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Beatle Wife, Girlfriend, Come Together
By Roger Friedman, Fox News
30 September, 2003
The biggest surprise appearances last night at the New York screening of
"Concert for George?"
True art or just Beatling about?
By Gina Davidson, Edinburgh Evening News
29 September, 2003
The world’s press had been alerted and anyone who was anyone was
scrabbling for an invitation to what was likely to be the hottest champagne
opening night of the year.
Also: Sketchy details but Lennon is a big draw(er)
Remembering George Harrison: Famed Beatle paid a visit to
Benton 40 years ago
By Metro Armstrong, The Benton Evening News
29 September, 2003
It is often said that history repeats itself. Louise Harrison, a long-time
Benton resident, agrees.
Also: Beatle Sister Reads Children's Beatle Parody
Apple row 'may go on for years'
By Nic Hopkins, The Times
29 September, 2003
A battle over name rights between the Apple computer company and Apple
Corps, the Beatles’ record label, may take years to settle, according to Steve
Jobs, chief executive of the computer group.
Ono, she's stripping again!
By Doug Powers, WorldNetDaily
29 September, 2003
Seventy-year-old Yoko Ono, wife of late Beatle John Lennon, and "singer"
whose shriek is the mating call of the Tinnitus Warbler, recently finished
performing what she calls a "cut piece," in which audience members come
onstage and clip off pieces of her clothing until she's nearly naked.
Macca's a day strippa
The Sun
27 September, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney enjoys a BUMP and grind with his own gorgeous belly
dancer — pregnant wife Heather Mills.
English, like the designer
By Joanne Lim, The Star (Malaysia)
27 September, 2003
Making her sexy début into the world of fragrances, fashion designer Stella
McCartney unveils Stella, a fresh new scent for the feminine yet mysterious
Also: Catwalk catfight as Jeff brands Stella 'an amateur'; recent news photos
£21,000 for Beatles album
Liverpool Echo
26 September, 2003
An autographed copy of The Beatles' 1966 album Revolver has been sold for
more than £21,000 at auction.
The Bootleg Files: "Let It Be"
By Phil Hall, Film Threat
25 September, 2003
"Let it Be" is one of the most popular and ubiquitous titles in the bootleg video
channels, thanks entirely to the Beatles.
'The Beatles on Apple Records' (inc. audio)
25 September, 2003
Book Recounts Creation of Label, Original Aim of 'Let It Be'
John Lennon DVD Extravaganza Due Before The Holidays
By Manuela Spizzirri, ChartAttack
25 September, 2003
John Lennon fans will soon have another valuable item to add to their
memorabilia collections.
Entertainment Photos
Associated Press
25 September, 2003
Ringo Star and his wife, Barbara Bach, left, pose along with George Harrison's
son Dhani and widow, Olivia, center, and Heather Mills McCartney and Paul
McCartney at a screening of the film 'Concert for George,' Wednesday night,
Sept. 24, 2003, in Burbank, Calif.
Also: more photos; Remaining Beatles attend special screening for Harrison;
Stars get together for Harrison film; Altogether now...; Quiet Beatle documentary
premiers; Surviving Beatles Pay Tribute to George Harrison (thanks, Diane);
Yoko Oh-No
Stella's £6m price tag
By Jonathan Prynn and Richard Simpson, Evening Standard (thanks, Diane)
25 September, 2003
Stella McCartney made £6 million when she first sold her name to Gucci, it was
revealed for the first time today.
Getting the details right on the White Album
By Wallace Baine, Santa Cruz Sentinel
25 September, 2003
The Beatles’ so-called "White Album" was, first and foremost, a studio recording.
Also: The White Album Ensemble back by popular demand
Hey, Paul, don't make it bad
By Jenny Colgan, The Scotsman
25 September, 2003
Paul McCartney should be absolutely beloved by Britain
McCartney Attends Adopt-A-Minefield Gala (video)
Associated Press
24 September, 2003
Adopt-A-Minefield Fundraiser (inc. video)
Access Hollywood (thanks, Diane)
24 September, 2003
Proud parents to be Paul McCartney and Heather Mills McCartney hosted a
star-studded event in Beverly Hills to raise money for Adopt-A-Minefield, a
campaign dedicated to eradicating landmines.
