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Tsunami auction raises thousands
30 September, 2005
An auction of celebrity postcard art has raised £49,000 for
the tsunami-struck villages of Asia.
Tell us your memories of Lennon
Coventry Evening Telegraph
30 September, 2005
On October 9, John Lennon would have been celebrating his
65th birthday.
Also: Oh No, Here Comes John Lennon's Ex; May Pang and
Cynthia, two lovers of Lennon, meet at The Cavern; John, by
Cynthia Lennon; Lennon's former wives will never reconcile
McCartney doesn't foresee retirement
United Press International
30 September, 2005
He may be eligible for an AARP card, but Paul McCartney
doesn't expect to retire from recording and performing music
any time soon.
Brian Roylance, 60, Publisher of Elaborate Rock
Books, Is Dead
By Allan Kozinn, The New York Times
30 September, 2005
Brian Roylance, an English publisher whose company, Genesis
Publications, turned rock into history with hand-crafted,
autographed limited editions of musicians' memoirs and
photography collections, died on Tuesday in Guildford, England.
Beatles decorating job still on show
29 September, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney's early artistic efforts can still be seen at
Liverpool's Casbah Coffee Club - he painted the ceiling of the
English venue's Rainbow Room.
Before They Were Beatles - Review
By Robert Rouse, American Chronicle
29 September, 2005
I just finished reading Alan J. Porter's incredible little book
about the teen years of four young men who would one day
take the world by storm.
Beatles DVD
29 September, 2005
Eagle Rock Entertainment, the leading independent source for
high quality music audio/visual programming, on October 4 will
release The Beatles: From Liverpool to San Francisco, a DVD
documentary covering the utter chaos and sheer euphoria
known as Beatlemania that swept up four young men from
Liverpool and the rest of the world from 1963 to 1966.
Lennon's son reignites feud with Yoko Ono
29 September, 2005
John Lennon's eldest son Julian has reignited his public feud
with his father's widow Yoko Ono by accusing her of trying to
control the former Beatle's legacy.
Auction shock as Lennon's lyrics fail to sell
Liverpool Daily Post
29 September, 2005
Beatles lyrics written by John Lennon on the back of a phone
bill failed to sell at auction yeterday.
Also: Rare Beatles lyrics fail to sell
Success Was Just A Piece Of Cake For Jane
By Sandra Chapman, News Letter
29 September, 2005
Jane Asher was born into a privileged background with Royal
connections and will be remembered as the girl who nearly
married a Beatle.
Yoko helps Q celebrate Lennon's 65th with collector's
edition and CD
By Sam Matthews, Brand Republic
29 September, 2005
With the help of Yoko Ono, Emap's Q Magazine is celebrating
John Lennon's 65th birthday with a collector's edition featuring
two different front covers and a free 14-track CD with Lennon
tracks covered by the likes of Madonna and Oasis.
McCartney more reflective on tour
By Kevin O'Hare, The Republican
29 September, 2005
At any Paul McCartney concert, there's a sense of nostalgia
and that's inevitable given the history of the man.
Stars help student's tsunami fund
29 September, 2005
Paul McCartney, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin are among
250 celebrities who have been persuaded by an Edinburgh
student to produce work for a tsunami auction.
A Head Start for McCartney
Publishers Weekly
28 September, 2005
Penguin is pushing up the date booksellers can put Paul
McCartney's first children's book, High in the Clouds, on
sale by a day.
25 years after Lennon's death, his life's an open book
By Carol Memmott, USA Today
28 September, 2005
John Lennon once said, "What can I tell you about myself that
you have not already found out from those who do not lie?"
Also: Cynthia Lennon: In her own write; Imagine: a violent
John Lennon; John Lennon’s first wife speaks out
Paul McCartney stands behind car ads
28 September, 2005
Environmental concerns are what persuaded Paul McCartney
agree to put his new single in Lexus car ads.
Stevie Wonder confirms new album details
28 September, 2005
'A Time To Love' will feature Paul McCartney
Beatles-Platz planned for Hamburg
28 September, 2005
Fundraising is under way for a sculpture in Hamburg marking
the time the Beatles spent in the city in the early 1960s.
