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Call for Beatle Paul to live his lyric
By Gavin Foster,
Isle of Wight County Press
30 June, 2006
Pop legend Sir Paul McCartney is to be
asked to make one of his most famous
lyrics come true and stay in a rented
cottage on the IW.
McCartneys pay tribute to Linda and
PR Inside
30 June, 2006
Rock offspring Stella and Mary McCartney
paid tribute to their Beatle father Sir Paul
and late mother Linda at the PETA (People
for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
Humanitarian Awards in London on
Wednesday (28JUN06).
From Liverpool to Livermore
By Jim Harrington, Inside Bay Area
29 June, 2006
Ringo Starr is rock 'n' roll royalty.
McCartney brother shares gig photos
29 June, 2006
The brother of Sir Paul McCartney has
launched a book of behind-the-scenes
photographs from last summer's Live8
concert in London.
Events slated to mark anniversary of
the Beatles' 1966 visit to Tokyo
By Hotaka Tazawa, Kyodo News
28 June, 2006
The Beatles visited Japan in June and July
1966 and gave memorable performances at
the Nippon Budokan hall in Tokyo.
An open letter to Sir Paul McCartney:
Uh, I do, I do, I do
By Gloria Golec, Chicago Tribune
28 June, 2006
An English professor at the College of
DuPage, awaiting a proper proposal in
Glen Ellyn
'Leave the McCartneys alone'
Tim teeman, The Times
27 June, 2006
As a new London show of her art opens,
Yoko Ono tells our correspondent why
‘the attacks should stop with me’
Mick Jagger, Elton John, Ringo
Starr Talk About Platinum Weird
27 June, 2006
In 1974, Dave Stewart formed a band
called Platinum Weird in North London
with his female songwriting partner,
muse and soul mate, Erin Grace.
It's not fab, but he's still a Starr
By Bruce Fessier, The Desert Sun
26 June, 2006
It wasn't exactly Beatlemania.
Also: Ringo Starr Performs at Fantasy
Springs; Ringo rocks
The Times
26 June, 2006
Sir, Since Beatles history seems to be a
forensic obsession, I must correct your
story about early Beatles pictures being
of little interest to Honey magazine in the
Sixties (news, June 24).
George Harrison Jnr's Yellow
Life Style Extra
26 June, 2006
George Harrison's son has revealed classic
Beatles hit 'Yellow Submarine' has  ruined
his life.
Welsh online picture agency secure
Beatles snaps
IT Wales
26 June, 2006
Over 30 years since they split, interest
in The Beatles lives on, with over 500
million album sales to date.
Pete Best Signing and DVD Launch
Beatles Story Museum
26 June, 2006
Original Beatle drummer, Pete Best, will
be doing a signing at the Beatles Story on
Saturday the 26th of August at 2.00pm.
Who Would Turn Down a Beatle?
Wishbone Ash Did!
26 June, 2006
Not many people would give up the
opportunity to record with John
Lennon but Wishbone Ash's Andy
Powell did just that.
Beatles in Vegas Against Long Odds
By Allan Kozinn, The New York Times
25 June, 2006
It's the Beatles! Live in Las Vegas!
Also: It’s All in the Music
Exclusive: Let It Bea
By Ben Todd, Sunday Mirror
25 June, 2006
Sir Paul McCartney tenderly kissed
estranged wife Heather Mills in an
emotional, reunion this week.
Fran Healy unplugged
By Billy Sloan, Glasgow Sunday Mail
25 June, 2006
Travis frontman Fran Healy almost
plunged the world's biggest rock
concert into darkness... by making
McCartney sanctuary faces hunt
Western Daily Press
24 June, 2006
Hundreds of pro-hunt campaigners are
set to descend on Sir Paul McCartney's
deer sanctuary in the West to take part
in a mass breaking of the hunting law.
Flashback: The Beatles begin
final tour
The Rock Radio online
24 June, 2006
It was 40 years ago today (June 24th,
1966), that the Beatles kicked off their
final tour, in Munich, West Germany.
Beatles pictures mix with royalties,
and he loves it, yeah, yeah
By David Williamson, Western Mail
24 June, 2006
A digital photo library which allows
anyone in the world to upload their
images is distributing a series of rare
and intimate images of the Beatles.
Images of Beatles on eve of fame
By Dalya Alberge, The Times
24 June, 2006
An exhibition shows the band just before
their first 1963 hit
If you had those od Beatles items
you'd be sitting pretty
By Richard Guzmán, The Desert Sun
23 June, 2006
For more than four decades, since the
days she screamed in the crowd to the
music of the Fab Four, Palm Desert
resident Ann Marie Ashcraft has been
collecting Beatles memorabilia.
