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What's on the Web (last item)
By Peter Brown, San Francisco Examiner
31 July, 2005
Paul McCartney fans, listen up.
The Many Faces of John Lennon: Black, White, Male,
By Allan Kozinn, The New York Times
31 July, 2005
For Don Scardino, the idea of writing and directing a musical about
John Lennon was impossible to resist, even though the pitfalls of
undertaking the project could not have been clearer.
Also: Imagine that
Flashback: The Beatles Help! premier
Online Rock Radio
30 July, 2005
It was 40-years-ago yesterday (July 29th) that the Beatles' second
film Help! had it's world premiere at the London Pavilion at the
Piccadilly Circus.
Harrison's wife makes his film dream a reality
By Hugh Davies, Telegraph
30 July, 2005
George Harrison's widow has overseen the remastering of the film
and music of his 1971 Concert For Bangladesh into a high-definition
DVD, a vast project the former Beatle had to abandon when he
became ill.
My music is bad.. and i dye my hair. Sir Paul comes clean..
By Fiona Cummins, The Mirror
30 July, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney has admitted that many of his songs are
Paul McCartney goes back to Abbey Road
29 July, 2005
Paul McCartney played a super-intimate show at Abbey Road
Studios last night (July 28).
Also: Abbey days for Macca
When I SEE A Working Class Hero, I'll Give Him Your
By Michael J. West,
29 July, 2005
As you might have guessed, I have a pretty big library of books
about popular music, and a fair percentage of them are books
about the Beatles in their various guises.
Best brings taste of The Beatles to VanDyck
By Michael Lisi, Times Union
29 July, 2005
On Aug. 16, 1962, Pete Best became rock history's most famous
footnote: he was booted out of The Beatles.
Model determination
By Toby Moore, Financial Times
29 July, 2005
Heather Mills McCartney is telling us about waking up to the smell
of a tramp urinating a few feet from her head and about the time she
found a friend at the fairground where she once worked, “lying there
with a needle in his arm, just dead from a heroin overdose”.
My steady career, by Beatles classmate
By Fiona Scott, ic Coventry
29 July, 2005
A man who went to school with Paul McCartney has just retired as
chief executive of Warwickshire County Council.
Sir Paul hands out Bee Gee degree
29 July, 2005
Bee Gee Robin Gibb has been given a "rock and roll" diploma by
Sir Paul McCartney at the former Beatle's fame school in Liverpool.
Also: news photos - 1, 2
Slick mags, Ringo and Duke
By Elana Fremerman, Denver Post
29 July, 2005
Elana Fremerman, violinist and vocalist for the modern country
swing band Hot Club of Cowtown, muses on what moves her.
Lennon lyric sheet sells for $1 million
29 July, 2005
A handwritten lyric sheet for "All You Need is Love" used by
John Lennon in 1967 was sold for 600,000 pounds at an auction
in London on Thursday, organisers said.
Also: news pics; Lennon lyric sheet sells for $1.5 million;
John Lennon Memorabilia Auction (video)
Win The Ultimate Ringo Starr CD Catalogue!!
By Michelle Alexandria, Eclipse Magazine
28 July, 2005
Hey, did you know that Ringo Starr has a new Album out?
Review: Magical Mystery Tours
By Tim Gebhart,
28 July, 2004
It seems the catalogue of books about the Beatles is limitless.
Macca teams up with Radiohead man
28 July, 2005
Paul McCartney found working with Radiohead producer Nigel
Godrich reminded him of his glory years in The Beatles.
Beatle buzz for brothers at Live 8
By Naomi Wright, Waltham Forest Guardian
28 July, 2005
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band came to life for two
brothers when they joined Sir Paul McCartney on stage at Live 8.
For Pete Best, life's fab on the road
By Bob Keyes,
28 July, 2005
The most famous footnote in rock history comes to Maine on
Saturday for a concert at the Opera House at Boothbay Harbor.
Music fest for youth center will feature Beatle's sister
By Angela D. Sykora, Pioneer Press Online
28 July, 2005
An all-day music festival to raise money for a youth center in
Grayslake will give residents another reason to head over to
Central Park on Saturday.
Linda and Paul McCartney
By Cassandra Bell, American Chronicle
27 July, 2005
On September 24, 1941, Linda Louise Eastman was born.
City's Fab assignment
Liverpool Echo
27 July, 2005
Liverpool is to appoint a Beatles officer to exploit the worldwide
potential of the Fab Four for the city.
