Here are links to the latest Beatles-related articles available online:
Yoko Ono provided engaging, surprising interview
By Vince Staten, Kingsport Times News
30 November, 2005
Yoko Ono is in the news once again.
Legendary newscaster in town to sign Lennon book
By Dennis J. Wright, Phoenixville News
30 November, 2005
Emmy award-winning newsman Larry Kane will be signing his new
book, "Lennon Revealed," at the Steel City Coffee House, 203
Bridge Street, Saturday, Dec. 3, at 1 p.m.
Behind the Myth: A New Beatles Biography (inc. audio)
By Terry Gross , NPR
29 November, 2005
Rock journalist Bob Spitz's new biography of the Beatles is decidedly
not prettified: venereal disease, drugs, and bad business are all part
of the story in The Beatles: The Biography.
Sister of Beatle will appear at restaurant
Saint Louis Post Dispatch
29 November, 2005
Louise Harrison, sister of the late Beatles guitarist George Harrison,
will be here today to promote a new restaurant.
Unseen Fab 4 quite a sight
By Ian Nathanson, Metro Toronto
28 November, 2005
Between 1963 and 1966, the Beatles went from being four exuberant
twentysomethings enjoying that fresh taste of fame to being four
twentysomethings practically clamouring for some semblance of
Yoko Has Her Way With Lennon's Record
By Roger Friedman, Fox News
28 November, 2005
Yoko Changes Lennon Album
Also: Yoko just can't keep her hands off her John; 'At night my heart
shakes and will not stop' - Yoko on losing John
Lennon's cousin visits Hastings Beatle museum
By Lindy Andrews, Hawke's Bay Today
28 November, 2005
Twenty five years ago, an assassin's bullet ended the life of one of the
greatest pop lyricists and songwriters of all time.
Also: Lennon's Cousin Donates A Slice Of History; Lowdown: Top
Cdn. acts cover Lennon
McCartney's solo boycott of China
By Adrian Addison and David Smith, The Guardian
27 November, 2005
Beatle condemns 'barbaric' trade in dog and cat fur
Also: Paul McCartney's rare approach to song selection at the MGM
Grand; McCartney attacks China over fur  (inc. video - thanks, hachem)
Meet the former Beatle
Monterey County Herald
27 November, 2005
Ringo Starr talks about music, art
You Know You Should Be Glad
By Jane and Michael Stern, The New York Times
27 November, 2005
At nearly 1,000 pages long, including more than 100 pages of footnotes,
bibliography, discography and other end matter, "The Beatles," by
Bob Spitz, is as big as a Bible.
McCartney attemps to save sacred Beatles building
25 November, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney is bidding to save the Liverpool Art College
building where his former Beatles bandmate John Lennon studied
from being torn down.
Lennon's friends recall ex-Beatle
25 November, 2005
Friends and family of John Lennon have given their memories of the
star as the 25th anniversary of his death nears.
Also: John Lennon: All Those Years Ago; Imagine - a Beatle in the
family; Shrines to John
Years gain on Sir Paul, but it matters not a bit
By Cathalena E. Burch, Arizona Daily Star
25 November, 2005
After almost every song he sang Wednesday night, Paul McCartney
did this little victory dance of sorts.
Also: McCartney amazes with Beatles, solo hits; Sir Paul is all rock
’n’ roll at Glendale Arena; Pics - 1, 2,3
John Lennon pal recalls outing Brian Epstein
The Advocate
24 November, 2005
Just when you thought every facet of John Lennon’s life had been
mined in the 25 years since his murder, a new gay twist has come
to light.
The Concert for Bangladesh
By Glenn Erickson, DVD Talk
23 November, 2005
In 1971 Ravi Shankar asked George Harrison to help him put on
something that had never been done before, an all-star charity rock
concert for the disaster victims of floods and famine in East Pakistan.
