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Here are links to the latest Beatles-related articles available online:
Beatles Concert Tape on eBay
By Robert Gordon, Rolling Stone
31 January, 2003
1966 performance catches band on final tour
The Beatles go on
By Alison Gray, The Scotsman
31 January, 2003
The Beatles never reformed after their split in 1970, despite intense pressure from both
management and their fans, but the same may not be true of the original fanzine dedicated
to the Fab Four.
Turbonegro use 5th Beatle
31 January, 2003
Turbonegro, the recently reformed Norwegian rockers, have commissioned artist Klaus
Voormann to design their next album sleeve.
Beatles tribute band overcomes skeptics with vintage equipment, suits and
left-handed bass playing
By Kim Shipman, The Oklahoma Daily
31 January, 2003
When Carl Rath and Eldon Matlick bought tickets for a 1964. . .The Tribute concert at the
Civic Center over ten years ago, these OU School of Music professors had no idea they were
about to see what George Harrison's sister, Louise, later called "the No. 1 Beatles show
anywhere on the planet."
On These Sad And Serious Notes – Candidly Speaking
By Irene Sandiford-Garner, Barbados Daily Nation
31 January, 2003
I am on a sad and serious note this week.
Back in the USA - Paul McCartney
By Chris Mirams, Stuff
31 January, 2003
Blatant marketing has always been a turn-off as it invariably means an over-sell and
KOCH Entertainment Proudly Announces the March 25 Release Of Ringo
Starr's Ringo Rama
30 January, 2003
Ultimately what's most impressive about Ringo Starr isn't what he's been, but rather who
he is.
Yeah... Yeah... Yeah! I Backed The Beatles
By Ben Bentley, This is Staffordshire
30 January, 2003
Of all things, it was the jelly babies that told '60s singer Gerry Levene that The Beatles
would soon be the biggest group in the world.
Give city a memorial to George
By Clare Usher, Liverpool Echo
30 January, 2003
Liverpool faces a race with Henley-upon-Thames to build the first permanent memorial
to Beatle George Harrison.
At the Apple's Core: The Beatles from the Inside - Denis O'Dell
By Karl du Fresne, Stuff
30 January, 2003
As the title indicates, this book is touted as an intimate insider's view of the Beatles.
The real Lady McCartney
By Sinead Desmond, The Sun
30 January, 2003
Stella McCartney seemed to be addicted to suits – but now she has shown a glitzy and
glamorous new side.
Also: Stella Gets Tied Up; Stella's studio
Bus lets students imagine
By Kirsten Singleton, Winona Daily News
29 January, 2003
Winona Senior High School students no longer have to imagine a perfect world.
New Beatles "Let It Be" Due
By John Harris, Rolling Stone
29 January, 2003
Apple Records to release a stripped-down version of the 1970 LP
Also: The Beatles' Buried Treasure; New Beatles 'Let It Be' coming
Sir Paul gets back
By Emma Gunby, Liverpool Echo
29 January, 2003
When Sir Paul McCartney made an impromptu visit to the Cavern in 1968 he made the owner
promise not to tell the press.
Yoko Motion
By Carla Spartos, The Village Voice
29 January, 2003
Yoko Ono is now as old as your grandmother. So why is she still so controversial within the
famously tolerant dance community?
Limit on Lennon house visitors
Liverpool Echo
29 January, 2003
A limit of 90 people a day will be set for visitors to the childhood home of Beatle John Lennon.
George Harrison – Brainwashed
By Julian Agius, Malta Star
28 January, 2003
Posthumous albums are never a thing to look forward to in the music business.
Live Beatles gig re-released
By Scott Faulkner, Liverpool Echo
28 January, 2003
A Controversial live Beatles album is being re-released, after more than 40 years.
Clapton, Willie Join Ringo
By Andrew Dansby, Rolling Stone
27 January, 2003
Ringo Starr will release a new solo album, Ringo Rama, in March. The record features
guest spots by Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Willie Nelson, Van Dyke Parks, Shawn
Colvin, the Eagles' Timothy B. Schmit and legendary jazz bassist Charlie Haden.
