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In Search of Singers on "Give Peace a Chance"
CBC (Canada)
A Documentary Special Broadcasting in Winter 2005 on CBC-TV
EMP salutes the Fab Four
By Patty Tackaberry, The Daily Herald
27 February, 2004
The music museum celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Beatles'
epochal first trip to America.
Also: She's got a ticket to ride, forever
McCartney Ready to Rock Glastonbury Festival
27 February, 2004
Paul McCartney is to rock the Glastonbury music festival this summer,
his spokesman said on Friday.
Also: McCartney reveals Euro tour details
Here Comes The Son
By Adam Buckman, New York Post
27 February, 2004
George Harrison had many friends who loved him and when he died, their
hearts were broken.
By George, Indian music moves Olivia
By Jyothi Prabhakar, Times of India
27 February, 2004
The dim lights at the concert accentuate the illuminating strains of soulful
Also: The Other Sister
Beatles sub 'for Penny Lane'
Liverpool Echo
26 February, 2004
A campaign has been launched to move the Yellow Submarine to Penny Lane.
Grey Album Generates More Than One Millions Downloads
By Paul Cashmere, Undercover
26 February, 2004
Following a cease and desist order from EMI Records, the Danger Mouse
'Grey Album' was offered around the world yesterday (Feb 24) as an illegal
download and the result made it the most downloaded piece of work on the
Internet for the day.
Fab Four gear up for Beatles tribute at Palace
By Kurt Moore, Marion Star
26 February, 2004
Ron McNeil never got the chance to see the Beatles live, but that hasn't
kept him from walking in John Lennon's shoes.
Also: Beatles tribute band invades the Benedum
McCartney 'Idol' Judge?
By Don Kaplan, New York Post
26 February, 2004
American Idol producers are trying to woo Paul McCartney and Stevie
Wonder to be guest judges for upcoming episodes - possibly next season.
Apple v Apple as Beatles firm sues
Daily Post
26 February, 2004
Trademark rivalry between Apple Computers and Beatles company
Apple Corps reemerged in court yesterday in a clash over the computer
giant's iTunes online music store.
Also: Apple Computer Is Due to Contest Beatles' Lawsuit in U.K. Court;
Beatles' bitter feud over Apple name
First Fab
By Greg Cahill, North Bay Bohemian
25 February, 2004
Beatles' baby steps captured on new DVD
Guitar hero in tune for tribute gig
By Neil Johnston, Belfast Telegraph
25 February, 2004
McCullough to strum his stuff with stars at Albert Hall
Bowie Plays George For Adelaide
By Paul Cashmere, Undercover (Australia)
25 February, 2004
Bowie's cover of George Harrison's 'Try Some Buy Some' was back in his
setlist Monday night in Adelaide.
McCartney visits Wilson show
25 February, 2004
Sir Paul McCartney has attended one of Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson's
first live performances of a set of songs he contributed to nearly 40 years
A Bug's-Eye View
By Joe La Placa and Lee Johnson, Artnet
25 February, 2004
On the advent of her 71st birthday, has Beatle John Lennon's widow
Yoko Ono -- artist, musician and avatar of anti-war dissent -- finally
"bugged out"?
Beatlemania Again
By Sally Cohen, R News
25 February, 2004
Forty years ago this month, the Beatles first took America by storm. Next
weekend, Rochester can relive that excitement with 'Beatlemania Again'.
Beatles top list of dumb band names
Associated Press
24 February, 2004
How many bands have you heard and thought, "What a dumb name?"
On George Harrison's Birthday
By Wesley Schultz, The Chattanoogan
24 February, 2004
In honor of what would be George's 61st birthday on February 25, I thought
it would be nice to list some of this contributions to music and to life itself.
Also: Plea for Harrison memorial
George Harrison's Career Commemorated and Celebrated in
2004 with Two Grammys, the Release of his Dark Horse Catalog,
and his Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
23 February, 2004
On February 8th, 2004 George Harrison was twice honored at the 46th
Annual Grammy Awards -- once for "Best Pop Instrumental Performance"
for Marwa Blues, from his last record Brainwashed, and again as a member
of the Beatles, who were honored with the Presidents Award commemorating
their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.