Historian puts the Beatles, their world in perspective
By Jamie Bumpus, Scripps Howard News Service
27 July, 2005
Yeah, they had that something; that much we understand.
'Lennon' Delays Broadway Opening for Changes and New
By Ernio Hernandez, Playbill
27 July, 2005
The producers of Broadway's Lennon have announced that they will
delay the opening of the new bio-musical about the legendary singer-
songwriter to allow for the addition of a new song and other changes.
Macca's letter to fan sells for £700
27 July, 2005
A hand-written get well note sent to a Shropshire woman by former
Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, was sold for £700 at auction.
Also: McCartney's text addiction; Paul McCartney reveals how
date went wrong
Scissor Sisters Star Writes Song About Paul McCartney
By Scott Colothan, Gigwise
27 July, 2005
Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears has written a song about Paul
McCartney after dreaming about The Beatles legend.
Celebrating John Lennon In Song And Stage (inc. video)
By Lauren Glassberg, abc7
26 July, 2005
Everyone knows The Beatles were one of the greatest rock-n-roll
bands of all time and of the "fab four" most agree John Lennon
had the greatest impact on the music world. Two new examples
illustrate the point.
EAW makes HASTE to Wintershall with JHL
By Lee Baldock, L&Si Online
26 July, 2005
The private estate of Wintershall near Guildford in Surrey was
the glorious outdoor setting for the fifth annual Wintershall
charity festival in aid of a number of local charities, in particular
the Heart and Stroke Trust Endeavour, 'HASTE'.
Sir Paul's £1m sponsor
By Richard Simpson, Daily Mail
26 July, 2005
With an £800million fortune, Sir Paul McCartney hardly needs
to worry where his next pay cheque is coming from.
Also: Harrison 'aided' Sir Paul's song; Macca possessed by
George; It's the return of the Mac
Submarine docks at Lennon airport
26 July, 2005
Liverpool's famous yellow submarine is to be unveiled at its
new home at John Lennon Airport.
Where did that come from? Sgt Pepper's Lonely
Hearts Club Band
By Derek Cheng, New Zealand Herald
26 July, 2005
The 1967 album has been called many things - from a
decisive moment in the history of Western civilisation to
the complete musical translation of mind-expanding drugs.
George Harrison Is My Arch Angel
By Krishna Mohan Das, Vaishnava News Network
25 July, 2005
His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupa felt such a strong
connection to George Harrison that he designated
him his "Arch Angel" and gave him the name Sri
Hari Georgeson.
Swissvale native headed west, found success as
By Regis Behe, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
25 July, 2005
When he was just 17, Swissvale native Steve Dudas
went out on the road with his band Saving Grace.
Lennon jacket to raise a fortune
24 July, 2005
John Lennon's tunic - thought to have inspired the Sgt
Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover - is set
to raise over $180,000 (GBP100,000) at auction this
week (begs25JUL05) in London.
They're still 'believers'
By Tom Kasprzak, Westerly Sun
24 July, 2005
Baby boomers were taken back to the era of their teenage
years Saturday evening as they cheered performances from
Davy Jones, former front man from the Monkees and Pete
Best, the original drummer of the Beatles, at the first annual
Misquamicut Beach Music Festival.
Inside the Beatles
By Erik Floren, Edmonton Sun
24 July, 2005
Fab Four revealed with a little help from a friend
Yoko’s Lennon musical stirs a mistress attack
By John Harlow, The Sunday Times
24 July, 2005
A Forthcoming Broadway musical about the life of John
Lennon has rekindled tensions between Yoko Ono, the
rock idol’s widow, and May Pang, his last known mistress.
Also: View LENNON Today Show Performance on
Paul McCartney Debuts New Single, ''Fine Line,''
as AOL(R) Music First Listen on Tuesday, July 26
Business Wire
22 July, 2005
New Album, Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard, Arrives
In Stores September 13
'Long John' Baldry Dies At 64
By Larry LeBlanc, Billboard
22 July, 2005
British R&B artist "Long John" Baldry died last night (July
21) in Vancouver after battling a chest infection for four
months. He was 64.
Gods of Rock
An interview with veteran rock journalist Anthony DeCurtis
'Lennon,' the Yoko Musical, Needs 'Help!'
By Roger Friedman, Fox News
20 July, 2005
"Lennon," the Broadway musical that's supposed to be about
or inspired by John Lennon, is a horrid wreck of a thing that
needs major overhauling before it opens on Aug. 4.
'Sgt Pepper' is a record breaker!
