though you'd never know that
from most feature films.
McCartney wanted $12m for concerts
By Nui Te Koha, Melbourne Herald Sun
1 November, 2002
Paul McCartney wanted $12 million for two shows at Docklands Stadium.
Pop Idol deviser rakes in £30m
1 November, 2002
The man behind TV talent search Pop Idol earned £30 million from the show, dwarfing
the £500,000 sum made by its winner Will Young.
From Them By Us To You
By Jeff Lloyd, Lusaka Lowdown
November, 2002
What do The Beatles mean to you?
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