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Lost radio shows back on air
31 October, 2003
Hours of lost radio programmes have been recovered following an appeal by
the BBC in 2001, including some that have not been aired since the 1950s.
John Lennon to challenge for Christmas No 1
31 October, 2003
John Lennon could deny this year's Pop Idol finalists a Christmas chart-topper.
Yoko Ono: fiercer than ever
By Lane Brown, Washington Square News
31 October, 2003
For nearly half a century, Yoko Ono has been one of the most important and
controversial figures in art and music.
Bea's a little beauty. We're so proud of her
By Matt Withers, Daily Post
31 October, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills said yesterday they were "ecstatic"
after becoming parents of a baby girl called Beatrice.
Also: It's A Boy!; McCartney Baby Girl Joy A Month Early; Baby girl for
Paul and Heather; Baby girl for McCartney and Mills; Mirror blushes over
Macca fracas; Baby girl for McCartney and Mills; Baby joy for Paul and
Heather (thanks, Diane); McCartneys To Be Focused On Bea; Boy? Girl?
..well can YOU tell the difference?; Mirror image turns Macca girl into boy;
Media diary (last item); Mirror Macca bodge-up; A tribute to Beatrice Millie
Sir Paul McCartney backs World’s Largest Lesson
Scoop (New Zealand)
31 October, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney backs The World’s Largest Lesson to be held on 6
November 2003!
Acclaim at last
By Erin Glass, The Daily Bruin
30 October, 2003
Yoko Ono releases another album, riding atop a wave of popularity
Also: Artwalk NY 2003, A Report
Infinity Broadcasting and Apple Corps Ltd Partner for Unique,
One Time Only Radio Event - the World Premiere of the Beatles
'Let It Be...Naked,'the Album More Than 30 Years in The Making
30 October, 2003
Infinity Broadcasting has partnered with Apple Corps Ltd to bring America
the exclusive broadcast premiere of 'Let It Be...Naked,'The Beatles no
frills, back-to-basics album that the band first set out to make in 1969, but
was never released.
The Cranberries On Unofficial Beatles Tribute Collection
Zombie Guide
30 October, 2003
As if quirky tunes such as "Yellow Submarine", "Rocky Raccoon", and
"I Am the Walrus" aren't enough of a novelty for Beatles fans, there is
now a new three-volume compilation that exalts the music industry's
fascination with the Fab Four.
New Father McCartney Tops British Pop Rich List
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
30 October, 2003
Former Beatle Paul McCartney celebrated a double dose of good news on
Friday -- he is a father again at the age of 61 and his earnings have now
topped 40 million pounds ($68 million) a year.
Who were the greatest?
By Chris Brown, Daily Post
30 October, 2003
It's a debate that's been raging since the Sixties.
Beatles Audience Is Getting Younger
By Paul Cashmere, Undercover (Australia)
29 October, 2003
As we all get older Beatles fans are getting younger.
TV humiliates pop wannabes, says Sir George
By Duncan Higgitt, The Western Mail (UK)
29 October, 2003
The legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin yesterday hit out at
"cruel" TV talent shows which set out to humiliate the contestants.
Also: The man who made The Beatles
Double Bagger
New York Post
29 October, 2003
Yoko Ono still knows how to get a man to take his clothes off.
Also: Yoko Ono Flies High
One, two, three, Fab Four
By Ed Brice, Fort Worth Star Telegram
29 October, 2003
Q: What was the birthdate of Beatle John Lennon? He wasn't the oldest
Beatle, was he?
Books: Mixed blessing
By R.S. Murthi, New Straits/Business Times (Malaysia)
29 October, 2003
Yet another Lennon biography has appeared.
När Beatles kom till Sverige
Östran/Nyheterna (Sweden)
28 October, 2003
Thanks to Jakob Groes, here is an English translation
You can meet The Beatles again on DVD
By Edna Gundersen, USA Today
27 October, 2003
Forty years ago this Friday, a vacationing Ed Sullivan happened to witness
The Beatles returning from a European tour to 15,000 hysterical teens at
the London airport.