Also: Ringo Album To Feature Guests & Harrison Tribute
Now the PC brigade have their digits on the past
By Cass Avery, The New Zealand Herald
27 January, 2003
The cover of the Beatles 1969 Abbey Road album is pretty dull really: four guys strolling
across the pedestrian crossing on Abbey Rd in North London.
Forgotten Beatles photographs to go on display
27 January, 2003
An exhibition of forgotten Beatles photographs worth around £1.4 million is due to open
this spring in Liverpool.
The RC-Files
By Bill Brioux, Toronto Sun (last paragraph)
27 January, 2003
ALSO TONIGHT: Beginning at 9 p.m., Star! has a treat for Beatle fans.
The ballad of Paul and Yoko
By Gilbert Garcia, Salon
27 January, 2003
Think they buried the hatchet? Think again.
Band member gets Paul's method down pat
By Darrell Laurant, The News Advance
26 January, 2003
"What Tommy has done, in this short time, is just amazing," Ed Embry said recently.
Beatlemania was born in Dundee
By Kathryn Mainds, Sunday Post
26 January, 2003
Forty years ago this month, a relatively-unknown pop group called The Beatles played their
first tour of Scotland for a mere £40 a night.
Rockin' the museum
By David Mannweiler, Indianapolis Star
26 January, 2003
'Amazing Music Studio' exhibit at The Children's Museum is for music-lovers of all ages.
Field Dreams Of Record Books
By Philip Key, Daily Post
Inventor Roger Field had a bright idea for a folding guitar.
Fashion guru Stella McCartney to buy Cong home?
By Denise Horan, Western People (Ireland)
22 January, 2003
Cong, which has played host to many famous guests in the past, may soon have a celebrity
Also: Jerry Hall Among A-List Guests At London's South Bank Awards
Engelbert Humperdinck's DEFINITION OF LOVE Pays Homage to The
Beatles Amid New Recordings of Classics and Contemporary Love Songs
by the King Of Romance
22 January, 2003
In 1967, Engelbert Humperdinck's rendition of "Release Me" kept The Beatles' "Penny
Lane" from reaching the coveted #1 slot in the U.K.
Beatles no longer fag four
Sky News
21 January, 2003
Abbey Road, the classic Beatles album, has seen its cover fall victim to the latest digital
photo techniques.
Also: Beatles Abbey Road cigarette airbrushed (thanks, Diane)
Jane Asher: Domestic goddess
By Deborah Ross, Independent
20 January, 2003
Jane Asher has moved seamlessly from Sixties poppet on the arm of Paul McCartney to
21st-century 'superbitch' in the newly relaunched Crossroads.
Stone accuses Beatle of bowing to terror
By Paul Stewart, Daily Telegraph (Australia)
19 January, 2003
Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has criticised former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney
for calling off an Australian tour because of the Bali bombings.
Beatles tribute benefits scholarship fund
By Maria Kardos, Hernando Today
19 January, 2003
Members of the Hernando Performing Arts Center Guild recently added to the gaiety of
the evening when they donned Beatle wigs to greet the audience at the first show of the
season, "Revolution, a Tribute to the Beatles."
A verey Beatlesque concert
Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal
18 January, 2003
Remember this? — ‘It’s two! Two! Two mints in one!’ No?
Rock Fans to Bid for Rare Lennon/Jagger Recording
18 January, 2003
If rock and roll fans could conjure up their dream recording date, it might be a jam
session between Beatle John Lennon and Rolling Stone Mick Jagger.
Also: Mick And John Cook Up Hit; Lennon Jagger recording found
Behind Sad Eyes: The Life of George Harrison by Marc Shapiro
Book Reporter
When a celebrity passes away, that passing seems to serve as permission for some
biographers to write about the dark side of the dearly departed.