Tarnished Starr
By Ben Wener,
The Orange County Register
23 June, 2006
The ex-Beatle has made the best solo
albums of his career recently.
Yoko Ono still mourning John
Lennon's murder
23 June, 2006
Yoko Ono said hat she was still mourning
the death of her husband John Lennon
more than 25 years on from his murder.
Lennon's fanciful art
By Deborah K. Dietsch,
The Washington Times
23 June, 2006
Imagine there's no music, only drawings.
Pete Best ready for US summer tour
The Rock Radio online
23 June, 2006
The Beatles' original drummer Pete Best
will be heading back on the road later this
summer for a series of US concert dates.
Macca bruv: Our kid's pain
By Danielle Lawler, The Sun
22 June, 2006
Troubled Sir Paul McCartney’s brother
yesterday spoke of the ex-Beatle’s agony
following the split with wife Heather Mills.
Also: The past I share with Heather has
ruined my life; Heather Mills strip to air
on UK TV
BBC rings up local Fab Four host
By Zhenya Karelina, Dayton Daily News
22 June, 2006
'I thought that it was a joke,' says Ann
Stevens of WTUE's 'Breakfast With The
Rock & roll fantasy
By David Hinckley, New York Daily News
22 June, 2006
Items from legends up for auction on Web
Also: Beatles and boxing under the hammer
Sixties cult icons reform and prepare
to take city by storm
By Adrian Mather, Edinburgh Evening News
22 June, 2006
They inspired the Beatles and can count a
virtual who's who of modern comedy among
their devoted fans.
UW grad Greene chronicles youngest
By Mary Bergin, The Capital Times
21 June, 2006
It's like slapping a "natural" label on a box
of sugar-coated cereal, says Joshua Greene,
of the way the word "spiritual" has been
Beatle Mania hits Vegas
By Elizabeth Snead, The Los Angeles Times
21 June, 2006
Here's  the latest info on the Cirque du Soleil
Beatles 'Love' premiere next Friday in Las
A Beatle goes on: Nostalgia sells ($149
a pop) as Ringo Starr plays a full house
tonight in Santa Rosa
By Guy Kovner,
The Santa Rosa Press Democrat
21 June, 2006
In his 20s, he rocked the world.
George Harrison's Living In The
Material World to be Reissued in CD
and Deluxe Limited Edition CD/DVD
Packages by Capitol/EMI
20 June, 2006
Remastered CD Adds Two Bonus Tracks;
Deluxe Edition's DVD Features Previously
Unreleased and Rare Archival Film and
Audio Clips
Can't Buy Paul Love (inc. videos)
CBS News
20 June, 2006
Fellow Brit Simon Bates Reflects On
McCartney's Many Losses
Services Are Tuesday For Veteran
Keyboard Artist Billy Preston
20 June, 2006
Funeral services will be held Tuesday in
Inglewood, Calif. for Billy Preston, the
Houston native whose name appears on
the label credits of three Beatles’ albums
and who went on to forge a successful solo
career that spanned three decades.
Also: Celebs, Fans Pay Respects To Singer
Billy Preston (inc. video); Stars pay tribute
to Billy Preston
Items handmade by Beatles surface
United Press International
19 June, 2006
A plectrum and a bookcase alleged to have
been handmade by singers Paul McCartney
and John Lennon were recently discovered
in England.
Exclusive: Birthday greetings . .
bottle of wine?
By Cameron Robertson And Emily Nash,
The Mirror
19 June, 2006
Sir Paul McCartney got a surprise phone
call on his 64th birthday yesterday from
estranged wife Heather.
Also: Count down the days, and more, till
he's 64; 'Birthday greetings' to McCartney
at 64; When we're 64; Will You Still Need
Me?... Paul McCartney At 64; Paul
McCartney Faces 'The Big One'; Happy
Birthday Paul McCartney; Paul McCartney
Turns 64 Sunday; Paul Mccartney is finally
64; McCartney feels love of cast, crew;
McCartney's famous questions on 'When
I'm 64' are about to be answered; Stating
point of view: McCartney's still fab at 64;
Paul McCartney: When I'm 64; Many Years
From Now; When he's 64; Now he's 64!;
64 facts about Sir Paul; Exclusive: Abbey
birthday Macca; Exclusive: Heather's prezzie
for Paul at 64; Needful ex-Beatle; Yes, we'll
still need you when you're 64; Macca’s 64...