Also: Beatlemania returns in books, music, DVD
John Lennon Vs. George Harrison
By Davide Dukcevich, Forbes
27 October, 2003
Even in death, the Beatles need each other to top the charts.
Concert for George Screening Planned For Australia
By Paul Cashmere, Undercover Music News (Australia)
27 October, 2003
Before the DVD and CD release of Concert For George, Australians will
have a chance to watch the concert in movie theatres in Sydney and
Apple’s Music Man
By Steven Levy, Newsweek
27 October, 2003
Steve Jobs explains why it’s better to own your tunes
Fans cast votes in rock hall poll for quiet Beatle
By John Soeder, The Plain Dealer
26 October, 2003
"I'm a dark horse / Running on a dark race course," the late George
Harrison sang on the title track of his 1974 album "Dark Horse."
'Sgt. Pepper' goes gold again (2nd item)
New York Daily News
26 October, 2003
It was 20 years ago today. Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.
Yoko Ono comments about her remix project
Dance Front Door (UK)
25 October, 2003
Her remix project is doing really well as she topped the Bilboard Club Chart a
couple of months ago with her single ‘Walking on Thin Ice’, Yoko Ono shows
no sign of slowing down.
Yesterday's Hit
Daily Record
25 October, 2003
Utilities firm Southern Electric have removed Beatles hit Yesterday from their
phonehold music.
Imagine all the pictures
By Anna Smyth, The Scotsman
25 October, 2003
It is not difficult to picture the scene.
Imagining the Beatles
By Nicki Gostin, The Age (Australia)
25 October, 2003
A photographic assignment that Harry Benson first considered to be a dud
turned out to be the highlight of his career.
A Ticket to Ride Beatlemania
By Lorraine Sciuto-Ballasy, Doylestown Patriot
24 October, 2003
People all across the Philadelphia area consider veteran newscaster Larry
Kane the voice of authority.
Pop Idols release Lennon war song
24 October, 2003
The 12 finalists in this year's Pop Idol TV contest are to release John
Lennon's Happy Xmas (War Is Over) as a Christmas single.
Also: Ono! Pop Idols cover John Lennon's Xmas classic
Ed Sullivan Presents the Beatles
By Glenn Erickson, DVD Talk
24 October, 2003
What initially sounds like a dull idea turns out to be a great one with this
collection of The Beatles' four appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show in
1964 and 1965.
Fab shots of the 60s
By Joe Riley, Liverpool Echo
24 October, 2003
The Beatles AND The Rolling Stones are to share a stage in Liverpool -
albeit courtesy of the city's museums.
Yoko Wants to Give Peace a Chance
By Glenn Gamboa, Newsday
24 October, 2003
Yoko Ono certainly practices the peace that she preaches.
John Lennon: Lennon Legend
By James Griffiths, The Guardian
24 October, 2003
When the only new Beatles package the world desperately needs is a massive
DVD retrospective of the life and times of George Harrison, we instead get
yet another Lennon-mythologisation project.
George Harrison Concert DVD Release Imminent
23 October, 2003
The DVD/Video of David Leland's acclaimed film 'Concert for George' has
been confirmed for release on November 17th.
Yoko gives boost to peace pair
Ilkley Gazette (UK)
23 October, 2003
A peace protesting couple from Addingham were told to `keep up the good
work' when they met their inspirational idol Yoko Ono.
Heather joins Paul over animal rights
By Penny Fray, Daily Post
23 October, 2003
Heather Mills last night joined her husband, Sir Paul McCartney, in his
crusade against the abuse of animals.
Also: Heather moves-in on Stella's ad; PETA's Family Affair
Naked, but tastefully so
By Iain Shedden, The Mercury (Australia)
23 October, 2003
If any Australian performer knows the Beatles, it's Alex Lloyd.
John Lennon's art goes on display
22 October, 2003
A collection of John Lennon's art, including images never previously shown
in public, has gone on display.