Also: Dark Horse Years 1976-1992; JC Chasez tries to grow out of his
'N Sync image (2nd item);
Remembering the invasion
By Lisa Ray, Texas City Sun
23 February, 2004
Two Galveston County residents share their memories and memorabilia
of the four British lads who took America by storm 40 years ago this
February in a Beatles display in the College of the Mainland Library.
Also: February marks 40 years since Beatlemania went worldwide
The Land Of Mac Believe
By Carole Malone, The Sunday Mirror (thanks, Diane)
22 February, 2004
I must own up to the fact that I was one of the columnists Paul McCartney
rang last week to complain about what he called a "vendetta" against his
The Beatles still own the score to Liverpool's story
By Betty Lowry, The Boston Globe
22 February, 2004
Down by the Merseyside, where it's forever the '60s and the Fab Four
have never left home, people come. All ages and in droves.
Olivia Harrison makes a spiritual journey
By Nona Walia, Times of India
22 February, 2004
It's going to be a quiet pilgrimage by Olivia Harrison in 'Memory of
George', the Beatle legend, on his birthday to the land of Krishna
and sitar.
Also: George Harrison's Birthday Honored in Los Angeles
Dangermouse: The Grey Album
By Ruth Jamieson, The Observer
22 February, 2004
It's a silly idea but one that is completely alluring nonetheless: The
Grey Album comprises the full vocal content of Jay-Z's recent Black
Album together with beats and sounds taken solely from The Beatles'
'white' album.
Unfair attacks on Paul McCartney
Scotland On Sunday
22 February, 2004
It is a shame that Jeremy Watson is so keen to bash Paul McCartney
that he will cite a remark by Dave Gilmour that does not bear much
scrutiny (The Gazette, January 15).
DVD Shows Appeal of The Beatles
By Tom Shales, The Washington Post
21 February, 2004
Never mind movies about kiddie wizards, cops chasing crooks, or cars
crashing through walls.
The debut album fans have waited 40 years for
Daily Post
20 February, 2004
All happened very early for singer Beryl Marsden, a professional singer
by the age of 15, singing in Hamburg at 16 and then a record deal with
Tribute band goes back to the source
By John Berger, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
20 February, 2004
It's the reaction of Beatles fans that keeps "Get Back!" cast member
Jack Petrilla standing stage right in character as Paul McCartney, but
the veteran bass player admits that he's a fan of the original Fab Four,
Also: Beatles Tribute Caps Off Patron Party
All the way from Abbey Road to the Treasure Coast
By Bill DeYoung, Port Saint Lucie News
20 February, 2004
You want to talk about being in the right place at the right time?
A lot changed over 40 years
By Steve Ruman, Tribune Chronicle
20 February, 2004
During the last few weeks, much has been made about the 40th
anniversary of the Beatles' arrival in the United States.
Verona. Paul McCartney all'Arena? Sì, no, forse...
Caltanet (Italy)
20 February, 2004
(Text in Italian. Use the translation tools here or there)
Also: sfuma prima mondiale McCartney in arena di Verona
McCartney's yes to dye
The Sun
20 February, 2004
Rock legend Sir Paul McCartney dashes out of a salon after having his
hair dyed.
Doris Troy, at 67; soul singer whose life inspired musical
By Lukas I. Alpert, Associated Press
20 February, 2004
Doris Troy, a soul singer who penned the hit "Just One Look" and whose
life inspired the long-running touring musical "Mama, I Want to Sing,"
died Monday died of emphysema Monday in Las Vegas, where she lived.
She was 67.
Also: Obituaries: Doris Troy
Fab Four, Lucky Lindy, The Mick highlight end-of-year sales
By Joshua Platt, Autograph Collector
According to the Beatles, "Money can't buy me love."
Beatle secuestrado por amor
By Dalia Acosta, IPS
19 February, 2004
(Text in Spanish. Use the translation tools here or there)
Mouse or Beatle?: Listen, then you decide
By Damani Harrison, The Hook
19 February, 2004
What do you get when you cross the greatest rock band in history with
the greatest hip-hop artist in history? We now know the answer.