Yoko compiles Lennon tribute book
23 November, 2005
A host of stars pay tribute to the former Beatle
Ozzy covers The Beatles
By Gisella Farrell, The Sun
22 November, 2005
Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has made a new album covering his all-time
favourite tracks.
Also: Click here to watch the "In My Life" clip
Black hole ripped open by Lennon's death still gapes
By David Bauder, Associated Press
21 November, 2005
Dec. 8, 1980, a mentally disturbed fan who had collected John Lennon's
autograph earlier in the day waited outside the Manhattan apartment
building called the Dakota for the singer to return from a recording
Also: Anniversary of John Lennon's Death Looms; Personal History:
The 11 Moments That Made the Man; Five Star Songwriters on Lennon;
Yoko's instant bad karma: Airtime for John's killer; Lennon Lives;
Dark anniversary for Lennon fans
Sir Paul is all business
By Lana Berkowitz, Houston Chronicle
21 November, 2005
Paul McCartney doesn't like mosquitoes, he hopes to do another
full-length animated film, and he would like to have a police escort
all the time.
Also: Young fan gets backstage with ex-Beatle McCartney; McCartney
soars to higher level; The Sacramento Bee Podcast (audio); McCartney
still knows how to play to the heart; Paul McCartney: still hitting the
arenas, after all these years; Lexus McCartney Sponsorship More Than
Just a Ticket to Ride; Sir Paul charms with warmth and wit
The Concert for Bangladesh
By Gary Couzens, DVD Times
20 November, 2005
The Concert for Bangladesh comprised of two shows, in the afternoon
and evening of 1 August 1971, at Madison Square Garden, New York
Also: "Bangladesh": the sound of charity
Beatles' radio 1st
The Mirror
19 November, 2005
The Beatles' debut radio interview in October 1962 will be broadcast
today for the first time.
Also: Archive Hour - Click here to listen to the show
McCartney wants to be a children's writer
By Miriam Di Nunzio, Chicago Sun-Times
18 November, 2005
What's a squirrel to do?
Lennon tape rails against McCartney
By Richard Alleyne, Telegraph
18 November, 2005
An interview in which John Lennon bitterly attacks Paul McCartney
and Mick Jagger will be broadcast for the first time next month. It
is part of a season of programmes marking the 25th anniversary of
his death.
Also: Unique Lennon photographs exhibited in Berlin; Lennon
speaks - and blasts Macca; Did Yoko buy Lennon classic for
Mike McCartney denies pub indecency charge
Liverpool Daily Post
18 November, 2005
The brother of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney yesterday
pleaded not guilty to charges of indecent touching.
Also: Beatle's brother denies sex claim
From Me To You
BBC (thanks, Joe)
17 November, 2005
Thought you knew enough about The Beatles?
Remembering John Lennon
17 November, 2005
His music and his impact
Paul McCartney, wife host land mine benefit
Associated Press
16 November, 2005
A child is killed by a land mine every 18 minutes, guests were
told at the fifth annual Adopt-a-Minefield benefit gala hosted
by Paul McCartney and his wife, Heather Mills McCartney.
Also: Heather lights up the L.A. night; News images
Gary aims to score with Beatle City tour
By Steve Evans, icCoventry
16 November, 2005
Ex-footballer Gary Bradder's tour of duty as a player has taken
in such clubs as Nuneaton Borough, Bedworth United, Atherstone,
Hinckley and VS Rugby.
Ono - they don't know Yoko!
By Dayle Crutchlow, icCoventry
15 November, 2005
Children at a Coventry primary school which had a tree donated
by John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, were stumped when asked
who she was.
Cavett Plays Host to John and Yoko on DVD
By Frazier Moore, Associated Press
15 November, 2005
"I dream of us being an old couple on the south coast of Ireland,"
says John Lennon, seated onstage next to wife Yoko Ono.