Also: Lennon's art tour gets the capital eye
Correction --<<
22 October, 2003, an upscale resource center for visual art gifts and
imaginative keepsakes for corporations and nonprofits, and The Garland
Appeal, an international charity that raises funds to help the fight against
cancer and to support the healing power of music, held a gala fundraising
and auction event last night at Christie's.
When the Fab Four had the world in a spin
By Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman
22 October, 2003
At a time when we’re told that at least a third of all current Beatles album
sales are to those who weren’t even born when the Fab Four’s last album,
Let It Be (about to be re-issued, stripped of its Phil Spector overlays), was
released in 1969, Radio 4’s assessment of their enduring musical and
cultural legacy, Nothing’s Gonna Change My World is timely and engaging
without descending into yet another bland bouquet of effusions by fans with
Best wishes from Beatle
By Maki Becker, New York Daily News
22 October, 2003
Paul Esposito, who lost both legs in last week's Staten Island ferry disaster,
got some words of wisdom yesterday from the man his mother named him
after: Paul McCartney.
Ringo Gets The Jump On The Beatles Naked
Undercover (Australia)
22 October, 2003
Ringo Starr is reissuing his last album 'Ringorama' as a three disc set just
one week before the new version of The Beatles 'Let It Be' hits the stores.
Also: KOCH Entertainment to Re-release Ringo Starr's Critically
Acclaimed 'Ringo Rama' Album as a Deluxe 3-Disc Set
The Beatles 1964 tour of America (inc. audio clip)
936 ABC Hobart (Australia)
22 October, 2003
In 1964, American journalist Larry Kane was part of the landmark tour of
America by the Beatles.
Imagine . . .
Daily Post
21 October, 2003
An exclusive collection of John Lennon's artwork featuring images never
seen before by the public is going on display.
A return to yesterday
By Peter Grant, Liverpool Echo
20 October, 2003
Unseen Beatles photographs have finally been released - 40 years after the
rise of Beatlemania.
Heather Hangs On
Daily Record
20 October, 2003
With her baby due any day, Paul McCartney's missus Heather Mills is sure
to have a few lastminute arrangements to make for the big day.
Astrid Kirchherr präsentiert Beatles-Fotokunstwerk
By Doris Banuscher, Die Welt
20 October, 2003
(Text in German. Use the translation tools here or there)
Also: Beatles-Bildband: Die Legende in schwarzem Leder
Jolly George Harrison – the unsung story
The Peninsula (Qatar)
Finding the place is a cinch: straight down Henley-on-Thames High Street,
up the hill and there’s the entrance, a couple of hundred yards beyond the
Lennon's last sit-in
By John Maddocks, Sunday Herald Sun
19 October, 2003
I sat next to John Lennon the other day, on a park bench.
The Beatles, Let it Be... Naked
By John Harris, The Observer
19 October, 2003
It could have been another McCartney vanity project. But, says John
Harris, stripping away Spector's production and ditching a couple of tracks
has let the final album shine at last
Table-top Rock
By Jeff Miers, The Buffalo News
19 October, 2003
Lush, gargantuan tomes chronicle the glory days of Bruce, the Beatles and
the Stones
Yoko gives buying power to the people
By Ann Donald, Scotland On Sunday
19 October, 2003
Yoko Ono is a woman much scorned by disgruntled Beatles fans who hold the
conceptual artist responsible for breaking up the best pop group in the world
Magical tour
By Paul Webb, Coventry News
18 October, 2003
A ticket to ride to Liverpool - it was an invitation I accepted with delight.
Love And Meditation
By Howard Lachtman, Stockton Record
18 October, 2003
Transcendental Meditation pioneer visits Stockton
Liverpool star McGann in line for Broadway musical of Lennon's
Daily Post
17 October, 2003
Liverpool actor Mark McGann said last night he would consider reprising his
starring role as John Lennon in a spectacular new Broadway production - but
only if Yoko Ono asked him.