His Best wasn't good enough
By David Bianculli, New York Daily News
28 September, 2005
When the Beatles came to the United States and performed live
on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in 1964, they conquered America
instantly - but the new PBS special "Best of the Beatles" proves
that a former Beatle got here first.
Also: Sam Malone stays quiet — for a while (3rd item); Fired
Beatle Best tells his side on DVD
Sir Paul fresh after Long and Winding Road
By Sarah Rodman, Boston Herald
27 September, 2005
Beatlemania is alive and well.
Also: McCartney can still make his familiar songs sound fresh;
McCartney Raising Music Awareness, Funding
Bono and Izzard take on Beatles film
27 September, 2005
U2 rocker Bono and transvestite funnyman Eddie Izzard are set to
star alongside Evan Rachel Wood in new musical Across The
Universe - a movie plotted around songs by The Beatles.
27 September, 2005
Thirty-five years since the Beatles broke up, the public's fascination
with the Fab Four never seems to fade.
Depp hosts Radio 2 Dean tribute
27 September, 2005
Hollywood star Johnny Depp presents a BBC Radio 2 documentary
on Tuesday about film idol James Dean to mark the 50th
anniversary of the actor's death.
Abbey Road on the River to return to Louisville
Business First
26 September, 2005
The Fifth Third Bank Abbey Road on the River will return to
Louisville next year on Memorial Day weekend.
Why bash Beatles?
By Jon Penn, The Mercury (South Africa)
26 September, 2005
Imagine: peacenik John Lennon was really a nasty bully with a
violent streak, said his first wife, Cynthia, who has vivid memories
of how he knocked her about.
Also: Veteran Newsman Larry Kane Publishes New John Lennon
Book; Cruel, bullying, yet funny - the intimate John Lennon
McCartney guitarist releases solo album
By United Press International
26 September, 2005
Rusty Anderson knows that being part of Paul McCartney's band
certainly raises the profile of his first solo album, "Undressing
McCartney says drugs didn't help his songwriting
Monsters and Critics
26 September, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney claims drugs didn't help his songwriting.
Rubber Soul Tribute
26 September, 2005
In honor of the 40th anniversary of the release of The Beatles'
legendary album, Rubber Soul, Razor & Tie Entertainment is
proud to announce This Bird Has Flown - A 40th Anniversary
Tribute To The Beatles' Rubber Soul.
"John & Yoko: Give Peace a Song" Airs Tuesday on
PEJ News
25 September, 2005
On June 1, 1969, in Room 1742 of Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth
Hotel, musical history was made.
John by Cynthia Lennon; John, Paul, George, Ringo
and Me by Tony Barrow; Magical Mystery Tours by
Tony Bramwell
By Hunter Davies, The Times
25 September, 2005
The further we get from the Beatles, the bigger they become —
in importance, influence and as a subject for research.
Also: 'Dad tells people to love each other, but he doesn't love me';
Love is not all you need
Paul McCartney: Yesterday and Today
By Kevin O'Hare, The Republican
25 September, 2005
Rock's renaissance man is back on the road.
Also: Sir Paul's magical mystery tour; Paul McCartney Almost
Quit Music; Oh for a bit of rough
Art critics reconsider  'McCartney is dead' myth
25 September, 2005
New York's top art critics are refuelling the rock 'n' roll myth that
Paul McCartney died over three decades ago - after taking a rare
close-up view of his paintings.
Lennon manuscript up for auction
25 September, 2005
The original manuscript of John Lennon's hit song Give Peace A
Chance is to be sold at a London auction house in November (05).
Sir Paul McCartney Is Back (video - new working URL)
Beatle medal to aid hospicecare
Burnham Times
24 September, 2005
John never forgot Frankie helped the Beatles get into a nightclub
club in the 1960s
McCartney in Philadelphia
By Aaron Sagers, The Morning Call
24 September, 2005
Rock 'n' roll is a sexy, swaggering creature that injects the hard-core
emotions of love; it makes you feel a little dangerous and a little
Also: Creative Supernova; Speaking words of wisdom; I'm a lucky
man; Paul McCartney's Tour Aims to Raise Awareness of Music
Education; McCartney charms in first of two concerts; McCartney's
latest Creation shows he's still a master
Doug Moe: Lennon FBI snitch lived here
By Doug Moe, The Capital Times
23 September, 2005
I am a bit puzzled by a report Wednesday in the New York Post
saying that secret FBI files on musician John Lennon and other
celebrities have just been made public.