but his family still need him; When I'm 64:
Forty years ago, Paul McCartney looked into
the future and wondered ...; As Sir Paul turns
64, we're going to have a good time; Macca &
Mucca do not talk; The seven ages of Paul
McCartney; Sir Paul McCartney turns 64 (video);
McCartney Rings In His 64th Birthday;
McCartney milestone: Now he's 64; Talk of the
Town: Paul McCartney (video); Fans show why
they still need Sir Paul, now he's 64; Carlock:
At 64, Sir Paul has aged well, doncha think?;
Lonely hearts grub band; A Saturnian Musical
Celebration to Honor Paul McCartney; Fans
Worldwide Celebrate As Paul McCartney Turns
64 (inc. video); Paul McCartney Turns 64
John Katsilometes on how the cast of
'Love' made a wise decision to sing
'Happy Birthday to You' for McCartney
Las Vegas Sun
18 June, 2006
The cast of "Love" at the Mirage had big plans
for Paul McCartney on Thursday night.
Hits Win the Night For Ringo and His
All-Starrs at DTE
By Gary Graff, The Oakland Press
17 June, 2006
Since he started his All-Starr Band concept in
1989, Ringo Starr has been getting by with a
little help from his musical friends - and
acquaintances and even perfect strangers.
Also: Starr tour realizes dream for Edgar
Winter; He's the Starr of his website
Olivia's dream purchase
Cambridge Evening News
16 June, 2006
The widow of Beatles star George Harrison
has bought the star of this year's Chelsea
Flower Show.
Starr power
By Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun
15 June, 2006
An eclectic, although sometimes unpolished,
night of music via Ringo and his many friends
Also: It takes a drummer to know a drummer,
which might be why Ringo Starr feels so at
home at Casino Rama; Rockin' with Ringo's
All-Starr Band (inc. video)
McCartney: Fret it be
By Fiona Cummins And Ryan Parry,
The Mirror
15 June, 2006
Alone in New York.. sad Paul looks every bit
of his 64 years
Also: Norm: McCartney in LV to view 'Love';
Paul's low profile when he's 64; Paul
Beatlemania comes to Stamford: Art
of Fab Four Four on display at Town
By John Breunig, Norwalk Advocate
15 June, 2006
Before interviewing Paul McCartney for the
first time, in 1997, Bob Spitz got some advice
from musician Steve Miller.
John, Paul, George and Ringo . . . and
By Finlay McDonald, Stuff
15 June, 2006
For a young American reporter looking for an
overseas assignment in early 1968, Vietnam
would have been a logical destination.
'Breakfast With the Beatles' shows we
still need McCartney
By Clea Simon, The Boston Globe
15 June, 2006
``Will you still need me? Will you still feed
me?" When Paul McCartney first asked
these questions in the whimsical ``When I'm
Sixty-Four," it was a bit of fantasy, a
lighthearted look for lasting love.
Yoko Ono's botox goes wrong
14 June, 2006
Seventy-three-year-old Yoko Ono apparently
had a panic attack after taking Botox shots
which did not have the desired result.
I'll be Macc! When I'm 64
By Victoria Newton, The Sun
14 June, 2006
Sir Paul McCartney jetted out of Britain
yesterday — but plans to return for his 64th
birthday bash this weekend.
Also: How Lady Macca hid secret vice past
from Sir Paul; Exclusive: I'm Heather's porn
pics lover; Heather so thin; He's not so fab;
Macca: I Had No Idea.. I'm Stunned; Macca
and the hacks; McCartney's wife denies
allegations; Live and let die; Mills McCartney
consults lawyers over rising tide of tabloid
sleaze stories; Lady McCartney faces new
onslaught from red tops; Paul 'Heather vice'
agony; Heather Mills to sue over sex allegations;
Can't buy her love… or did they?; McCartney
exclusive: Heather - I'm not a prostitute; More
Heather Mills 'Porn Pictures Surface; Heather
Mills McCartney appeared in two other X-rated
publications in the 80s, it has been revealed.;
Heather Mills McCartney plans divorce;
Heather's midnight dash to Macca's; Exclusive:
Lewdy Macca; Heather McCartney battles
national pariah status; Let Heather Mills
McCartney be...
'I'm here for you,' Ringo tells Paul
By Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun
14 June, 2006
Paul McCartney, currently going through a
messy divorce from Heather Mills, will get by
with a little help from one particular friend.
Also: All you need is 'peace and love'; All
Starr tours don't come easy, admits busy
Ringo; ‘Breakups are always hard:’ Ringo
Flashback: Beatles score final No1
Online Rock Radio
14 June, 2006
It was on June 13th, 36 years ago, that the
Beatles' "The Long And Winding Road"
became the group's 20th and final Number
One hit.