Macca To Play Glastonbury Festival
Xfm (UK)
19 February, 2004
At an appearance at the Oxford Union last night (February 18)
Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis has confirmed that Paul
McCartney will be headlining the Saturday night of the three day
event taking place this June in Sommerset.
Peace as a verb: 'Yes Yoko Ono'
By Genevieve Wood, The Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
19 February, 2004
One might be forgiven for thinking there is a referendum under way.
Fab Film
By Robert Wilonsky, Houston Press
19 February, 2004
Albert Maysles, with brother David, made two different films about two
different rock-and-roll bands five years apart, but to this day he can't
think of one without immediately thinking of the other.
Starr Has Surgery For Drumming Injury
Beatles legend Ringo Starr has had shoulder surgery in California.
Local retiree attended school with musician John Lennon
By Chad Lawson, The News & Reporter
18 February, 2004
The River Mersey winds along the edges of the city, blowing a salty mix of
mist and grime into the little boroughs that hide among the alcoves of this
historic city.
Also: Chester residents remember 'Fab Four'
Heather's Message for Girl Who Lost Leg in Police Crash
By Alex Thompson, PA News
18 February, 2004
Sir Paul McCartney's wife Heather Mills today pledged to support an
11-year-old girl whose leg was amputated after she was struck by a
police car on an emergency call.
Walker & Yoko
Fox 9 News
17 February, 2004
The Walker Art Center is closed for renovations, but it's pulling in a big
name to make sure no one forgets about them.
A Fab Forty
By Gary "Pig" Gold,
17 February, 2004
Has it REALLY been four decades already since television's greatest-ever
talent scout took a chance on a brash young musical novelty act from far-off
Lessons from the Beatles
By Todd Leopold, CNN
17 February, 2004
Writer connects with his son in 'Two of Us'
Linda McCartney's photos intimate portraits of rockers
By Elana Ashanti Jefferson, Denver Post
17 February, 2004
Sure, access is everything.
Macca: Lay off my wife
By Victoria Newton, The Sun
16 February, 2004
Sir Paul McCartney last night made an amazing phone call to The Sun to
blast critics of his wife Heather.
For Sale: Lennon's Lost Legacy
New York Post
16 February, 2004
Beatles fans can now purchase the "lost" acoustic guitar that allegedly
belonged to John Lennon.
Odyssey Through New York with Yoko Ono
16 February, 2004
Yoko Ono's Odyssey of a Cockroach, exhibited as an offsite project in
a three storey gallery space at Wharf Road, London, will be open through
March 7.
Reflecting on 'Yesterday'
By Allan J. Comeau, Pasadena Star-News
15 February, 2004
If only we could go back into the past, and once there, if only we could
get things right.
Like everything else, blame Yoko
By David Whitley, The Orlando Sentinel
15 February, 2004
It's all Yoko's fault.
Past Post: 1964 (fixed URL)
Washington Post
15 February, 2004
Mop Tops Force Even Barbers to Go Pop
Celeb bodies: Sir Paul McCartney
By Evening Gazette
14 February, 2004
One of pop's richest musicians with a fortune in excess of £700 million,
he is the working-class boy who made good;
South Florida mom relives band's visit of 40 years ago
By Oscar Corral, The Miami Herald
14 February, 2004
Back in 1964, Carole Redlus gawked at her beloved Beatles from behind
a security line at the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach.
Also: It was 40 years ago today
Get back
By Randall Jay Payleitner, Daily Illini
13 February, 2004
Forty years ago this week, America was blindsided by a force so strong,
we are still feeling the effects well into the next millennium.
Ringo Undergoes Surgery
Arrow 93FM
13 February, 2004
Former-Beatle Ringo Starr, 63, is recovering in his home after undergoing
shoulder surgery in Los Angeles to address painful bone spur that
developed from years of drumming.
Good tune, bad song
By Gary Kovacic, Pasadena Star-News
13 February, 2004
It was 40 years ago this week that the Beatles appeared on the Ed
Sullivan Show for the first time, and not much has been the same since.
Miami meets the Beatles
By Howard Cohen, The Miami Herald
13 February, 2004
It was 40 years ago today, the Beatles came to Miami to play.
