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Pics of Mary McCartney, Her husband and baby: 1, 2
Beatles' Buddy Recalls 'A Hard Days Night'
By Tim Lammers,
30 September, 2002
Spinetti Still Sees McCartney, Starr
Judge overturns ruling over Beatle's refused deposition in bankruptcy case
By Peter Shinkle, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
30 September, 2002
George Harrison said he was sick and the bankruptcy court should have believed it, a federal
judge in St. Louis decided in handing the departed Beatle a potential $17 million victory.
Stars' Home Movies to See Daylight
By Scott Bauer, Associated Press
30 September, 2002
Home movies aren't supposed to be this cool: footage of Bob Dylan goofing around at Hamlet's
castle. The Beatles taking the stage in 1964.
Beatlemania back
By Bruce Kirkland, The Toronto Sun
30 September, 2002
A Hard Day's Night issued in stunning remastered DVD version
Also: ``A Hard Day's Night'' New DVD Exposes the Beatles Busted Caught on Tape!; Review:
'A Hard Day's Night' sound makes it; Hard Day's Night: Collector's Edition; In Beatles' 'Hard
Day's Night' reissue, nothing is left hanging; 'A Hard Day's Night' DVD supplemented by
countless interviews; DVD of the week; 'A Hard Day's Night' DVD works, but not very hard;
The 'four-headed beast' returns on DVD
Seeking naked truth (2nd item)
By William LaRue, The Post-Standard
30 September, 2002
Syracuse native Lisa Seidenberg just finished directing another independent documentary,
which she's planning to pitch to television after it makes the rounds of film festivals.
After 38 years, A.C. still loves McCartney
By Scott Cronick, Press of Atlantic City
29 September, 2002
In the music world, it doesn't get any bigger than Paul McCartney.
Also: McCartney delivers the musical goods; Feeling like ‘Yesterday’ in A.C. Former Beatle
Paul McCartney hits all the high notes at Boardwalk Hall
Revolver - best album?
By Tom Harrison, The Province
29 September, 2002
Is Revolver the best album of all time?
Jealousy cuts 'Fab' Harrison tribute
By Mark Bialczak, Syracuse Post Standard
29 September, 2002
Camillus singer-songwriter Tim Anthony grew up loving the music of all the Beatles.
Leeching Off Lennon
By Philip Recchia, New York Post
29 September, 2002
He may never have claimed to be more popular than Jesus, but John Lennon's gofer - whose
duties included shopping for cat food and making dental appointments - regarded himself as
"a superstar" after he played percussion on the demo tape for the Lennon album "Double
Also: Yoko Ono in New York Court Fight over Lennon Photos; UPDATE 1-Yoko Ono in New
York court fight over Lennon photos; Yoko Suit In Court Today; John's Beatle-Mania; Jurors
in Yoko Ono's Case View John Lennon's Home Video; Who Could ‘Imagine' It Would Ever
Come To This?; Angry Yoko: He Wore John’s Clothes; Ono tells NY court of upset over
Lennon broadcast; Yoko Ono says former assistant was no friend; Sick Game Of Dress-Up;
Lennon's Former Aide Takes Witness Stand in Lawsuit; Lennon’s son reveals he can barely
remember his murdered father; Case insight into John and Yoko; Wonderful, Painful Memories
For Widow & Son; Plot to Profit From Lennon; A plan to blab about Lennon; Diary Of
Deception; For Sale: A Beatle's Memories; Friend: Lennon assistant stole while on 'sacred
mission'; Settlement Talks In Yoko's Suit; Sean Drawn To Show Trial Through His Eyes;
Yoko Ono Gets Court Victory; Ono Deal In Works; Battle ends over Beatle booty; Yoko Ono's
Settlement With Former Assistant (thanks, David); Ono settles with ex-aide; Photos
McCartney Revisits The Beatles
By Roger Catlin, Hartford Courant
28 September, 2002
Has there ever been a performer so significant who has never played Connecticut
throughout a four decade career?
