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Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney Sing The Words of
Stephen Kalinich
By Paul Cashmere, Undercover (Australia)
30 April, 2004
Poet and lyricist Stephen Kalinich has written the lyrics to not one
but two songs for the new Brian Wilson album 'Getting' In Over
My Head' and one of those songs is a duet between Brian and Paul
Have You Seen?
By Jeff Miers, Buffalo News
30 April, 2004
A second look at what everyone's talking about
Return of the Fab Four
By Patrick Donovan, The Age (Australia)
30 April, 2004
The Beatles are set to return to Melbourne for the first time since
their 1964 shows.
"When I'm Sixty Four"
30 April, 2004
Yoko Ono celebrates 64 Years of Lennon
'Lennon' Musical Heading for Broadway
By Mark Sage, PA News
29 April, 2004
A musical about the life of murdered Beatle John Lennon will hit
Broadway early next year, it was confirmed today.
Also: Musical Lennon Project Heads to San Francisco Prior to
Broadway Run in 2005
Beatlemania again
By John Winters, Attleboro Sun Chronicle
29 April, 2004
Forty years ago this weekend, a rock band collectively known as
`` four lads who shook the world'' arrived on these shores.
Also: Beatles tribute show planned
The underground Beatle
By Charles Taylor, Salon
29 April, 2004
A fantastic documentary that explains the curious, tragic life of
Brian Epstein -- the man behind John, Paul, George and Ringo --
makes a rare U.S. appearance.
Oh No.. Don't Step On My Toe, Sir Bob
The Glasgow Daily Record
29 April, 2004
Yoko Ono gives a cheeky smile as she is swept off her feet by Sir
Bob Geldof.
Also: photos
Crum On Film
By Steve Crum, Kansas City Kansan
28 April, 2004
I Remember The Beatles in Kansas City
Anglo Visions
By Simon Warner, PopMatters
28 April, 2004
I've heard it said that a Mars Bar provides a useful means of
measuring inflation.
Paul McCartney cantará en Gijón 35 éxitos, 20 de la era
"Beatle" y 15 de "Wings"
La Nueva Espana
28 April, 2004
(Text in Spanish. Use the translation tools here or there)
Also: McCartney traerá a Gijón el mayor escenario de su historia,
pantallas de 20 metros y fuegos artificiales
School reunion for Lennon's first band
Liverpool Daily Post
28 April, 2004
John Lennon's junior school will play host to a special reunion of
his childhood friends next month.
Starr is brought to book
By David Charters, ic Liverpool
28 April, 2004
He is the least celebrated of The Beatles, but a new book will
recognise the humour, talent and courage of Ringo Starr.
Author signs $3.4m Beatles book deal
New Zealand Herald
27 April, 2004
An author regarded as the world's leading authority on the Beatles
has signed a £1.2m ($NZ3.4m) deal to write the defining history of
the Fab Four after a fierce bidding war between publishers.
Ono and Geldof to Present Art Prizes
By Laura Scott, PA News
27 April, 2004
Former Beatle’s widow Yoko Ono was joining a fellow 70s legend
tonight to present one of the richest art prizes in the UK.
Beatles' Cult Cartoon to Become Book (fixed URL)
By Sherna Noah, PA News
26 April, 2004
The Beatles’ psychedelic cartoon The Yellow Submarine is being
made into a children’s book.
Also: Yellow Submarine (thanks to Jakob Groes); Yellow Submarine
comes to the surface - in a book
Bowie Mixes It Up with Fans
By Josh Grossberg, E!
26 April, 2004
... And, according to the Times, after liking a remix of Elvis Presley
tracks, Paul McCartney is even considering getting in on the game,
giving his approval to an official album of mashed-up Beatles tunes...
