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Museums in January
By Maura McCarthy, The Washington Post
31 December, 2003
If the arrivals of Frank Gehry, the Beatles and Picasso aren't enough to
draw you inside museums this month, make haste to catch Romare Bearden
and Egyptian riches before they go.
Lennon best in music
The Sun
31 December, 2003
John Lennon has been voted the most inspirational musician ever.
Lennon Does Mop-Top Pop-Up
By Verne Mcdonald, Georgia Straight
30 December, 2003
Lennon Legend: An Illustrated Life of John Lennon
Stars hide antics from Western eyes
By Charles Bodsworth, BBC
30 December, 2003
Imagine Sylvester Stallone advertising ham, Nicholas Cage promoting pinball
parlours or the Beckhams selling Castrol oil.
The Sound and the Fury by Barney Hoskyns and Mark Pringle
Denver Post
28 December, 2003
a rock's backpages reader 40 years of classic rock journalism
Business of being a Beatle
By Rob O'Connor, Log Cabin Democrat
28 December, 2003
It seems like the mid- to late 1960s all over again.
Beatles Manager's House Turned into B&B
By Emma Gunby, PA News
28 December, 2003
The former family home of legendary Beatles manager Brian Epstein has been
turned into a bed and breakfast.
From The Beatles to Jung
Paul Luke, The Province (Canada)
28 December, 2003
For Andi Lothian, happiness is a warm Jung.
Inside scoop on the Fab Four
By Neil Garscadden, The Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
28 December, 2003
The Beatles have probably been written about more than any other band--I think
even Paul, the modest one, has added to the number of books about the group.
Yoko book on Beatles
By Thomas Whitaker, The Sun
27 December, 2003
Yoko Ono is planning to lift the lid on her marriage to John Lennon and the
break-up of the Beatles.
Ex-Beatle gets it all back
By Tracey Lawson, The Scotsman
27 December, 2003
In A remarkable development during January, rare tapes of the Beatles’ Get
Back recording sessions made in 1969 were seized by police in Holland in an
anti-piracy operation - more than 30 years after they went missing.
Beatles' bar damaged by fire
26 December, 2003
A pub which was a favourite haunt of the Beatles has been damaged by a fire.
Beatle-Funded School Playground Opens
By Sergey Chernov, St Petersburg Times (Russia)
26 December, 2003
McCartney gave $5,000 to boarding school No. 38 after his visit to St. Petersburg
in May.
Beatle Juice returns for SASS Benefit
Fosters Daily Democrat
25 December, 2003
Beatle Juice, the Boston area’s premiere Beatles tribute band, will perform a
benefit concert for Sexual Assault Support Services on Saturday, Jan. 17, at
The Music Hall.
The Concert for George to be screened Jan. 8
Belfast Village Soup
25 December, 2003
The Film The Concert for George will be screened on Thursday January 8
at 6:30 p.m. in the Friends Community Room at the Rockland Public Library
Disputed Beatles item remains on Web auction
The Los Angeles Times
24 December, 2003
Flat-out denials from representatives for Paul McCartney, John Lennon's
widow Yoko Ono and a Los Angeles recording studio have not persuaded the
curator of an auction Web site that a tape box offered on the site is less than
absolute proof that the Beatles held a secret reunion in 1976.
Also: Beatles reunion a likely hoax; More Deny Beatles Reunion
Let them be
Sydney Morning Herald
23 December, 2003
The Beatles industry is corrupting their memory, writes Soumya Bhattacharya.
Also: The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ gets a makeover
Paul McCartney em Portugal no Verão
Lusa - Agencia de Noticias de Portugal
23 December, 2003
(Text in Portuguese. Use the translation tools here or there)
Room with a point of view
By Lizzy Le Quesne, The Prague Post
23 December, 2003
Philosophy and art merge in Yoko Ono's 'Women's Room'
John Lennon Tried Wearing Contact Lenses
Fox News
23 December, 2003
John Lennon was famous for wearing his little round granny glasses, but
did you know he once tried contact lenses?
Love Me Do - was a typical John Lennon composition
By Ali I. Behbehani, Arab Times
22 December, 2003
In the early hours of Dec 9, 1980, John Lennon of the Beatles was shot
dead outside his New York apartment building.
Festivals and food are top selling points to entice tourists
The Japan Times
22 December, 2003
Festivals and food are the top two selling points that foreign nationals
working at local Japanese governments use to convince friends to visit
Japan, according to a Foreign Ministry survey.
The Insiders - Paul McYankee (2nd item)
New York Post
21 December, 2003
Seth Swirsky's new book, "Something to Write Home About," features
handwritten letters from celebrities with their baseball memories.