Also: From yesterday to tonight - Paul McCartney, plays Connecticut for the first time;
McCartney plays Hartford tonight - first time in state; McCartney wows packed house with
decades-spanning set
A Hard Day's Day: A Day In The Life of A Beatles Tribute Band" is now online
Shot in the style of "A Hard Day’s Night," this short is a hilarious look at the day in the
life of "The MopTops." Encountering crazed fans, angry managers and worried bookers is
all in a hard day’s work for this charming and cheeky foursome.
Pornographic magazines for auction
27 September, 2002
A collection of pornographic magazines is to be sold by specialist auctioneers.
McCartney to play Melbourne in November
27 September, 2002
Paul McCartney is heading to Melbourne for two shows only after his Japanese tour in
Portsea plan for McCartney
By Kate Jones, Herald Sun (Australia)
27 September, 2002
Portsea is buzzing with rumours Paul McCartney is hunting for a seaside house for his
Australian tour.
Sotheby's sends valuer to Dublin to seek out rock memorabilia
The Irish Times
26 September, 2002
Sotheby's, the London auction house, is sending a valuer to Dublin in search of Irish rock
Macca to play gig in China
By Derek Brown, The Sun
26 September, 2002
Paul McCartney is planning a historic gig for 500,000 fans in China’s Tiananmen Square.
Paul Gets Back
By Eric R. Danton, Ctnow
26 September, 2002
McCartney Rewards Loyalty Of American Fans With Long-Awaited Tour
Also: We still love him, yeah, yeah, yeah; McCartney entertains for a third time; The cute one:
Paul McCartney keeps the music of the Beatles alive
The McCartneys provide a 'voice' for landmine victims
By Adele Slaughter, USA Today
25 September, 2002
Heather Mills found her prince when she married rock legend Sir Paul McCartney.
Mac is 'Back in the US' Stores with a New Live Album and Intimate 'Rock 'n
Road Movie' DVD
25 September, 2002
For the first time in his solo career, Paul McCartney is to release a DVD that candidly reveals
the intimate backstage life on the road, alongside a 2-CD live set of his most triumphant tour
since The Beatles.
Entertainment Photos
Associated Press
25 September, 2002
Paul McCartney speaks to the press as his wife, Heather Mills, looks on at the United Nations
Association of the USA awards dinner in New York Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2002.
Also: Bloomberg, Ali, McCartneys honored for helping UN; More pics: 1, 2, 3
New Book Chronicles Pete Best's Beatles Adventures
By Sean Egan, Billboard
25 September, 2002
For 40 years, Pete Best has been known as the world's most famous sacking victim, the man
dismissed by the Beatles when they were on the very cusp of becoming the most successful
group of all time.
Fixing up a fab four
By Peter Howell, The Toronto Star
25 September, 2002
MEMO TO: Roger Daltrey, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Pete Townshend.
FROM: A Helpful Fan
RE: Creating "The Whotles"
Flasher Chic
By Richard Johnson, Page
25 September, 2002
Wonder why Stella McCartney never took her black satin coat off during the opening of her
boutique last Friday?
Also: Stella branches out; Stella's Shop Opening
Playful McCartney takes crowd down Memory Road
By Rick Shefchik, Pioneer Press
24 September, 2002
They held a '60s high school reunion Monday night at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center, and Paul
McCartney was the entertainment.
Also: McCartney concert is Beatles' love fest (thanks to Douglas E. Selky); McCartney's magic
still strikes a chord (thanks again, Douglas); Ticket shock at superstars' arena shows; Paul
McCartney; Paul McCartney set list
Paul and Ringo's reunion concert
By Claire Stoker, Liverpool Echo
24 September, 2002
Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will come together to celebrate the life of George Harrison
a year after his tragic death from lung cancer.
Beatle love in the eyes of babes
By Punch Shaw, The Star-Telegram
24 September, 2002
Up for some cute stories about "the cute one"?