Ringo Secret Op Exclusive
By Sara Nuwar, Sunday Mirror
25 April, 2004
Beatles legend beats bone agony but faces struggle to drum again
Dear Ringo. It's hot. Wish you were here
By Sean O'Hagan, The Observer
25 April, 2004
Ringo Starr's Postcards from the Boys gives us interesting snapshots
of pop's greatest adventure
Band aid: musician, heal thyself
By Guy Dixon, The Globe and Mail (Canada)
24 April, 2004
Wellness sessions may sound like the antithesis of rock 'n' roll, but
after decades of hedonistic excess and destructive relationships,
bands like Metallica are hiring therapists
Grapefruit: Yoko Ono in Yamaichi Hall, Kyoto
23 April, 2004
The new exhibition “Grapefruit: Yoko Ono in 1964: Cut Piece,
Yamaichi Hall, Kyoto 1964” by Yoko Ono, and curated by Midori
Yamamura began on April 2 and willcontinue through May 15 at
the Ise Cultural Foundation Gallery.
For some collectors, make their music vinyl -- still
By Ernest A. Jasmin, Tacoma News Tribune
23 April, 2004
Sure, you can play CDs in your car.
Also: A look at vinyl that is worth its weight in gold
Local band to recreate ‘Beatlemania' at club
By Sarah L. Schipman, Black Hills Bandit
23 April, 2004
Forty years ago a four-man band from England took to the Ed Sullivan
Show stage and rocked the nation.
Also: Get ready to rock ‘n’ roll
Up Periscope Yellow: The Making of the Beatles' Yellow
London Pavilion, Piccadilly Circus, July 17, 1968 A screaming crowd
10,000 strong...
His Guitar Gently Wept
By John Fischer, BreakPoint
22 April, 2004
A Tribute to George Harrison
Riders' Too Slim made music history with Beatles 'clues'
By Bill DeYoung, The Stuart News
22 April, 2004
In the fall of 1969, a rumor spread the world that Paul McCartney had
died, his death was covered up, and the surviving Beatles were planting
mysterious "clues" in their music and on their album covers.
"Silly Love Songs" Paul McCartney's ultimate philosophical
By Al Barger,
22 April, 2004
"Silly Love Songs" rates as one of Paul McCartney's greatest songs.
The Art of The Beatles
Canada NewsWire
22 April, 2004
Toronto's Beatlemania Shoppe is pleased to announce the Canadian
premier of "The Art of The Beatles."
Rain Men: World's Preeminent Beatles tribute band revisits
By Abe Bayer, Lynnwood Journal Newspapers
21 April, 2004
Part of Marilyn Monroe's mystique is that she died while she was
still beautiful.
You can't beat the Beatles
By Liz Vickery, ic Liverpool
21 April, 2004
Do The People Of Merseyside Still Rate The Fab Four?
'Fab Four' excited by Bahrain debut
Gulf Daily News (Bahrain)
21 April, 2004
Beatles fans are in for a treat this weekend as one of the leading
tribute bands to the Fab Four comes to Bahrain.
British Invasion benefits The Children's Place at Home Safe
By Carol Saunders, The Jupiter Courier
21 April, 2004
Many local residents turned out to help raise more than $200,000
at one of the swankiest area parties of the season, "The British
Invasion," to benefit The Children's Place at Home Safe, on
March 6 at The Four Seasons Palm Beach Resort.
Heather Mills McCartney to address Human Security Summit
at UCI
20 April, 2004
Fellowship in Human Security established in Mills McCartney’s honor
Various Artists : John Lennon's Jukebox
By Rob Fitzpatrick, NME
20 April, 2004
If ever an album deserved to be packaged alongside an aural time
machine it would be these 41 songs 'inspired by' John Lennon's
mid-'60s KB Discomatic portable jukebox.
Everyone's talking about Liverpool
By Jan Patience, ic Scotland
20 April, 2004
Like other hard-working river cities, Liverpool is not what you'd
call a pretty place.
Give My Regards to Broadstreet (1984)
By Rich Rosell, digitallyOBSESSED
19 April, 2004
If my beer-addled brain serves me correctly, I'm pretty sure it was
in the early 1980s, during the initial burn-off following the explosive
boom of the music video, that it just wasn't enough to have a simple
three-minute lip-sync of your latest hit.
Lennon's last note for sale
The Sun
19 April, 2004
John Lennon’s last autograph is being sold on the internet for
Also: £180K For Lennon's Last Word; Elton John's piano sells
for $164,500 at Dallas auction; Cobain's guitar fetches $117,500
Drawing on Lennon's gifts
By Richard L. Eldredge, Cox News Service
19 April, 2004
Almost 25 years after his death, John Lennon's spirit continues to
hover closely around Yoko Ono.