Will Stella survive?
By Matt Born. The Daily Telegraph
20 December, 2003
The fame of her father and her loyal client list have helped the young London
Stella the star as Gucci looks smart
Vintage John
New York Post
19 December, 2003
Celeb photographer Brian Hamill debuted vintage snaps of John Lennon and
Yoko Ono for a charity benefit auction in London recently.
Yoko Edits Herself Into John Lennon's History
By Roger Friedman, Fox News
19 December, 2003
Yoko Ono is not making fans of John Lennon very happy right now.
Also: Yoko edits love rival out of Lennon video
Nephew of late Sussex man adds voice to suit over Lennon's album
By Jim Lockwood, Newark Star Ledger
19 December, 2003
The "Double Fantasy" album John Lennon autographed a few hours before
his death is now the subject of double lawsuits.
Saitama museum provides a look at the life of John Lennon
By Hana Kusumoto, Stars and Stripes
18 December, 2003
You don’t have to be in Liverpool or New York City to appreciate one of the
greatest musicians of all time.
In Your Ear
By Kevin Wood, Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
18 December, 2003
Whether you view them as long-lost musical gems, heartfelt tributes or crass
attempts to turn leftovers into cash, CDs and DVDs hitting the store shelves
for Christmas this year prove that phony or not, Beatlemania has not yet
bitten the dust.
Apple: Beatles Tape "Bollocks"
By Gil Kaufman, Rolling Stone
17 December, 2003
Band spokesperson says 1976 reunion didn't happen
Also: It's a magical mystery tape; 'Lost 70s Beatle tape' for sale
Tribute to Fab Four makes easy work of A Hard Day's Night
By Gary Flockhart, Edinburgh Evening News
17 December, 2003
Forget Bjorn Again and Australian Pink Floyd.
Books, CDs, DVDs prove Beatlemania has never left
By Ellis Widner, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
16 December, 2003
Did we, as the cast sang in The Rocky Horror Show, do the time warp again?
Rivals With Designs On Stella
New York Post
16 December, 2003
The British press has not been kind to Stella McCartney of late, and her PR
company is investigating whether a fashion industry rival is to blame.
Also: Why Stella Is My Fashion Saviour
Yoko renews battle with Sir Paul
By Nicole Lampert, This is London
16 December, 2003
Yoko Ono appears to have reignited her feud with Sir Paul McCartney.
Singing legend returns to beloved Eleanor Rigby
By Philip Key, Daily Post
16 December, 2003
He was born in Bermondsey, London. But yesterday, singing legend Tommy
Steele was welcomed as an adopted Liverpudlian.
America Says Please 'Let It Be' Under My Holiday Tree
15 December, 2003
A band that broke up more than 30 years ago tops the wish list for music
listeners this holiday season, according to a recent VH1 Poll.
Yoko Ono's Women's Room at Prague's Kampa Museum (inc. audio)
By Dita Asiedu, Radio Prague
15 December, 2003
Yoko Ono is primarily known in the Czech Republic as the widow of the
legendary John Lennon, but that image may finally fade thanks to an exhibition
currently on show at Prague's Kampa Museum called Women's Room.
Heather's Xmas pressie ... her own Beatles song
By Victoria Newton, The Sun
15 December, 2003
What do you get the missus for Christmas if you are sir Paul McCartney?
From riches to rags
By Sibhan Synnot, Scotland On Sunday
14 December, 2003
Private Eye once joked that the most unlikely title for Martin Amis’s autobiography
would be My Struggle - the assumption being that when a parent has gone before,
the child will more easily follow.
Also: There's no catwalk conspiracy against me, says Stella McCartney; 'Stella is
still a star'; Tall papa syndrome
Letting 'Let It Be' Be: McCartney Wins
By Robert Levine, The New York Times
14 December, 2003
When the Beatles broke up in 1970, the band's manager handed tapes of the "Let
It Be" recording sessions to the producer Phil Spector and asked him to assemble
them into an album.
Mac in the USSR
By Luke Bainbridge, The Observer
14 December, 2003
Banned in 1964, The Beatles never set foot in Russia. Sir Paul McCartney finally
flew in this summer, playing Red Square.
Court dismissal of late Beatle's suit is upheld
By Peter Shinkle, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch
13 December, 2003
George Harrison, the former Beatle who died in 2001, is loved by millions,
but his struggle with cancer won him little sympathy in a ruling Friday by
the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis.