Also: Entertainment Photos; Heather hosts LA gala; McCartney & Wife Host
Adopt-A-Minefield Gala; Paul & Heather's Star-Studded Gala (another video);
more photos
Imagine A New DVD
24 September, 2003
Rare and previously unseen footage of John Lennon will be released on a new
video collection.
Lennon stamp under hammer
24 September, 2003
Stamps designed by John Lennon to support striking postal workers in 1971
are among Beatles items being auctioned at a sale in London on Wednesday.
Also: Stamps designed by late Beatle John Lennon fetch $2,000 at auction
in London
Macca's Baby Secret
Sky News
23 September, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney and his pregnant wife Heather Mills know the sex of their baby
and have chosen a name - but the couple are not telling.
Also: Larry King Live - Interview with Heather Mills McCartney (transcript);
McCartney baby named before birth; McCartneys' baby fears; Macca's tears at tot
news; Mills attacks 'stalker-azzi' press; photos - 1, 2
John Lennon's Quarrymen
By Martin Lenon, Edinburgh Evening News
22 September, 2003
If there was something faintly ridiculous (and there was) about the sight of four
not-so-young men, two of whom were balding and a little more than well-fed,
dressed up like the svelte and youthful Beatles, circa 1962, it was easily
forgotten as soon as they played the opening bars of Love Me Do.
Starr-struck by Ringo, malpractice insurance savings (last item)
By David Horsley, Amarillo Globe-News
22 September, 2003
I saw part of the Ringo Starr concert and was discussing it with friend J.S. who had
this to say: "I'm one of those who can talk at annoying length about the cultural
significance of folks like Ringo.
Macca's day from hell
By Bruce Wilson and Mark Reynolds, The Sunday Mail (Australia)
21 September, 2003
It was the day from hell for Paul McCartney.
Also: McCartney 'In Punch Up' At Blaine Stunt; McCartney sacking was 'a joke';
Sir Paul accused of losing his cool; Angry Paul Rows With Snapper And Fan;
Macca's Amazing Row With Snapper; McCartney publicist sacking 'a joke'; Macca
The Toronto Star
21 September, 2003
Origin: Developed in 13th-century Hindustan, now India's best-known instrument.
You may say he was a dreamer
20 September, 2003
John Lennon's Imagine is the most popular song ever – but it is also among the
most loathed.
Also: Famous Faces: John and Yoko's Year of Peace; This Europe: Lennonism
takes off back in the old USSR
My Morning Jacket to Open CMJ
Rolling Stone
19 September, 2003
Dozens of bands to invade New York City next month
Back In The USSR
19 September, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney shows no signs of slowing down after the exertions of his latest
world tour.
Also: McCartney Gets Busy On New Album
Larry Kane's 'Ticket to Ride'
By Todd Norden, Vineland Daily Journal
19 September, 2003
It's the type of historical moment in pop culture history most people can only imagine
in black and white.
Yoko in tourism team
By Larry Neild, Daily Post
19 September, 2003
A tourism team flying to Tokyo next week to promote Liverpool to the Japanese
hope to recruit their best-ever ambassador, Yoko Ono.
Shankar performs with daughter Anoushka in Berkeley
By Jeff Kaliss, Alameda Times-Star
19 September, 2003
Father-and-daughter acts are quite rare in North Indian classical music.
Beatles Go Back-To-Basics
Sky News
18 September, 2003
A "back-to-basics" version of The Beatles album Let It Be is to be released
next month.
Also: Thirty Years On, the Beatles Go Back to Basics; Get Back To Basics!;
Official press release (from EMI Argentina - thanks to Carlos Gonzalez Vizcaino)
Lennon and Jagger footage found
18 September, 2003
Lost footage of John Lennon has been uncovered by documentary makers,
showing him clowning around with Mick Jagger.
