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Four Decades Later, Here Comes More Fun
By Diane Dietz, The Register-Guard
31 October, 2005
The Beatles broke up 35 years ago this November, yet their
music still occupies the recording business with an endless
supply of lost tapes, bootlegs, anthologies, analog-to-digital
rereleases, live releases, naked releases, remastered
releases and tribute albums.
Beatles become the bond
By Diane Dietz, The Register-Guard
31 October, 2005
This is the story of a father and son, Kent and Gregg White,
and the music that moved them from birth to the crystalline
moment when each, in his time, found its source: John, Paul,
George and Ringo.
The Beatles Started a Cultural Revolution
By John W. Whitehead, Rutherford Institute
31 October, 2005
It seemed to me a definite line was being drawn.
Lennon top icon for US rock photographer
By Paul Majendie, Reuters
30 October, 2005
Ethan Russell is the only rock photographer to have shot
album covers for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and
The Who.
Anticipated Beatles Bio Comes Out Tuesday
By David Bauder. Associated Press
30 October, 2005
Ten hours, 28 minutes.
Also: Mean Mr. Lennon
The Beatles in Australia
By Ray Chesterton, The Sunday Mail (Australia)
30 October, 2005
The Beatles exploded on Australia as no entertainers had done
before or since.
Best of the Beatles fantastic story
By John P. Mclaughlin, The Province
30 October, 2005
Excellent DVD: To this day, Pete Best doesn't know why he was
fired as drummer
Lennon's Abbey Road white suit sold
Press Association
30 October, 2005
A white suit belonging to John Lennon that he wore on the album
cover of Abbey Road sold for £66,000 at an auction.
Imagine John Lennon from cheeky lad to star
San Francisco Chronicle
30 October, 2005
The tip-off that Elizabeth Partridge isn't going to soft-pedal John
Lennon's daring and complex life for the kiddies is that she starts
her photographic biography "John Lennon: All I Want Is the
Truth" with the bed-in he staged during his honeymoon with
second wife Yoko Ono, the avant-garde artist accused of breaking
up the Beatles.
Sir Paul chats about his fave squirrel
By Sue Corbett, The Miami Herald
29 October, 2005
Just like the hero of the Beatles' 1966 single Paperback Writer ,
Paul McCartney's High in the Clouds (Dutton, $19.99, ages 5 and
up) took him ''years to write,'' -- a whole decade, in fact. But his
first book for children is a hardcover title and -- parents will be
relieved to know -- it's closer to 100 pages than ``a thousand,
give or take a few.''
Also: Last-minute Paul McCartney concert tickets available; Paul
McCartney Walks the Fine Line Between Chaos and Creation;
DJ is primed for Paul McCartney; Review: At 62, McCartney still
magical; McCartney plays at torrid pace during St. Paul show;
The Cute One; Sold-Out Show To Bring $1.7M To Metro (inc. video)
Fans Sing Sir Paul's Praises In St. Paul (inc. video); From British
Isles to Lake of the Isles for McCartney; McCartney Mania; Sir
Paul takes a lap through great songs; Teen review: Former Beatle
McCartney has the magic to bring ages together on new tour; On
tour at 63, McCartney gives it his all; McCartney Packs Iowa Show;
Expectations 'High' for McCartney book; McCartney puts entire
brilliant career on display; Fans Get Last-Minute McCartney
Tickets (inc. video); Paul McCartney brings his legendary rock to
the KeyArena; With a little help...; For the love of Paul: Fans
endure long lines, high prices to see McCartney
After 34 years, The Concert For Bangladesh Just Keeps
on Giving
By Francis C. Assisi, INDOlink
28 October, 2005
For those old enough to remember, it was the mother of all concerts
Two Lennon Classics Reissued
IGN Music
28 October, 2005
Sometime in New York City and Walls and Bridges get fresh
Beatles wax busts sell for £81,500
28 October, 2005
Wax busts of three Beatles used on the "Sgt. Pepper's" album
cover have sold at auction for £81,500 ($145,380).