Also: Appeals court: Bankruptcy judge justly tossed claim by late Beatle
Macca woods rampage
The Sun
13 December, 2003
Hunting hounds have rampaged through a wood planted by Sir Paul McCartney
in memory of his late wife Linda, it was claimed yesterday.
Also: Hunt enters Sir Paul's sanctuary
Concert for George
By Jeffrey Lee Puckett, Louisville Courier Journal
13 December, 2003
"Concert for George" is that rare achievement among all-star concert tributes:
It's very, very good.
Also: The Four Historic Ed Sullivan Shows Featuring The Beatles
A day in the strife of Stella McCartney ..Or a tale of 3 cities, 3
stores and not very any shoppers
By Rosa Prince, The Mirror
13 December, 2003
It's all very well Stella McCartney designing clothes - the hard bit is selling
Also: Faces of the week
The Beatles: Let It Be ... Naked
By Graham Reid, New Zealand Herald
13 December, 2003
The story behind the making of the Beatles' 1970 album Let It Be is well known,
but to recap: The "White Album" of 68 was aural proof each was going his own
way however late in the year McCartney suggested they do a back-to-basics
recording, ostensibly for an album to be called Get Back - and get a film crew to
make a doco to go with it.
Madison to handle BenQ brand in India
By Purvita Chatterjee, Agencyfaqs! (India)
13 December, 2003
BENQ India Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of the $3-billion Taiwanese leader in
networked consumer digital devices, has appointed Madison Communications
to handle its brand in the Indian market.
CD music - Starter kit - the Beatles
The Belfast Telegraph
12 December, 2003
The Beatles may be known to practically everyone on the planet, but most of us
have too few Beatles albums in our collections.
Let it beat
By Igan D’Bayan, The Philippine Star
12 December, 2003
The Beatles — a-one… two… three… four…
Yoko's message to Lennon on wall
12 December, 2003
John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono today inscribed a message, "Our hearts are
one", on a Prague wall that was dedicated to the slain Beatle and became an
unofficial symbol of freedom at a time of communist conformism.
Also: photos - 1, 2, 3; Press Review
Did the Beatles like football?
Tanya Aldred and Sean Ingle, Guardian
11 December, 2003
Did any of the Beatles ever express an interest in football, in particular
whether they favoured Liverpool or Everton," asks Steven Draper, "or did
they steer clear of the subject for fear of alienating potential fans?"
The BackBeat Beatles, The Cavern
By Andrew Judge Daily Post
11 December, 2003
To mark the anniversary of John Lennon's death there was no more poignant
place to be than The Cavern in Mathew Street, Liverpool.
Lennon album not for sale
New Jersey Herald
11 December, 2003
Until Jan. 9, at least, John Lennon’s famed “death album” — the one he
autographed for his assassin just hours before he died — may not be sold,
a superior court judge has ruled.
Pop-Up Goes the Beatle
By Fred Wright, Cleveland Scene
10 December, 2003
A new Lennon book puts collectibles in readers' hands.
Will Elgar make new UK citizens feel more British than Beatles?
By Robert Merrick, Daily Post
10 December, 2003
Beatles songs will be banned from new citizenship ceremonies to be carried
out in Liverpool - in favour of Edward Elgar, Vaughan Williams and Benjamin
Yoko Ono opens Women's Room exhibition in Prague near
Lennon Wall
Associated Press
10 December, 2003
Yoko Ono opened her Women's Room exhibition at the Prague's Kampa
Museum on Wednesday, just metres from the legendary Lennon Wall where
fans of her late husband gather each year to commemorate the former Beatle.
Also: Yoko Ono; Imagine art for all people, living peacefully; Think Positive;
Yoko Ono donates $10,000 to ABS-CBN telethon; News photos - 1, 2, 3
Lennon's spirit at home in Vietnam
By Ben Stocking, The Mercury News
9 December, 2003
Twenty-three years after a deranged fan gunned him down outside his New
York City home, John Lennon is thriving in Vietnam.
Also: Lennon tribute; Lennon legacy shines; John Lennon's 'Happy Xmas
(war Is Over)' Re-released Today; Lennon's fans mark sad date; Services for
John's death; Anniversary Of Lennon's Death Brings Mourners To Strawberry
The quiet one gets his due
By Drew Hansen, The Badger Herald
9 December, 2003
The impact that the Beatles left on the world can never be underestimated.
Book offers rare look at "Fab Four" (inc. video)
Capital News 9
9 December, 2003
When the Beatles swept the states and changed the face of rock and roll back
in 1964, only one American journalist had an all-access pass to the Fab Four.