New fan club pays tribute to the Fab Four
By Bill DeYoung, Stuart News (different then the one previously posted)
17 October, 2003
Diana Williams is a Beatles fan. In June, Williams, a resident of Port St. Lucie,
put out an all-points bulletin for fellow fanatics along the Treasure Coast.
Musical Tribute To McCartney Goes On
The Tampa Tribune
16 October, 2003
Rain may have kept down the numbers, but it couldn't dampen the enthusiasm
of almost 300 people who turned out for a tribute to Paul McCartney last
Beatles Songs and Hippy Era in Sweet Treat
By John Freedman, Moscow Times
16 October, 2003
Shelagh Delaney's "A Taste of Honey" was one of the British plays of the
1950s that helped shape our perceptions of that era.
Mayoral ads feature Beatles, baseball
By Bob Bernick Jr., Deseret Morning News
16 October, 2003
If you like your political ads a little offbeat, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky
Anderson has a few new ones for you.
Foreign Confidential
The Daily Telegraph (Australia)
16 October, 2003
Fashionista Stella McCartney has embraced her friend Madonna's obsession
with the mystical Jewish cult kabbalah, and now sports the red string bracelet
that followers believe offers protection from evil spirits.
Sir Paul McCartney to do online chat tomorrow to support 'No More
Landmines Day' scheduled for November 6th. Day to end with 'Night
of a Thousand Dinners' - Canadian driven initiative.
Canada Newswire
15 October, 2003
This Thursday, October 16th at 11:30 am EST, Sir Paul McCartney and his wife
Heather Mills McCartney will host an online chat at
specifically regarding mine action.
Yoko Ono Creates New And Disturbing Xmas Video
15 October, 2003
John Lennon may have died long before the terrorist attacks of September 11 and
the subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he’s still asking the world to
choose peace over war.
New Lennon musical heads for Broadway
15 October, 2003
A musical exploring the life of John Lennon is on the way to Broadway after his
widow Yoko Ono gave her blessing to the project.
Also: Beatle for B'way; Twelve Actors to Play John Lennon in New Bway
Musical The Lennon Project; Imagine That! A New John Lennon Musical
Concert For George
By Elke de Wit,
The great thing about watching concert films is that you get the kind of close-ups
that the audience can only dream of.
Also: CD, DVD Release Set For 'Concert For George'
Yoko Ono says Lennon's spirit watching over her
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
14 October, 2003
Twenty-three years after John Lennon was gunned down outside their New
York apartment, Yoko Ono is convinced: "We are still working together."
Also: John Lennon DVD has rare footage; news photos
Beatles see no future online
By Darren Waters, BBC
14 October, 2003
There are no plans to put the extensive back catalogue of the Beatles on the
internet, BBC News Online has learned.
Also: The Beatles Keen On Letting Digital Music Industry Pass Them By
‘God save the Beatles!’ - Auction-mania hits London studios
Auctionworld Television (UK)
14 October, 2003
Auctionworld dot tv, the live interactive auction channel is set to make history
for a second time in the space of a few months with another live televised public
music auction.
Bootleg Beatles postpone tour
Mid-Day Mumbai (India)
14 October, 2003
Def Leppard is not the only band to postpone its India tour.
Listeners fill radio archive gaps
13 October, 2003
A plea to listeners to dig out old recordings has uncovered some classic radio
moments thought lost forever.
Why all you need is love for charity
By Helen Clarke, The Liverpool Echo
13 October, 2003
Liverpool girl band Atomic Kitten are donating some of their Scouse sparkle to
Twelve million moments frozen in time
By Michelle Green, Reuters
13 October, 2003
A collection of more than 12 million historic photographs, capturing scenes from
the Boer War to the D-Day landings, has been published on the Internet.
Also: In pictures: British Pathé Stills Archive
George was at peace when he died - widow Olivia
By Alan Weston, Daily Post
13 October, 2003
The widow of former Beatle George Harrison has broken her silence, nearly
two years after his death from throat cancer.