Also: Lennon's greatest dream
Glastonbury to be ticketless within two years
18 September, 2003
Glastonbury festival could be completely ticketless within two years in an
attempt to crack down on the touting and internet profiteering
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kane to sign his Beatle book
By Kevin Clapp, Press of Atlantic City
18 September, 2003
It was Beatlemania at its most destructive, and Larry Kane had a ringside
Yoko Ono's sculpture turns heads on DIA lawn
By Joy Hakanson Colby, The Detroit News
18 September, 2003
A flatbed truck pulled up to the Detroit Institute of Arts on Wednesday to unload
a boxcar punctured with bullet holes.
Also: Yoko Ono's bullet-riddled boxcar displayed at Detroit Institute of Arts;
French Fight Shy of Yoko's Strip
Rusty Anderson back in the studio with Paul McCartney
17 September, 2003
Rusty Anderson, currently working in England on the new Paul McCartney album;
his solo CD "Undressing Underwater" will be released later this Autumn.
McCartney Back in the USSR And On TV
Arrow 93FM
17 September, 2003
This Thursday make sure turn off those ridiculous reality shows and watch Paul
McCartney rock out those crazy Russians on the A & E Network.
Also: McCartney Finds Fans 'Back in the U.S.S.R.'
Sir Paul McCartney to launch Canadian driven international initiative
to support landmine removal and survivor assistance at Los Angeles
gala. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones to be honoured.
Canada NewsWire
16 September, 2003
Pop music icon and former Beatles Sir Paul McCartney will perform at the opening
'Night of a Thousand Dinners' on September 23rd, at the Beverley Hilton Hotel in
Los Angeles.
Celebrities wish Gerry the best
By Jenny Watson, Liverpool Echo
16 September, 2003
Gerry Marsden was recovering in hospital today (Tuesday, September 16) after a
triple heart by-pass operation.
Larry Kane: Ticket To Ride
By Graham Reid, New Zealand Herald
16 September, 2003
In 1980 presidential candidate Jimmy Carter leaned over to journalist Larry Kane
and said, "So I heard you toured with the Beatles. What were they like?"
Rocking Russia
By Jonathan Alter, Newsweek
15 September, 2003
Paul McCartney discusses politics, fame, his dispute with John Lennon—and why
the Beatles had such an impact in the Soviet Union
Lennon's Widow Has Her Clothes Cut Off for Peace
By Kerstin Gehmlich, Reuters
15 September, 2003
John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono watched on as dozens of strangers cut her clothes
off piece by piece in a Paris theater Monday, leaving the artist on stage wearing
nothing but her underwear.
Also: photos
Beatles spat 'set for court'
15 September, 2003
The struggle between Apple Computer and The Beatles over use of the word
'apple' appears unlikely to be settled out of court.
The bodyguard
David Charters, Daily Post
15 September, 2003
He was the son of a bare-knuckle fighter, whose own ready fists and cold stare
led him deep into the smoky, bluesy night spots, where wide boys in slick suits
and jewellery ran the drug trade, peddling purple hearts to the all-night crowd.
Also: Why Paul McCartney is still my hero
McCartney stays on the run in Russia
By Jay Bobbin, Zap2it
14 September, 2003
Paul McCartney never had visited Russia before, but he says it felt like home
once he got there.
Also: You Say You Want A Revolution...
American English to rock KCC Friday
Kankakee Daily Journal
14 September, 2003
American English, the four-time winners of the Beatlefest sound-alike contest,
are coming for an outdoor concert at 7 p.m. Friday at Kankakee Community
A red sweater day
By Rachel Cooke, The Observer
14 September, 2003
Caroline G Bott's diligent biography of the man who drew Rupert Bear, The Life
and Works of Alfred Bestall, leaves Rachel Cooke wanting a bumper annual
Yoko Ono to go naked for peace
14 September, 2003
John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono could end up stark naked on a Paris stage on
Monday as she performs her one-woman art show "Cut Piece", in which members
of the audience are to cut off pieces of her clothing.