Also: £81,500 for Beatle busts
Do You Want To Know A Secret? John Lennon’s
Clandestine Friend Reveals Unheard Ex-Beatle’s Music
28 October, 2005
The existence of a treasure trove of unreleased material written
by ex-Beatle John Lennon and Bruce Bierman, a covert friend
and collaborator during the 1970’s, has been disclosed, a certain
boon to Lennon fans around the world.
Look how far he’s come
By Jonathan Margolis, Financial Times
28 October, 2005
Who or what exactly is Jeremy Paxton, the man who has emerged
from relative obscurity in less than a year to become the most
celebrated and publicised property developer of recent times?
Artists give alternative stretch to ‘Rubber Soul’
By J. Freedom Du Lac, The Washington Post
27 October, 2005
When Ben Lee was invited to appear on a tribute to the Beatles’
landmark “Rubber Soul” album, the Australian indie rocker had
but one concern.
Cynthia Lennon loses respect for John
By Paul Turton, ABC (Australia)
26 October, 2005
OK. So I am a bit of a Beatles tragic!
Harrison Show Revisited
By David Fricke, Rolling Stone
25 October, 2005
George Harrison's "Concert for Bangladesh," in new DVD and
CD versions, was the first all-star benefit performance
Quarrymen re-unite for a breakfast spot on Australian TV
Liverpool Daily Post
25 October, 2005
Australia's most popular breakfast programme, Today, was last
night broadcast live from Liverpool's Albert Dock as part of a
week-long celebration of all things British.
It was a ringer, not Ringo, who paid visit to Bronner's
By Bryn Mickle, The Flint Journal
25 October, 2005
Bronner's Christmas Wonderland apparently isn't such a hot spot
for ex-Beatles after all.
Pictures of fame and fading smiles
By David Charters, Liverpool Daily Post
24 October, 2005
The change of expressions in previously unseen photographs of
four faces tells the story of the world's most famous group.
John Lennon's peace anthem lyrics set for auction
24 October, 2005
Two actors recreated John Lennon's 1969 "bed-in" at a Montreal
hotel on Monday to draw attention to the November auction of
the original lyrics of his "Give Peace A Chance" anthem.
Bono: Yoko said I'm John's son
24 October, 2005
Bono says Yoko Ono thinks of him as John Lennon's "son."
McCartney: Behind the legend
By Kyle Munson, The Des Moines Register
23 October, 2005
Paul McCartney winces every time he releases a new album or
takes to the stage.
Also: Paul McCartney: Now I'm sixty-three; Wells Fargo Says
Get To McCartney Early
Interview with Original Beatles Drummer Pete Best
By Adam Gonshor, andPOP
23 October, 2005
The original drummer of The Beatles may never know why he
was kicked out of the most influential rock band of all time.
Live 8 DVD stills, trailer and details
Monsters and Critics
23 October, 2005
We have added some stills, the trailer and full details from the
upcoming 'Live 8' DVD.
The Beatles' influence plays out in track-by-track tribute
By James Sullivan, The Boston Globe
23 October, 2005
Who, exactly, is the ''Nowhere Man"?
Interview with George Harrison's widow
By Bill Harris, Toronto Sun
22 October, 2005
Olivia Harrison describes finishing The Concert For Bangladesh
as 'bitter and sweet'
Also: George Harrison and Friends, The Concert For Bangladesh
Beatle Ringo is Best sub
The Sun
22 October, 2005
Ringo Starr is the No1 substitute of all time — for replacing
Pete Best as the Beatles drummer before they made it big.
Beatle-mania in Borehamwood
By Paul Welsh, Borehamwood & Elstree Times
21 October, 2005
Once again thankyou to various readers who have stopped
me in Tesco and elsewhere to say that after 30 years they
still enjoy this weekly stroll down memory lane.
All-star CD to help hurricane victims
By Edna Gundersen, USA Today
21 October, 2005
New Orleans gave music a wealth of heart and soul.
Yoko Remodels for Lennon Exhibit
Associated Press
21 October, 2005
Yoko Ono has torn apart her own home for the sake of a
John Lennon exhibit now running in Paris.