Also: Valley residents remember Beatle-mania; Local jazz lovers look;
Around St. Paul: Minnesota Life catches Beatlemania; He loves 'em,
yeah, yeah, yeah; Rating the Top 3 songs of Beatles; Random Eeuptions:
Heck, we only had three channels; Beatles music still sounds fresh after
40 years; Beatles fans: Read this column backward; Fab 4 gave L.I. kid
spoonful of hope
Jacko bust in four days
The Sun
13 February, 2004
Troubled superstar Michael Jackson could be broke in just four days, it
was revealed last night.
Bellows and torch for Valentine's Day
13 February, 2004
Stella McCartney has bought husband Alisdhair Willis a set of bellows
and a torch for Valentine's Day.
The Beat Goes On
By Susan Froyd, Denver Westword
12 February, 2004
Linda McCartney's photos of '60s rockers roll
Beatles' landing in 1964 changed America
Eastern Arizona Courier
11 February, 2004
The landings of the space rovers on Mars have captured our nation's
Also: The Beatles 40 years after the invasion; Beatlemania lives 40 years
after Ed Sullivan appearance; Fab Four + 40 (inc. audio clip); Fortieth
Anniversary of Birth of Beatle Mania; It's easy to imagine the Beatles
will always be popular; Help! They needed somebody fast; Beatles Mania
Hits the Tri-States; New York Mayor Salutes The Beatles; Beatles
invaded Kewanee, rest of America, 40 years ago Monday; The Beatles
will play on for eternity; Tired of the Beatles? Yeah, yeah, yeah; Fans
share Fab Four memories; US said hello but not goodbye to the Beatles;
Reminiscing: It was 40 years ago today; Do you still believe in yesterday?;
Celebrating Beatlemania, plus 40; The Fab Four; Editorial: 40 years ago
today; 40 years after the much-anticipated beginning, it's still a special
moment; Fab Forty! (inc. video); Forty Fab years later; Forty years later
after Sullivan show, the Beatles are still relevant; Locked In On The
Beatles; He got a ticket to write; 40 years ago, the Beatles changed
EMI Traps Danger Mouse
Marc W. Dolech, Rolling Stone
11 February, 2004
Record label blocks marriage of Beatles and Jay-Z
Writing an Effective Melody
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
The ex-Beatle is probably the most famous example of a great writer of
pop melodies (despite what reservations many have about his lyric
Perspectives: Guest Column
Al Brodax, Variety
11 February, 2004
Forty years ago this week, the Beatles came to America.
Beatle tribute band will perform here
Kewanee Star Courier
10 February, 2004
The 40th anniversary of the Beatles' first live performance in the U.S. is
of particular interest in Kewanee because American English, the world's
best Beatles tribute band, will be a major part of our Sesquicentennial
Fab 4 Faithful's Sacred Site Faces the Music (fixed URL)
By Marc Fisher, Washington Post
10 February, 2004
The screams were so piercing that one police officer plugged his ears with
He opened the door to the British invasion
By Breanne L. Heldman, New York Daily News
10 February, 2004
As a doorman at The Plaza hotel 40 years ago, Ed Trinka quickly became
accustomed to welcoming distinguished guests.
Also: They rocked the world; Local fans remember Beatles' U.S. debut;
Editorial: Beatles still strike a chord; Beatlesmania still sweeps through
the four-state region; Beatles tribute band covers performance Ed Sullivan
Show (inc. video); Beatlemania revisits America; We loved them yeah,
yeah, yeah; Framing the Fab Four; 'The Beatles Come to America';
Beatle hysteria hits US; It was 40 years ago today ... The Beatles stepped
up to the mikes (and those screams!) in America; The Fab Four inspires
fabulous memories aplenty; Beatles' arrival changed lives in Janesville;
Show sparked Beatles' fame
Beatles or the Stones? Choose both
By Kenneth Wright, The Scotsman
10 February, 2004
Beatles or Stones? If you truly loved pop music in the 1960s - I mean as a
naïvely unironic consumer, which was and is the only way truly to love it -
there was no ducking the choice and no cop-out third option, no Partick
Thistle of pop.
Stripping the Beatles
By Yushaimi Yahaya, The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia)
10 February, 2004
Don't get your hopes up too high. This is not a new previously unreleased
'Macca should donate more'
By By Mark Reynolds, The Evening Standard
10 February, 2004
Pssst...His own daughter once famously described him as 'a tight bastard'.