Daily Mail apologises to Yoko Ono
23 September, 2005
British newspaper The Daily Mail has issued an official apology to
John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono after alleging she photographed the
singer's bloodstained glasses on the pavement outside their Dakota
apartment on the night of his death.
George Harrison And Friends: The Concert For Bangladesh
By Colin Jacobson, The Hollywood News
22 September, 2005
Back before Live Aid, Farm Aid, Live 8 and all the other benefit
concerts, we had 1971’s “The Concert for Bangladesh”.
Also: 'Concert For Bangladesh' Finally Coming To DVD
Ringo Starr: I only wanted to play drums
Online Rock Radio
22 September, 2005
The city of Liverpool has decided not to bulldoze Ringo Starr's
birthplace and first childhood home as part of a multi-million dollar
"regeneration plan" in the Dingle section of the city.
FBI: Lennon not a revolutionary
ic Liverpool
22 September, 2005
The FBI deemed John Lennon too high on drugs to be a real
revolutionary, according to secret files which have just been
Radio 4 to air rare Lennon
By Claire Cozens, Guardian
21 September, 2005
A John Lennon interview that has never before been broadcast in
the UK is to air on BBC Radio 4 as part of a season of programmes
marking the 25th anniversary of the singer's death.
My picture-perfect meeting with John, Paul, George
& Ringo
By Linda Carol Cherken, Philadelphia Daily News
21 September, 2005
My house is sprinkled with photographs.
First jobs — Rusty Anderson
Metro Toronto
21 September, 2005
Metro: What was your first job, and what did you learn from it
that you are still using today?
Watch "English Tea", "Fine Line" and
"Let It Be" on AOL In-Studio
John Lennon Memorabilia to Be Auctioned
Associated Press
20 September, 2005
Baby, you can drive his car. John Lennon's 1956 Austin Princess,
the modified hearse featured in his 1973 documentary, "Imagine,"
is among items to be auctioned starting Oct. 2 at
Press Release
20 September, 2005
'Teenagers Guide to the Beatles' by Zane Lalani Speaks to a New
Generation of Secret Beatle Fans
Macca's trapdoor stage fall
By Ryan Parry, The Mirror
20 September, 2005
Paul McCartney was hurt after tumbling 5ft down an open trapdoor
during a sell-out concert.
Also: Macca's 5ft drop off stage; Macca's The Hard Dazed Knight;
Sir Paul falls down onstage hole
Paul McCartney? Is That You? (inc. video)
By Seth Stevenson, Slate
19 September, 2005
What he's doing in that Fidelity ad.
Also: Mark Levinson announces their sponsorship of Paul
McCartney’s “US” tour
McCartney hails Blunt
19 September, 2005
Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney has hailed pop newcomer James
Blunt as the future of music, after being impressed with the singer/
songwriter's shirt removal in the video for his smash hit You're
Also: Macca beyond; Read the interview transcript; King Of The
Crop; McCartney a master of sun, clouds; McCartney slams
Madonna and Robbie
Ex-Beatle plays brilliant show despite a brief tumble
(inc. photos from the Tampa concert)
By Jim Abbott, Orlando Sentinel
18 September, 2005
Not only is Paul McCartney a Super Bowl-friendly rock icon,
he also turns out to be a pretty tough guy.
