During the two decades that passed since The Beatles broke up, no book was written in Hebrew about them.

   It was in 1993 when the first book was published. Since this book, "The Beatles - The Early Years" was written by me, I don't find it right to praise it here. So if you want to find more details about it, and about the one that followed it and was published in 1996, click here.

   Another book that was published in 1995, was Robert Freeman's "Beatles; A Private View" which was more or less an exact copy of the original release (well, the letters don't seem the same).

The Beatles - The Early Years
The Beatles - The Way Up
   Two other books had been released in 1999. One of them is the translated "Real Love" and the other is a local release written by Naphtali Wagner from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Real Love - John Lennon

The Beatles: The Seven Good Years
Naphtali Wagner

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