New Collectible Photography Book Commemorates 40th
Anniversary of the Beatles' First 1964 U.S. Tour
10 February, 2004
Noted photojournalist Bill Eppridge, who photographed the Beatles' first
U.S. tour, and unpublished photographs from the CBS Photo Archive are
combined in a new collectible photography book, "The Beatles! Backstage
and Behind the Scenes."
Also: In Brief: Sean Paul, Beatles
Culture Vulture: Groovin' at the Grammys (2nd item)
By Dan Nailen, The Salt Lake Tribune
10 February, 2004
Observations on the 46th Grammy Awards from The Vulture's nest
Lennon's old school gets hi-tech facelift
By Martha Hayes, Daily Post
9 February, 2004
If Beatle John Lennon could go back to the school building where he
spent the best part of his teenage years, he would not recognise it.
Uncle's cash plea to John revealed
By Jenny Watson, Liverpool Echo
9 February, 2004
A letter written by John Lennon's uncle Charlie has been discovered in a
bundle of documents belonging to Brian Epstein's chauffeur.
Spotsylvania teen well-versed in all things Beatles
By Laura Moyer, The Free Lance-Star
9 February, 2004
Spotsylvania County's Chris Lanzarone has devoted five of his 18 years
to an intensive study of the Beatles.
Also: Readers get back to Beatles memories
Ears on a Beatle to Begin Previews March 16, Opens March 28
By Robert Simonson, Playbill
9 February, 2004
Ears on a Beatle, the new Mark St. Germain play inspired by recently
released FBI files on John Lennon, gets its Off-Broadway premiere at
the DR2 theatre March 16. Official opening is March 28.
Beatles widows accept honorary Grammy Award for Fab Four
9 February, 2004
Beatles widows Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison accepted a special Grammy
award on behalf of the Fab Four to mark the 40th anniversary of their
explosion onto the US music scene.
Also: Evanescence, bare breasts and Beatles create a Grammy buzz;
Beyonce wins 5 Grammys; OutKast wins Album of Year; 2004 Grammys
Honor The Beatles Led by Dave Matthews, Vince Gill & Sting; photos
The Beatles remember America
9 February, 2004
The two surviving Beatles today told of their memories of how they first
conquered America.
Also: Treasure Coast residents recall first encounters with the Beatles;
Beatles here, there, everywhere;Meet the Beatles tie-ins; A ticket to ride
down memory lane: Beatles invaded U.S. 40 years ago; It was 40 years
ago today; Fab Four flew into U.S. history; Celebrating 40 years of
Beatlemania; Beatlemania swept through Atlanta like Gen. Sherman;
Beatles taught us all to play; Readers share their Beatles memories;
Kim Ode: Yesterday, 40 years ago; The Hard Day's Nite Bed & Breakfast;
Local couple recall meeting not-so-fab Beatles; Fab 40 Beatles Tribute;
Fab 40; Beatlemania Turns 40; Beatles U.S. arrival anniversary;
Original boy band: Beatles' U.S. arrival started the frenzy; JFK - the
Fifth Beatle?; Beatlemania recalled 40 years after arrival in U.S.;
Beatles Came To U.S. 40 Years Ago; 2.9.64: The Beatles Have Landed;
Fab Four made celluloid silliness; Fab Forever; Teen Spirit (inc. video
clips); CBS News: 'Beatleland' 1963 (video news clip); Beatle Mania
Anniversary; The Beatles conjure fond memories; 40 years ago, The
Beatles invaded America; 'The Beatles, Grandma! Wow!'; Four decades
later, residents recall British invasion; Virginian-Pilot readers remember
the Beatles; Fab 40: The act we've known for all these years; Beatles: 40
years later we still love them, yeah, yeah, yeah; Deejays discuss the Beatles'
legacy; 40 years ago, the Fab Four made history; 40 years ago Monday, the
Beatles stormed onto the U.S. scene; A really big show; Locals remember