Notes on Paul McCartney turning 64
San Francisco Chronicle
14 June, 2006
The birthday Beatles fans have been waiting
39 years for
Also: McCartney catching up to own geriatric
Show some 'Love' for Fab 4
By Steve Friess, USA Today
14 June, 2006
The other lads seemed to have much more
exciting stories.
Harry Goodwin to be Featured in the
‘Beatles on the Balcony’ Exhibition at
the National Portrait Gallery, London
Commencing July 5th Through October
22nd 2006
PR Web
13 June, 2006
In celebration of the Beatles, the National
Portrait Gallery will display a fascinating and
diverse selection of classic, rare, and
previously unseen photographs.
Yoko Ono Awarded International Prize
Prensa Latina
12 June, 2006
John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, was awarded
the 2006 International Fine Arts Prize Monday,
for her more than 50 years work and
contribution to experimental, aesthetic and
conceptual language.
For day sippers
By Catherine Jones, Liverpool Echo
12 June, 2006
Mathew Street's legendary Grapes pub is
creating a new display dedicated to the 1960s
with the help of the Beatles' first manager.
The magical mystery Cirque
By Bill Ordine, Kansas City Star
11 June, 2006
The fifth Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas is
a partnership with the music and mystique of
the Fab Four.
McCartney breakup isn't typical
By Elizabeth Olson, The New York Times
11 June, 2006
More widowers remarry, but ex-Beatle's union
was in spotlight
When he's 64...
9 June, 2006
Sir Paul McCartney turns 64 on the 18th June.
Also: He’s 64; "Before I'm 64" Paul McCartney
Birthday Tribute; Mary McCarty: Turning 64
bittersweet for Paul, Beatles fans
Ringo back on the road with All-Starr
By Ray Waddell, Reuters
9 June, 2006
Ringo Starr is a band man. And while he is
best-known for his time spent in a certain other
band from Liverpool, the world's most famous
drummer is most interested in talking about his
current outfit.
McCartney exclusive: Let her be!
By Caroline Hedley, The Mirror
9 June, 2006
Sir Paul McCartney has told critics to lay off wife
Heather amid fears they have left her a wreck.
Also: Macca good impression, Heather; Heather
Mills denies interview rumours; Paul McCartney
so low; When Mary and Stella met. . Mrs George
and Mrs Ringo; Heather Mills and the truth
about her past as a professional party girl
Starr of the show
Romford Recorder
9 June, 2006
A havering man who branched out into the
Chelsea Flower show must have had visitors
green with envy when he met a rugby hero,
music icon and The Queen.
Classical champion is pure gold
By Gareth Bicknell, Liverpool Daily Post
9 June, 2006
Born in the USA, but a Scouser through and
through, Carl Davis is reviving Paul McCartney's
Liverpool Oratorio.
The Fab Four -- and then some
By Tom Feran, Cleveland Plain Dealer
9 June, 2006
I was thinking of calling myself the Seventh Beatle.
Creator of Beatles' landmark cover
The Australian
8 June, 2006
Iain MacMillan was the photographer responsible
for the famous front cover of the last album the
Beatles recorded, Abbey Road (1969).
Help me interview Ringo Starr!
Palm Beach Post
8 June, 2006
I just found out that on Monday, I get to talk to
none other than Ringo Starr, one-fourth of the Fab
Four, He Who Gets By With A Little Help From
His Friends, and the wacky-spectacled leader of
Ringo Starr's All-Star Band.
Storeys of the Beatles' lives
By Deborah James, Liverpool Daily Post
8 June, 2006
They started out as four unknown lads in a
Liverpool basement and played their last gig on
a London rooftop, the city's most famous sons.
Words of wisdom: Let him be
By Scott Feschuk, Macleans
8 June, 2006
Psychic communion with the spirit of John Lennon
Liverpool bands look to recapture
musical past
By David McMahon, Reuters
7 June, 2006
It's 40 years since the Beatles' landmark album
"Revolver" hit the charts and, while Liverpool
bands may no longer be top of the world, the
music scene in the Fab Four's birthplace is at
its strongest in years.
'Fifth Beatle' Billy Preston dies at 59
7 June, 2006
Billy Preston, the keyboard player known as the
"fifth Beatle", died in Arizona last night.