Muhammad Ali /Sir & Lady Paul McCartney get Global Humanitarian Award
from UN
PR Newswire
23 September, 2002
Honorees: Muhammad Ali, Sir Paul McCartney & Lady Heather Mills McCartney, Mayor
Michael R. Bloomberg
Mini models' rockin' fashion
By Matt Slater, Liverpool Echo
23 September, 2002
These mini fashion models put on a real rock and roll display when they stepped out in new
range of John Lennon baby wear.
Backbeat Beatles - Liverpool Empire
By Claire Stoker, Daily Post
23 September, 2002
For nostalgia fans these are the only real contenders for the Beatles Tribute crown.
The Beatles in Bradford
This Is Bradford
23 September, 2002
What a difference a year makes. In 1962 President John Kennedy helped to avert the threat
of nuclear war with the USSR. The following November he was shot dead in Dallas.
For Paul McCartney, 'life at my age' is happiness, music, memories
By Jon Bream, Star Tribune
23 September, 2002
Paul McCartney was singing "Coming Up" like it was a command performance for the queen.
Also: Listen to what the man sings (thanks, Diane); More than three decades of artistic
achievement from Paul McCartney
Though it's illegal in Minnesota, ticket scalping is a busy business
By Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune
22 September, 2002
You can still get good seats to Monday's Paul McCartney concert in St. Paul.
Bradley show, Sir Paul gets back to where he once belonged
By Dave Tianen, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (thanks, David)
22 September, 2002
When Paul McCartney says he believes in yesterday, believe him.
Also: Fans can expect more McCartney than he planned (thanks to Douglas E. Selky)
With hate from him to them
By Chris Hastings, Electronic Telegraph
22 September, 2002
Letters written by John Lennon in which he reveals the full extent of his hatred for Paul McCartney
and his wife Linda are to be aired in a New York courtroom.
Lots In Store From Stella
By Libby Callaway, New York Post
22 September, 2002
She's been snapped walking red carpets with close friend Gwyneth Paltrow, having a romantic
dinner with her fiance, former Wallpaper publisher Alasdhair Willis (she wears a gorgeous
diamond engagement ring on her left hand), and boarding a plane to Madonna's wedding.
Also: STELLA-R NIGHT FOR PAUL'S GIRL; Stella Nervous About Store Debut; pics;
another pic; Stella 'terrified' by New York fashion store launch; Spring 2003 Meaty Issues At
Boutique Bash; Glamorous Friends Help Stella Launch Her N.Y. Boutique; Stella's boutique
gets stellar turnout (thanks, Diane)
Once upon a time in New York City
By Juaniyo Arcellana, The Philippine Star
22 September, 2002
Recent commemorative tributes on the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York City
used video footage with John Lennon’s Imagine as soundtrack for the more heart-rending scenes,
practically obliterating all threats of an imminent war an ocean or two away in the oil fields of Iraq.
Upset about $250 concert tickets? Blame Paul McCartney
By Jon Bream, St. Paul Star Tribune
21 September, 2002
You don't need an accountant to explain the wide disparity in ticket prices for Paul McCartney
($250 tops), the Who ($135) and Bruce Springsteen ($75 for all tickets), three Rock and Roll Hall
of Famers coming to St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center in the next 10 days.
Back when they weren't slick
By Calvin Wilson, STLtoday
21 September, 2002
Linda McCartney had already achieved fame as a photographer for Rolling Stone magazine when
she met a cute Beatle named Paul.
Indian music legend, an Encinitas resident, saluted for bridging gaps
By George Varga, Union-Tribune
21 September, 2002
Ravi Shankar, India's most celebrated composer and instrumental performer, yesterday became
the first musician to receive the U Thant Peace Award.
Paul McCartney still tripping the live fantastic
By Jim Lundstrom, The Post-Crescent (thanks, David)
19 September, 2002
With Sir Paul McCartney kicking off the second leg of his Driving USA tour in Milwaukee
Saturday night, it only seemed natural that the beknighted ex-Beatle would want to talk about it.
