Lots of Israeli visitors asked me to add this section, which show various Beatles related
newspapers and magazines articles that appeared in Israel during the Beatles years and
the ones that followed after the break up. I couldn't translate them all into English, but I
did my best to let those of you who can't read Hebrew know what's going on.
Click on the articles for a larger version

"Lahiton" - 13 Apr 1970
"The Beatles broke up!!"

"La-isha" - 12 Jan 1965
" The hottest hit of the Beatles... tea. the first thing the Beatles asked after arriving at London's airport was a hot and enjoyable cup of tea. more and more young people discover that tea is the drink for the modern person. There is nothing like a real hot and strong cup of tea: Wissotzky tea."
(Wissotzky - Israel's biggest tea company)

          "La-isha" - 17 Oct 1967
          Making of "Magical Mystery Tour" film

"Yediot Aharonot" - 24 Oct 1979
Harvey Goldsmith promises not to bring any more international artists to Israel (including "Wings")

"Likutim" - May, 1964
A psychologist's point of view regarding Beatlemania

"La-isha" - 28 May 1979
Announcing a "Wings" tour in Israel (which been cancelled some months after).

"Maariv" - 21 Dec 1979
A British astrologist says that in 1980 Paul and Linda McCartney will get divorced. That proved to be untrue of course, but his second promise was that "a famous British pop star who's living in the USA will die there"...

"Maariv" - 4 Nov 1976
The Beatles "modelling" for a men's wear boutique

"La-isha" - 12 Dec 1967
Releasing "Hello Goodbye"/ "I'm The Walrus" single. calls in Britain to ban "I'm The Walrus" because of "Boy, You Been A Naughty Girl, You Let Your Knickers Down..."

"La-isha" - 19 Dec 1967
The Beatles finish working on "Magical Mystery Tour"

"Lahiton" - 5 Apr 1979
Paul and Linda, together with Elton John holding their "Radio Capitol" awards

"Maariv" - 14 Dec 1980
The Israeli "Leumi Bank" give Yoko more then a one million dollars credit

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