20 July, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney and U2’s version of ’Sgt Pepper's Lonely
Hearts Club Band’ which opened Live 8 Has become the
fastest-selling download of all time.
Schaffer raises funds for paralyzed sixties star Smith
20 July, 2005
US TV host Paul Schaffer is organizing two concerts and a
celebrity auction to raise money for his idol, Mike Smith who has
spent two years in hospital following a 2003 accident which left
the Dave Clark Five frontman paralyzed from the waist down.
Sid Bernstein's blues (2nd item)
New York Daily News
19 July, 2005
With the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' concert in Shea Stadium
approaching on Aug. 15, the man who made it all happen has just
had to fight to keep the roof over his head.
Unseen remnants of Lennon's Liverpool life go on
show in old home
Liverpool Daily Post
19 July, 2005
Unseen childhood paintings and drawings by John Lennon have
gone on display at his Liverpool home.
Also: Lennon items on show at old home
Review: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1978
By Al Barger,
19 July, 2005
In a lot of ways, the 1978 movie of Sgt Pepper starring Peter
Frampton and the Bee Gees is just indescribably awful.
Arcada restarts with nod to Beatle
By Julia Bourque, Chicago Daily Herald
19 July, 2005
A band that pays tribute to the Beatles and another that was
led by a former Beatle will open a new era at the historical
Arcada Theater in downtown St. Charles this week.
Also: Beatles revisit baseball park
Brits fail to recognize Lennon
17 July, 2005
British music-lovers have exposed their ignorance in a staggering
new poll - which shows more people recognise Christian crooner
Sir Cliff Richard than iconic former Beatle John Lennon.
Lennon's post-Beatle quest
By Robert Feldberg,
17 July, 2005
If you're looking for an enduringly popular subject to turn into
a Broadway musical, you can't do better than John Lennon.
George Harrison And Initiation
By Swami B.V. Tripurari, Vaishnava News Network
17 July, 2005
Q & A with Swami B. V. Tripurari
The Beatle Generation
By Candy Leonard, Foster's Daily Democrat
17 July, 2005
For a brief moment in time, John, Paul, George and Ringo might
have been the center of the universe
Band full of fun
By Eric Schelkopf, Kane County Chronicle
16 July, 2005
Wings member remembers experiences with Sir Paul McCartney
Yesterday, I was Presley - today I am Lennon
The Weston Mercury
15 July, 2005
The Beatles John, Paul, George and Ringo are alive and well and
living in Worle thanks to the man who must be their biggest fan.
Beatle widow turns down memorial
Henley Standard
15 July, 2005
George Harrison’s widow Olivia has asked Henley Town Council
not to rename the Red Lion Lawn after him.
LENNON to Perform on The Today Show 7/19
Broadway World
15 July, 2005
NBC’s “The Today Show” will feature a performance by the cast
of the new Broadway musical LENNON on Tuesday, July 19th in
the 8:30am – 9am half hour (check local listings for times outside
the New York tri-state area).
Three-day exhibit of John Lennon's artwork to benefit
chamber's Destination Station
Delaware Beachcomber
15 July, 2005
Yoko Ono and the Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of
Commerce will present "When I'm Sixty Four" celebrating 64
years of the John Lennon legacy July 15-17 at the Rehoboth
Beach Convention Center, 229 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth.
Also: John Lennon art: originals or copies-you be the judge
Gallery shows rock's Starr
By Erin Concors, Get Out
14 July, 2005
The faces are bright, cartoony and expressive.
Best beats the drum for Fab Four mania
By Lew Baxter, Liverpool Daily Post
13 July, 2005
There's a gathering of fans who genuflect at the memory of the
Beatles this weekend when Berlin hosts the biggest Fab Four
festival ever seen in mainland Europe.
Yoko Ono readies Lennon projects
By Ken Hoffman, Houston Chronicle
13 July, 2005
'I don't feel 50 years old or even 40," Yoko Ono says.
Beatles for Live 8
13 July, 2005
The Beatles would have got back together for Live 8, Sir Paul
McCartney has claimed.
Beatles breakup film due on DVD
By Terry Ott,
13 July, 2005
Could the end of the long, long winding road to the release on
DVD of the Beatles' 1970 breakup flick, Let It Be, actually
be in sight?
Paul McCartney in Red Square
By Michael Franco, PopMatters
13 July, 2005
For those of us born in the States and after the '60s, it's hard
to imagine Paul McCartney as being dangerous.
Baby, you can't start my car!