Run of the Mills
Megastar News
19 April, 2004
Ah, Heather Mills. When the wife of Sir Paul McCartney isn't busy
being a mum and doing good for charity, she tries her hand at being
a chatshow host.
Also: photos; Heather's a chatshow flop
Author details Beatles history
By Theresa Winslow, The Capital
18 April, 2004
It's safe to say Alan Porter knows his hobbies like a book.
Tom Cruise and Paul McCartney are Here!
Don Sklenka, Champweb
18 April, 2004
Tom Cruise and Paul McCartney are here in Long beach.
Love of music keeps director going
By A.M. Kelley, The Mining Journal
18 April, 2004
Floyd Slotterback needs Paul McCartney’s cell phone number. Yes,
the Paul McCartney.
McCartney autograph auction
By Mark Nicholls, Eastern Daily Press
17 April, 2004
It was May 1963, The Beatles were at number one in the hit parade
and had just gone down a storm at one of Norwich's top venues.
George Harrison: Dark Horse Years 1976-1992
By Graham Raid, New Zealand Herald
17 April, 2004
This year's Oscars were unusual, and not because they recognised
fantasy films, or for Nicole Kidman's bizarre shelf-bust.
Danger Mouse - The Grey Album
By Chris Ryan, Spin
16 April, 2004
The initial advertising campaign for Jay-Z’s (alleged) swan song,
2003’s The Black Album, featured a picture of a tape box with
the names of 12 of hip-hop’s greatest producers scribbled on it.
Shea Stadium's Birthday
By Carl MacGowan, Mae M. Cheng, Justin Gilbert; Newsday
16 April, 2004
Shea Stadium, located in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, is
celebrating 40 historic years tomorrow, making it the fifth oldest
ballpark in major league baseball.
Beatle mania to hit Adelaide again
AAP (Australia)
16 April, 2004
Forty years after Adelaide gave the Beatles the biggest public
reception in the world, Beatlemania is about to hit the city once
McCartney in City for Birthday
By Irina Titova, St Petersburg Times (Russia)
16 April, 2004
St. Petersburg fans of former Beatle Paul McCartney, who is to
perform a concert in the city's Palace Square on June 20, have
invited the pop star to celebrate his birthday on June 18 with them
on the Gulf of Finland.
Video Reviews: McCartney goes for sweetness in
lightweight animated shorts
By Ed Masley, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
16 April, 2004
Does the genius Paul McCartney so often displayed in the Beatles
carry over to the world of animation?
John, Paul, George, Ringo... & Nyoy?
By Philip Cu-Unjieng, The Philippine Star
16 April, 2004
One thing I’ve always said about Nyoy Volante and Mannos is
that they’re one of the most innovative and original acoustic acts
Q&A with Yoko Ono
By Richard L. Eldredge, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
15 April, 2004
Almost 25 years after his death, John Lennon's spirit continues to
hover closely around Yoko Ono.
All they were saying ...
By Bill Brownstein, The Montreal Gazette
15 April, 2004
It was almost 35 years ago today. John Lennon and Yoko Ono
came to the Queen Elizabeth Hotel to play.
Record Guru Topples McCartney in Rich List
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
15 April, 2004
A reclusive record executive dubbed "the Howard Hughes of the
music business" has toppled Paul McCartney to become Britain's
wealthiest music millionaire in the latest list of the rich and famous.
McCartney, John Join Wilson
By Colin Devenish, RollingStone
15 April, 2004
Beach Boy's new solo album also features late brother
Macca admits frog abuse
13 April, 2004
Paul McCartney says his animated stories are his way of trying to
make up for being cruel to frogs as a boy.
Paul McCartney to perform in St. Petersburg
Interfax (Russia)
13 April, 2004
Paul McCartney will open the White Nights concert festival in
St. Petersburg with a concert on Palace Square on June 20, the
concert organizers told a press conference on Tuesday.