Cruising the wintry waterways
By Hector Florin, The Miami Herald
9 December, 2003
A psychedelic bus, hockey players and Beatles wannabes are among the new
floats that will light up the Intracoastal Waterway in Saturday's Winterfest
Boat Parade.
McCartney fashion business loses £4.5m
8 December, 2003
The design label of Stella McCartney has slipped further into the red with
annual losses widening 67% to £4.5 million.
Also: Is Stella's star fading?; Jagger girl raps Stella; Gucci's Stella Defence Setting Record Pace for Inaugural Rock
and Pop Online Catalog Auction
8 December, 2003
Bidding On Over 850 Lots of Rare Memorabilia Scheduled to Close Tuesday,
December 9th
Billboard Bits: Rusty Anderson, GBV, Bowie, GLAAD
By Jonathan Cohen, Billboard
8 December, 2003
Paul McCartney guitarist Rusty Anderson's solo debut, "Undressing Underwater,"
will be released Dec. 17 via Anderson's official Web site and online retailer
Beckham and Beatles for West End
8 December, 2003
The successful British comedy film Bend It Like Beckham is to be transformed
into a musical, according to reports.
Professor gets a little 'help' from the Fab Four
By Matt Leon , The Saratogian
8 December, 2003
As a teenager in his church choir near Detroit, Mich., Gordon Thompson said
he started to get bored with music.
I Wanna Hold Your Handful
By Iain Pope, Glasgow Daily Record
8 December, 2003
He may be on the wrong side of 60 but Sir Paul McCartney showed that he's
still the daddy as he took baby Beatrice for a stroll.
Ricky Retro: Have a cool Yule
Newark Star Ledger
8 December, 2003
Ricky Retro goes shopping on Memory Lane for his holiday gift picks
Fine for Beatle's doctor unneeded
The Saratogian
8 December, 2003
Help, I need somebody ... somebody with some common sense when it comes
to privacy for medical matters.
Capers raises bucks for Banner
Kathy Shayna Shocket, The Arizona Republic
8 December, 2003
House with 'wheels'
A bass guitar signed by former Beatle Paul McCartney was on the auction
block at Saturday night's party for the Golden WHEEL charity benefiting
West Valley youths.
Kane offers Beatlemaniacs a vivid Ride
By Verne McDonald, Georgia Straight
7 December, 2003
In a notorious Rolling Stone interview, John Lennon was asked about the
North American tours by the Beatles, and by way of reply asked the
interviewer whether or not he had seen the Federico Fellini movie Satyricon.
The Scan Man
The Sunday Herald (Scotland)
7 December, 2003
There once was a Scouser McGough, whose poetry really took off.
7 December, 2003
On Dec. 8, 1980, John Lennon was shot.
Also: Imaging "Imagine"; John but not forgotten
Lennon message sent to Tokyo, New York … and Castlemilk
By Stephen Naysmith, Sunday Herald (UK)
7 December, 2003
The optimistic message has shone down in New York, Tokyo and London, but
from tomorrow a Christmas greeting from John Lennon and the Beatle’s widow
Yoko Ono will grace a hill – in Castlemilk.
Also: Annual Lennon memorial will give peace a chance
Oh Yoko!
By Stephanie Merritt, The Observer
7 December, 2003
In the world of Lennon biographies and Beatles retrospectives, James Henke's
Lennon Legend is a treat for the truly obsessive fan.
Also: Let them be
Speaking Words Of Wisdom
The News-Herald
7 December, 2003
As the fab four "Get Back" with re-release of "Let it Be," music writer Nick
Brandon and Beatles expert Klint Lowry discuss their likes and dislikes of this
new version
Dear Ringo: Having a Great Time. Wish You Were Here.
By Lizette Alvarez, New York Times
7 December, 2003
On one side of the postcard is a picture of a solemn Windsor Castle guard
playing a drum in his wooly fur hat and bright red tunic.
Concert for George
By Shannon Nutt, DVD Talk
6 December, 2003
On November 29th, 2002 at Royal Albert Hall in London, some of George
Harrison’s closest friends – and some of the greatest living musicians in the
world – got together for the Concert For George, an evening of tribute to the
former Beatle, featuring some of his best songs, as well as some of his favorites
from others.
Metro report (3rd item)
Palm Beach Post
5 December, 2003
Backers of a Florida license tag honoring the late Beatle John Lennon passed
their first hurdle on Wednesday.
Beatles strip down and get 'Naked'
By Max Abelson, Yale Daily News
5 December, 2003
This year, on Feb. 3, music producer Phil Spector must have had a really bad
Also: The Beatles prove beautiful 'Naked'
Concert for George
By James Griffiths, The Guardian
5 December, 2003
George Harrison's memorial concert proved what a diverse, indefinable character
he really was; on the bill were friends ranging from India's greatest musical
virtuoso through to American movie stars and heroes of British comedy.