DVD For Bangladesh
Press Release
20 October, 2005
Apple Corps is proud to announce the autumn 2005 release
of "The Concert For Bangladesh - George Harrison &
Friends" on DVD and CD.
Also: Win A Copy Of George Harrison's Concert For
Bangladesh DVD!!!
Paul McCartney Tries to Recapture a Fresh Sound
(inc. audio. Thanks, hachem)
20 October, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney -- now 63 -- has spent the better part of
his life playing music for crowds numbering in the thousands.
Also: McCartney-inspired fan gets to say thanks face-to-face;
McCartney fans stage ultimate engagement
Is Anyone Hearing John Lennon's Message?
Associated Press
20 October, 2005
A solitary white piano at a thought-provoking John Lennon
retrospective in Paris invites visitors to play the song that
everyone knows but, in these times of terrorism and war, few
seem to hear ... "Imagine all the people living life in peace."
Also: New York City: John Lennon; CD review: Working
Class Hero - The Definitive Lennon; On the Scene
Ono! he did write to rhyme
By Fiona Cummins, The Mirror
20 October, 2005
Yoko Ono has been forced to eat her words after ridiculing
Paul McCartney's songs.
Behind the Beatlemania: Just the Facts, Lots of Them
By Janet Maslin, The New York Times
20 October, 2005
Bob Spitz says that his book about the Beatles is only one-third
as long as the manuscript that he submitted to Little, Brown.
George Harrison: His widow talks about realising his
final vision
By Louise Jury, The Independent
19 October, 2005
Before his untimely death in 2001, George Harrison wanted
to share his revolutionary 1971 Concert for Bangladesh with
the Live Aid generation.
Beatles' inventiveness, uniqueness was genius
By Martin Lewis, Lexington Herald-Leader
19 October, 2005
At the time of its unfolding, the Beatles story seemed like one
glorious continuum.
Was that really Ringo shopping at Bronner's?
By Joe Snapper, The Saginaw News
19 October, 2005
Employees at a Frankenmuth Christmas theme store say they
are sure they saw Richard Starkey, also known as Ringo Starr,
the drummer for the Beatles.
Music lives, through Paul McCartney
By Greg Toppo, USA Today
18 October, 2005
The man who is arguably the most famous musician on the
planet had a lousy musical education in school.
Also: King of rock to open Kings Dock?; With a little pluck;
'Yesterday' with Paul; Paul McCartney's new album gets
personal; Dear sir or madam, will you read my book?;
Concert review: Paul McCartney; Sir Paul pops back;
McCartney's theme: Meet the Beatles; Energy and emotion
flow in McCartney marathon; A peek into McCartney's
'Backyard'; Finally at ease, McCartney gives, receives the
love; All she still needs is Paul; Fidelity teams up again
with Sir Paul; A magical tour; Exclusive: Paul vs Yoko;
McCartney's concert rests on his laurels; Yoko Ono fires
RPG at McCartney Motorcade (satire)
Beatle's brother appears in court
18 October, 2005
The brother of music legend Sir Paul McCartney has appeared
in court accused of groping a waitress.
Lennon-Ono Photo Deemed Top Magazine Cover
By Deepti Hajela, Associated Press
17 October, 2005
On what would be the last day of his life, John Lennon posed
for photographs with Yoko Ono in a session with photographer
Annie Liebovitz.
McCartney apologise for Ono's attack
16 October, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney has apologised on behalf of Yoko Ono
for her embarrassing on him at the Q Awards - insisting the
Japanese artist is "not the brightest of buttons".
Also: Yoko Ono claims she was misquoted over McCartney
outburst; Imagine: Yoko and Macca slugging it out in the
boxing ring; Sir Paul slams Yoko Ono; Paul McCartney hits
back at Yoko
Harrison benefit moved the heart of rock 'n' roll
By John Soeder, Cleveland Plain Dealer
16 October, 2005
 George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh was the first
all-star goodwill gig of its kind, but it was far from the last.