Also: Paul McCartney Will Be in Saint Petersburg for His Birthday
Give My Regards To Broad Street
By Matthew Millheiser, DVD Talk
13 April, 2004
In what is probably my favorite of all the reviews I've written for DVD
Talk, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, I remarked about how that
particular cinematic abortion film in question had earned the distinction
of being - and I quote - "perhaps the most singularly awful
embarrassment to be ever associated with the Beatles."
Paul's Passion To Create (inc. video)
13 April, 2004
With his new DVD of three animated films, Paul McCartney is bringing
to animation the same passion he's always brought to his music.
Also: Paul Swaps Tunes For Toons (inc. video); McCartney wants to
follow in Disney's footsteps; Paul McCartney unleashes more animal
magnetism; McCartney's musical moods captured in animation on
DVD; Look at Him Working: Paul McCartney Animation Director
Geoff Dunbar; Paul McCartney: The Music and Animation Collection
Tape of Lennon forgiving his father is up for auction
By Sam Lister, Liverpool Daily Post
12 April, 2004
A tape revealing how John Lennon finally forgave his father Freddy
for abandoning him has gone up for auction.
Madonna's Financial Request Upset Mccartney
Teen Hollywood
11 April, 2004
Madonna's request for financial donations for the religious movement
she fervently supports is causing friction between her and close pal
Stella McCartney.
Special report: Strange world of Andrew Davis
By Matthew Goodman, The Times
11 April, 2004
In one of the luxury suites at Cliveden, the stately-home-turned-hotel
famous for its role in the Profumo scandal, the proprietor was
demonstrating the quality of the mattresses.
Four generations of die-hard fans
By Emma Perez-Trevino, The Brownsville Herald
11 April, 2004
Alan Raul Portillo Gonzalez was inside his mother, Patricia Gonzalez
Portillo’s, womb when he was first introduced to The Beatles.
Everybody's not talkin' about him
By Larry Aydlette, Palm Beach Post
11 April, 2004
He was sweet. He was strange. He was an American original.
The Fab One (in One Dimension and One Hundred)
Rain Taxi
Joyce-inspired writer; heroin-drenched, black-cloaked troublemaker;
self-appointed imaginary saint--John Lennon was all these things and
more. Like Whitman's America, he contained multitudes.
Imagine some possessions
By Tim Cornwell, The Scotsman
10 April, 2004
If he were alive today, he might well have approved.
Twist and Shout was the icing
By Jonathon Jackson, The London Free Press (Canada)
10 April, 2004
It was the surprise hit that gave the Beatles the top five hits on the
Billboard chart 40 years ago this month.
The Beatles - Let It Be...Naked
By Glenn Debattista, (Malta)
10 April, 2004
The tracklisting on this version of Let It Be differs slightly from the
original--there's no "Maggie Mae" or "Dig It", while "Don't Let Me
Down" has been added.
Accord sets stage for rock concerts
By Zuzana Kawaciukova, The Prague Post
8 April, 2004
Beat goes on for tops in pops McCartney, others at Prague 9 site
At the core of the Apple dispute
8 April, 2004
A legal battle between The Beatles' record label Apple Corps and Apple
Computer, which is to be heard in the High Court in London, is the latest
move in a trademark dispute spanning 24 years.
Northampton father and his son come together over the Beatles
By Matthew Bernstein, Boston Globe
8 April, 2004
When Peter Smith crossed into his 40s, he made a life-changing discovery.
Heather 'No Leg' Ads Bid to Cut Road Deaths
PA news
8 April, 2004
Heather Mills-McCartney, wife of the former Beatle Sir Paul, has said she
will appear in public service adverts without her prosthetic leg to draw
attention to the 1.2 million traffic deaths that occur worldwide each year.
Also: Road Safety: the example of Heather Mills-McCartney; news photos
Get the point?
By Jason Ferguson, Orlando Weekly
8 April, 2004
Like many kids, including my own, some of my fondest memories involve
being around people other than my parents.
Surviving Beatles Set To Release "Let it Be ... Paul"
By Mark Arenz,
7 April, 2004
When the world's most successful pop group called it quits in 1969, they
left behind an unfinished album amid an atmosphere of cattiness, bitching,
and slap-fights.