McCartney, Starr, Clapton & Others Set For George Harrison Tribute Concert
By Gary Graff and Bruce Simon, Launch
19 September, 2002
Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Eric Clapton are among those participating in a concert in
London to commemorate the first anniversary of George Harrison's death.
Also: Macca and Ringo in George tribute (3rd item); Paul McCartney to headline George
Harrison tribute gig; Clapton, McCartney Honor Harrison
Entertainment Photos
19 September, 2002
Hosts Paul McCartney (L) and his wife Heather Mills share a moment as they arrive at the 2nd
annual Adopt-A-Minefield benefit, "Open Hearts. Clear Mines," in Los Angeles, California
September 18, 2002.
Also: McCartney's Star-Packed Benefit Concert!; more photos: much more photos (thanks, David);
other photos (thanks, Diane)
Beatles radio show more than a one-hit wonder
By Steve Waldon, The Age
19 September, 2002
Like the best accidental success stories, a Melbourne community radio program devoted to all things
Beatles began as a filler.
Win A Paul McCartney Concert Package!
19 September, 2002
Win tickets to see Paul McCartney plus enjoy dinner before the concert at McCormick & Schmick's.
Insight into mind of Beatles' manager
By Debbie Johnson, Liverpool Echo
19 September, 2002
A letter showing the tortured state of mind of Beatles manager Brian Epstein is to go on show in
When evil guitars desecrated the Budokan
By Barry Brophy, The Japan Times
19 September, 2002
Long before the 'hoorigans' descended on Japan last summer, the arrival of another group of
Englishmen was giving Japanese officials sleepless nights.
Tunnel Vision
By V.A. Musetto, New York Post
18 September, 2002
Talk about off-the-wall movies.
Stella Beef Cuts Naomi From Meat District Bash
By Jared Paul Stern, New York Post
18 September, 2002
Stella McCartney's store opening on Friday night in the Meat District is arguably the biggest
event of Fashion Week, but don't expect to see Naomi Campbell among the celebrants.
Also: Stella: style icon or style-less?
Celebrity fan: Paul Du Noyer
By Peter Grant, Liverpool Echo
18 September, 2002
Paul wrote Paul McCartney's world tour programme in the 90s and is currently working on
Macca's American tour programme.
Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson Plan Charity Duet
17 September, 2002
Two of rock music's greatest living songwriters -- former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and Beach
Boy Brian Wilson -- will sing two of their best known hits together at a rare benefit performance
on Wednesday, organizers said.
Holly Valance and Stella McCartney voted style icons
17 September, 2002
Holly Valance and Stella McCartney have both scooped awards at this year's Elle Style Awards.
Also: High Fashion Powered by Star Wattage; Stella, Kylie And Holly Feted With Elle Style
McCartney family feud heats up
By Jeannette Walls, MSNBC
16 September, 2002
Just how bad is the rift between Paul McCartney’s children and his new wife, Heather Mills?
McCartney snub for Harrison with release of 'far out' track
By Kevin Core, Daily Post
16 September, 2002
A Beatles track branded "too far out" by George Harrison is to released by Sir Paul McCartney.
Also: McCartney to Release Lost Beatle Track - Report; New Beatles and a reissue from John
Be My Yoko Ono
By Laura Jacobs, Newsday
15 September, 2002
THE LIVES OF THE MUSES: Nine Women and the Artists They Inspired, by Francine Prose.
HarperCollins, 416 pp., $25.95.
Imagine: War Over Lennon
By John Lehmann and Al Guart, New York Post
15 September, 2002
Intimate details about John Lennon's final years in New York - and his tense relationship with
fellow Beatle Paul McCartney - will be revealed when his widow Yoko Ono goes to court next
McCartney daughter reels in the stars to back health campaign
The Observer
15 September, 2002
Mary McCartney, the daughter of former Beatle Sir Paul, has recruited eight leading women
to help to promote the fight against breast cancer, the disease that killed her mother, Linda,
in 1998.