Interview with Pete Best
By Bill Harris, Toronto Sun
16 October, 2005
More than 40 years later, Pete Best says he still doesn't
know why the Beatles dumped him for Ringo
Also: Beatle Pete Best and The Michael Packer Blues Band
Imagine? Not here
By Andrew Anthony, The Observer
16 October, 2005
This slightly desperate book sets out to prove two points.
Beatles Top Entertainment Icons List
By Roger Friedman, Fox News
14 October, 2005
Beatles Finish No. 1 on All-Time Icons List
Yoko Ono to complete Lennon artwork
The Press Association
14 October, 2005
Yoko Ono is due to make a special journey to Coventry to
complete a work of art that she and John Lennon began 37
years ago.
Also: Ono to mark Lennon anniversary in Britain; Yoko
makes peace visit to Cathedral
Sean Lennon's Beatles shock
14 October, 2005
Sean Lennon never realised his father John Lennon was a
Beatle - until his classmates told him at school.
A little help from my friend
By Ben Macintyre, The Times
14 October, 2005
Who cares about the bickering? No artistic collaboration has
matched Lennon and McCartney's
Book Helps Parents Discuss Beatles
By Sean C. Ledig,
13 October, 2005
Some parents find it difficult to talk to their kids about certain
Also: Writer takes unflinching look at life of Beatle Lennon
Lennon hearse in TV auction
13 October, 2005
A John Lennon hearse is just one of the items up for grabs
in a Las Vegas auction of showbiz memorabilia.
Live 8 still rocking with huge, feature-packed DVD
13 October, 2005
"It was 20 years ago today..." sang Paul McCartney.
McCartney creates a casual rock show of classics
By Ian Nathanson, Metro
12 October, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney, 63, performed to a sold-out crowd at
the Air Canada Centre Monday night.
Also: McCartney shocked by Mills' Beatles ignorance; Sir
Paul Rides Again; Sgt. Pepper's only pipes club band;
Can't buy me love; Fur flies as Heather criticises Naomi;
Is McCartney the cute one? Or the cautious one?; The Fab
One; McCartney reaches into the past to feature Beatle tunes;
The affable, unassuming McCartney; McCartney: 'Lennon's
Songs Born Out Of Unhappy Past'; McCartney said no to
Dylan's songs; From Sir, with love; Live Review: Paul
McCartney in T.O.; A night with Paul McCartney is a golden
memory;Dylan, Hendrix and McCartney memorabilia
auctioned; Paul McCartney never really left Liverpool;
McCartney magic; Live: Paul McCartney Takes Trip Down
Memory Lane; Ono slams Mills McCartney criticism; Producer
pushes Sir Paul, result is ex-Beatle's finest album in years;
McCartney plays exclusive Toronto gig; McCartney makes
beautiful 'Chaos'
'Lennon Revealed' more than a Beatles love gush
By Terri Schlichenmeyer, Pahrump Valley Times
12 October, 2005
What were you doing on February 9, 1964?
Who wrote the best Beatles songs: Lennon or
The Times
11 October, 2005
Yoko Ono has revealed that John Lennon used to stay awake
at night wondering why Paul McCartney's songs were more
popular than his own and were more likely to be covered by
other artists.
Also: Yoko accepts award on Lennon's behalf; Gallagher
speaks of his wish to 'protect' Ono; Is Yoko still bitter about
Beatles stuff? (satire); In praise of ... Paul McCartney; Who
was better - Lennon or McCartney?
Ringo House Move
Glasgow Daily Record
11 October, 2005
Ex-Radio 1 DJ Emperor Rosco wants to ship the Liverpool
house in which Beatles drummer Ringo Starr grew up to
Los Angeles and rebuild it.
Also: Ringo's sadness over demolition; 'Don't bother rebuilding
my house brick by brick so you can still say I was born there'
Superfan finds Beatles' lost shots
11 October, 2005
Lost photographs of The Beatles, tracked down and collected
by superfan Mark Hayward, are being released in a new book.
Tributes on day Lennon would have been 65
By Graham Davies, Liverpool Daily Post
10 October, 2005
Fans on Merseyside and around the world united yesterday
to mark what would have been John Lennon's 65th birthday.