Beatle's sketches come to Burlingame
By Amelia Hansen, San Mateo County Times
13 October, 2003
Yoko Ono once pointed out that her husband John Lennon's simple self-portrait
-- not much more than a line-drawing squiggle -- revealed an important aspect to
the late Beatle's character: his great sense of humor.
Big Is Beautiful, Heather
Daily Record
13 October, 2003
She may be eight months pregnant but Heather Mills proves she can still look
big and beautiful at the same time.
Hemlines flutter at McCartney show
By Joelle Diderich and Catherine Bremer, Reuters
12 October, 2003
With former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and his pregnant wife Heather Mills
watching from the front row, designer Stella McCartney showed a collection of
floaty summer dresses fit for pop's biggest divas.
Also: news photos; McCartneys out in force for Stella's show of romance;
McCartney Favors Airy Style for Spring
Ono, You Don't: Man Sues Over Yoko Duds
By Dareh Gregorian, New York Post
12 October, 2003
A vintage clothier allegedly played mind games with a psychic who once advised
John Lennon, taking clothing he got from Yoko Ono for an appraisal and then
refusing to give it back.
John Lennon art exhibit will buy supplies for Burlingame classroom
By Tara Ramroop, San Mateo County Times
10 October, 2003
Students and teachers from one Burlingame school have nothing but praise for
John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, now that her husband's original artwork is
helping bring funds into their classrooms.
Also: John Lennon's drawings displayed on the Peninsula
New book details Philly journalist's life with the Beatles
By Eric Tucker, Associated Press
10 October, 2003
Larry Kane met the Beatles before John met Yoko, before the acid trips and
the breakup and the solo ventures, before the music turned psychedelic and
the world learned of strawberry fields and a yellow submarine.
New fan club pays tribute to the Fab Four
By Bill DeYoung, Fort Pierce Tribune
10 October, 2003
Diana Williams is a Beatles fan. In June, Williams, a resident of Port St. Lucie,
put out an all-points bulletin for fellow fanatics along the Treasure Coast.
Speaking with . . . 1964
By Miriam Di Nunzio, Chicago Sun Times
10 October, 2003
It's been nearly 40 years since the Beatles landed on our shores.
Less Than Month After Death, Johnny Cash Bio Ready
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
10 October, 2003
Less than a month after his death, a Johnny Cash biography is ready to roll
and publishers are lining up at the world's biggest book fair to sign on for the
tale of the country music legend.
Clapton Talks Harrison Tribute
By Austin Scaggs, Rolling Stone
9 October, 2003
New DVD features all-star concert for George
Also: Concert for quiet Beatle raises the roof
NYC gig for Scouser in Lennon tribute
By Kirsti Adair, Liverpool Echo
9 October, 2003
Scouse musician Jamie Sweetman is flying the flag for Liverpool by playing
a birthday tribute to former Beatle John Lennon in New York.
Daltrey Blasts McCartney for Tarnishing the Beatles
KIIS Radio, Los Angeles
9 October, 2003
The Who rocker Roger Daltrey has blasted fellow 1960s icon Sir Paul
McCartney for wrecking the musical legacy of the Beatles.
Lennon Legend: An Illustrated Life of John Lennon By James
PRNewswire (thanks to Carlos Gonzalez Vizcaino)
9 October, 2003
John Lennon made an indelible print on the world with his music as a
songwriter and performer.
Like father, like son
Liverpool Echo
9 October, 2003
From the moptop haircut to the sharp suit and cheeky smile Dhani
Harrison is turning into a mirror image of his famous father.
Let it be, Paul
By Alexander E. Hooke, Baltimore Sun
9 October, 2003
He has more No. 1 singles and albums than any other musician.
Radio joker fools McCartney
9 October, 2003
Former Beatle Paul McCartney has been fooled by a radio presenter who
called him on his mobile phone and pretended to be Canadian Prime Minister
Jean Chretien, a newspaper says.