By Andrew Pierce, The Times
13 September, 2002
When the actress Bijou Phillips turned up at a restaurant with her boyfriend, Sean Lennon, and
his mother, Yoko Ono, she thought name-dropping would ensure that they were seated
immediately. But when she tried to book the table for “Ono”, the waitress thought she said “oh
no” and cancelled it.
John Lennon To Re-Release Mind Games
13 September, 2002
Following reissues of the classic John Lennon albums Imagine, Double Fantasy, Plastic Ono Band
and Milk And Honey, EMI Music will release a remixed and remastered version of the late
Beatle's 1973 Mind Games album.
64-1 for McCartney to top charts
13 September, 2002
A punter has bet that Paul McCartney will top the charts in four years' time with a re-release
of his hit "When I'm 64".
McCartney, Lennon & More Featured On New Elvis Tribute Album
By Gary Graff, Launch
13 September, 2002
Paul McCartney and John Lennon are among the artists featured on A Tribute To The King,
an Elvis Presley covers collection due out October 22.
One UM band's short but still winding road
By Howard Cohen, The Miami Herlad
13 September, 2002
Gabe Dixon laughs when he recalls how he came to play the piano.
When's the big day
Liverpool Echo
12 September, 2002
Fashion guru-ess Stella McCartney's work is seen on catwalks across the world, but she's
evidently far less forthcoming when the cameras point at her.
Entertainment industry's charitable, philanthropic efforts help victims cope
By Nicole Sperling, The Hollywood Reporter
11 September, 2002
Kate McPadden, marketing director of AOL Time Warner's Teen People magazine, was one of
thousands of people who lost a loved one Sept. 11.
Rock's Biggest Villains
By Bill Hoffmann, New York Post
11 September, 2002
The psycho who killed John Lennon topped the list of rock's "most dastardly villains" by Blender
Yoko Ono Pleads 'Give Peace a Chance' on 9/11
10 September, 2002
Yoko Ono Tuesday pleaded with the world to "Give Peace A Chance" with the release on the
MTV music channel of a short film to mark the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks.
NYC store ready to wear Stella McCartney's name
By Jeannie Williams, USA Today
10 September, 2002
Stella McCartney's dad, Paul, is a familiar face in the States, and now the London designer
is about to become more visible.
Final George Harrison Album Due In November
By Jonathan Cohen, Billboard
9 September, 2002
The studio album former Beatles guitarist George Harrison was working on prior to his death
last December will be released this fall.
Also: Harrison album could hit No 1
Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, Enrique Iglesias, Aretha Franklin, Toby Keith, &
Charlie Daniels Featured In Sept. 11 TV Specials
By Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna and Kevin Raub, AllStar
9 September, 2002
As the nation nears the first anniversary of the tragic attacks on America on Sept. 11, 2001,
television networks are ready with a slew of specials, moments of silence, and inspirational
Also: Yoko, Moby et al on the post-Sept. 11 music scene
GQ Awards 2002
Holly Valance, David Bowie and Paul Smith all received awards at the seriously glamorous
annual GQ party. And after dinner, Jay Kay boogied with the likes of Jodie Kidd and Stella
My Sweet Bore
By Nick Gillespie, Reason
Explaining a former Beatle’s artistic slide
George Harrison Tribute Album To Feature Dave Davies, Roger McGuinn,
Julian Lennon & Others
By Bruce Simon, Launch
7 September, 2002
A tribute album to the late George Harrison will be released on February 25, which would
have been his 60th birthday.
Calling All Readers
Tacoma Tribune
7 September, 2002
Did you pine for Paul, swoon for Mick or rock out with the Beatles and the Stones in the '60s?
Stella's Tears For Mother
The Mirror
7 September, 2002
Sir Paul McCartney's daughters lost "the best mum in the world" with the death of his first wife
Linda, they said yesterday.