Local musicians to play from 'All Things Must Pass'
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
5 December, 2003
George Harrison's work outside the Beatles was finally honored last week when
he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo performer.
Annan hails Beatle for road to celebrity aid
5 December, 2003
Usually he speaks in serious tones about war, land mines, famine and disease.
Also: UNICEF Celebrates 50 Years Of Star Support
Hip-Hop / R&B acts dominate Grammy nominations
By Paul Cashmere, Undercover Music News (Australia)
5 December, 2003
Hip-Hop and R&B artists have taken home the biggest batch of nominations
for the 2004 Grammy Awards.
Interview with Yoko Ono Lennon
Amnesty International
On the eve of the our Imagine Campaign rollout, we sat down to talk with Yoko
Ono about the “Imagine” song, her thoughts on the world and working for peace.
Badfinger fans 'Come and Get It' at Rain
By Robin Vaughan, Boston Herald
4 December, 2003
At the Badfinger show in Malden a week ago, you could count on one finger how
many original members were onstage, and that includes the one who didn't even
play on "Come and Get It."
What Big Bird knows about Sun
By Ashlee Vance, The Register (UK)
4 December, 2003
After attending the last two Sun Microsystems' user shows, we can only conclude
that CEO Scott McNealy's children are huge Sesame Street fans.
Britney Spears to appear in new Carry On film?
4 December, 2003
Britney Spears could play a role in the new Carry On film, according to reports.
Let It Be ... Sold
By Claiborne Smith, Newsday
4 December, 2003
Couple's rock and roll auction hits a chord
Miramax Expands Family Home Entertainment Library With Three
Animated Stories Produced by Legendary Musician Paul McCartney
3 December, 2003
Tropic Island Hum, Tuesday and Rupert and The Frog Song To be Released
on DVD and Video Spring 2004
Gift rap: Groups offer the chance to give presents to loved ones and
help others at the same time
By Gary Warth, North County Times
3 December, 2003
This is the time of year when people want to give, both to loved ones and to
Stella McCartney backs revamped Cricket store
By Tony Barrett, Daily Post
3 December, 2003
At a time when the rest of the country has gone rugby mad, the word on
everyone's lips on Merseyside is Cricket.
'Starr' helps NORAD track Santa
United States Air Force (press release)
2 December, 2003
A “Starr” in the east will help guide North American Aerospace Defense
Command’s Santa-tracking tradition Dec. 24.
Blabby Beatle Doc
By Kenneth Lovett, New York Post
2 December, 2003
The state Health Department has sanctioned the Staten Island doctor who
publicly blabbed about the late Beatle George Harrison's final days.
A fab 40 years
By Jim Abbott, Orlando Sentinel
2 December, 2003
"I don't believe in Beatles," John Lennon proclaimed more than 30 years
ago, following the demise of arguably the most influential band in rock
A Style All Her Own
British Vogue
2 December, 2003
Stella McCartney claims not to design for anybody in particular.
Big bids for album
2 December, 2003
Buyers compete over album Lennon signed for killer
Yoko Ono's bullet-riddled 'Freight Train' pulls 400 to the DIA
for reception
By Chuck Bennett, The Detroit News
2 December, 2003
Yoko Ono breezed through town Nov. 19, to discuss "Freight Train," her
art work which was recently installed on the southwest lawn of the Detroit
Institute of Arts (DIA).
"Caveman" a timeless classic
By Derek Montgomery, The Badger Herald
1 December, 2003
As finals approach and winter break looms larger day after day, the prospect
of a six-week vacation seems very enticing.
Undaunted by a festive flop
Daily Post
1 December, 2003
It was going to be the big Christmas hit last year, a little song titled The
Moonlight Skater.
Behind the scenes with the Beatles
By Todd Leopold, CNN
1 December, 2003
Author turns tour memories into 'Ticket to Ride'
A Beatle Remembered, Concert For George CD Released (inc. audio)
By Bernie Bernard, Voice of America
1 December, 2003
Former Beatles member George Harrison lost his battle with cancer in
November 2001.
Also: Harrison tribute concert recording now available; Tom Hanks Joins
Monty Python For George Harrison
Fans pay special tribute to the quiet Beatle
By Nick Murton, Daily Post
1 December, 2003
Devoted fans yesterday gathered in Mathew Street in Liverpool to pay
tribute to the "quiet Beatle".
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