Lennon's school drawings set to fetch up to £90,000
By John Vincent, Liverpool Daily Post
15 November, 2005
John Lennon may have left school without a single O-Level -
but his drawings left a lasting impression on English teacher
and housemaster Lancelot Burrows.
Looking for a needle in a haystack
By Tralee Pearce, The Globe and Mail
15 November, 2005
She was an enigma, but biographer Bob Spitz talks about finding
Paul McCartney's first girlfriend in southern Ontario
Harrison on Harrison: Jazz Explorations of George
By John Kelman, All About Jazz
14 November, 2005
In response to the question “Why continue to retread the Great
American Songbook?”, some offer the excuse that contemporary
pop music doesn’t hold the musical interest that pop songs from
the Great American Songbook did in their day.
Unique Pictures of Beatles Shown After Being
Forgotten for 30 Years
By Sofia Partanen, The Epoch Times
14 November, 2005
The Beatles' song lyrics awoke the issue of searching one's
inner self in young Canadian photographer Paul Saltzman.
Patti Boyd, back in style
By Hilary Alexander, Telegraph
14 November, 2005
The celebrated Sixties model is back in front of the cameras -
as the new face of Viyella.
ISS Astronauts Awake to Paul McCartney Soundtrack
By Tariq Malik,
13 November, 2005
The sounds of cheering crowds and former Beatle Sir Paul
McCartney greeted the two astronauts aboard the
International Space Station (ISS) early Sunday morning
during a live concert broadcast to the orbital laboratory.
Also: Paul McCartney concert beamed live to space;
McCartney in live space broadcast (inc. video); Paul
McCartney sings live to space station crew (inc. video);
Martians Object to McCartney Space Music, Threaten
Invasion (satire)
DVD review - The Concert for Bangladesh
By Robert Rouse, American Chronicle
13 November, 2005
In early spring of 1972, I was still a junior in high school.
Hip rabbi gave Lennon’s peace song a chance
By Richard Brooks, The Times
13 November, 2005
A telephone number that was scrawled on a hotel envelope
has provided an intriguing clue to how one of the biggest
anthems of the anti-war movement was composed.
Beatles are like bon-bons: No need to limit yourself
to one
By Claudia Sternbach, Santa Cruz Sentinel
12 November, 2005
It was difficult trying to decide just what to wear.
Also: Kids, critters find friend in author Paul; Weather dogs
were hogging the spotlight long before Radar
Beatle Bed and Breakfast Up for Sale
By Carly O'Keefe, KFVS
12 November, 2005
You can't buy me love, but you can buy the "Hard Days
Nite" Bed and Breakfast in Benton, Illinois.
Paul McCartney reads from new kids book
Associated Press
11 November, 2005
Besides being a grandfather, a knight, and a former Beatle,
Paul McCartney is now a children’s book author.
Also: News pics; Paul McCartney: A collaborative crusade;
Sir Paul McCartney - music legend  (inc. video); Recent
success includes tour, book and album; McCartney still
cringes at criticism; McCartney fans leave Pond with smiles
Best Salutes the Beatles
By Karen Bliss, Rolling Stone
10 November, 2005
Founding drummer recalls early days in new DVD,
upcoming CD
Paul McCartney Provides First-Ever Live Station
Wakeup Music
10 November, 2005
The International Space Station crew, 220 miles above
Earth, will receive a special live musical wakeup call from
Paul McCartney Sunday during a first-ever concert linkup.
Also: Three amazing hours of top-notch rock from
Paul McCartney; Concert review: Paul McCartney;
Midas on the road with McCartney
Book Review: Here Comes the Sun by Joshua
M. Greene
Monsters and
10 November, 2005
A friend of George Harrison offers informed reflections
on the late musician`s spiritual quest.
And now, it’s Peter and Gordon
By Ricardo F. Lo, The Philippine Star
10 November, 2005
Can you imagine a world without love?
Lennon goes online, please, Yoko....