Paul McCartney on Larry King Live - transcript
Aired September 13, 2003 - 21:00   ET (CNN)
Former Beatle's guitar fetches over $430,000
13 September, 2003
The guitar played by George Harrison at the Beatles' last concert in 1969 fetched
$434,750 in a Hollywood auction conducted live and online Saturday.
Baby Walkers
Glasgow Daily Record
13 September, 2003
Sir Paul McCartney and pregnant wife Heather Mills enjoyed a relaxing afternoon
stroll yesterday.
Also: Heather Mills frills
McCartney embraces style, integrity
By Samantha Critchell, Associated Press
12 September, 2003
Stella McCartney lives by pretty strict rules: She doesn't eat meat, she won't gossip
about her famous friends, who include Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, and she
won't work with leather or fur -- not an easy feat in the fashion world.
Both sides issue statement in Apple/Beatles lawsuit
By Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral
12 September, 2003
An Apple Corps spokesperson confirmed on Friday that the organization started by
The Beatles has file a lawsuit against Apple Computer Inc. The lawsuit cites breach
of contract by Apple Computer over the use of "Apple."
Nominees announced for 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Associated Press
12 September, 2003
Former Beatle George Harrison, Prince, John Mellencamp and Jackson Browne
are among the nominees on the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballot.
Singing to the stars
Biggleswade Today (UK)
12 September, 2003
Darrel performs at McCartney wedding
Also: Darrel Rocks Celeb Wedding
Nice To Be Married Then, Stella?
Glasgow Daily Record
12 September, 2003
Stella McCartney only got hitched less than two weeks ago but married life hasn't
exactly put a smile on her face.
British are coming! Beatle tribute invades State
By Marijke Rowland, The Modesto Bee
12 September, 2003
No, money can't buy you love.
Return of Ringo
By Marlene Lee,
11 September, 2003
I've done it! I've found a way to connect with my two sons, who have long grown out
of needing a mother meddling in their lives
Beatles Invade Queens In August 1964
Western Queens Gazette
11 September, 2003
Get into a conversation with a long-time Queens resident and you’re likely to
discover a subscriber of the Long Island Star-Journal, a daily paper that informed
the community about local and world news until it folded in 1968.
The Beatles Sue Apple Computers Over IPod, ITunes
By Roger Friedman, Fox News
11 September, 2003
The inevitable has happened: The Beatles have sued Steve Jobs over Apple
iTunes and the Apple iPod -- at least the band's company, Apple Corps., has sued
Apple Computers.
Paul McCartney In Red Square: Back in the U.S.S.R. .…or rather,
By Mary Anne Christiano, Montclair Times
11 September, 2003
Imagine being prohibited from performing your music in a country run by
communism, because free will is what your music represents.
Hamburg man at center of dispute over Lennon album
By Jamie Goldenbaum, New Jersey Herald
10 September, 2003
In 1980, Philip B. Michael, of Hamburg, found the album John Lennon signed for
his assassin, Mark David Chapman, on the night Lennon was killed.
With or without a little help from his friends, Ringo looks happy
Daily Breeze
9 September, 2003
“There’s one.” “There’s another.” “Oh God, look at that pair, the huge man in
overalls with the whale in hot pants.”
Also: Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band
Harrison's $250,000 Guitar, Schwarzenegger's Knife, Ten Commandments
Tablets in Hollywood Auction
9 September, 2003
Dozens of extraordinary entertainment items -- including George Harrison's fabled
"Let It Be" guitar from the last public performance by the Beatles, Arnold
Schwarzenegger's "Commando" movie knife and prop Ten Commandments tablets
from the film of the same name -- will be offered in a public sale conducted in
Hollywood and on eBay by Odyssey Auctions ( ),
September 13 and 14.
New Documentary Film Celebrates the Music of George Harrison
Through Performances by Legendary Musicians
Business Wire
9 September, 2003
Rock music's most celebrated musicians gathered at Royal Albert Hall in London
on Nov. 29, 2001, to pay tribute to one of their own, the legendary George
Harrison, on the one year anniversary of his death.
