Here are my favorite Beatles web sites:

  • Abbeyrd's Beatles Page
      This guy, Steve Marinucci, is doing a great job. Where else could we hear "Puttin' On The Style"?
  • The Beatles Blue Album
      Bluebird was the first Israeli to launch a Beatles site. Since she's always under construction,
      I recommend to take a look at it often.
  • Harald Gernhardt's Beatles-Page
      A great site from Germany with a fantastic detailed bootlegs section. Joseph Nagarya's favorite site...
  • Dave Haber's Internet Beatles Album
      I came across this very interesting site by a chance at a Mac computers Expo in Tel-Aviv,
      and since then, I can't get Internet out of my head. A must for every Beatles-surfer.
  • The Home Page
      If the newsgroup was a rock group, this was it's "Best of..." album.
  • The Paul McCartney Photo Album
      Jorie Gracen's fantastic photos web page. She definitely saw him standing there!
  • Ralph Weigmann's Beatles Page
      This guy really loves the Beatles. If you want to know were in the world there's a real yellow
      submarine, or about the "Beatlemania" fanzine (and other things by the side) - Ralph is the answer.
  • Mersey Beat
      Bill Harry's important "Mersey Beat" comes alive once again. A must!