Also: John Lennon: The world still remembers; Lennon's
Exes Have Birthday Bash; ; She's got a ticket to write;
'Lennon Revealed'; Imagine all the butties; Imagine John's
still here; You may say he was a dreamer; Forum: We still
need them (??? - Yarden); Imagine if John Lennon was 65;
Monument to John Lennon to Be Unveiled in Russian Urals;
Desert remembers Lennon on 65th birthday; Exhuming
Lennon - again - at 65; Imagine Lennon had reached 65;
Lennon remembers with love and grief; John Lennon -
Working Class Hero; Musician stamped cousin’s memory; John
would have been so proud to show Sean around Liverpool;
Cynthia Sorry John 'Didn't Make It'; Hailing Lennon, like
old times; Why Lennon will always matter; Lennon, las
enseñanzas de Don Juan (thanks, Carlos) (Text in Spanish.
Use the translation tools here or there)
'Hey Dude': Beatallica hits the road
By  Jim Harrington,
10 October, 2005
Fab Four fans might freak and metal-heads could cringe as
Beatallica mashes up two great sounds that (hopefully) go
great together on a short tour that gets underway in late
Exclusive: Kid who started the Beatles
Sunday Mirror
9 October, 2005
6.48pm on July 6 1957, at a parish church fete in Liverpool ..
Tragedy-hit group's drummer dies
7 October, 2005
Mike Gibbins, Welsh drummer with Badfinger, the first band
signed by the Beatles' Apple Records, has died at 56.
Also: Badfinger drummer Mike Gibbins dead at 56
Jersey City kids up close and wowed by McCartney
By Ken Thorbourne, The Jersey Journal
7 October, 2005
Diane Dragone, executive director of Jersey City's Kennedy
Dancers, was all goosebumps yesterday - still excited over the
semi-private concert she and some of her students were given
by ex-Beatle Paul McCartney on Wednesday.
Also: Mccartney digs out old Epiphone guitar for new album;
He Can Work It Out
Beatles exhibit opens new era at FIM
Tampa Bay Newspapers
7 October, 2005
Florida International Museum (FIM) announces that it will reopen
Thursday, Oct. 6, at 244 Second Ave. N. with the exhibit The
Beatles! Backstage and Behind the Scenes.
I write the songs (2nd item)
By Jeannette Walls, MSNBC
6 October, 2005
Paul McCartney is not looking to buy the rights to the Beatles’
catalogue of music from Michael Jackson — despite widespread
reports to the contrary.
Also: McCartney: 'Martin's Hearing Loss Is Partly The Beatles'
By Mary Huhn, New York Post
6 October, 2005
What kind of magical mystery turn would John Lennon's life had
taken if he were still with us?
Also: Where he'd be now
John Lennon Working Class Hero: The Definitive Lennon
By Dominique Leone, Pitchfork
6 October, 2005
The legend of John Lennon, stripped bare of its romantic and
willfully misinformed tales of idealism and near-religious fervor
for "changing the world," is mostly a lot of short stories about
a stubborn, quick-witted domestic hero.
Pop Ringo going ...
The Daily Telegraph
6 October, 2005
A legendary print of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr by photographer
Richard Avedon is set to go to auction next week.
Also: Win signed copies of ex-Beatle Ringo Starr's latest album,
Choose Love
Guitarist creates own chaos
By Ian Nathanson, Metro
6 October, 2005
Rusty Anderson has just released his first solo album, Undressing
Local music beat: Fingerstyle guitarist returns to his roots
By Anne Erickson, The Lansing State Journal
6 October, 2005
At Sir Paul's request, Laurence Juber releases a new disc of
all-Wings tunes
John Lennon, Through the Eyes of His First Wife
(inc. video)
ABC News
5 October, 2005
In Her Second Book, Cynthia Lennon Talks About John's
Relationship With Their Son, Julian
The Concert for John: Exclusive Cleveland Tribute
Marks 25th Anniversary of Beatle John Lennon's Death
5 October, 2005
On the eve of what would be rock legend and former Beatle John
Lennon's 65th birthday, plans were announced today for The
Concert for John, presented by 365 Events, The Cleveland Agora
and Friday! in the Plain Dealer.