Also: McCartney sisters visit cancer centre; 'Mum would have loved it' ; Top Stories Photos;
Linda’s girls see cancer unit
Whats on TV: Old favourite rolls into town
By Eddie McIlwaine, Belfast Telegraph
7 September, 2002
ANTIQUES ROADSHOW (BBC1, tomorrow, 6.45pm)
In a week when television is turning on the September 11 tap of tragedy remembered it's
essential to recommend something solid and traditional to reassure viewers that ordinary
life goes on.
No plain Jane
By Gillian Glover, The Scotsman
7 September, 2002
Jane Asher kicks off her scarlet patent stilettos, stretches her black-stockinged legs across
the hotel sofa and lights a cheroot.
Berklee Press Publishes First Songwriting Guide To John Lennon's Music
6 September, 2002
When it came to writing a hit song, John Lennon had a gift.
Black Sabbath And Blue Oyster Cult's 1980 Concert Film 'Black & Blue'
Coming On DVD From Classic Pictures
6 September, 2002
Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult were two of the biggest hard-rock titans of the 1970s,
and an ingenious idea was conceived to have them join forces on a co-headlining tour.
McCartney's wife wins libel damages
The Times
6 September, 2002
Heather Mills, Sir Paul McCartney’s wife, accepted £50,000 libel damages yesterday over an
article which suggested that there were grounds for suspecting her of dishonesty over cash
collected for an earthquake appeal.
192: Top Of The Pops Revealed
By John Dingwall, Daily Record
6 September, 2002
On January 1, 1964, at 6.35pm, a voice on BBC1 announced, "It's Number One, it's Top Of The
Pops" and a nation of teenagers became glued to their television sets on a weekly basis.
Darke Secrets
6 September, 2002
The fashion crowd stopped in at the Serpentine gallery on Wednesday night to celebrate the launch
of the new Sunday Times Style supplement.
Tomorrow Never Knows: Rock and Psychedelics in the 1960s
By Nick Bromell, University of Chicago Press
5 September, 2002
On August 30, 1964, a Sunday, Manhattan lay swathed in the heat of a summer afternoon.
Castle Craze
Page Six
5 September, 2002
Like father, like daughter. Stella McCartney is looking to tie the knot in an Irish castle just like
her dad, Paul.
Also: Now Stella to marry in Ireland
Macca Leg Rub
Daily Record
5 September, 2002
Pop legend Sir Paul McCartney likes to massage the stump of wife Heather Mills' amputated
Helen's Farewell
Daily Record
5 September, 2002
Singer Helen Shapiro, who had a No1 hit at 14 and was supported by the Beatles on tour, is to
retire at the age of 56, after going on a farewell tour of Britain this month.
Beatles Producer Brings Classics to the Masses
By Dean Goodman, Reuters
4 September, 2002
The producer who turned the Beatles onto classical music now hopes to bring the joys of
Beethoven and Mozart to the masses.
GQ'S Men Of The Year
4 September, 2002
Sir Paul Smith was named Designer of the Year for the fourth year running at the GQ Men of
the Year awards last night.
McCartney 'turned down Heather's prenuptial offer'
4 September, 2002
Heather Mills offered to sign a prenuptial agreement before marrying Sir Paul McCartney, but
he turned her down, according to a magazine.
Also: Heather's Macca getout; No Pre-Nup for McCartney and New Wife; Macca And Heather
Ready For Family
McCartney Sisters to Visit Cancer Unit
Associated Press
3 September, 2002
Fashion designer Stella McCartney and sister Mary, daughters of former Beatle Paul
McCartney, are planning a first visit to a breast cancer unit in Liverpool dedicated to their
New Names Picked in the Fame Game
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
3 September, 2002
What do Osama Bin Laden, Stella McCartney and Ronaldo have in common?
Bapi... The Bestseller?
Ashwin Ahmad, Express India
2 September, 2002
With Anoushka Shankar’s ‘‘frank’’ biography on her father creating publicity ripples, Roli
Books is expecting good things from Bapi: The Love of My Life.
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