Starstruck taxmen caught selling celebrity secrets
By Melissa Kite, The Times
16 January, 2003
The image of the tax collector took another dive yesterday when it emerged that bean
counters at the Inland Revenue spend their spare time snooping through champagne and
caviar receipts of the rich and famous.
Yoko Ono Interview
By Laura Waskin, The Desert Sun
15 January, 2003
With or without The Beatles, John Lennon was a powerful and creative force to be reckoned
Getting better all the time, McCartney has staying power
The East Carolinian
14 January, 2003
As the Beatles go, Paul McCartney was always known as the cute one. But maybe we've
been selling him short all these years. Maybe he's also the wise one.
Also: Rocking For Your Rights; Paul McCartney: Back in the US
Fandom of the pop era
By Bob Stanley, The Times
14 January, 2003
Fanzines come and go - farewell then, Beatles Monthly - but they have always been vital
to the music
Beatles fans exhale
By Terry Ott, The Toronto Star
14 January, 2003
Seized tapes not what was hoped, author says He's convinced they're the Get Back sessions
Also: Beatle Tapes (NPR - audio)
The best of farewells
By Lew Baxter, Daily Post
13 January, 2003
The mood could easily have turned mawkish as the Mersey Beat clans gathered at the
Philharmonic to deliver a musical farewell to Bob Wooler, the sharp-tongued former Cavern
disc jockey whom they all so obviously loved.
Live-in job at Lennon's home
Liverpool Echo
13 January, 2003
The National Trust has extended its search for a custodian for John Lennon's childhood home.
A Lorra Lorra Lolly
By Siobhan Synnot, The Scotsman
12 January, 2003
Almost four decades ago, Brian Epstein dubbed a former Liverpool cloakroom attendant
the woman who ‘is going to be one of the biggest stars in this country for 30 or 40 years’.
Also: Paul & Ringo to help Cilla celebrate her Fab Forty
Helpful Perry imagines he's John Lennon
This is Hampshire
11 January, 2003
A music-loving councillor and taxi driver has added another string to his bow - as a John
Lennon impersonator.
Raids Recover Original Beatles Tapes
Associated Press (thanks to  Douglas E Selky)
10 January, 2003
Police raids in England and the Netherlands on Friday recovered what could be about 500
original Beatles tapes that were stolen in the 1970s, including some never-released tracks.
Also: Beatles' bootleg haul found (thanks to  Douglas E Selky); Lost Beatles Tapes Found?;
Did police come through bathroom window?; 5 Held In Beatles Tape Theft; Tapes of Beatles
are recovered; Tapes a Fab find; Beatlemania returns with ‘priceless’ haul; Seized Beatles
Tapes Are a Trove, if Familiar
A bash for Bob
By Lew Baxter, Daily Post (thanks to Joe Robinson)
10 January, 2003
Well over a decade after the Beatles had decamped from Liverpool, Pete Wylie and a new
breed of musicians, among their ranks Julian Cope and Ian McCulloch, were stomping around
Mathew Street forging an electrifying musical clique whose members would once again rule the
roost nationally.
Oversubscribed: Stella McCartney accessories
By Simon Chilvers, The Guardian
10 January, 2003
In recent months fur has experienced a revival, hitting its vile peak with the much publicised
news that Stella McCartney had seriously scolded Madge for wearing a coat made from
aborted lamb foetuses.
Heather Mills Wants A Fresh New Face
The National Enquirer
9 January, 2003
Heather Mills is 26 years younger than her husband Paul McCartney, but she's trying to make
herself look even younger, The ENQUIRER has learned.
Celebs Kick Off New Year By Healing Rifts
Hello! (thanks, Diane)
9 January, 2003
Heather Mills has made a fresh bid to end the feud between herself and her stepdaughter,
Stella McCartney, by modelling one of the designer's dresses.
Also: McCartneys call truce (thanks, again, Diane); McCartney spin provides Red letter day
Charity concert
Liverpool Echo (thanks to Joe Robinson)
8 January, 2003
A charity concert is being held in memory of DJ Bob Wooler. Bob, famed for introducing the
Beatles, died last February at the age of 76.