Imagine all the drivers with Lennon license plates
By Howard Goodman, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
9 September, 2003
In Florida, the land where license plates proliferate like banana palms and
homeowner association fees, you can use your tag to announce your interest in
the arts, sea turtles, education, agriculture, bike safety, golf, the Olympics and
sports teams from the Miami Dolphins to the Florida Memorial College Lions.
Also: Ono allows use of Lennon sketch
Ono! It's Paltrow
Megastar News
9 September, 2003
News from Hollywood is that Gwyneth Paltrow is to play Yoko Ono is an upcoming
biopic of the Japanese chanteuse and artiste.
Ein Beatles-Fan wittert Betrug: McCartney ein Double?
Hamburger Abendblatt
9 September, 2003
(Text in German. Use the translation tools here or there)
Art comes first in capital exhibition for late Beatle (3rd item)
The Scotsman
8 September, 2003
After the success of the Dome’s recent Marilyn Monroe exhibition, it is the turn of
John Lennon to be the subject of an Edinburgh show next month.
McCartney wedding venue urged to enter secrecy pact
By Sharon Ward and Craig Brown, The Scotsman
8 September, 2003
A director at Mount Stuart, the stately home in which Stella McCartney was
married, has told how the fashion designer asked them to lie to the media about
her wedding.
Ian MacDonald
By Richard Williams, The Guardian
8 September, 2003
An outstanding writer on the music of the Beatles - and a scrupulous defender of
Beatles Strip 'Let It Be' for 'Naked' Release
7 September, 2003
The surviving members of rock legends The Beatles are releasing a new version of
their last ever album, "Let It Be" - with a different name.
Macca asked to help Ben
Sheffield Today
6 September, 2003
He may not have Sir Paul McCartney's musical credentials, but headmaster David
Markham has sent the superstar a self-penned song in the hope he will help disabled
Stella's cheap in here
By Mark Stevenson, The Sun
6 September, 2003
Stella McCartney is following up her £1million wedding with ... a cheap and cheerful
Larry Kane's 'Ticket To Ride'
CBS News
5 September, 2003
Nearly 40 years ago, four boys from Liverpool sent American teenagers into hysterics
when they arrived at New York's Kennedy airport.
Larry Kane And The Beatles (video)
5 September, 2003
Veteran newsman Larry Kane takes a look back at his time with the Beatles
Still a star, the Beat(le) goes on ...
By George Varga, The San Diego Union-Tribune
5 September, 2003
"Everybody is a star in the All-Starrs, but I'm the biggest."
Also: A Fitting Tribute
Yoko to re-stage art 'happening'
Irish Examiner
5 September, 2003
Yoko Ono is to re-stage one of her most famous art happenings nearly 40 years on
in an effort to help world peace, she announced today.
Also: Rock opera gone glam; Milk Money: Rockers Roll Out Gay HS $pirit
Classic Pop Holiday Albums From Bing Crosby, James Brown, Amy
Grant, Olivia Newton-John, Vanessa Williams, Louis Armstrong and
Even Ringo Starr Reissued for THE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION Series
5 September, 2003
new UMe series, with all 23 albums released September 23, 2003, is a spin-off of
"best of" albums from the most significant music artists of the past century and, with
shipments of more than 22 million albums since its inception in 1999, is the most
successful single artist series in history.
The first Beatles movie
By Soumya Bhattacharya, The Hindustan Times
5 September, 2003
A few days ago, I watched at home the video of the Beatles's first film, A Hard
Day's Night.
Hitched to their Starr
By Gerry Gittelson, San Bernardino Sun
4 September, 2003
Ringo returns with famous bandmates -- and he's having more fun than ever
Also: Starr of the show Ex-Beatle takes his band on the road
Beatles' first manager rushed to hospital
By Claire Stoker and Helen Clarke, Liverpool Echo (thanks, Diane)
4 September, 2003
The Beatles first manager was rushed to hospital after a serious fall at the
Cavern pub.