Also: McCartney Opening U.S. Tour Here On Friday (inc. 2 videos
- thanks, hachem); Mark Levinson Announces Sponsorship Of
McCartney's U.S. Tour; Beatlemaniacs Gear Up For Paul
McCartney Show; McCartney's talents enchant crowd; Nifty
Exclusive Paul McCartney Tidbits!; Musician for all seasons;
Sir Paul kicks off world tour in Miami (inc. audio); Despite Stage
Mishaps, McCartney Delivers; Sir Paul Takes Crowd on Wild Ride;
Time To Let It Be, Macca; Paul McCartney
Lennon's first wife puts herself back in Beatles' story
18 September, 2005
John Lennon's first wife Cynthia says she and her son were
"airbrushed" from the Beatles' story and wants to set things
straight in a book that reveals he once hit her and ruined their
marriage with drugs.
Also: He's leaving home
Life after Lennon
By Sean O'Hagan, The Age
17 September, 2005
Many young people cannot identify a picture of the most famous
and cynical Beatle.
Paul McCartney - Sold on Song
Radio Times
17 September, 2005
Having been a member of the most important group ever in the
history of pop does give you some leeway when it comes to feeling
satisfied with yourself.
We'll rebuild Ringo's house, brick by brick
By Catherine Jones & Nick Coligan, Liverpool Echo
16 September, 2005
The house where Ringo Starr was born will be taken down brick
by brick and preserved, it was revealed today.
McCartney: 'I miss being in a band'
16 September, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney misses his time with The Beatles, because
he was at his most creative when he was one of the Fab Four.
Also: McCartney cautious around self-declared 'fans'; McCartney:
'Lennon always topped me';
Mud is all you need to repair Paul
Liverpool Echo
16 September, 2005
All you need is mud - and a famous Beatles sculpture will be
complete again.
Paul's sideman
By Wade Tatangelo, Bradenton Herald
16 September, 2005
Rusty Anderson alternates between McCartney and solo career
For McCartney, creative 'Chaos'
By Sean Daly, St. Petersburg Times
15 September, 2005
Sir Paul's new album is his best solo work in decades.
Also: Get a 'Sneak Peek' of Paul McCartney's First Album in
Four Years; Paul McCartney, Chaos and Creation in the Back
Yard; McCartney fails to create much in the backyard; Album:
Paul McCartney (thanks, Allan); Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney
gets back to where he once belonged; Chaos & Creation In
The Backyard; McCartney opens up on understated new album;
Cute Beatle stretches; Billboard album reviews; Nearly 64 &
still needed; When he is sixty-three; New Mac: Listen to what
the man says; Longtime fan is ready to be proud again; McCartney
Gets Back, but Not for Nostalgia; Paul McCartney: Q&A;
McCartney's New Album Deemed Best in Years; McCartney's
'Creation' is a mellow treat; McCartney on target with new album;
McCartney Looks to but Doesn't Rely on Past for "Chaos";
McCartney's 'Chaos' won't make fans forget '70 solo debut disc;
Pleasant echoes; Paul McCartney a delight in 'Chaos'; Maybe I'm
amazed: McCartney's latest soars; Macca stately, steady with
'Chaos'; McCartney creates order out of 'Chaos'; Paul McCartney:
'Chaos and Creation in the Backyard'; McCartney's casual
brilliance shines on; McCartney shows fabulous form in 'Chaos';
'Chaos': Pop without the cute; This Week's Hot Pick: Paul
McCartney's 'Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard'; EW review:
McCartney good, not great; McCartney the melodist reawakens;
McCartney goes deep, divinely; Wrinklies Mac on top; Paul
McCartney 'Chaos & Creation' Will Premiere Exclusively on
VH1 and VH1 Classic Wednesday, September 14 at 7PM*;
McCartney is daring and dark in cathartic 'Chaos and Creation';
Paul McCartney, Man of Many Parts; When worlds collide; Paul
coulda given us a little more chaos; McCartney creates 'chaos' with
latest effort; 'Chaos' is collaborative success; McCartney unleashes
inspired Creation
Paul McCartney donates $5,000 to a Tampa middle
school (inc. video)
By Dave Balut, Tampa Bay's 10
15 September, 2005
Things haven't been quite the same this week at Madison
Middle School.