By Jonny Evans, Macworld UK
9 November, 2005
Apple's iTunes service has been spurned in a major John
Lennon memorial initiative to put songs by the great UK
artist online.
John Lennon's Murder Explored on "Dateline"
Associated Press
9 November, 2005
"Dateline NBC" wants to take you into the mind of the
man who killed John Lennon.
Yoko opens up over Macca rift
9 November, 2005
Olive branch offered...
Paul McCartney: "Live 8 a cool day with U2"
Online Rock Radio
9 November, 2005
New Paul McCartney video footage has been released on
the Live8 DVD.
Also: Aniston regrets intense meeting with McCartney
Sir Paul gracefully wears the crown that comes
with being an ex-Beatle
By Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle
9 November, 2005
Paul McCartney, slender, his hair free of gray, stepped
back from the microphone.
Also: Breakfast meets Sir Paul McCartney (inc. video);
McCartney mixes old and new to wow crowd; McCartney fills
KeyArena with magnificent performance; Magical musical
tour: Youthful Paul McCartney rocks KeyArena; A legend's
progress; Paul McCartney performs as a hardback writer;
Yesterday, Sir Paul wasn't so far away; News pics; Paul
McCartney draws a crowd at the Rose Garden (inc. videos);
McCartney displays sensitivity for children at book event;
How one little fan missed out on Paul's magic; Hey! It's
Paul McCartney, fer cryin' out loud; What the man says;
From classics to 'Chaos,' Sir Paul still rocks; McCartney
hits a few bumps; Paul McCartney will always be a Beatle;
Magic of McCartney not a mystery at HP
Paul McCartney Guitarist Brian Ray Rocks Pop
Classic ``The Tears of a Clown'' for Exclusive
iTunes Music Store Release
Business Wire
9 November, 2005
Brian Ray, one of today's top guitarists, who has toured
worldwide with Paul McCartney since 2002 and was Etta
James' musical director and guitarist for more than a
decade, has transformed the Smokey Robinson classic
"The Tears Of A Clown" into an edgy, electric, rock 'n'
roll anthem. The track will be released by UMe Digital
exclusively through the iTunes Music Store on
November 8, 2005. Displays Investment
Quality Rarities at Stella's NY Triple Pier
Antiques Show
8 November, 2005 will showcase selections from
several astounding collections of rare Music, Movie and
Pop Culture Memorabilia this weekend in New York at
the Stella Triple Pier Antiques show.
Lennon Catalog To Make Digital Debut
By Jonathan Cohen, Billboard
8 November, 2005
John Lennon's solo catalog will be made available digitally
for the first time beginning this week with the release of the
retrospective "Working Class Hero."
Also: John Lennon's Solo Catalogue to Be Available in
Digital Format for the First Time
Lennon Musical Comes Together Despite Ono Ban
By Terri Paddock,
8 November, 2005
Lennon - the Broadway musical based on the songs of the
John Lennon and authorised by his widow Yoko Ono – closed
last month just five weeks after its opening night at New
York’s Broadhurst Theatre.
Also: Lennon musical will tour with revisions after Ono
legal threat
Meet the Beatles (again)
By David Amsden, Salon
8 November, 2005
At the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death, a handful of
writers attempt to tell us something we don't already know
about the Fab Four.
Also: The men behind the mop tops
Imagine: John Lennon competition
7 November, 2005
Warner Home Video (WHV) is about to celebrate the life of
John Lennon, with the long-awaited DVD debut of Imagine:
John Lennon Deluxe Edition, and we at icNorthWest have
some very special prizes to give away.
Paul McCartney to be Featured on XM Satellite
Radio's 'Artist Confidential'
7 November, 2005
XM Satellite Radio, the nation's largest satellite radio service
with more than 5 million subscribers, recently hosted music icon
Paul McCartney in their Washington D.C. studios for the taping
of "Artist Confidential," XM's groundbreaking interview and
performance program, hosted by XM's George Taylor Morris.