Plastic Ono Man
By Gilbert Garcia, San Antonio Current
4 September, 2003
'Come Together' exhibit of John Lennon's artwork reflects Yoko Ono's effort
to keep his memory alive
Also: 'Come Together' highlights Lennon's whimsical side
John's gesture
Liverpool Echo
4 September, 2003
A stamp design created by John Lennon in support of striking postal workers
is to be sold at auction.
Also: Lennon's Stamp Design on Sale
Faux Four
By Pat Guinane, The State Journal-Register
4 September, 2003
American English aim to please, please fans
Heather's To Brand Her Name
By Jane Kerr, The Mirror
4 September, 2003
Heather Mills McCartney is trying to turn her name into a trademark - and
could launch her own cosmetics range.
McCartney decision defended
By Martin Williams, The Glasgow Herald
4 September, 2003
The registrar general for Scotland has defended his decision to give Stella
McCartney and her husband, Alasdhair Willis, special dispensation to marry in
private on the island of Bute.
Liberty's Paul McCartney DVD Hits #6 on Billboard Charts
Business Wire
3 September, 2003
Paul McCartney's "Paul Is Live in Concert on the New World Tour" DVD
distributed by Liberty International Entertainment Inc. (Delaware Corporation)
(OTC Pink Sheets: LIEI) has hit Number 6 on Billboard's Music DVD Top
Seller charts.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
By Matthew Millheiser, DVD Talk
3 September, 2003
I don't think you have really lived until you've watched the Bee Gees engage in
a disco kung-fu battle against poorly choreographed nurses while Steve Martin,
gyrating in the corner and performing a rather freakish Peter Lorre impression,
dodges blows from a silver cane swung by Peter Frampton.
Reel Sixties revealed - as John and Yoko appear in lost film footage
Daily Post
3 September, 2003
Unseen film of John Lennon and Yoko Ono has been uncovered and will be
shown in a new BBC TV documentary.
Chateau Ringo? No ex-Beatle, just us, insist couple constructing
Germantown palace
By Clay Bailey,
3 September, 2003
Connect a world-famous name with a huge new house in an exclusive
suburb and you end up with one big rumor causing headaches for a
Germantown couple.
Starr of the show makes room for eclectic mix
By Spencer Patterson, Las Vegas Sun
2 September, 2003
As Ringo Starr neared the end of his show at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel
on Saturday night, he informed fans he would not be participating in one
longstanding concert tradition.
Also: Ringo Rolls On: Starr leads trip down memory lane
Imagine... if Yoko wrote that hit instead of John Lennon
The Times Of India
2 September, 2003
Evidence has emerged that John Lennon’s Imagine was co-written by his wife
Yoko Ono.
On the road with John, Paul, George, and Ringo
2 September, 2003
Reporter reflects on Beatles first American tour almost 40 years ago
Magic Beatle dust still sparkles
By Steve Stoeckel, The Charlotte Observer
2 September, 2003
Their arrival in America was a gift to a nation that had lost its cool
Cinema and DVD release for George Harrison tribute
1 September, 2003
A film of last year's Royal Albert Hall tribute concert to George Harrison will be
give a limited worldwide cinema release in November.
Wed A Party
By Karen Bale, Glasgow Daily Record
1 September, 2003
Celebs dance into the early hours at Stella's big bash
Also: Stella To Marry In Secret On Isle; Stella's walk down the isle; Stella
McCartney wedding rumours fly; Just Gassing; Stella's sailor boy; Speculation rages
over McCartney wedding; Stella cast for Highland wedding; Stella will wear wedding
dress like her mum's; Wedding Bells For Stella; McCartney wedding boosts tourism;
Stella McCartney gets her secret wedding; Stella set for island wedding (inc. video
report); Stella honours Linda before wedding; Stella Walks Down The Isle; Stella
McCartney weds today…apparently; Stella's not-so secret wedding; Two gatecrash
McCartney wedding; The Veggin Bride; Stars leave remote Scottish island after
apparent wedding of Stella McCartney; Security threat to Stella's wedding; Another
round of Stella's!; Stella cast for hushed nuptials; Sir Paul's pride at Stella wedding;
Early night for Heather; Photos - 1, 2; Other photos - 1, 2

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