Also: Lexus Launches Sweepstakes to Win Paul McCartney
Concert Tickets; He's no oldies act; Talk about a day in the life
Peace: New Lennon Musical to Close on Broadway
Sept. 24
By Ernio Hernandez, Playbill
15 September, 2005
Broadway's bio-musical Lennon, based on the life and songs of
the late John Lennon, will end its run at the Broadhurst Theatre
Sept. 24, producers announced Sept. 15.
Forty years later, Beatles photographer goes back to
By Tony Regina, Record Breeze
15 September, 2005
In 1965, George Orsino found himself in a situation most people
today would long to be in.
Definitive Lennon
14 September, 2005
Celebrate John Lennon’s birthday with new release and global
Sir Paul backs his brother
By Andy Kelly, Liverpool Daily Post
14 September, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney last night made a public statement of
support for his brother Mike who is facing charges relating
to a sexual assault.
Also: McCartney accused of sex assault at party; McCartney's
brother in sexual assault claim
McCartney considers revamping When I'm 64
13 September, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney is considering changing the lyrics to Beatles
hit When I'm 64 - because he hits the age next year (06).
Also: McCartney? Here? Rumours say yes
The Beatle from Madras
By Arun Venugopal,
13 September, 2005
He was the Beatle you never really knew, the one who was kicked
out before the Fab Four became fab.
McCartney, Mills enjoying The Ritz
By Lesley Abravanel, Miami Herald
13 September, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney and wife Heather Mills are happily holed
up at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, where they've been for
the past month or so.
Also: McCartney says it's all about US tour
Crow wishes McCartney shared her dreams
13 September, 2005
American rocker Sheryl Crow had such a realistic dream about
writing songs with Sir Paul McCartney, she is amazed he can't
remember it too.
Beatles song is best ever
This is London
12 September, 2005
Drugs, war, a grisly car crash and enough holes to fill the Albert
Hall - apparently these make up the perfect British pop song.
McCartney reflects on life, love and yesterday
By Evelyn McDonnell, Miami Herald
11 September, 2005
Preparing to launch his US Tour in Miami this week, rock legend
Paul McCartney talked candidly with The Herald about embracing
his past while looking forward.
Also: McCartney Lets Melancholy Feelings Out on New Record
Lennon’s wife reveals his ‘fight or flight’ tactic
By Richard Brooks, The Sunday Times
11 September, 2005
John Lennon's first wife is challenging the “peace and love” image
of the rock’n’roll legend by revealing him as a violent and unstable
teenage bully who hit her for dancing with his best friend but was
scared of physical confrontation.
Also: Try to see it my way
Epiphone Announces Sale Of Low-Serial Numbered
John Lennon Casinos
Music Gear Review
11 September, 2005
For the first time since 1999, Epiphone will make available a very
limited offering of the John Lennon “1965” and “Revolution”
Casino electric guitars.
Local songwriter to open for Paul McCartney (inc. video)
Capital News 9
10 September, 2005
A local songwriter will be the opening act for Paul McCartney next
Beatle knifeman is working for citizens advice bureau
By Paul Byrne And Robert Stansfield, The Mirror
10 September, 2005
The world last saw him with his face battered, cut and bruised, after
he had tried to kill former Beatle George Harrison.
Special K beats path to our door
By Dave Appleton, Rochdale Observer
9 September, 2005
“For the benefit of Mr Kite, there will be a show tonight on trampoline.
Ringo birthplace to be bulldozed
9 September, 2005
Former Beatle Ringo Starr's birthplace is to be demolished because
it has "no historical significance", Liverpool City Council has said.
New John Lennon Compilation Released
8 September, 2005
A new compilation album to mark what would have been John
Lennon’s birthday is to be released.
PETA Humanitarian Award for Ravi Shankar
8 September, 2005
Sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar will be the second Indian after
actor John Abraham to receive the Humanitarian of the Year
Award from People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for
his contribution in promoting animal rights.
Paperback Master of Puppets
By Rich Sharp, Riverfront Times
7 September, 2005
We talk mashups with Beatallica, skewer Ember Swift and find
out what Robert Earl Keen is really saying
Paul McCartney and Fidelity Investments Announce
U.S./Canada Marketing Partnership
7 September, 2005
Music Legend Debuts in New Fidelity Ad Launching Tomorrow
in Both Markets
Hey iTunes, don't make it bad...