how the Beatles changed culture; That Old Feeling: Meet the Beatles;
Teens screamed for something all their own; Invasion and conquest; Hard
Day's Night Beatles' spitting image; Simple lyrics still resonate for millions;
A fan's take on our favorite song request; Commentary: The Beatles Invasion
after 40 years; Four decades after 'Ed Sullivan' appearance, Beatles still a
hit with Siouxlanders; Alix was witness as Beatlemania began; The Beatles'
U.S. debut turns a fab 40; 72 hours of music & mayhem; More On The Beatles;
Four fab decades ago, boyish Beatles helped heal a nation; Girl Who 'Found'
Beatles In US (inc. video); The Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show: Memories
of 40 Years Ago; Yesterday And today — Fans remember Beatlemania; TV's
Fab moment; Yeah, yeah, yeah — That night changed us; In February 1964,
The Beatles rocked our world; Tailor-Made Friendship With Beatles; Every
boy band since owes John, Paul, George, Ringo; Looking back at the night
the Beatles invaded the U.S.; 'Ladies and gentlemen ... The Beatles!'; Fab
Four Forever: Where were you during the Beatles' 'Ed Sullivan' debut?;
Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles!; 5,000 fans waited at Dorval; 40 years
later, residents prove Beatles were no Fad Four; Anniversary of Beatles US
"Invasion" (inc. video); Meeting the Beatles; It was 40 years ago today ...;
40 years after we met the Beatles; Erie band attracted Beatles during 1964
U.S. trip; Rock 'n' roll epidemic; He saw himself standing there, as the fifth
Beatle; Beatle invasion 40 years ago changed Bedford man's life; Beatles
fans disagree on favorite; It was 40 years ago today ...; Indiana University
professor makes career out of `Fab Four'; Four decades after Ed Sullivan,
The Beatles' influence still felt; The Revolution at 40; It's the Fab Four's
Fab 40th; When it was '64, we met the Beatles; Fab Four Plus 40:
Beatlemania took hold of U.S. 4 decades ago; 40 years ago Today; The
Beatles In America; 'And you're going to hear them ... after this commercial';
For area fans, it was 'Love Me Do' from the start; My view: 40 best Beatles
Pete Best and the Beatles once rocked the Casbah
By Hector Saldaña, San Antonio Express-News
7 February, 2004
"What we generated was fantastic when we played straight rock, and there
was nobody to touch us in Britain," John Lennon in 1970 about the Beatles,
pre-fame and before Ringo Starr.
The Fab Five make Liverpool thrive
By Mark Bialczak, Syracuse Post Standard
7 February, 2004
The history hanging over the room Friday night at the Holiday Inn
Convention Center in Liverpool certainly was significant.
Mike Ramsden - Singer/guitarist with the Silkie
By Spencer Leigh, Independent
7 February, 2004
Mike Ramsden was singer and guitarist with the folk group the Silkie,
who in 1965 were signed up by the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein and
recorded a version of the Lennon and McCartney song "You've Got to
Hide Your Love Away".
Yoko: John took his art seriously
By Bill DeYoung, Stuart News
7 February, 2004
John Lennon went to art college in his teens, and throughout his life he
drew constantly, freehand doodles and humorous sketches depicting
friends and family.
They Came, They Sang, They Conquered
By Allan Kozinn, New York Times
6 February, 2004
From the distance of 40 years it seems almost silly, but on Sunday, Feb. 9,
1964, at 8 p.m., nearly 74 million Americans — just under half the country,
according to the Nielsen ratings — plopped in front of their television sets
to watch four English rock 'n' rollers in their early 20's introduce
themselves to the country by playing five songs on "The Ed Sullivan Show"
on CBS.