Government praise for Lipa service
Liverpool Echo
7 April, 2004
Liverpool fame school Lipa has a starring role on a government website.
Ringo's house 'under threat'
By Mary Murtagh, Liverpool Echo
7 April, 2004
Fears are growing that the birthplace and childhood home of Beatles'
drummer Ringo Starr could be demolished.
Counterfeit Beatles to pay tribute
Gulf Daily News (Bahrain)
7 April, 2004
One of best British Beatles tribute bands is set to perform in a social
function in Bahrain later this month.
Apple Computer Loses Bid to Hear Beatles Case in US
6 April, 2004
Apple Computer Inc. on Tuesday lost a High Court bid to have its legal
case brought by the management company for legendary Fab Four rockers,
the Beatles, moved from Britain to the United States.
Heather Mills-McCartney to Receive Champion of Health Award
Pan American Health Organization
6 April, 2004
Heather Mills-McCartney will receive the Champion of Health award from
the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) tomorrow, as part of the
World Health Day observance devoted to road safety.
BeatleMania Live!, Classical Mystery Tour April 17
The Chattanoogan
5 April, 2004
Forty years after the Beatles' American invasion, the Chattanooga Symphony
& Opera (CSO) and Maestro Robert Bernhardt will present the "Classical
Mystery Tour," featuring the original Broadway cast of BeatleMania Live!,
performing live with the CSO.
Liverpool's way of life on show to inspire US visitors
By Sam Lister, Liverpool Daily Post
5 April, 2004
A slice of Liverpool life is to be transported to the US this week.
Paul McCartney – The Music And Animation Collection (DVD)
By Scott Chitwood,
"Paul McCartney – The Music And Animation Collection" features three
short animated films with original music and performances by Paul
McCartney. Each is less than 15 minutes long.
The Beatles
By Elvis Costello, Rolling Stone
I first heard of the Beatles when I was nine years old.
Best family basement will be Beatles shrine
By Glenn Frankel, The Washington Post
4 April, 2004
Our trip to Liverpool has one last stop - the basement of an aging brown
brick Victorian mansion at 8 Haymans Green.
Also: Day tripping with the Beatles
Imagine all the Beatlemaniacs: 30th annual Fest For Beatles
Fans invades America -- or New Jersey
By Robin Renee, The Courier News
3 April, 2004
The date was April 28, 1974. John Lennon and Harry Nilsson had just
made an appearance in Central Park before a crowd of 100,000 people
at the first March of Dimes Walk-A-Thon.
Beatles Etc. show airs on AM radio
By Susan Abram, Los Angeles Daily News
3 April, 2004
Yeah, yeah, yeah, so Stephen Peeples loves The Beatles.
Fab Four win the Final Four
By James A. Fussell, The Kansas City Star
3 April, 2004
Beatles on ‘Ed Sullivan' takes No. 1 pop-culture moment
Remaking Ringo for rock's Hall of Fame
By Steve Symanovich, New Mexico Business Weekly
2 April, 2004
Drum roll, please. ...
I now call to order this month's meeting of the Respect for Ringo Club,
the organization "Dedicated to Making Ringo's Starr Rise."
Shock and Outrage as Jesus perpetrates 'Bigger than Beatles'
The Spoof (satire) (UK)
2 April, 2004
The heavens and the earth were thrown into ungodly turmoil yesterday
as Jesus H. Christ, son of the Jewish oil magnate God, said that He
was ‘bigger than the Beatles’.
Legendary local man booked for Creole
By A.P. Kryza, The State News
2 April, 2004
Music manager, White Panther, author, political prisoner, radical, hippie,
pioneer, inspiration - John Sinclair has been called a lot of things in his day.
Fan fury over Glastonbury tickets
2 April, 2004
More than 60,000 tickets for this year's Glastonbury Festival have been
sold, but many people have been left frustrated by a new ticketing system.
Maccas back landmine clearance marathon
By Domenic Donatantonio, Wimbledon Post
1 April, 2004
A novice athlete is being backed by Paul and Heather McCartney
in his marathon efforts to raise money to help clear landmines.
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