By Paul R. La Monica, CNN
7 September, 2005
Just take a sad song and let us download it. The Beatles still aren't
available (legally) online.
Beatles from the inside
By Mike Chapple, Liverpool Daily Post
7 September, 2005
Mike Chapple discovers a new Beatles account with the authentic
voice of someone who was there
Live 8 DVD Box Set To Be Released
By Daniel Melia, Gigwise
6 September, 2005
A four disc DVD featuring extensive coverage of all of the Live 8
concerts is set to be released on November 7.
Also: Exclusive: Live 8: final cut
Macca, Kings Of Leon take part in unique charity auction
6 September, 2005
Paul McCartney and Kings Of Leon have donated special postcards
for a charity auction.
Byrne refused to honour Lennon
6 September, 2005
Talking Heads frontman David Byrne horrified his bandmates on the
day of John Lennon's tragic murder in 1980 by refusing to pay tribute
to the star during their concert that night.
McCartney goes on musical trip down memory lane
Liverpool Daily Post
5 September, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney has returned to his old Abbey Road studio for
a BBC Radio 2 special.
Lennon shock at pregnancy announcement
4 September, 2005
John Lennon's first wife Cynthia Lennon has revealed that the pop
legend was horrified when she announced that she was pregnant.
Do We Still Need Him?
By Josh Tyrangiel, Time
4 September, 2005
Paul McCartney is (almost) 64, but a surprising new album suggests
his glory days aren't all behind him
Come Together - Right Now!
4 September, 2005
Come Together - Right Now is set to be the 'most spectacular
concert event of 2005'!
Runs On The Nun
By Davina Earl, Gigwise
3 September, 2005
It has been disclosed that former Beatle, John Lennon, used to piss
on nuns.
New York Minute (4th item)
New York Daily News
3 September, 2005
Spotted in East Hampton: "An overzealous fan squealed, 'Oh my
God, Paul McCartney!' when she saw the former Beatle and his
wife, Heather Mills McCartney, strolling down the street.
Stars Pledge Donations, Organize Fundraisers for Katrina
By Jake Coyle, Associated Press
3 September, 2005
Celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno, Master P and
Dave Matthews are contributing star power to relief efforts for
victims of Hurricane Katrina.
We Can Work It Out: John Lennon Memorial Is In Need
Of Repair (inc. video)
NY1 News
2 September, 2005
Central Park's tribute to legendary Beatle John Lennon is in need
of some repair.
Sir Paul reveals songwriting secrets
2 September, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney has spoken about some of his songwriting
secrets ahead of the release of his latest album, Chaos And Creation
In The Black Yard.
Also: McCartney clearer since quitting weed; McCartney: 'Don't
Forget Live 8'
McCartney treats fans to beamed concert
2 September, 2005
Ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney is planning to reward 600 of his most
devoted fans by beaming an upcoming US concert live into a London
music store.
Also: Macca to fly fans to NYC
Real Love
By Kelly-Jane Cotter, The Asbury Park Press
1 September, 2005
Yoko Ono keeps husband's legacy alive with traveling art show
Also: A conversation with Yoko Ono
Hope they write a decent song before they get old
By Neil McCormick, Telegraph
1 September, 2005
On Saturday, veteran vocalist Roger Daltrey and chart-topping pop
sensations McFly will collaborate on a recording of the Who's My
Lennon's fight will become film
Los Angeles Times
1 September, 2005
The long effort by the late John Lennon to become a legal resident
of the United States will be the subject of a documentary by David
Leaf, John Scheinfeld and Steve Ligerman for Lions Gate Films.
Also: John Lennon activism docu eyes 2006 release; Press Release
O, No!
By John Payne, Los Angeles Weekly
Arthurfest headliner Yoko Ono on the Beatles, baseball, sex and
Paul McCartney CD
“Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard,” Paul McCartney’s 20th
studio recording since The Beatles, marks an end to a nearly
four-year hiatus since his last studio recording, 2001’s platinum
certified “Driving Rain.”
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