Melbourne Herald Sun
13 July, 2005
When Sir Paul McCartney took his wife Heather out to dinner,
he did so in the style befitting Britain's richest pop star.
Also: Paul: Shove, shove me do
Jackson in Beatles library lawsuit
PA News
12 July, 2005
A financial company specialising in asset acquisition is suing
Michael Jackson, saying it is owed £26 million in fees for
rescuing the singer's stake in the publishing rights to songs
by the Beatles.
Paul McCartney Competition
Win a chance to see Paul McCartney give a very special
performance for Sold on Song.
Jackson urged to donate Beatles' songs profits
Irish Examiner
11 July, 2005
Michael Jackson is being urged to donate his profits from the
historic Live 8 concerts, which otherwise could clear much of
his financial debt, to charity.
Beatles tourism trail could bring a £12m fab fortune
By Jessica Shaughnessy, Liverpool Daily Post
11 July, 2005
The Beatles brand will be the centre of a massive world-wide
marketing campaign which is expected to bring £12m into
Liverpool every year.
Gibb Brothers Plan Celebration Projects
11 July, 2005
Bee Gees brothers Robin and Barry Gibb are planning a series of
celebratory projects for 2006 and 2007 to honour their late brother
Yoko Ono... Giving peace a chance
why is she famous?
The Beatles remade America
By Steven Stark, Orlando Sentinel
10 July, 2005
During the 6 short years in which the Fab Four mesmerized the U.S.
scene with their music, they also transformed the larger society.
Priceless guitars rescued from Hard Rock Cafe blaze
10 July, 2005
Priceless guitars played by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and
The Who were rescued from a fire at London's Hard Rock Cafe
last night (09JUL05).
The power of Lennon's pen
By Jake Tracer, The News Journal
10 July, 2005
Whether beginning or ending a sentence, Yoko Ono will frequently
use the phrase "you know."
'Imagine' Under Foot
By Michael Pollak, New York Times
10 July, 2005
Q. I've spent many summer afternoons staring at the "Imagine"
tribute to John Lennon in Central Park as countless tourists have
sat on it, posed with it and even lain on top of it. Are people
allowed to do this?
Beatles' Kentucky connection makes visit to see birth
of it all
By Maryjean Wall, Lexington Herald Leader
10 July, 2005
You've read it here before: The Beatles might never have come
into existence but for an Epsom Derby winner named Never Say
Yellow Submarine moves to airport
9 July, 2005
Liverpool's famous yellow submarine is moving to a new home
outside John Lennon Airport this weekend.
Ringo Starr, 65, not ready to retire
By Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun
8 July, 2005
The Beatles were famous for a song called When I'm 64.
Also: Beatle's birthplace gets reprieve; Noel Gallagher seeing
Starrs; Time runs out for Ringo's Liverpool home
McCartney Conjures 'Chaos' On 20th Solo Album
By Jonathan Cohen, Billboard
8 July, 2005
Paul McCartney returns to the one-man-band approach that
marked his 1970 self-titled solo debut on "Chaos and Creation
in the Back Yard," his 20th solo album since the dissolution of
the Beatles.
Former Beatle To Perform At Opera House July 30
Boothbay Register
7 July, 2005
Pete Best was there at the beginning.
Rocking Red Square with McCartney
By Joseph Szadkowski, Washington Times
7 July, 2005
Here's a look at some multimedia peripherals that can add
excitement to the DVD release of a former member of the
Fab Four's first two concerts in the former Soviet Union.
Battle to save Beatle's home still rages
By Larry Neild, Liverpool Daily Post
7 July, 2005
A decision on whether to demolish the Welsh Streets will be
made tomorrow.
All We Are Saying...: New Bio-Musical Lennon Starts
on Broadway July 7
By Ernio Hernandez, Playbill
7 July, 2005
Lennon arrives at the Broadhurst Theatre July 7 for the new
bio-musical's Broadway debut starring nine actors who play
the legendary singer-songwriter and one-time Beatle.
TPAC festival honors the Fab Four
By Amy Stumpfl, Nashville City Paper
7 July, 2005
Whether you are actually old enough to remember Beatlemania,
or simply appreciate great music, you won't want to miss the
Fab Four at TPAC this weekend.
Give 8
By Cameron Robertson, The Mirror
6 July, 2005
Macca and The Who back Mirror call to donate their profits
as CD sales rocket after Live 8
Also: McCartney, Dion, Lavigne donate to minefield charity
to raise funds
Paul features on Ray Charles tribute album
6 July, 2005
Paul McCartney has contributed to a new Ray Charles
tribute album that hits the shops this week.