Also: McCartney duped by Canadian radio prankster; The long and wind-up
Will you still feed me, when I'm 64? 164? 264?
By Jon Carroll, San Fransisco Chronicle
9 October, 2003
After the death of Linda McCartney, I heard someone on television say, with
anger, that her death was tragic because "she had done everything right."
Cilla Black: You Ask The Questions
The Independent
9 October, 2003
(Such as: is it true that you were once hipper than The Beatles on the
Liverpool music scene? And would you ever go on a blind date?)
Asher makes the case for animal experiments
By David Derbyshire, The Telegraph
9 October, 2003
Jane Asher - actress, cake supremo, charity worker, novelist and soap opera
superbitch - has added another string to her bow, as a fervent advocate of
animal experimentation.
McCartney, Starr Attend Harrison Film
Associated Press
8 October, 2003
The two surviving Beatles joined family and friends of George Harrison for
the British premiere of a filmed tribute concert for their old bandmate, who
died of cancer nearly two years ago.
Also: News Photos; Film tribute to Harrison; Beatles unite at Harrison film
Beatles' Club Set to Rock Around the World
By Gideon Long, Reuters
8 October, 2003
The Cavern nightclub where The Beatles launched their career as the world's
most famous rock band is set to be reproduced around the world from Rio de
Janeiro to Moscow.
Who's that startist?
By David Edwards, The Mirror
8 October, 2003
Tony Hart gives his verdict on 10 celebrities' paintings
Roman Empire: Musicians have plenty to pick from in World's
Largest Guitar Store'
By Jerry Fink, Las Vegas Sun
7 October, 2003
Some of the world's most well-known guitarists have been customers at Ed
Roman Guitars.
Beatles get back in Roswell Cultural Arts
By Geoff Smith,
7 October, 2003
Still miss the Beatles? For one night, and that is one night only, Beatles fans
have a chance to get as close to the real thing as they ever will.
The Insider (2nd item)
Liverpool Echo
7 October, 2003
* The McCartney's certainly like keeping it in the family.
Cilla's Nasty Little Secret
By John Dingwall, Daily Record
7 October, 2003
Cowell helps re-launch singing career as a favour Shops have ordered
double the amount they had for Barbra Streisand how good is that?
Album saga takes twist, turn
By Jamie Goldenbaum, New Jersey Herald
7 October, 2003
Hamburg resident Philip Michael, well known for finding the album signed
by John Lennon for his killer in 1980, died at his home last week.
Michael Jackson weiter im Clinch mit Paul McCartney
6 October, 2003
(Text in German. Use the translation tools here or there)
DVD release for first Beatles US concert
6 October, 2003
The Beatles' first ever US concert in America is to be released on DVD.
It's a boy for Macca
The Sun
6 October, 2003
I’m told Sir Paul McCartney and wife Heather Mills are expecting a boy.
'Later...', REM!
6 October, 2003
REM have been confirmed to open the new series of 'Later... With Jools
Holland' this month.
The Concert for George
By Todd Gilchrist, Film Stew
5 October, 2003
Musicans from Eric Clapton to Ravi Shankar fill the air with sweet, sweet
music for a tribute concert in honor of beloved Beatle George Harrison.
Also: By George, what a concert!; Win Tickets To Harrison Film
Back-to-Basic Beatles Music Appealing to New Generation
By Anthony Barnes, PA News
5 October, 2003
The Beatles today unveiled the cover of their back-to-basics version of hit
album Let It Be as figures showed a new generation had been turned on to
the band.
Also: Fab Four album goes retro in appeal to young fans; World Photos
Anniversary Beatles festival plan
The Australian
5 October, 2003
The 40th anniversary of the Beatles' Australian tour will be celebrated in
Adelaide next year.
Sir Paul's Little Girl Opens in Los Angeles
By David A. Keeps, New York Times
5 October, 2003
On the driveway leading to the back garden at 8823 Beverly Boulevard last
Sunday night, a hot-dog cart stocked with vegetarian wieners was on hand to
feed the guests at the opening of the designer Stella McCartney's West
Hollywood boutique.