Also: The Beatles Anthology; Hey, Hey, it's 40 years; Forty Years With
The Beatles; The TV show that changed pop history; The reluctant
Beatlemaniac: On 40th anniversary of Fab Four's U.S. debut, newsman
recounts his wild `Ticket to Ride'; Beatles top three in US TV list;
Woman Recalls Romance With Ringo; Beatles fans celebrate band debut
40 years later; Celebrating birth of Beatlemania; Beatle for a Day; Local
personalities pick Beatles best; Peeping under rock for the Next Beatles;
The Beatles: Still fab at 40; Squashed by the Beatles; 'The Beatles Are
Coming!'; Beatlemania 40 years later; The long and winding road; The
Beatles helped heal an ailing America; The Beatles struck chord in
America on 2/9/64; There at the creation: O'Neill recalls the Beatles;
Charlie Was Their Angel; I know I'll often stop and think about them;
Radio; Marking a fab 40th moment; Two Cents On The Beatles; The
Day Four Mop-Heads from Liverpool Took America by Storm; Longtime
fans ready for local Beatle Fest; Four British musicians conquered
America 40 years ago; Beatlemania transcends generations; Forty years
ago, the Fab Four shook their mops on 'Ed Sullivan' and knocked Elvis
off his throne; Some really big shows - with 'bunch of nice kids'; Meeting
the Beatles; Beatlemania!; The Beatles: First US Visit; How the Beatles
changed us; Forty Fab years later; West Sounders recall when they first
got to 'meet the Beatles'; The Fab Four & Me; First U.S. sightings; Local
salutes; 40th Anniversary Of Beatles' U.S. Invasion Arrives (inc. video clips);
Beatlemania never goes away; When the Beatles hit America; Excerpts:
Beatles press conference
Philip Norman Best-Selling Author of Shout! The True Story of
the Beatles is Signed by Ecco for the Definitive Biography of
John Lennon
Business Wire
6 February, 2004
Best-selling author Philip Norman, considered by many to be the one of the
finest music biographers, has signed with Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins,
Oddball comedy induces flashbacks
By Bernard Perusse, Montreal Gazette
6 February, 2004
Ah, Mr. Lennon. Come in, we've been expecting you. Will Miss Joplin be
joining you?
Beatles tribute plays at OU
By Chris Steffen, Oklahoma Daily
6 February, 2004
Next week marks the 40th anniversary of the utterance of five of the
most significant words to ever shape pop music and culture: "Ladies and
gentlemen—the Beatles!"
Also: Beatles fans celebrate band debut 40 years later
I Macca good pal to Stella
The Sun
6 February, 2004
Never one to miss a publicity coup, here's Lady Paul McCartney "just
happening" to be snapped outside her stepdaughter's posh shop.
Busker Nick stars on TV as ex-Beatle Harrison
Bolton Evening News
6 February, 2004
Regular Bolton shoppers will recognise someone on television on Saturday night.
Yoko steps out in pursuit of peace
By Martin Gayford, Telegraph
6 February, 2004
At 70, Yoko Ono is on a bit of a roll.
Also: Ono's London Odyssey!
DJ Makes Jay-Z Meet Beatles
By Lauren Gitlin, Rolling Stone
5 February, 2004
Danger Mouse makes "Black" and "White" equal "Grey"
Buddy Holly was fount for The Beatles' giving rock its future
By Ed Bumgardner, Winston Salem Journal
5 February, 2004
This is a rock 'n' roll tale of two days, numerically six days apart and
separated by five years.
Shock It To Them
By Bob Shields, Glasgow Daily Record
5 February, 2004
The Swinging Sixties had just begun when an unknown guitarist in
Hamburg called Stu Sutcliffe changed howmen would look for a whole
'Hard Day's' a breezy romp that still excites
By Gary Arnold, Washington Times
4 February, 2004
A late-summer sleeper of 1964 when it reached American movie screens,
"A Hard Day's Night" was admirably timed to reinforce the early stages
of Beatlemania, which had been swelling throughout the year.
Also: British invasion starts in D.C.
Blame Yoko
New York Post
4 February, 2004
Don't expect Yoko Ono to ever get flowers from Mick Jagger.
Also: Trust Yoko with our treasures? Ono way; pics - 1, 2, 3, 4
Lennon Legend: An Illustrated Life of John Lennon By
James Henke
4 February, 2004
John Lennon made an indelible print on the world with his music as a
songwriter and performer.
Film offers new view of Beatles' U.S. invasion (inc. video)
CTV (Canada)
3 February, 2004
These days it takes a breast bared before an audience of 100 million
for an entertainer to create a continental buzz.
Also: The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit (inc. video); Americans
Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Beatles' U.S. Arrival; Tomorrow comes
suddenly; The Beatles are benchmark; Beatles Encore On DVD;
40 years of the Fab Four; New Study Reveals Beatles Are All-Time
TV Ratings Champs!