Also: Graham Nash narrates radio tribute to John Lennon
Beatles album waxworks to be sold
5 October, 2005
Three wax heads of The Beatles, made for Madame Tussauds
and used on the cover of the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
Band album, are to be auctioned.
Museum to Display Lennon Stamp Collection
Associated Press
5 October, 2005
Beatle John Lennon produced lots of popular albums in his career.
The John Lennon I knew
By Maureen Cleave, Telegraph
5 October, 2005
The man who changed the course of pop music would have been
65 this week.
Paul McCartney tour programme blasts KFC
Monsters and Critics
5 October, 2005
Sir Paul McCartney is giving animal activists at People For The
Ethical Treatment of Animals a boost on his US tour - by taking
on their number one foe in his official tour programme.
Beatle Paul's my pal
By Ella Hester, New York Daily News
4 October, 2005
I always wanted to hold Paul McCartney's hand, and
yesterday I did - but he wouldn't let go!
Also: News pics; Macca tells a tale ot two in New York
Yoko Ono to hold Japan concert 25 years after
Lennon's death
4 October, 2005
Yoko Ono said she will hold a memorial concert this weekend
in Japan to mark the 25th anniversary of her husband John
Lennon's murder.
Also:  Yoko Ono talks about John Lennon before 65th birthday;
Cavern Walks to commemorate Lennon's 65th birthday
Lennon's 'fling' lasted seven years
Irish Examiner
4 October, 2005
John Lennon enjoyed a lengthy and intimate relationship
with his personal assistant May Pang, despite widespread
belief their affair ended when the ex-Beatle returned to
his wife Yoko Ono.
Life Matters (audio, 30 mins) (thanks, hachem)
ABC Radio National (Australia)
3 October, 2005
This is Cynthia Lennon's only Australian radio interview.
Also: Instant karma missing from Cynthia Lennon's `John'
Refusing to live on memories alone
By Bradley Bambarger, The Star-Ledger
3 October, 2005
McCartney still touring, still making music
Also: Paul takes a staid show and makes it better; Paul
McCartney, Madison Square Garden, September 30, 2005
Whatever gets you through the night
By Geoff Edgers, The Boston Globe
3 October, 2005
John Lennon fans rejoice.
Hello, goodbye
By Ellen Tumposky, New York Daily News
2 October, 2005
Cynthia Lennon recalls the highs and lows of life with and
without John
Also: And She Loved Him
Beatles bill owner seeks a fab fourth signature
By Susan Ager, Detroit Free Press
2 October, 2005
Jane Wilde needs Paul McCartney, for about 2 seconds.
Sect builds temple to rival pyramids
By Dipesh Gadher and Amrit Dhillon, The Sunday Times
2 October, 2005
Celebrities back giant complex in India
Ex-RTE presenter nets €500,000 for Lennon film
By Ciaran Hancock, The Sunday Times
2 October, 2005
A former RTE presenter is set to earn €500,000 from a
television documentary on the assassination of John
Lennon, after buying the rights to audio interviews with
his killer.
The Dick Cavett Show: John & Yoko Collection
By Preston Jones, DVD Talk
1 October, 2005
Time offers perspective – that's perhaps the most resonant
theme of the two-disc set The Dick Cavett Show: John &
Yoko Collection.
McCartney Stage Show is Pleasant Surprise
By Roger Friedman, Fox News
1 October, 2005
The first of Paul McCartney’s four shows at Madison Square
Garden turned out to be an unexpected hit, and one of the best
solo shows of his career.
Also: Pics - 1, 2,3, 4
Getting high with Paul McCartney
By Philip Ardagh, The Times
1 October, 2005
Take an ex-Beatle, an illustrator, a children’s writer and
what do you have?
Life with John Lennon (video, 23 mins) (thanks, Carol)
New light has been shed on the rise of the Beatles in a book
by the former wife of murdered Beatles legend John Lennon.
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