'Down Under' applicant bids to run Lennon museum
Ananova (thanks, Diane)
8 January, 2003
A heritage charity seeking a custodian for the childhood home of John Lennon has received
an application from as far afield as Australia.
Also: Lennon fans want a place in history
At the Grammys, Springsteen Vs. Spring Chickens
By David Segal, Washington Post
8 January, 2003
It'll be the Boss vs. the Brat.
After a 40-year run, the Beatles' first fanzine folds
By David Charters, Daily Post (thanks to Joe Robinson)
7 January, 2003
For almost 40 years, it has been a bible to followers of the most famous group in the history
of popular music.
An Exhibition That Borrows Brazenly
By Chris Nelson, New York Times
7 January, 2003
It sounds like a plan for drawing hordes of screaming lawyers to your door: create
compilation CD's with sampled music from the likes of the Beatles, James Brown and
Johnny Cash, not to mention the voice of Dan Rather;
Beatles photos, memorabilia on display
By Melissa Mansfield, Associated Press
6 January, 2003
Harry Benson was in the room when the Beatles found out they would be playing on "The
Ed Sullivan Show."
Also: photos - 1, 2, 3
Beatles' Ed Sullivan Show appearance tops TV poll
6 January, 2003
The Beatles' live debut appearance on American television in 1964 on the Ed Sullivan Show
has topped a list of the 100 greatest rock and roll moments in TV.
A Clear-Headed Look At Harrison’s Brainwashed
By Mac Randall, The New York Observer
6 January, 2003
The early commercial success of George Harrison’s latest and, I’ll presume, last album,
Brainwashed (Capitol)—it debuted in the Billboard Top 20—may prove that even in the midst
of widespread Eminemania and Avrilidolatry, an audience still exists for guitar-based pop in
the hallowed 1960’s-70’s tradition.
Cilla in the spotlight
6 January, 2003
Cilla Black has announced she is to quit as presenter of Blind Date after nearly two decades.
Stella Friendship
6 January, 2003
Perhaps Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo may be planning to bury the hatchet.
Speculations abound Stella's marriage plans
By Karl Treacy, Hindustan Times Infotainment
5 January, 2003
A lot of people in New York seem to think that designer Stella McCartney is going to marry
fiancé Alasdhair Willis this weekend in Ireland. But is she really?
Kiwi's last days with George Harrison
By Robyn McLean, Sunday Star Times
5 January, 2003
The New Zealander who comforted Beatle George Harrison as he died has broken his silence,
revealing the special bond he and the famous musician shared.
McCartney attacks wildlife group for backing animal tests
By Paul Brown, The Guardian
4 January, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney has protested to WWF, the wildlife organisation, about its active support
for chemical tests that cause the death of thousands of animals.
Heather's message of support
By Owen Mcateer, ICNewcastle
3 January, 2003
A brave meningitis victim who lost both legs to the disease has been given a message of hope
from Heather McCartney-Mills.
Also: Hail the forgotten heroes
McCartney CD is quiet milestone
By Jason Johnson, Plainview Daily Herald
2 January, 2003
I have no clue how this album came into being without me knowing about it, but it did.
The magical mystery cyber tour
By Gina Perry, The Age
2 January, 2003
Imagine. John Lennon may be dead but that doesn't mean you can't talk to him.
Nall will not return to TSU as artist-in-residence
By Jaine Treadwell, The Troy Messenger
2 January, 2003
Internationally recognized artist Nall Hollis (Nall) of Vence, France, will not return to Troy
State University as artist-in-residence for the spring semester.
Shiva Shiva, Y'All
By Phil Dellio, The Village Voice
1 January, 2003
I didn't find out about George Harrison's death until the morning after, just as I set out on
my drive into work.
Beatles richer than British Queen
Associated Press
1 January, 2003
In the early years of her reign, Queen Elizabeth II's private fortune was considerably smaller
than the combined assets of The Beatles, according to classified government documents
released on Saturday.
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