Imagine peace and pain
By John Leicester, Associated Press
7 November, 2005
A solitary white piano at a thought-provoking John Lennon
retrospective in Paris invites visitors to play the song that
everyone knows but, in these times of terrorism and war, few
seem to hear … "Imagine all the people living life in peace …"
Also: Lennon artwork garners discussion
Exclusive: Daltrey on Macca's Mrs
By Ben Todd, Sunday Mirror
6 November, 2005
Roger Daltrey talking about his generation.. and Macca's
Pleased To Meet You
By Rachael Hannan, 50 Connect
6 November, 2005
An interview with Ethan Russell, the only photographer ever to
shoot covers for the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Who.
Fascinating fact 460
4 November, 2005
The late John Lennon and his widow Yoko Ono will join Jay-Z
and Mariah Carey among the artists to be honoured by the
New York Grammy chapter at the Recording Academy
Honours gala on 7 December (05).
Yoko Ono Apologizes for McCartney Remark
Associated Press
4 November, 2005
Yoko Ono has apologized to Paul McCartney for insinuating
that his songs are trite.
Beatlemania still here, there and everywhere
By David Bauder, Associated Press
4 November, 2005
35 years after group’s breakup, Fab Four is as popular as
UNICEF Starts George Harrison Fund
By Roger Friedman, Fox News
3 November, 2005
George Harrison's Legacy Preserved
Lohan, Leto shooting Lennon film
3 November, 2005
Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto will star in an independent
movie about the murder of former Beatle John Lennon,
Daily Variety said in its Thursday edition.
Come Together
By Tom Alesia, Wisconsin State Journal
2 November, 2005
All she is saying is give art a chance.
Also: Imagine all the people seeing Lennon’s art; The Daily
Page interviews Yoko Ono; Ono: 'The Press Invented My
Feud With McCartney'
Shining on
By George S. Larmour, News of Delaware County
2 November, 2005
John Lennon probably seemed aloof and larger than life to
most people, but Larry Kane saw the human side of the
Beatle and believes he had more in common with regular,
non-celebrity people than fans might think.
Beatle Harrison's concert still aiding Bangladesh
By Matt Hurwitz, Reuters
2 November, 2005
Long before Katrina and tsunami relief, Live 8 and Live AID,
former Beatle George Harrison assembled an all-star concert
that cast the mold for celebrity charity, and with a new DVD
and remixed songs, "The Concert for Bangladesh" is raising
money again.
McCartney performs both the gritty and greats
By Mark Brown, Rocky Mountain News
2 November, 2005
When you reach the level of icon, people will applaud you
for merely showing up.
Also: Fab 5 things to know about Paul; Paul's always been
fab to us; Paul's day trippin' (2nd item); Paul McCartney
to sign books at Third Place Books; McCartney amazed at
the way fans love him; Sir Paul McCartney comes to Denver;
McCartney ascends on wings of "Wren"
And Your Bird Can Sing
By Nick Sylvester, The Village Voice
1 November, 2005
Were the Beatles Really That Important?
Tribute albums pay off
By Edna Gundersen, USA Today
1 November, 2005
Paying homage tends to pay off in the record industry, which
may explain this year's wealth of tribute albums, from a slew
of salutes to '60s icons to a compilation celebrating the music
of Mr. Rogers' neighborhood.
The Dick Cavett Show: John & Yoko Collection
By Preston Jones, DVD Talk
1 November, 2005
Time offers perspective – that's perhaps the most resonant
theme of the two-disc set The Dick Cavett Show: John &
Yoko Collection.
Also: The Dick Cavett Show: John and Yoko Collection
Lennon owes success to genius, not Beatle influence
By Matt Gwin, The Greyhound
1 November, 2005
This week I decided to take a respite from the top ten
endeavors to address a column that one of my colleagues
wrote last week.
Also: We want your Lennon thoughts
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