Madonna at work & at play (3rd item)
New York Daily News
5 July, 2005
Meanwhile, it seems Madonna used her downtime at the
London Live 8 show to slip in some networking.
Also: Heather McCartney: Soaping Up (2nd item)
McCartney challenged by new album's producer
5 July, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney battled with maverick producer Nigel
Godrich over his new solo album, because the former
Radiohead mogul refused to refrain from criticising him.
Art show goes back down a long and winding road
By Leah Messinger, Newsday
5 July, 2005
A new gallery show in Riverhead that features works by
The Beatles and artists who worked with them is less about
art than memories.
Interview of the week
Steppin' Out
May Pang Talks about her Life With John Lennon
Stardust guitar valued at £600,000
4 July, 2005
Former pop star Alvin Stardust is selling his first acoustic
guitar which is signed by all the Beatles, Buddy Holly and
Chuck Berry.
Performer Did His Bit For Beatle Lore
By Mark Baker, The Register-Guard
4 July, 2005
Paul is dead.
Of course it's not true, but back in 1969 rumors were flying
that Paul McCartney was "goners" and that the Beatles had
been using an impostor who looked and sounded just like him.
Sir Paul McCartney's busking admission
4 July, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney spent a day busking in London in
disguise. .
McCartney foolishly believed Super Bowl weather
4 July, 2005
Paul McCartney still feels naive about listening to Super
Bowl organisers' weather reports before his half-time show
performance in February (05) - because he was not prepared
for the wind and rain in Florida.
Battle of the backstage egos
By Nicole Lampert, Daily Mail
4 July, 2005
While they preached charity and love on stage at Live8, the
celebrity backstage area was all about warring egos.
Also: Live 8 downloads already breaking records; Why
Heather missed Live 8; London Live 8's 'Hey Jude' Finale
McCartney reveals new album title
4 July, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney has revealed his new album will be
called Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.
Caught between the devil and the deep red sea
By Martin Kelner, The Guardian
4 July, 2005
How young is Paul McCartney looking these days?
Yoko Ono discusses art exhibit on war and peace
By Lars Trodson, Foster's Daily Democrat
3 July, 2005
She has one of the most famous names from 20th century pop
culture, a name that for the past 35 years has conjured the
broadest breadth of public emotions.
Beatles fans psyched up for 'Fab Four' festival
By Ann Wallace, The Leaf-Chronicle
3 July, 2005
They came, they sang and they undeniably rocked American
music into a brand-new dimension.
Ringo misses out on tramp dreams
3 July, 2005
Former The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has failed in his
ambition to become a tramp.
Rare pictures of Cilla and Lennon to be shown at The Lowry
Liverpool Daily Post
2 July, 2005
Rare pictures of John Lennon and Cilla Black are to go on show
for the first time outside London.
Live 8 warms up as McCartney rocks London
By Paul Majendie and Kate Holton, Reuters
2 July, 2005
Paul McCartney and U2's Bono fired up a huge London crowd with
"Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" on Saturday for the
anti-poverty crusade, Live 8, the biggest music event ever staged.
Also: Bono proud to perform Sgt Pepper alongside McCartney;
Sgt. Pepper (video); Delighted Sir Bob pulls it off; Hearts of gold;
Live 8 rocks the globe; News photos; more photos; another one;
Download songs from the event; Scotland says make poverty history:
Live 8: Sgt Pepper's record bid; Sir Paul McCartney Starts and Ends
Live 8; Macca makes final bow
Rock Star gallery features artwork of Beatles' Ringo
By Dolores Tropiano, The Arizona Republic
2 July, 2005
An exclusive collection of the artwork of former Beatle Ringo Starr
arrived at the Rock Star gallery this week, and celebrity art
collectors are expected to grab up the pieces faster than you can
say Back Off Boogaloo.
Sir Paul McCartney on Live 8
1 July, 2005
I will be opening Live 8 in Hyde Park with a little Irish band you
may have heard of called U2, singing ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely
Hearts Club Band’,
McCartney: 'The Beatles Were Mouthpiece For Fans'
1 July, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney has defended The Beatles outspoken political
views during their heyday - insisting the band were only reflecting
public opinion.
Concert review: Ringo and the Roundheads
By Erik Pedersen, Hollywood Reporter
1 July, 2005
Ringo Starr knows his place -- in rock's history and even its present.
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