We Love Ewe Yeah Yeah Yeah
By Cara Page, Glasgow Daily Record
4 October, 2003
Macca's randy rams on rampage
Meet The Beatles - Again
By Mary Huhn, New York Post
4 October, 2003
All you need is love - and some walking shoes - because there are plenty of
Beatles-related activities going on this weekend
'Concert for George' is Oscar-worthy doc
By Martin A. Grove, The Hollywood Reporter
3 October, 2003
"Concert" conversation: As a rule, documentaries don't play to packed theaters,
but Warner Music Group's "Concert for George" just might break that rule.
Also: Concert for George, opening Friday, a musical tribute to George Harrison;
Concert for George tributes Harrison; Friends Pay Tribute to a Fallen Beatle;
A gift to Harrison: 'Love on stage'; Guitars gently weep in tribute to Harrison;
Concert for George; Harrison tribute concert is really something; A Bittersweet
Wake; Voices sing out in tribute to Harrison; Fab Beatle tribute; For ex-Beatle,
fine music and warm remembrances; Tribute to quiet George Harrison is fittingly
McCartney On Fame Academy
3 October, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney will introduce the final two students on tomorrow's BBC
One Fame Academy final before their performance of the Beatles track Let
It Be - just before the winner's name is revealed in the show's second half.
Holidays with The Beatles
By Joel Welin, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
3 October, 2003
Simply have a wonderful Christmas time this year with two gifts of the Fab Four.
John Lennon inspires original play
By Jason Kellner, The Reno Gazette-Journal
3 October, 2003
October 9 is the birthday of John Lennon — a fitting opening date for “Happy
Birthday, John Lennon,” an original play by the members of Reno’s drama group
Creative Combustion.
Beatles Remembered in Anniversary Show
By Ira Iosebashvili, Moscow Times
3 October, 2003
For decades, The Beatles have had a special place in the hearts of many Russian
musiclovers -- and not just as a result of the band's 1968 hit "Back in the U.S.S.R."
Ticket To Ride
By David Cuthbert, The Times Picayune
3 October, 2003
'Beatles 4-Ever' a nostalgic trip worth taking at True Brew
Sitar master Ravi Shankar to perform at Benedum
By Michael Machosky, Pittsburgh Tribune Review
2 October, 2003
Talking to legendary sitar master Ravi Shankar is to talk to a man at peace with
the universe. And, more importantly, perfectly comfortable with his place in it.
A broadcasting giant recalls a journey with a music legend
By George S. Larmour, News of Delaware County
1 October, 2003
Larry Kane served the Philadelphia area for decades as a television news anchor,
but that's not why dozens of fans lined up at a Havertown dental office last week.
That Amazin' day at Shea
By David Hinckley, New York Daily News
1 October, 2003
Shea Stadium's first rock concert remains a milestone in music history.
Beatles Items Sell Big on Auction Block
Associated Press
1 October, 2003
The Beatles again proved their enduring popularity when an auction of several
pieces of the Fab Four's memorabilia, including a rare early concert poster and a
program for a 1965 U.S. concert tour, fetched thousands of dollars.
Also: Pop Memorabilia Up for Sale; Lennon-Designed Cupboard Fetches £28,000;
Beatles poster fetches £11,750
Is Stella so bad?
By Ollie Picton-Jones, The Mirror
1 October, 2003
She's taken a lot of flak for her outrageous designs and that stinker of a debut
collection back in 2001 but Paul McCartney's designer daughter has somehow
created a successful business.
Also: New boutique fairly screams Stella; Stella Makes Her L.A. Debut; Stella
the nobody
Men held in dawn raids
The Western Mail
1 October, 2003
Pregnant Heather Mills McCartney joked yesterday with children at her old
primary school, "I haven't really got a beer belly, this is a baby in here."
Also: Save My Old School, Says Heather; Heather backs school campaign

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