Also: Billy Preston, "fifth Beatle," dead at 59;
Stones remember Billy
Publicist: 'Stella Refused To Befriend
PR Inside
7 June, 2006
Heather Mills' best friend and publicist Michele
Elyzabeth has confirmed the model-turned-activist
feuded with stepdaughter Stella throughout her
marriage to former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney.
Also: Mills wins sole custody of baby Beatrice;
Exclusive: Heather's home ..with a lawyer;
McCartneys rubbish sole custody rumours; New
Macca twist: Heather 'had baby to please Paul'
Porn pal to tell of romp
By Victoria Newton, The Sun
7 June, 2006
Lady Mucca’s partner in porn is set to tell the
world they had passionate sex over and over
again after the cameras stopped clicking.
Also: Mac's porn shock; Sie Liebt Dich (satire)
Lady McCartney denies 'porn' claims; Heather
admits to erotic photo shoot; Porn and a very
bitter war; Adult Education (satire); Macca
agony at Mrs Mucca; Lovers' guide? This is
hard porn; Lady Macca's porno past; Mills may
spill beans on King show; Is topless Heather
educational or just porn?; Sir Paul's ex getting
run thru the Mills by Brit press; Heather “$50
Mills” McCartney in German dirty-book
Harrison's widow leans on Boyd
PR Inside
7 June, 2006
George Harrison's widow Olivia is still struggling
to get over his death, but she is receiving staunch
support from Patti Boyd - the late Beatle's first
Ringo Starr & His 9th All-Starr Band kick
off 2006 tour at Casino Rama
Canada NewsWire
7 June, 2006
Ringo Starr & His 9th All-Starr Band will hold a
press conference at the Casino Rama
Entertainment Centre to kick off their 2006
North American tour.
Plans for Toronto Beatles Convention
Canada NewsWire
7 June, 2006
Details were released today on the first-ever
downtown Toronto Beatles convention.
McCartney snubbed Smiths
7 June, 2006
Linda McCartney turned down an offer from The
Smiths to appear on "The Queen Is Dead", it
has been revealed.
Ex-Beatle hails Sandi's success
Liverpool Daily Post
7 June, 2006
Sir Paul McCartney put his marriage troubles
behind him yesterday when he paid a flying
visit to his Liverpool fame academy.
MP backs McCartney in push for court
By Liam Murphy, Liverpool Daily Post
7 June, 2006
Mike McCartney's campaign to give anonymity
to defendants in sex offence cases was last night
backed by his MP in Parliament.
For Paul McCartney, 'many years from
now' is this month
By Mark Caro, Chicago Tribune
He's not losing his hair, though colour seems
to be an issue.
Two New Keith Moon Releases
By Daniel Zugna, Undercover
6 June, 2006
Keith Moon would have turned 60 this year, but
fans can still celebrate with the re-release of his
only solo album, and the launch of the 40th
Anniversary ‘Pictures of Lily’ replica drum kit. June 24 auction
of Rare Music Memorabila
4 June, 2006
Our upcoming Rock n Roll, Music &
Entertainment Auction will be a very exciting
The next big thing will be Beatlemania
By Dan Cairns, The Sunday Times
4 June, 2006
You’ve heard every note the Fab Four ever
played. But not like this.
Patti Boyd: My life as a muse
By Stuart Husband, The Independent
4 June, 2006
Immortalised in song by lovers Harrison and
Clapton, Patti Boyd was the 1960s 'It Girl'.
Paul McCartney Made Keane
Drummer Squeal
By Chris Taylor, Gigwise
3 June, 2006
Keane’s Richard Hughes was reduced to a
squealing little girl after Sir Paul McCartney
shook his hand at Live 8.
John Katsilometes tracks down a
transplanted Aussie who helped
make the Beatles famous in his home
Las Vegas Sun
2 June, 2006
As a young DJ spinning vinyl for top
Australian radio station 3DB, Barry Ferber
cracked open a package with a disc titled
"Please Please Me" from a group called
the Beatles.
Here Comes the Soleil
By Alan Light, Rolling Stone
2 June, 2006
Behind the scenes at the Beatles' Cirque du
Soleil spectacular -- the first show ever
authorized to use the band's music
Also: Sowing the Seeds of 'Love'
Yoko Ono brings some of Lennon's
art here
By Dan DeLuca, Philadelphia Inquirer
2 June, 2006
His drawings and lithographs are on display
in Wayne.
Also: 'In My Life' celebrates John Lennon's
Message from Paul
1 June, 2006
I continue to be dismayed by inaccuracies in
the media. I have seen the story in Hello
magazine regarding custody arrangements
for Heather’s and my daughter,
Also: 'ET' powered by McCartney breakup
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