Three-CD THE BRITISH INVASION (1963-1967) Collects
54 Classic Tracks From The Beatles, The Who, Kinks,
Petula Clark, and Dozens More
3 February, 2004
Rock 'n' roll began in America and 2004 marks its 50th anniversary.
McCartney Plans Gig In Palace Square
By Sergey Chernov, St Petersburg Times (Russia)
3 February, 2004
McCartney even wrote a letter to President Vladimir Putin asking to
support the planned event, according to Russian media and promoters.
Also: Paul McCartney wants to visit Russia once again
The Britles benefit show means making music for great cause
By Colleen Lehmann, The Regional
3 February, 2004
Ever wish you could go back to the '60s, and relive (or experience for
the first time, depending on your date of birth) the British Invasion?
Mike gives home help
Liverpool Echo
2 February, 2004
Sir Paul McCartney's brother has been recruited to help educate people
in Wirral about the proposed transfer of the borough's housing stock.
He was a Beatle for a day (fixed URL)
By Fred Shuster, Redlands Daily Facts
2 February, 2004
George had a sore throat -- so Vince Calandra put on a mop top wig and
stepped into Beatles history.
Beatlemania started a long road of cultural change
By Bill DeYoung, The Stuart News
2 February, 2004
The arrival of the Beatles in New York City on Feb. 7, 1964 was a
watershed event not only for popular music and for America's sense
of taste, and fashion, and its very belief system.
Also: Beatles still create craze; Baby Boomer Echoes; The Beatles Were
the Vanguard of Change; Beatlemania!
Annual Beatle Tribute Festival in Cleveland Announces Lineup
2 February, 2004
As fans, radio stations, and music lovers "Here, There and Everywhere"
celebrate the 40th anniversary year of Beatlemania kicking off Feb 7th,
the world's best Fab Four tribute bands have plans to "Come Together"
to honor their musical heroes in Cleveland.
Radio gives Beatles another ticket to ride
By David Hinckley, New York Daily News
2 February, 2004
Radio played a huge role in promoting the Beatles' New York arrival, 40
years ago next weekend, and radio isn't about to skip the anniversary.
Also: The Beatles Invade (And Conquer) NY
Grammys Planning Beatles Tribute
By Jonathan Cohen, Billboard
2 February, 2004
Sting, Dave Matthews, Vince Gill and the Neptunes' Pharrell Williams have
signed on for a Grammy tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' first
U.S. television appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show."
The Beatles, Year One
By Richard Corless, Time
2 February, 2004
The fans scream in the cold at New York City's Idlewild Airport at the arrival
of their four idols, whom they hadn't even heard of three months earlier.
Bottoms up
By Sam Taylor-Wood, The Guardian
2 February, 2004
Everyone knows her name, but no one knows how good Yoko Ono is as an artist.
Also: Yoko Ono: Give peace a chance (again); Yoko bares all
The Mouse That Remixed
By Ben Greenman, The New Yorker
2 February, 2004
The d.j. and producer Danger Mouse was born Brian Burton, in White Plains,
twenty-six years ago; attended college in the indie-rock hotbed of Athens,
Georgia; and then moved to London, where he became part of the underground
hip-hop scene.
Fab faux - 'Beatlemania' rocks on
By Bonnie H. Brechbill, Hagerstown Morning Herald
1 February, 2004
When 73 million television viewers tuned in to "The Ed Sullivan Show" in
February 1964 to watch the American television debut of a British band called
The Beatles, the worldwide phenomenon of Beatlemania was launched.
Catching Up With Pete Best (2nd item)
1 February, 2004
He may have been the guy who put the beat in The Beatles - until he got
beat out.
Macca back with wings (2nd item)
The Sun
1 February, 2004
Paul McCartney is learning to fly a plane.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
The Observer
1 February, 2004
It's 40 years since The Beatles, on the back of their first US Number One,
flew into New York for a tour that changed the course of a decade.
Also: Editor's letter; A Modest 'Heroine'; The Long and Winding Road
Beatlemania meets science
By Robert Wilson, Knoxville News Sentinel
1 February, 2004
For some, it might be just eye candy.
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